Best Colleges For African American Students in 2022

Are you looking for the best colleges for African American students in 2022? If yes, then continue reading to find out more.

African and African American students alike always want to get the best colleges for them to study in. And many of these times, they would prefer to settle with colleges that have a history with black students. And not just any kind of history, they will seek colleges with a reputable history of minority students.

You see, statistically speaking, a student is more likely to survive in a college where there is a sense of familiarity. A place where the student feels at home and feels comfortable. Many of these students look for the best schools for black students that they can afford. These schools are often addressed as HBCUs. Acronym for Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

This is why we are making a list of the best colleges for African American students. These HBCUs are colleges that both local and international students will love to learn in. These colleges are of diverse popularity as well as very friendly to black students, male or female.

The colleges also may be more expensive or less expensive than others as price isn’t a factor in today’s list. However, the percentage of minority students, black neighborhoods as well as the safe environment were our primary considerations. So perhaps you plan on looking for a black-friendly college for African/ African American students, then you’re at the right place.

What is HBCU?

African-Americans in the United States are largely served by historically black colleges and universities throughout the country.

HBCU is described as “a historically Black college or university whose objective is to educate Black American learners” under the Higher Education Act of 1965. For education and academic training, HBCUs must be accredited and recognized by the Department of Education.

These educational institutions hone and educate students to be future business owners and contributors to society, whether in the public or private sectors.

Although it is a luxury and an honor to be accepted into an HBCU, you can run into some difficulties before you even start your college education. Of which the cost of schooling is undoubtedly one.

You will still need to look into options for financial grants, scholarships, and help even though HBCUs are recognized for making higher education more affordable than other institutions.

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Best Colleges For African American Students in 2022

1. Spelman College Georgia.

Spelman college is a black ivy league school in Atlanta, Georgia. The college is a  private, all-female, African-American college. It is one of the best colleges for African American students. 

Spelman College began in 1881 as the Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary.

Its first home was the basement of Friendship Baptist Church. This was in Atlanta, Georgia, by two teachers. They were Harriet E. Giles and Sophia B. Packard. They were both from the Oread Institute of Worcester. Giles was a student, while Packard was the preceptress. They fostered a lifelong friendship there and moved on to create the college.

Spelman received its collegiate charter in 1924, making it America’s oldest private historically black liberal arts college for women.

Today, the college has over 2300 only female students on its campus. The college boasts of over 200 full-time scholars and educators amongst their staff as well. This black-friendly college offers 4 years degree programs for undergraduate students. It also has postgraduate degree programs as well as diploma programs.

The average tuition for students at this college for black students is usually around $30,000. However, it could vary, depending on the programs and courses taken by students.

3. Morehouse College, Atlanta.

Morehouse College is a private black men’s college in Atlanta, Georgia. 

It began in 1867 as a response to the need for education for previously enslaved Africans after the American Civil war. It was founded by William Jefferson White, who adopted a seminary university model.

The school started just 2 years after the war to provide education for African American men in theology and education. It was located in Springfield Baptist Church, which is the oldest independent black church in the United States. The institution saw its home move from Augusta, Georgia, to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1879.

Morehouse College has notable alumni including Martin Luther King Jr., actor Samuel L. Jackson, businessman Herman Cain, as well as several others. The college is among the black ivy colleges.

Presently, there are over 2000 students in this black college who are undertaking several undergraduate degree programs. The average cost of tuition at the college is also about $30,000.

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4. Howard University.

After the American Civil War, members of The First Congregational Society of Washington got interested in educating black men. Therefore, they chose to establish a seminary for the education of black clergymen. Shortly after, the seminary grew into a standard college. 

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Howard University is a private, research university. It comprises 13 schools and colleges. Students pursue more than 140 areas of studies at this university, leading to undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees.

Since its emergence in 1867 till date, Howard has been awarded more than 100,000 degrees in arts, sciences, and humanities. It has also conferred the highest number of on-campus African-American Ph.D. students with a doctorate than any other university in the United States.

This university with a rich black history has a 36% acceptance rate and over 9,000 students. Tuition at the university is about $28,000 per academic year.

Notable alumni of this University include Kamala Harris, late actor Chadwick Boseman, actress Taraji P. Henson, as well as several others.

5. Morgan State University.

Morgan State University also makes this list. It is a public university in Baltimore, Maryland. The university is one of the biggest HBCU colleges in Baltimore, Maryland. The college began in 1867, also with the primary aim to provide education for African American slaves. It however grew and became a university in 1975.

Morgan State University has a very rich and deep-rooted black history. Over the years, it has had over 6,000 enrolled students every year. Presently, there are over 7000 students undertaking several undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs at the University. Out of this, about 6 thousand of those are undergraduates. Where the rest of those 7000+ are all undertaking postgraduate studies.

Tuition at this college is often between $8000-20,000, depending on what category you belong in.

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6. Winston-Salem State University.

Winston-Salem State University is a state-owned public university in North Carolina.

The college is also a predominantly black college with a 73:27 female to male ratio amongst its students.

The college began far back in 1892 with 25 students and one teacher in a one-room building. However, in 1895, the college was recognized by the state of North Carolina and took over the college. The college went on to be a chartered college by 1899.

Today, Winston-Salem State University has over 5,500 students undertaking post and undergraduate degree programs. The university also boasts of having over 1000 skilled educators and professionals who oversee the activities of the college.

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Tuition at the college is between $6,000 and $17,000 for in and out-of-state students. The college also has a very high acceptance rate of about 68%.

Of course, there are several colleges for African American students all over the USA. As such, it would be difficult for us to list all of those colleges. However, in this list, we have provided you with our top 5. These top 5 colleges were chosen on the basis of how convenient they will be for black students. However, other notable schools that are deserving of this list include,

  • Elizabeth City State University,
  • Clark Atlanta University,
  • Tuskegee University
  • Claflin University,
  • Lincoln University, amongst several others.

Therefore, endeavor to spread your research. Because the more you try to know, the more you actually would know And you need to get to know which is the best for you. So if you are looking for the best African American college for you as a black man, you should begin your search here today.

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FAQs Best Colleges For African American Students in 2022

What is the hardest black college to get into?

The most stringent admissions requirements, one of the best graduation rates, and the greatest endowment are all attributes of Howard University, which is frequently included among the top one or two HBCUs.

What GPA is required for HBCU?


What GPA is required to enroll at an HBCU?
The usual GPA range for applicants to many HBCUs is between 2.5 and 3.0.
Some HBCUs may have higher GPA requirements.
For instance, applicants accepted to Florida A&M and Hampton University often had GPAs above 3.25.

What state has the most black colleges?


With 14 historically Black schools, including eight universities and six community colleges, Alabama is the state with the most HBCUs.

Which Ivy is most diverse?

Along with Columbia University, Cornell University is one of the two Ivy League institutions that are among the most diverse universities in the nation.

What HBCU has the highest acceptance rate?

Howard University

32% acceptance rate.
24 ACT score.
Median SAT score of 1212.
60% graduation rate.
Total undergraduate enrollment of 7,880.

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