15 Free Best Travel Agent Training Online in 2022


If you’re ready to start any travel agent training online, you can choose from any of the following Free Best Travel Agent Training Online in 2021

All over the world, the job of a travel agent is not a thing that requires a degree. It is rather a thing that requires some travel agent training online. And even when you’re being trained online, the training you’d receive would revolve around how to run a business, how to understand your customers, how to improve your sales, and so on. And once you’re ready to start one of these travel agent training online, you can choose from any of the following:

Free Best Travel Agent Training Online in 2021

15 Free Best Travel Agent Training Online in 2022

1. Accounting and Financial Management for Travel Agencies

The job of a travel agent is a thing that involves a lot of spending. And for one reason or the other, you’d have to keep track of money being spent. However, if you don’t have pretty good accounting skills, you’d almost certainly have issues doing your work well. In other words, this travel agent training online is one of those we’d recommend.

2. Advanced Skills in Journey Pricing and Ticketing

As a travel agent, buying tickets and pricing of things, are things you’d often do. And even though you might already have some basic knowledge about them, you should still consider learning from the masters. This course is a course created by an expert in the traveling industry.

3. Agency Debit Memo (ADM) Prevention Workshop

Agency Debit Memo is among the biggest nightmares of travel agents. And as a beginner, we strongly doubt you’d have the knowledge to save yourself from them. In other words, this course is one of those we’d strongly recommend you.

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4. Assisting Travelers with Special Needs

If you can’t be of great help to your clients, then you’re on the verge of failure. The industry is never one of those you can afford to treat your customers poorly. So you should consider taking a look at the course.

5. Serving the Travel Customer

There are so many ways to serve you, clients, excellently. And if you’d really love to succeed in this industry, you have to learn as much as you can, about how you can better serve your clients. In other words, it would do you a lot of good if you could also take some time to also look into this course.

6. Introduction to Negotiation: A Strategic Playbook for Becoming a Principled and Persuasive Negotiator

This is hands-down one of the most recommended courses for anyone who plans to work as a travel agent. To succeed as a travel agent, you’d need to be capable of making great negotiations for your clients. And this is one of the best courses available on negotiation. Just like every other course, we’d be presenting in this article, this course is a free one.

7. Fundamentals of Sales and Marketing, with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women

To succeed as a travel agent, you’re going to have to be able to convince people to make you their travel agent. But do you already have what it takes to convince people? If no, then this course is also one of those you should consider taking.

8. The Arts and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs

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The best travel agents around the world, have a good number of things in common. And among things common to all successful travel agents, is their ability to understand their clients. The ability to understand your client, without them having to say things explicitly, can go a long way in helping your career.

9. Sales – Better Sales Results Start with Better Sales Ideas

When you look at most people who struggle as a travel agent, one thing we often come to realize is that they fail to understand their job is majorly about selling. And if you’re yet to understand this, then this course is one of those I’d strongly recommend you.

10. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

As stated above, your ability to negotiate can help you stand out among many other travel agents. And among the best courses that can help you develop good negotiation skills, is this course called: Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills. This course is, of course, a free one.

11. How to Finance and Grow Your Startup – Without VC

For those who intend to go big into the travel agent business, one of those things you’d need is a lot of money. But if you don’t have enough cash, how can you finance your business? Well, this is what this course is all about, so you should also consider checking it out.

12. Sales Training: The Rules & Basics of selling

There is so much to learn about sales. We have people who never get good at it for several years. And if you wouldn’t like to risk failing as a travel agent, then you should read as much as you can, on sales.

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13. Steli’s Essential Guide to Negotiation Hacks

We have a lot of courses out there, that discuss how to become a good negotiator. And if you really want to understand the art of negotiation, you should consider taking, at least, four different courses on negotiation. And if you’d like to take this advice, this course is also one of those we’d recommend.

14. Closing The Gap Between Marketing & Sales

The course “Closing The Gap Between Marketing & Sales” is also among those talking about how you can become successful at sales. It has a very high rating on Udemy, and you should really consider checking it out.

15. Business Strategies for Emerging Markets

If you plan to work as an independent travel agent, you should understand that you’re not only working as an agent but also running a business. And to run a business successfully, you’d need a pretty good understanding of business. So if you’d love to raise your understanding of business, then this course is also one of those you should take into consideration.


The travel agent training online in 2021 that we have presented, are all either on Coursera or Udemy. In other words, they aren’t just some crappy courses. And the best part is that they are all free. So money shouldn’t be an excuse not to check them out. Just in case, you’re yet to obtain a degree, you should be aware of the fact that there are many schools in Norway, where tuition fees are never charged. And you can read about them here.

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