How To Get Airbnb Student Discount In 2023

Do you know that Airbnb offers discounts to students and this differs on your location? Scroll through this post to learn how to get an Airbnb student discount in 2023.

With over 50,000 experiences and around 8 million lodging alternatives, it’s safe to say that an Airbnb stay has something to offer everyone.

Airbnb is a distinctive lodging platform if you’re wanting to reserve a weekend (or week, if you truly want a getaway) overseas or even in another UK city. Search through thousands of homes and flats in the city you like, or offer your own residence as a temporary rental to those passing through the area. Student travelers will love Airbnb’s affordable and dependable alternative to hotels and hostels. It’s also a terrific option for weekend getaways.

This discount functions as travel credit, just as the first-time guest referral coupon. Similar to utilizing an Airbnb promo code or Airbnb coupon code, it is automatically subtracted from your trip total at the checkout page.

It also pays to recommend a host. In exchange for your referrals making a qualifying reservation as a host, Airbnb offers a sizable referral reward. The maximum amount of Airbnb referral credit that may be earned by referrers for the Airbnb referral program is $5,000 USD over the course of a lifetime.


How To Get Airbnb Student Discount

12 Suggestions For Obtaining An Airbnb Student Discount

Get a huge Airbnb student discount by referring a friend to Airbnb

Since discount coupons are uncommon at Airbnb, my first piece of advice is likely the most obvious: If you’re brand-new to Airbnb (or if you open a new account), an Airbnb referral could help you save money right away (tip: the referrer also earns credit when you take your stay).

It’s easy: To reserve your first stay on the Airbnb website or app, use a referral link. You can get up to $50 off your first Airbnb stay, depending on where you live. It’s essentially money back in your pocket while you assist local tourism businesses, similar to an Airbnb promo code.

How does it function? The savings are automatically taken out when you sign up and reserve your first stay.

2. Request an Airbnb student discount from the host

One of my favorite features of the Airbnb website is how simple it is to contact hosts with a single click before reserving a room. It’s a fantastic method to enquire about a property, or in this example, to negotiate a lower vacation price!

You’ll discover after using this tactic a few times that a surprisingly large proportion of Airbnb hosts are prepared to be flexible regarding the pricing of a home. When you need to book a stay with very little notice, hosts are frequently prepared to reduce the price. As an alternative, choose to depart on a less busy day of the week (let’s say, a Monday in a touristy area) could save you money.

A request for a discount or waiver of fees for additional visitors (such as infants or kids who might not need an extra bed) or for services you might not need as part of your stay are other negotiating grounds (think a pool in winter or a ski storage room in summer).

Finally, it is also feasible to bargain with hosts to remove the properties’ minimum-night requirements. For instance, some hosts are frequently happy to waive a two-night minimum and permit you to reserve for just one night when you make a last-minute reservation.

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3. Buy Airbnb gift cards at a discount

Consider keeping an eye out for promotions on Airbnb gift cards if you want to accumulate points and receive a discount on your subsequent Airbnb stay.

It’s important to note that gift cards for Airbnb are only available in the USA, thus this Airbnb saving advice is sadly unavailable in Australia. You must not only be a citizen of the USA in order to buy an Airbnb gift card, but you must also pay for it with a payment method that was issued here.

If you’re able to buy an Airbnb gift card, keep an eye out for deals and promotions. Airbnb gift cards never expire, so once redeemed, gift credit is immediately accessible for use in your Airbnb account.

To purchase your Airbnb gift card, visit one of the stores below:

  • Lowe’s
  • Complete Foods
  • A stapler
  • Walmart
  • Kroger’s.
  • Vons

Additionally, you may purchase an Airbnb gift card at grocery shops that have a gift card mall or online through eBay.

4. Make an airline reservation to earn frequent flyer miles or points

If you prefer chain hotels to Airbnb, it’s likely that you collect frequent flyer miles and points from airlines. Although Airbnb doesn’t have its own loyalty program, it does have a number of airline partners. Additionally, if you play your cards well, you might be able to rack up a ton of points or miles for your reservation.
This isn’t a direct cash Airbnb discount, to be sure. There are concrete advantages to accumulating points and miles on the side since the true value of an airline point or mile is frequently up to one cent or more.
ANA Mileage Club, Qantas Frequent Flyer, British Airways Executive Club, and Delta SkyMiles are Airbnb’s current airline partners.

5. Be willing to be flexible with your dates.

Now that you’ve located the ideal Airbnb, it’s time to reserve your dates. Similar to other housing platforms, Airbnb nightly rates can vary greatly. Many properties feature fluctuating pricing. The cost of a stay can change based on peak and off-peak travel dates for specific locations.

Around school breaks, significant events (like Valentine’s Day), and federal holidays, you might anticipate price increases. Think about the day of the week as well. On an Airbnb, Sunday through Monday nights are more likely to provide discounts than Friday and Saturday evenings.

Play around with the calendar on the Airbnb website if you can be flexible with your check-in and check-out dates. If you change your dates.

6. Make your reservation as soon as you can

This Airbnb student discount advice is for you if you prefer to lock in all of your travel arrangements in advance.

Like any accommodation platform, the most desirable, covetable locations sell out first. If you wait until the last minute to make your reservation, you risk paying more money and missing out on your ideal accommodation. This is due to the fact that as Airbnb houses near your location are snatched up, you’re left with less desirable lodging options, which will raise their rates in response to demand.

What is the minimum booking window? To check our calendar availability, we looked at a variety of local and international possibilities. We discovered that many reputable hotels allow reservations up to two years in advance.

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7. By referring friends, earn Airbnb travel credits.

Simply log in to your Airbnb account from the Airbnb website or Airbnb app, then click the “Invite Friends” button to start inviting friends and family. You will receive referral credit whenever a new user who joined Airbnb through your special referral link successfully completes a required first stay.

This Airbnb student discount functions as travel credit, just as the first-time guest referral coupon. Similar to utilizing an Airbnb promo code or Airbnb coupon code, it is automatically subtracted from your trip total at the checkout page.

It also pays to recommend a host. In exchange for your referrals making a qualifying reservation as a host, Airbnb offers a sizable referral reward. The maximum amount of Airbnb referral credit that may be earned by referrers for the Airbnb referral program is $5,000 USD over the course of a lifetime.

8. Recognize how to use the search bar on the Airbnb website.

If you want to get the greatest rate, you must be familiar with the Airbnb website. The more research you conduct, the easier it will be for you to pinpoint the houses that offer the best value for your money.
Learn how to use the filter option so you can locate the properties that are right for you. Price can be significantly impacted by features like the pricing filter, cancellation flexibility, and even the ability to include or exclude amenities.
You can see the breakdown of the entire trip cost before proceeding to the checkout page whenever you enter in all of your stay specifications and choose your dates.

9. Travel in larger groups

So you’ve stumbled across that gorgeous-looking home in Portugal. It has nine bedrooms, though, and costs a lot per night.
Why not think about inviting friends or family to join you on huge and expensive stays to share the burden? More guests may incur an additional fee, but fixed expenses like cleaning fees frequently remain the same, enabling you to negotiate a smart Airbnb deal.
The cost of lodging can be reduced by adding visitors, and it may also be an excellent chance to reconnect with loved ones for an unforgettable vacation.

10. Look for breakfast and pantry supplies.

A traditionally hosted stay frequently includes a hearty breakfast. I always appreciate the addition of cooked and continental supplies; it’s a terrific way to start the day. When it comes to eating out, having food on hand can also help you save a ton of money.
While not all Airbnb rentals come with this facility, if you look carefully, you may frequently discover hosts who take great satisfaction in offering their visitors a hearty breakfast. Make sure to look for property descriptions and reviews that emphasize the presence of a stocked refrigerator and pantry, as well as ideally good coffee, when investigating lodging alternatives. After all, access to complimentary meals and drinks is a significant Airbnb savings in and of themselves.

11. Set up a long-term stay

Like with most forms of lodging, renting an Airbnb for a longer period of time can frequently be less expensive.

If you search Airbnb listings all over the world, you’ll quickly discover that there are many of savings available for visits lasting a week or a month.

For instance, many Airbnb apartments frequently offer discounts of 5% to 10% or more for stays lasting one week. You may be able to save up to 20% more if you commit to a stay of one month or longer.

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12. Select a facility with a full kitchen.

The cost of eating out while on vacation can add up rapidly. Throughout your entire vacation, eating out several times a day might get very expensive.

A full kitchen can be a terrific option if you want to receive an Airbnb discount. You’ll be free to eat whatever you want, and making your own food can also be considerably healthier.


Smart students are reserving Airbnb stays in great numbers right now. Where else, after all, can you discover such singular, eccentric, and genuine residences, ideal for any travel party and price range?

However, there are still numerous methods to save money on your upcoming Airbnb stay even though you cannot search the internet for Airbnb coupon codes or Airbnb promo codes. Whatever the details of your plans, an Airbnb discount could result in significant financial savings.

Are you using an Airbnb discount as part of your travel plan? If you have any other suggestions about how to save money, please share them in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the return/exchange policy for Airbnb?

Refunds from Airbnb vary depending on the booking. The refund policy is established at the Airbnb host’s discretion. Before contacting Airbnb for reimbursements, speak with the host.

Does Airbnb for offer a Refer a Friend program?

Yes! Send $40 in Airbnb credits to your friends, and when they use them, you’ll get $20. You will receive a $75 Airbnb voucher if your buddy hosts.

How can I get in touch with Airbnb?

Dial 855-424-7262 or 415-800-5959 to reach Airbnb. At 888 Brannan St., Floor 4, San Francisco, CA 94117, you can also write to Airbnb.

Is there an available Airbnb coupon for first-time users?

Yes, new customers of Airbnb can utilize a voucher to save up to $65 on their first stay.

How to get an Airbnb coupon?

To obtain an Airbnb coupon, there are two options. You can browse a list of current and working Airbnb vouchers by going to The Wall Street Journal, for example. Alternatively, you can log into your Airbnb profile and search for a referral link to send to your loved ones. You will receive a voucher from Airbnb if they make a reservation using your referral link.

Will Airbnb Resume Sign-Up Bonuses?

Whether Airbnb will reinstate or replace its sign-up offer scheme is unknown.
Although referral programs are a terrific way for businesses to get new clients, they aren’t the most successful long-term tactic. In order to attract new clients, Airbnb has to bite the bullet on both ends (paying referrers and suffering losses on new users). Since Airbnb is a significant player in the travel sector right now (mass adoption, public listing), they might not believe that sign-up offers are the most effective growth strategy right now.

Does Airbnb Give Discount Code Coupons To Existing Users?

Despite the numerous times I’ve used Airbnb, they’ve never sent me a coupon or discount code to use on a reservation (through the app, website, or email). It doesn’t appear that Airbnb provides coupons to current users, based on my research and conversations with other visitors (like does).

Does Airbnb offer Students Discount?

Similar to military discounts, Airbnb doesn’t provide special student discounts. Through your own network, you might be able to identify Airbnb hosts that provide student discounts. Try searching on Google for “Airbnb with student discount in (destination)”.

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