AMDA College Acceptance Rate And How To Get In Easily.

AMDA College Acceptance Rate And How To Get In Easily is the first thing to consider before applying to AMDA College. The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) acceptance rate was 21.8%. Below is all the information needed to gain admission into AMDA University;

  • All you need to know about AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy)
  • AMDA acceptance rate.
  • AMDA admission requirements. 
  • AMDA international admission requirements.
AMDA College Acceptance Rate And How To Get In Easily

All You Need To Know About AMDA (American Musical And Dramatic Academy)

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) was founded in 1964 by Phillip Burton and the New York theatre community. The first-ever location was on East 23rd Street and was later moved to Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village, and after another change of location, they arrived at their principal location of AMDA, New York, Lincoln Center.

Later in 2003, AMDA opened its second branch in Los Angeles in the Vine Tower Building.

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy is a private conservatory having two campuses in New York City and in the heart of Los Angeles, California. They offer the bachelor of fine arts degrees and two-year certificates in professional performances, and they are accredited by the National Association of Schools Theatre.   

 Their tuition fee is $42k while the average cost after aid is $46k. AMDA is ranked #1 among the best performing arts colleges in America for 2021 on

AMDA offers BFA degrees in three distinct areas of study: Acting, Music Theatre, and Dance Theatre, they offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Bachelor of Arts (BA), and an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS). The BA program in Theatre Arts usually has general and performance, students in both the BFA and BA programs can finish their degree in four years on the traditional track and two years and nine months on the accelerated track.

 The college also offers four conservatory certificates that cover different aspects of performing arts.

 Notable alumni from AMDA include Jason Derulo, Christopher Jackson, Ray Fisher, Becca Tobin, etc. AMDA has also appeared in some TV programs like Glee, Pretty Little Liars, and some other popular TV shows. It’s also very important to note that the campus is close to Hollywood, so it’s going to give you an opportunity to explore the industry and meet notable figures.

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AMDA College Acceptance Rate

 AMDA Acceptance rate is 21.8%. The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA), usually has a fluctuating acceptance rate in the sense that, some years usually have a high acceptance rate while some years are really low and competitive. Most times it depends on the number of people that applied, sometimes it’s low, while sometimes it’s high and that’s why the rate fluctuates. For 2020 admission, AMDA received more than 7,700 applications and admitted over 2,500 for an acceptance rate of approximately 50%, while in 2019, AMDA’s acceptance rate was 21.8%. 

But you should have it in mind that the two campuses do not have the same acceptance rate, the Los Angeles campus usually has a higher acceptance rate.

Though the college is competitive, this should not bother you because it’s not as hard as you think. AMDA does not really require you to be perfect, they only want you to have the passion and talent. However, there are criteria that need to be followed in order to be accepted.

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 You should hurry up because the deadline for enrollment is on the 30th of June 2022. You are required to visit their page: to fill out the form with your details.

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AMDA College GPA Requirement.

To increase your chance of being accepted, you should at least have a minimum of 2.0 GPA on a scale of 4.0, but you should also aim for 2.5 above since it’s competitive. However, GPA is not the only admission requirement, there are other things considered. In this article, you’ll find all the information needed for admission.

AMDA College Admission Requirements And Steps To Gain Admission Easily

Using SAT/ACT is often needed, though not compulsory and then you must not be below 16 years of age. Those below 16 can attend the AMDA High School Summer Conservatory. Another step is usually a phone interview that could be scheduled at your convenient time, and then, after that, you get to write an essay of not less than 500 words, this essay section is usually personal because you’re asked to write about a challenging experience you’ve had and to explain how you solved it and what you’ve learned from the experience. It could be other topics, but you should expect it to be personal.

 You’ll also be required to submit a letter(s) of recommendation, and it could be from your high school teacher, coach, or someone who is familiar with you. Do not forget to submit your academic records, or transcripts, this could include your high school GPA, and SAT/ACT. You should know that you’ll have a higher advantage if you submit your SAT/ACT with very good scores.  

 As mentioned earlier, you need to be talented to be able to pass the test, however, if it’s just the passion you have and not the talent, do not worry, talent is not the main criteria needed.

  Another criterion required for admission is an audition. There are two types of auditions, they are live and virtual auditions, you can choose whichever type of audition is suitable for you, but you have to choose one audition. If you’re going for a virtual audition, then you should know that there’s no need for a live audition and vice versa.

For live auditions, it’s pertinent that you prepare vehemently. Practice is the key, do your very best, prepare your materials, and your presentation style should be interesting, though AMDA does not require you to be perfect, you should put in your very best, whatever you present should be concise, clear, and interesting. Live auditions are usually not for people who find it hard to face crowds or people who are very shy. You need to be audible, and confident and you should believe in yourself. 

 And then for the virtual audition, first your video quality needs to be high, very good, and you should use a very good background that is not distracting, erase external voices, and do not edit, you have to be original, and as natural as possible. Use a very good sound quality, make sure there are no distractions, and be confident in what you do. After that, you will have to upload it on YouTube and submit the link using the submission form on AMDA’s website.

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Amanda International Admission Requirements

 AMDA is also open to international students willing to pursue their careers in the entertainment industry, but the process is usually long, but not to worry, it’s worth the ride. It is important to note that the requirement may vary by program. You’ll know your exact admission requirements by selecting your program on the programs page.

 Below is the list of requirements needed for admission.

  You’ll be required to submit your application to the website, and then schedule your AMDA audition and phone interview. Then you’ll be asked to submit an essay of not less than 500 words, note that it’s going to be a personal essay. 

 Submit your academic records (transcript), which include your GPA, and SAT/ACT. And your proof of English proficiency, and then supplemental requirements for BA programs.

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Visa Information For International Students Aspiring For AMDA College

To apply for an F-1 visa, you’ll need to fill out a valid form 1-20 issued by AMDA. This form is usually issued after completing the 1-20 application form and provides all the required information and supporting documents requested. 

If it’s not written in English, they should provide a clear and concise translation of documents proving that you or your parents are capable of funding your education at AMDA, whether in cash or liquid funds. Both funding, feeding, and living expenses should be provided for and you’re required to show proof of financial strength and how you’ll continue to fund the expenses in college.

  •  Before you submit the 1-20 application, ensure that you’ve done the following:
  • Received an Acceptance letter from AMDA.
  • Indicated that you will be attending AMDA.
  • Paid the program and housing deposit.
  • Accepted the AMDA payment plan.
  • Provided supporting documents and prove financial ability.

    You will have to apply from the US Embassy in your country or the consulate. The F-1 visa application usually takes a lot of time depending on your country. However, note that Canadian citizens do not need an F-1 visa to enter the US, but they will still need an AMDA 1-20 and pay the SEVIS 1-901 fees.

 You should not take a lot of time during this process, you need to act immediately, the moment you receive your 1-20 from AMDA, you should immediately apply for a multiple entry F-1 student visa. The F-1 student visa should be stamped on your passport, this is an invitation to visit the US.

 The visa and the 1-20 form must be presented to the Customs and Border Protection Officer at the port of entry. It is often advised that in order to maintain your student visa and keep your 1-20 valid, you must be enrolled in full-time study at AMDA, for the duration of your program.

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Tips For The Student Interview

 Before the interview, you should make sure that all your documents are intact, you don’t want to be caught unawares during the interview. Be prepared, there’s nothing as good as being perfectly prepared, dress moderately and formally, and be calm and collected. Do not forget to be confident in answering all questions and be honest. Answer all questions with pure honesty, and confidence, do not fidget. Make sure your documents for the interview are ready.

  • Join School Bands: The American Musical and Dramatic Academy has music as one of its values. You should do things that align with her values, for example, being involved in a music band, or creating a band. If you’re into the Drama area, you should be involved with acting, maybe a high school play role or a real acting role
  • Try volunteering in your hometown, AMDA wants students who can give back to them, and students who can also serve the school.
  • Aside from joining the drama or musical team, you can join other activities in school to show that you have participated in an organization.
  • In writing your essay, make sure it’s well written, make sure it’s clear, and concise, after writing give it to an editor or proofreader to help you edit and proof reread.
  • One or both of your recommendation letters should at least come from someone in that area of specialization. This at least helps to increase your chances of being accepted into AMDA.
  • Make sure you try and submit your application before the deadline. A lot of things can go wrong so you’ll have enough opportunities and time to correct mistakes.
  • Make sure your documents are complete and correct, check and check again to make sure you’re sending all the correct documents.


Before applying, you should note that AMDA does not accept applicants who are below 18 years of age. 

Visit the AMDA College audition site which is Before the audition, you’ll be required to pay an audition fee of 3,495 USD. You also have to take the Speech-Language Analysis to confirm students’ speech or language disorders, and a behavior assessment which includes a playfulness test to know if students can act without the help of others. 


What GPA do you need to get into AMDA?

The minimum GPA required is 2.0 out of a 4.0 scale.

What should I wear to the AMDA audition?

Women should dress moderately, and should not wear distracting clothes. Miniskirts are not allowed and revealing clothes are not allowed.

Does AMDA recognize the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program? 

Yes, International Baccalaureate (IB) courses may be evaluated for potential transfer credit by submitting an official academic record.

What is the maximum number of credits I can transfer from another college or university?

The maximum number is 30 term credits or 45 quarter credits towards the General Education only.


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