How to Get 24 Hour Fitness Student Discount in 2023

This article discusses the 24 Hour Fitness student discount, the advantages of joining, the various 24 Hour Fitness membership plans, and other gym alternatives.

When deciding which gym to join, people frequently consider the quality of the facility’s equipment, whether it offers free classes, the availability of personal trainers, and other factors. All of these requirements are met by 24 Hour Fitness, and you have access to the gym whenever it’s convenient for you day or night.

Additionally, 24 Hour does not tolerate discrimination, so all club members have complete and equal access to the club’s amenities. Although the 24 Hour Fitness student discount is currently unavailable, as a student you can enjoy a summer free ride.

Read on to learn all you need to know about 24 Hour Fitness.

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How to Get 24 Hour Fitness Student Discount

About 24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness was established in 1983 by Mark Mastrov. Mastrov had been using a local gym for rehab after suffering a knee injury, and after buying out the owner, he converted the gym into a 24-hour nautilus facility. The company was originally known as “24 Hour Nautilus,” but in 1996 it merged with the southern California-based company “Family Fitness,” resulting in both brands being known as “24 Hour Fitness.”

After LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness is the second largest fitness chain in the United States by revenue, with 287 clubs in 11 states.

Following the fitness industry’s devastation caused by COVID-19 forced gym closures in 2020, the company declared bankruptcy in June of that year, closed over 100 clubs, and then emerged from bankruptcy in December of that year. 24 Hour Fitness now employs more than 7,500 people and runs close to 300 clubs across eleven states.

How Does a 24 Hour Fitness Work?

24 hour gyms operate as their name implies, being accessible to members around the clock. We are no longer restricted by set business hours because of the power of technology. To enter the facility and begin exercising safely, members only need to enter a previously assigned code at the security door.

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What are the Benefits of a 24 Hour Fitness?

There are numerous advantages to using 24 Hour Fitness, ranging from its flexibility to its diverse equipment. So, before we get into the 24 Hour student discount. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of using a 24-hour gym.

1. Gym Equipment is Readily Available

With 24 hour gyms, you can say goodbye to waiting in lines for gym equipment and machinery. Whether you’re an early riser or a late-night exerciser, you’ll appreciate having a multitude of equipment at your disposal for a smooth, quick workout.

2. Flexibility

The most important benefit of having a 24 hour gym membership is that you can use it whenever you want. Because many people work unfavorable hours, irregular work schedules make sticking to a strict workout schedule difficult. However, with a 24 Hour gym, you can train whenever you want, according to your schedule. As a result, you can use the gym’s facilities whenever you want, day or night.

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3. Free Gym Pass App

25 Hour Fitness has a mobile app that can help you live a healthy and happy lifestyle. You can use the app to try out their studio and cycle classes, as well as gain workout ideas.

4. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Exercising immediately benefits the brain by increasing blood and oxygen flow. It can also help lower the risk of diseases caused by high cholesterol levels.

Regular cardiovascular exercise can help reduce artery stress, which can lead to improved breathing patterns and a general sense of well-being. 24 Hour Fitness has everything you need to accomplish all of these goals.

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Does 24 Hour Fitness Offer Student Discount?

The 24 Hour Fitness student discount is not currently available, teachers and high school students can use the free summer gym membership to access the facility for free during the summer periods.

How much is a 24 Hour Fitness Membership?

While the 24 Hour Fitness student discount is not available, there are still reasonably priced membership options. Typically, it costs $20.22/month to join. The initial membership fee is $242.64. Below are the various membership plans.

1. Silver Membership

You have access to all the cardio and strength training equipment with the Silver Membership, so you can join and get in shape.

2. Premium Membership

You can access studio classes, saunas, and swimming pools anywhere in your region if you have a Gold Membership.

3. Platinum Membership

Anywhere, at any time, live your best life! You have access to hundreds of clubs nationwide through the Platinum Membership, along with studio and online classes, a full range of amenities, and two Buddy Passes so you can work out with friends.

4. Friends & Family Add-ons

It’s more enjoyable to exercise in groups. When you sign up, you can invite anyone to join as well, skipping their initiation fee and allowing you to share a single, useful statement. The privileges and benefits available to add-on members are the same as those available to the primary member, and they are available whenever they want.

5. Bring a Buddy

With the added adaptability of a Buddy Pass, bring whomever you like, whenever you like. Every time you work out at a 24 Hour Fitness facility, you can bring the same guest or a different one with you if you have a Buddy Pass.

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What are the Alternatives to 24 Hour Fitness?

If you’re still looking for gyms after learning about the 24 Hour student discount, these are some options for you. The following are alternatives to 24 Hour Fitness.

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#1. Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is renowned for its “No Judgement Zone” stance. It is a great place to start if you’re new to fitness and find gyms intimidating. It is known for its inclusivity, simplicity, and small price tag. Members have access to almost all types of cardio equipment, basic weight equipment, floor space, dumbbells, and barbells for just $10 per month.

Additionally, for a total of $22.99 per month, you can gain access to all 2,000 locations in the U.S. and bring a friend with you for free if you’re willing to pay $12.99 more for the PF Black Card membership. You have unrestricted access to spas at all locations that have them with a Black Card membership as well.

#2. Gold’s Gym

Although there are more than 700 Gold’s Gym locations nationwide, California has the highest concentration of Gold’s Gym franchises. It makes sense given that the original Gold’s Gym, the bodybuilding mecca, was constructed next to Venice, California’s renowned Muscle Beach.

Since then, Gold’s has developed into a national commercial gym chain distinguished by its emphasis on weightlifting and muscle development. Squat racks, plates and barbells, heavy dumbbells, and a selection of weight machines are typically available in Gold’s Gyms.

Although Gold’s Gym locations offer different services and amenities, most provide the essentials you’d want from a quality gym, including locker rooms, showers, saunas, steam rooms, lap pools, personal training, and group exercise classes. Additionally, membership conditions and costs vary by location but start at $19.95 per month. 

#3. Anytime Fitness

Most commercial gyms lack a special amenity that Anytime Fitness provides. Your own key FOB will be given to you so you can enter the gym whenever you want, day or night, without needing a member of staff to open the door for you.

Anytime Fitness is a fantastic gym membership option for people who frequently find themselves in different parts of the country, whether they travel for business or pleasure, thanks to this special travel-friendly feature and the more than 4,700 franchises.

The majority of Anytime Fitness facilities have the room and tools necessary for a productive workout, including yoga mats, dumbbells, kettlebells, racks, and cardio equipment. The typical membership cost per month is around $36.

#4. LA Fitness

Another for-profit gym that offers workouts geared toward muscle building and is popular with bodybuilders and other exercise enthusiasts is LA Fitness. Usually, the weight machines are arranged on the floor in such a way that you can target any muscle from any angle. At LA Fitness, hamstring curls can be performed while sitting, standing, or lying down.

Standard free weights like barbells and dumbbells are also available at LA Fitness locations, but a small area of the gym is usually set aside for personal trainers and their clients to use for functional training.

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LA Fitness is a well-rounded gym chain with many locations that additionally have lap pools and saunas. Memberships begin at $19.99 per month, but prices vary by state and go up if you want access to multiple clubs or states.

#5. Equinox

If you appreciate the finer things in life, you’ll probably feel right at home at one of the 100-plus Equinox locations across the United States. Equinox is known for its luxurious amenities, high-quality equipment, contemporary interior design, and sleek branding.

If you can afford the base monthly fee of nearly $200, you’ll have access to cold eucalyptus towels, a full-service spa, a lifestyle shop, unlimited group classes, steam rooms, saunas, and more. 

Membership also entitles you to exclusive events like rooftop fitness classes on One World Observatory and cooking classes with celebrity chefs. The cost of an Equinox membership varies depending on the club you visit, how many clubs you have access to, and what amenities you use. 

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You will accomplish your goals more quickly if you join a 24-hour gym. You’ll get fitter faster, burn more calories, and regularly build stronger muscles.

Following its bankruptcy in 2020, 24 Hour Fitness is starting to pick up momentum and is steadily ascending. Now, it employs more than 7,500 people and runs about 300 clubs across 11 states. You can take advantage of many advantages at 24 Hour Fitness, including:

  • Improved access to gym equipment
  • Less opportunity to make excuses
  • Flexible workouts 

The 24 Hour Fitness student discount was not offered at the time this article was written and published. But you can always benefit from its free summer gym membership.

FAQs – About the 24 Hour Fitness Student Discount

How do I cancel my 24 Hour Fitness commitment?

To cancel the 24 Hour Fitness membership call customer service at 866-308-8179, ask to speak with an agent, verify your account information, and then request immediate contract cancellation.

How do I Continue My 24 Hour Fitness Membership?

Bring proof of eligibility to any 24 Hour Fitness location and request that your Summer Free Ride membership be exchanged for exclusive savings. Bring a valid school ID or a school-issued email address for teachers, and a valid high school ID or proof of enrollment for the current year for high school students.

How many 24 Hour Fitness locations are there in the US?

24 Hour Fitness now has about 300 gym locations in 11 states across the United States.

What is a Buddy Pass at 24 Hour Fitness?

With a Buddy Pass, you can bring the same companion or a different one each time you work out at a 24 Hour Fitness facility.

Reference – About 24 Hour Fitness – 24 Hour Fitness Membership Options

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