8 Best Coding Bootcamps in 2022

Today’s world of tech allows most companies to go digital. Coding skills are a vital part of our world. Most computer software depends on codes to run, giving rise to new designers and inventors of this time.

The online coding bootcamps help you to comprehend the vital programming skills that employers seek. It enables you to concentrate on significant facets of programming and helps you to interpret a real-life problem. Online coding bootcamps are less expensive and quicker than college degree programs.

On platforms such as edX and Udemy, you’ll find different coding bootcamps from popular institutions. The lessons of this bootcamp involve pre-recorded videos you can watch at a suitable time. It allows you to review various college courses with ease.

Top 8 coding bootcamps best for you

Why Should You Consider a Coding Bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp provides you with the choice to learn a profitable skill in a lesser time. If you enroll in a coding boot camp, you’ll achieve first-hand experience in a profession that needs logic and creativity.

The boot camp will allow you to solve real issues, not just theoretical problems. It also lets you build an excellent portfolio to share your skills with potential employers.

It allows entrepreneurs to learn to build their ideas from scratch. If you’re seeking to start a business, then a coding bootcamp is a good way to do it. 

There are numerous advantages of being a part of a coding boot camp. It grants you the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals, broaden your understanding, and see things from diverse viewpoints. 

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What Are the Requirements for a Coding Bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps do not normally need students to understand calculus, trigonometry, or much geometry. For an individual to succeed in coding, the person must be able to do some basic algebra. 

These basic mathematical skills emerge frequently in coding. If important, review these before applying to a boot camp.

Another thing that may help potential applicants is logic. A lot of software development is about deducing what your program must do at any time.

The individual should have a teamwork spirit. A lot of boot camps could have a community of learners sharing ideas and projects.

You should be an individual that possesses an unyielding spirit in the face of challenging tasks. Learning to code as a beginner can be very challenging and it may push you to your limits. You require determination to endure a long period for a yield or to finish a yearlong project.

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What is the Average Time Required to Complete a Coding Bootcamp?

The time used to complete a coding bootcamp varies in length. Some bootcamp duration is always linked with related time commitment goals and determination levels.

Some boot camps deliver timely, intensive programs for students enrolled full-time and who wish to work at a fast pace. The part-time boot camps could last 6 months or more, which can be wonderful for students who like long-term study.

The time spent on a coding bootcamp can also depend on the language and the method used. A lot of coding bootcamps teach coding in three to six months.

In conclusion, when searching for coding bootcamps, you need to put into consideration the time you plan to devote. Also, aspects like your learning strategy and your professional objectives need to be considered.

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What Are Some Careers You Can Land After a Coding Bootcamp?

After completing a coding bootcamp, there are numerous career opportunities. We will be making a list of some careers you should consider below. 

  • Data Scientist
  • Software Developer
  • Data Analyst 
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Software Engineer 
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Digital Marketer 
  • Web Developer
  • Development Operations Engineer
  • Back End Developer
  • Front End Developer
  • Product Manager

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Is It Worth It to Apply to a Coding Bootcamp?

Yes. Coding bootcamps render short-term, in-depth programs directed toward producing job-ready skills. Individuals interested would examine coding basics, learn about industry-based software, and take on several coding tasks and projects. 

The coding bootcamps catch the attention of beginners seeking to break into tech and professionals looking to improve their skills.

It allows learners to select coding bootcamps concentrated on particular tech employment sectors. Prominent jobs include full-stack development, data science, cybersecurity, UX/UI, and software engineering.

The boot camps give an organized, well-structured learning space with trained instructors tutoring you from beginning to end. It also teaches students how to code and apply coding to projects at the workplace. 

List of the Best Coding Bootcamps in 2022

Below you’ll find a list containing the best coding bootcamps.

1. 100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2022

  • Platform: Udemy
  • Created By: Angela Yu
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Time: 60 hours of on-demand video
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: English [Auto], French, German [Auto], Indonesian [Auto], Italian [Auto], Japanese, Portuguese, Portuguese [Auto], Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Spanish [Auto]

This course is good for those individuals who want to know how to code with the basics. It would assist you to create entertaining and productive projects.

This course also helps those that want to start creating websites and web applications.

If you are new to coding, then this course is all you require to be a skilled Python user.

Furthermore, it helps skilled programmers that would like to switch to Python gain experience with the help of coding projects.

This course is particularly vital to intermediate Python programmers. It is an important tool for leveling up.

Enroll Here

2. Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms

  • Platform: Udemy
  • Created By: Andrei Neagoie, Zero To Mastery
  • Level: NIL
  • Time: 19.5 hours of on-demand video
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: English [Auto], French [Auto], German [Auto], Indonesian [Auto], Italian [Auto], Polish [Auto], Portuguese [Auto], Romanian [Auto], Spanish [Auto]

This bootcamp will teach you how to ace coding job interviews with top tech corporations globally. It focuses on improving your confidence for coding job interviews at every proficiency level. Students would learn how to operate and execute various designs and data systems.

Junior developers seeking to upgrade would also benefit. This coding bootcamp does not mandate any level of experience, so it is applicable for both junior and senior developers to take the necessary measures in their professional careers

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Enroll Here

3. The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures

  • Platform: Udemy
  • Created By: Stephen Grider
  • Level: NIL
  • Time: 13 hours of on-demand video
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: English [Auto], Dutch [Auto], French [Auto], German [Auto], Indonesian [Auto], Italian [Auto], Japanese [Auto], Polish [Auto], Portuguese [Auto], Romanian [Auto], Spanish [Auto], Thai [Auto]

Students earn unlimited access and a certificate of completion by the end of the course. You will understand how JavaScript solves twisted algorithms in this program. You would also be connected with different problems that affect the function of common data systems in web development.  

This boot camp also explains the difficulties of coding job interviews. It reveals the tricky questions interviewers ask and how to answer these questions.

There is a comprehensive compilation of popular algorithm questions for students to examine. This enhances understanding and conviction in interviews that are perceived to be complicated. 

Enroll Here

4. Code Bootcamp: Learn to code by building 20 real projects

  • Platform: Udemy
  • Created By: Bluelime Learning Solutions
  • Level: NIL
  • Time: 10 hours of on-demand video
  • Language: English
  • Subtitle: English [Auto]

This program contains the fundamentals of creating systems with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. There are different projects in the program built to help students get familiar with a lot of things. Starting from developing easy-to-use applications like analog clocks, digital calculators, To-do lists, et cetera. 

This bootcamp is mostly favorable for individuals just beginning to code. Programmers with an interest in Python would also find the course beneficial. It gives a thorough study of Python and its function throughout platforms. 

Enroll Here

5. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass

  • Platform: Udemy
  • Created By: Colt Steele
  • Level: NIL
  • Time: 21.5 hours of on-demand video
  • Language: English
  • Subtitle: English [Auto], Dutch [Auto], French [Auto], German [Auto], Indonesian [Auto], Italian [Auto], Polish [Auto], Portuguese [Auto], Romanian [Auto], Spanish [Auto]

This course is very interactive and enables students to work on tasks before searching for solutions. Students would discover how to examine the time and space complexity of codes operating Big O notation.

Additionally, this course discusses the difficulties of Recursion and the execution of familiar searching algorithms.  

Enroll Here

6. Explore Game Development and Design

  • Platform: edX
  • Institution: Harvard University
  • Level: Expert instruction
  • Time: 6 months (6 – 14 hours per week)
  • Language: English
  • Subtitle: English

The course is in parts. The first part will teach you popular programming languages. This gives you a powerful basis to produce the skills crucial to designing and improving your game. 

The second part will teach you the basics of game programming.

Also, you’ll analyze the layout of traditional games and current ones such as Angry Birds and Portal. This will all be done to understand how video games are made.

The lessons and hands-on projects will examine the standards of 2D and 3D computer illustrations, animation, and sound. You’ll discover how to use system structures like Unity and LÖVE 2D, as well as languages like Lua and C#. 

All in all, this program will help you program games and attain detailed knowledge of game design and development.

Enroll Here

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7. Learn the Art of Mobile App Development

  • Platform: edX
  • Institution: Harvard University
  • Level: Expert instruction
  • Time: 6 months (6 – 13 hours per week)
  • Language: English
  • Subtitle: English

This course has tutored the practice of programming to all including those that aren’t in the computer science field. Even to those with no computer programming background. 

This course educates you on how to reason analytically and provide solutions to difficulties effectively. Further, it will give you a wide and concentrated knowledge of the basics of computer programming and systems. Hence, you’ll work with those basics to understand mobile application development by making use of React Native Framework.

Furthermore, you’ll understand the models, application design, and user configurations of JSX (a JavaScript extension) and React Native. This course ends with a conclusive project in which you’ll run an application solely on your design.

Enroll Here

8. Algorithms and Data Structures

In this program, you will acquire analytical skills. It would help you work-out many issues by executing above a hundred problems in any programming language of your choice.

Thousands of hours have been invested in formulating problems as an option for multiple-choice questions. This course would focus on learning applications, particularly learning algorithms.

For every analysis you improve and execute, this course has developed many examinations to review its accuracy and operating period. 

Further, you will debug your programs without the knowledge of the tests. It may be complicated, but that’s the tutors’ way to get you to ace the skill of coding.

Enroll Here


Learning to code is equivalent to learning a very vital skill today. Coding skills are needed by many big tech companies around the world. 

Although these bootcamps are not college degree programs, you will receive an industry-worthy certificate at the end. It will not only help you to show competence but also, to apply for the best positions in tech.

Ensure you apply to one of these coding bootcamps and start learning a top industry need today.


Why should you enroll in coding bootcamps?

It is an opportunity to get associated with small startups, tutors, and tech firms. It assists you with your employment search whenever the time arrives. 

Can you enroll in a coding boot camp without a college degree?

Yes, it is possible. These bootcamps will provide you with the necessary skills needed to begin your career in programming.

Who will profit from these coding bootcamps?

Everyone, both beginners and advanced level programmers. 
It will allow you to improve your coding skills in a short period.

How can you become a successful programmer with a coding bootcamp?

You can start by studying on your own. The better you learn beforehand the more it will be easier to comprehend the lessons. 

Where can you study a coding bootcamp?

University of California, San Diego, Algorithm and Data Structures.
Harvard University, Explore game development and design.
Harvard University, Learn the art of mobile app development.


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