30 Best Cheapest Universities in Spain 2022

Best Cheapest Universities in Spain 2021

There is a saying that some of the most beautiful things in life don’t come in expensive apparel. In other words, they Nicodemously came in disguise in a way that except you have an eagle’s eye you may never dictate their identity let alone cash into their true value. Today we are going to be looking into one of those hidden beauties of life. We are going to be reviewing the 30 best cheapest universities in Spain in 2022.

So next time you seek admission in Spain tuition fees are not going to hold you back from realizing your dreams because Spain boasts of having the cheapest tuition and accommodation fees for schools in Europe. However, the rates vary based on the degree program you are studying. For example tuition fees for most universities in Spain vary between €2,000-3,500 per annum. The application fees for most universities are very cheap too and does not exceed €44

Put this at the back of your mind that when something is said to be cheap doesn’t always mean it’s poor in quality and when something is said to be expensive doesn’t mean it’ worth the value placed on it. This post is about to justify this claim so tighten your seat belts as we cruise on a higher altitude.

Here is the list of 30 Best Cheapest Universities in Spain to Apply for 2022

 List 30 Best Cheapest Universities in Spain 2022

  1. Universidad de Sevilla

Magnificently situated in the city of Seville Spain Universidad De Sevilla is one of the pioneer universities in Spain. The University is an Icon in public teaching and research of which she was established as an Institution as far back as 1505.

With her unusually high acceptance rate, Universidad de Sevilla throws her arms wide open to welcome international students from all walks of life all year round. So when considering 30 Best Cheapest Universities in Spain to apply, this one sound comes first.

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2.   University of Salamanca

Taking pride in her position as one of the oldest Universities in Spain the University of Salamanca, gloriously established in 1218 is a Public University made up of thousands of students both of local and internal status. All year round the University receives tons of applications and is known for her high acceptance rate.

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3. University of Granada

The University of Granada dominantly resides in the ancient city of Granada. Aside from the academic program, the University has more to offer to its students. The University has thousands of students enrolled in different programs all year round. Her founding dated far back as 1531. So when considering the 30 Best Cheapest Universities in Spain to study this University of Granada should be a top choice.

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4. University of Zaragoza

Blended with exceptional academic prowess the University offers several courses across the Bachelor and graduate degree levels. The University of Zaragoza has raised graduates who have gone on to become global change leaders in various fields of human endeavor. The University’s acceptance rate tilts at 60 – 70%. Gloriously born in 1542 she has become such a force to reckon with in the academic world. She is recognized as one of the low-cost universities in Spain.

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5. University of Valencia

Are you looking for low-cost universities in Spain in 2022? Then next on the chat is the University of Valencia. This mountain top university is a one-stop University for international students considering its high acceptance rate. This University runs a unique academic curricular that makes its students delighted.

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6. Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

With a jaw-breaking name rolling off like bombs from the hatch of a nuclear bomber, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela is one of Spain’s oldest Universities.

She offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses to national and international students who opt to study in any field of study. The University was founded in1495. She is recommended as one of the cheapest universities in Spain for international students

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7. University of Alcala

The University of Alcala was founded in 1409 but today she is reckoned with the most affordable universities to apply for study in Spain. She however enjoys her status as a public university with a high ranking globally.

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8. Polytechnic University of Valencia

Established in 1917, the Polytechnic University of Valencia is a public technical school. Are you gunning to study any of her programs, be rest assured that the University welcomes you aboard? She is recognized as one of the cheapest universities in Spain for international students.

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9. Catholic University of Cordoba

Are you in search of the cheapest universities in Spain for international students? The Catholic University of Cordoba comes your way. This is a Missionary University founded and funded by the Catholic Church.  However, the Catholic University of Cordoba offers several courses and is blessed with a high acceptance rate.

More information awaits you as you click on the accredited link of their website for more details.

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  1. EADA Business School of Barcelona

Dominantly situated in Barcelona EADA Business school of Barcelona was founded in 1957. Highly renowned as it were this Business and management school is blessed with a very high acceptance rate. Please kindly visit the EADA Business school official website to learn more about the University.

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11. EAE Business School

Here comes another business school to spice up our post. The EAE Business School was humbly birthed in 1958. Today she offers courses in Business, finance, and management discipline to local and international students alike. Kindly visit the official school website for more details about EAE

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12. EOI Business School

Another business school brings it to the big party. In the same vein, EOI offers management and finance courses to her student. She came into existence in 1955 and wouldn’t you know it, today she ranks as one of the best Business schools in Europe.

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13. ESIC Business and Marketing School

Yet another business school brings it to the big party. She is at the ESIC School of Business and Marketing.  However, she offers limited academic programs. She came into existence as a business school in the year of Our Lord 1965.

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14. ESDi School of Design

However you may see it, the ESD School of design is today reckoned as one of the cheapest Universities in Spain. The school emerged into the scene three decades ago in 1989. She is the exclusive reserve for students with an interest in the field of art and design.

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  1. ESERP Business School

Be it as it may, we are not yet done with the list of 30 Best Cheapest Universities in Spain. If you have a knack for business schools and you are looking for affordable universities in Spain? Look no further. The ESERP school of Business offers affordable programs for local and international students and that includes you.

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16. Loyola University of Andalusia

As rhetoric and romantic as the name sounds, Loyola University of Andalusia is a public University associated with a high acceptance rate. She is by all standards one of the affordable universities in Spain.

She came into existence in1963 as a public teaching and research institution. Kindly see the official school website for more information on how to apply and the rest will be good history.

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17. National University of Cordoba

Gloriously founded in 1613, The National University of Cordoba is a renowned Public University in Spain. However, the University offers undergraduate and graduate programs spanning several faculties. She is arguably one of the cheapest public universities in Spain

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18. National University of Distance Education

Another on the list 30 Best Cheapest Universities in Spain is the National University of Distance Education. The University was founded in 1972 and she has earned for herself a reputation for excellent academic curricula.

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19. Open University of Catalonia

Majestically situated in the ancient city of Catalonia, The Open University welcomes only local students into its program. Are you one of them?

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20. Nebrija University

She was only founded in 1995, and quite recently she made her début as one of the new generations of Spanish Universities. Nebrija University is a private university based in Madrid, Spain, named after Antonio de Nebrija.

Her headquarters is located in the Nebija-Princesa building in Madrid. The university currently boasts 7 online schools and programs.

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21. Miguel Hernadez University of Elche

The University came into existence in1996 and it offers both Bachelor’s and graduate courses.

The Miguel Hernadez University of Elche is a Spanish public university opened to the world. However, she offers quality education, excellent research, and quality services that promote the encore development of her scholars and their integration into the International mainstream

She was founded in 1996 and the province of Alicante is her abode.

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.22. Mondragon University

Officially established and recognized in 1997 Mondragon University is a private cooperative non-profit University of the Basque Country.  However, she is a part of Mondragon Corporation. Whose main campus is in Mondragón, Gipuzkoa.

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23. Fundesem Business School

Fundesem Business School has earned herself a reputation as an international business school located in Alicante, Spain. She is owned by the FUNDESEM foundation, which unites more than 200 companies and institutions.

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24. La Salle Campus Barcelona

As tongue rolling the name may sound, La Salle Campus Barcelona is recognized as a campus of the Ramon Llull University located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. She is comfortably situated at the threshold of Tibidabo and has more than 75,000 m².

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25. Pamplona Learning Spanish Institute

She is beautifully located in the prestigious attic of the Official Medical College of Pamplona and situated next to Media Luna Park.

Thinking of where to spend your educational holiday? Pamplona Learning Spanish Institute is a perfect place to spend your educational vacations when it comes to Spain.

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26. Polytechnic University of Cartagena

She is the youngest technical university in Spain. On the surface, this claim does not tally with her ancient history as a university of engineering and business management, and many of her faculties date back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Nevertheless, the Polytechnic University of Cartagena is renowned for its innovative and dynamic approach to learning blended with youthful vibrancy and a track record of tradition.

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27. Pompeu Fabra University

Situated in the city of Barcelona, the Pompeu Fabra University is a public research university. She is one of the cheapest universities in Spain for international students.  For the record, Pompeu University was recently declared as the ‘International Excellence Campus’ by the government of Spain and she is the number one choice of selection by international students in the country for their studies

However, she currently offers education for over 15,000 students, which include 10,000 undergraduates and around 4000 postgraduates

Tuition fees: from EUR 3000-4000

For more details see Link to the university website

28. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Do you want to Study in Spain? Then this is for you. Domiciled in the city of Barcelona, the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (the International University of Catalonia) is a private institution of higher education that was founded in 1997. Her original intention was to offer a comprehensive educational experience with an international focus and acclimatize the Spanish experience for non Indigene students. Today, the university has a student enrollment of over 6000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. She is by far the cheapest university in Spain for international students.

29. Complutense University Madrid

  • Her wealthy heritage dates back to the 13th century, the Complutense University of Madrid is no doubt one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the world. He holds the record as one of the largest universities in the country. Also, the university holds the bragging right as one of the best universities in the country as well as within Europe. She has repeatedly played a major role in the political development of the country since its inception and is considered to be a research engine room all the same.

Tuition fees: from EUR 4000

For more details see Link to the university website

30. Alicante University

The University of Alicante (abbreviated to the UA) by far is one of the cheapest public universities in Spain. She is strategically domiciled in the city of Alicante in Northern Spain. Gloriously founded in 1968, the university has a wide range of campuses and currently has a student enrolment of over 29,000. A university that gives her Undergraduate and postgraduate students access to around 50 different types of degrees, which are managed by over 70 departments that also oversee research fields such as social sciences, technology, education, health sciences, and law.

So if you desire to study in Spain and you are looking for the cheapest Public Universities for international students, use this list of 30 Best Cheapest Universities in Spain 2022 to Apply. Good Luck!.

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