How To Get Amtrak Student Discount in 2023

Amtrak is giving students between the ages of 17 and 24 the opportunity to save 15% on purchases made one (1) day in advance with our national student discount in order to make it simpler for those with adventurous spirits to enjoy their destination and to worry less about getting there.

Amtrak assists students in making the most of their travels, whether they are taking a camping trip across America or finding some extra study or social time on the way home. 

With improved cleaning and safety procedures, roomy seats, and over 500 locations around the country, traveling from small villages to major cities is enjoyable and thrilling.

Furthermore, traveling by train is a great idea. You don’t have to worry about annoyances like traffic or pit stops, so you can sit back, unwind, and take in the view. 

Even though cars, buses, and airplanes have mostly supplanted trains, they are still an excellent alternative for college students who attend distant campuses to travel during the holidays.

For many years, Amtrak has been a dependable and well-liked train service, covering the entire nation with its comfortable, practical trains. 

Amtrak is pretty much always there and ready to get you where you need to go fast and comfortably. Amtrak is ideal for students because it allows you to study or get some sleep while you’re on the go.

How To Get Amtrak Student Discount

Does Amtrak Have A Student Discount?

Yes, Amtrak has a student discount ready. On Amtrak, you can always get a student discount. If the student discount is beneficial to you, you can subscribe to the latest discount code news at or just keep the student discounts active at Amtrak.

However, there are a few limitations to be aware of:

Only seats in Acela Business class or Coach are eligible for this promotion.

Upgrades to Acela First class, non-Acela Business class, and sleeper cars are not eligible for the discount.

The Missouri River Runner, the Hiawatha Service, the Wolverine, the Blue Water, the Pere Marquette, the Lincoln Service, the Illini, the Saluki, the Illinois Zephyr, the Carl Sandburg, the Pacific Surfliner, the San Joaquins, the Capitol Corridor, the Keystone, the Pennsylvanian, and the 7000-8999 thruway series are all excluded from the discount.

On some trains and on some days, seats might not be available.

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What is Student Discount Amtrak?

For travel in all of 2023, passengers aged 17 to 24 are entitled to a 15% Amtrak fare discount with a student ID.

In addition to the 15% national student discount, Virginian routes provide a 25% discount to passengers aged 13 to 24.

The student price is good for bookings made up to one day before departure, for travel through December 31, and for tickets purchased through December 30. Acela business class and coach are also eligible for the reductions.

The Amtrak app booking code for the 15% national student discount is V814. The code is V449 for the 25% student discount on Virginia routes.

Ridership on Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor services has increased steadily, reaching 70% of pre-COVID levels and a bit more, up from 25% a year earlier. 

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In fiscal 2021, Amtrak carried 12.2 million passengers. By the conclusion of the fiscal year 2023, it anticipates ridership to be at 80% of pre-COVID levels.

Amtrak always offers a price break to educators and students. August 2023 will see the newest markdown of up to 25% OFF. 

Amtrak will occasionally enhance their Student Discount, so keep an eye out for other reductions.

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Who Qualifies for Student Discount Amtrak?

Students can save 15% with the Amtrak student discount when they purchase normal tickets at least one day in advance.

Be enrolled full-time in a university, college, or other higher education institution. Please present your student ID to the conductor before boarding the train. 

Additionally, make sure to present the authentic student ID rather than a photocopy of the document.

Acela trains including those run by Canada’s Via Rail may not usually qualify for the Amtrak student discount.

Just a heads-up: reservations must be made online at Keep in mind that the Amtrak student discount is not valid when purchasing tickets on mobile devices or while riding the train. Keep in mind that you must reserve rides prior to your departure.

Additionally, you are unable to combine the 15% discount with any other discount or cancel reservations for rides.

The Missouri River Runner, Wolverine, Bluewater, Pere Marquette, Lincoln Service, Illini, Saluki, Illinois Zephyr, Carl Sandburg, Pacific Surfliner, San Joaquins, Capitol Corridor, Keystone, Pennsylvania, and the 7000–8999 thruway series are all excluded from the discount.

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How Do I Get An Amtrak Student Discount Card?

Students between the ages of 17 and 24 can ride the national railroad system of the United States at a reduced rate. 

It’s not difficult to obtain, but there are some guidelines to remember. Here’s how you reserve an Amtrak ticket with a student discount.

Amtrak’s significant student discounts show that taking the train need not be pricey. Students can save 15% on “Value” or “Flexible Fare” tickets purchased at least three days in advance using Amtrak’s student discount program.

You must present a legitimate student ID to the conductor in order to get the discount; make sure you have the original and not a photocopy or image.

On Acela trains, Thruway connecting services, and trains run by Canada via rail, the student discount won’t always be available. 

You must make your reservations on Amtrak’s website at to be eligible for discounted tickets; otherwise, they may sell out. 

Both using the smartphone version to make a reservation and purchase your ticket on the train will not be accepted. 

Additionally, once a ticket has been purchased, it cannot be canceled or discounted further.

The offer joins a few other excellent Amtrak railway discounts, including 10% off for AAA members, 15% off for travelers over 61, and half off for children between the ages of 2 and 12. 

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Do Amtrak Members Get Discounts Online?

On most Amtrak trains, members of the Rail Passengers Association (RPA) are entitled to a 10% discount off the lowest available rail fare. For more on joining, visit the Rail Passengers Association website.

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You must purchase your tickets (including those for unreserved train travel) at least three days before your trip to be eligible for the Rail Passengers Association discount. You can also purchase your tickets online to be eligible for the discount.

When your tickets are provided, the Rail Passengers Association member card you must have on hand must be current and valid. 

During your travel, conductors could ask to see your membership card. Onboard, kindly bring your card with you. Members holding “Family” membership cards are required to carry individual cards at all times.

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Is Amtrak Student Membership Worth It?

Yes. The Amtrak Student Discount serves a variety of functions in addition to helping students travel more easily and affordably.

Amtrak can make it easier for students to reconnect with pals who don’t live close by. 

Additionally, it is a fun method for foreign students to explore the United States, see many historic sites, and acquire a lot of exposure.

Amtrak guarantees dependability, comfort, and safety—even during these hard days of the pandemic.

A suitable cross-ventilation is ensured every 4-5 minutes by an air filtration system installed inside every Amtrak train.

Regardless of a passenger’s vaccination status, refusing to wear a mask violates federal law, and infractions may result in fines, denial of boarding, removal from the train, and a ban on further travel.

All of these safeguards were put in place for the passengers’ and employees’ safety.

Everyone must take health considerations into consideration in light of the present pandemic. By taking the necessary precautions, one can feel secure enough to engage in daily activities. While en route to Amtrak, you should feel at ease.

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What is Amtrak Promo Code & Coupon Code

In addition to long-distance routes, Amtrak also runs regional corridors in the Northeast, Illinois, Michigan, California, and the Pacific Northwest. 

This article gives advice on how to save money on any train travel as well as the most recent Amtrak coupon codes for 2023. 

Although the majority of Amtrak discounts are available to all customers making online reservations at, please examine the limitations of any promotional codes for eligibility.

For a variety of routes and cities, Amtrak provides dozens of discount codes. These codes often provide the biggest financial benefits, with reductions of 10% to 50%. 

Numerous coupons are distributed in conjunction with particular occasions but are never promoted on Amtrak’s own website. 

The most comprehensive list of discount codes, compiled from numerous sources, is available on this page. 

Simply enter the 4-digit code in the “Promo Code” or “Coupon/Discount Code” fields when making a reservation on or through the Amtrak mobile app. 

Some promotions link to a specific page on rather than providing a code.

V814 is the Amtrak discount code for August 2023.

On July 29, 2022, all Amtrak discounts were reinstated.

Unless otherwise stated, you must choose an Adult fare to save money using a discount coupon. You won’t get the special fare if you choose any discount (such as senior, military, etc.). 

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Additionally, these promotions cannot be used in conjunction with the aforementioned “Saver Fares” (20-25% off when booking 14 days in advance).

Most 2023 Amtrak promotional offers necessitate a 1–7 day purchase in advance (details specified with each promo). 

Amtrak also has a cap on the number of seats that can be purchased during several promotions. Try another train, day, or code if you don’t get the “Promo Applied” notice while picking a train. 

Less frequently are discounts available on trains selling at higher fare buckets (closer to sold-out, therefore more expensive).

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How Does Amtrak Student Discount Work?

You are able to settle the objects of your choice. You can place your orders with Amtrak directly after visiting our page and choosing the offers you want to use. Use the discount directly to save extra if your student identification has already been verified. If not, you must first finish the student identity verification.

How do I book a student ticket on Amtrak?

Visit or use code V814 while making a reservation on the Amtrak app to take advantage of this discount. Conditions could be needed. Upon request, you must show a valid student identification card.

What is the difference between Amtrak saver and value?

Refund policies are the main distinction between Amtrak Saver, Value, and Flexible: Amtrak Value has several restrictions on the refund while Amtrak Saver is non-refundable. Amtrak Flexible is fully refundable regardless of the cancellation date.

How does Amtrak verify student status?

Anyone using the Student Advantage discount must be ready to present (1) their Student Advantage card, (2) a current, valid student school ID, and (3) a photo ID, according to Amtrak. All three, yes.

Does Amtrak partner with any airlines?

Amtrak is still without a significant airline partner at this time.

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The fact that Amtrak has consistently offered such large discounts to students is truly amazing. One of the best methods to develop skills and exposure is through travel. 

Additionally, it gives students a fantastic chance to relax after a busy semester. Make sure to take advantage of the Amtrak student discount to get the most advantages.

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