The Top 15 Best Creative Writing MFA Programs in the US

There are many creative writing MFA programs in the US available to help students hone their skills. Creative writing skill is something innate, hence, we are many creative writers. Nonetheless, it is necessary to get a collegial experience in creative writing to further hone your abilities. Thus, this will also aid you to know they do and don’t involve in writing, including proper writing standards. So, you will explore a writer’s role in a wider community. You will also learn how and when to publish.

Furthermore, a good creative writing MFA program gives creatives a good space to focus completely on their writings. Thus, you’d be able to complete a lot of writing work during this period and also, learn the proper literature needed in writing. Our group of professionals has however created this article to help you understand some of your recent queries which include;

  • Is it worth getting an MFA in creative writing?
  • Are there good Creative Writing MFA Programs in the US?
  • How many MFA writing programs are there in the US?
  • What should I do after my MFA?
  • Does Harvard have a creative writing program?
  • Can I become a professor with an MFA?
  • What is the full form of MFA?

We’ve carefully answered these questions herein and also provided you with a resource full list Of the best creative writing MFA programs in the US. We also included some of the pros and cons of creative writing to help you better your technical skills.

So, you are required to carefully read through this article to get the most out of it.

The Top 15 Best Creative Writing MFA Programs in the US

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing goes far beyond ordinary writings like journalistic, academic, professional, or technical forms of writing. A creative write-up has easy identification by the emphasis on creative crafting in the write-ups. Also, character developments and the usage of literary tropes with several conventions of poetry. Looking at the nature of our definition you can also consider feature stories as creative writing. Although, they fall under journalism as they focus on narrative and character development. You will also find fictional and non-fictional works in the category of creative writing.

However, creative writing has its divided into fiction and poetry classes in academic settings. Creative write write-ups are usually original works that imitate pre-existing genres like crime and horror. Technically, any original composition can be creative writing. So, writing for the screen and stage screenwriting and playwriting often have their separate learning moments. Although, they fit under the creative writing category as well.

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What are Creative Writing MFA Programs?

We’ve created a good understanding of creative writing, so to further explain creative writing MFA programs let’s expand MFA. Thus, MFA is an acronym for “Master of Fine Art”. Hence, the creative MFA program includes obtaining a master of a creative writing degree. Getting this degree will offer you access to colleagues, mentors, and a better future in the writing world. It is usually a three years degree.

So, the creative writing MFA program is designed for students committed to pursuing n I’m proven writing career. You will learn intensive courses on literature, language, and writing. Thus, it is one of the most common terminal degree programs for those interested in literary arts. Whenever you graduate from MFA in creative writing program, you can work as a manager, editor, and writer in various fields of business and marketing. You can also qualify for a teaching career in literature or writing at the college level. More so, workshops in MFA programs will prepare you for publishing.

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However, some MFA programs are offered online. Thus, here on Xscholarhsip, we have provided some free online courses for you in creative writing see them here

Although, physical class is required for students to gain crucial viewpoints. Due to physical workshops and lectures. You don’t necessarily need to have come from literature or English background to enroll in a creative writing MFA program. But, you need to have a strong passion for writing to excel. You’d be required to submit written samples of your work during the application process to an MFA creative writing program. They can vary from fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or creative write-ups. So, once admitted, you can choose from the genre of focus and partake in intensive seminars and workshops.

Why Attend Creative Writing MFA Programs in the US?

There are a plethora of reasons to undertake creative writing MFA programs in the US. Reports show that creative writers with MFA degrees in the US make a mean salary of about $50,000 to $75,100 per year. Thus, studying Creative Writing MFA programs in the US eventually turns out to be very lucrative.

Also, there is a great demand for creative writing as it involves a lot of creativity and good imaginative mindsets. Meanwhile, there is a lot of opportunity in creative writing MFA programs in the US. You’d be able to build your network and connect with dignitaries that will contribute to your career growth.

Additionally, you will have a plethora of foods and lifestyles to explore. Also, the climatic condition in the US is highly favorable to support a better academic experience.

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Top 15 Best Creative Writing MFA Programs in the US

We have provided a detailed list of Creative Writing MFA programs in the US you can choose from to take a study. Note that there we didn’t apply any particular ranking order to this list. But solely the best institutions accredited by the rightful agencies.

#1. Cornell University

Cornell University is an Ivy League research university in Ithaca, New York. Established in 1865 by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White have one of the best Creative Writing MFA programs in the US.

Consequently, the department of English in this best graduate school for creative writing is in charge of the MFA/Ph.D. Program in Creative Writing. Also, creative writing here is small and very selective.

#2. Brown University

Brown University also has a strong reputation for its Creative Writing MFA program. It is a private Ivy League research university in Providence, Rhode Island founded in 1764. Meanwhile, the MFA program in creative writing at Brown is handled in the department of Library arts.

You can see more about Brown University, including its acceptance rate, admission process, tuition, etc. Just visit the link below.

#3. University of Michigan

The University of Michigan a public research university in Ann Arbor has also gained strong recognition in its Creative writing MFA programs. Established in 1817, the school has an acceptance date of about 29%. So, you have a bit of a higher chance of getting admitted if you meet the necessary criteria.

Actually, this institution is one of the best accounting schools in the world and has a graduation rate is 91%.

#4. Boston University

Boston university is a private research university in Boston, Massachusetts. Meanwhile, the school has a longing history of affiliation with the United Methodist Church. Boston University has over 3,900 faculty members and over 33,000 student body.

However, the creative writing program in this school is small and intense taking only one year to complete. Hence, students in this best school for creative writing in the world, do a summer-semester Translation Seminar.

#5. University of Virginia

The University of Virginia founded in 1819 has a reputation as one of the best research schools in Charlottesville Virginia. Thus, the creative writing MFA program here takes two years to complete.

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Also, this top school for creative writing has an acceptance rate of 30% and a graduation rate of 94% of students. You can get more information about the school via the school website.

#6. New York University

New York University is a private research university based in New York City. Actually, this best graduate school for creative writing was founded in 1831. Also, the creative writing program is located in the heart of Greenwich Village.

Besides, the acceptance rate in this top creative writing school in the world is 32% while the graduation rate is 85%. The student-faculty ratio is 9:1.

#7. The University of Texas

Well, the University of Texas at Austin is a public research university in Austin, Texas that was founded in 1883.

Actually, the Michener Center for Writers hosts an MFA in Writing Program this is the best writing school for creative writing majors. Thus, creative writing here is a three-year, full-time residency program.

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#8. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University founded in 1876 is a private research university in Baltimore, Maryland. Actually, this institution has its name after its first benefactor, Johns Hopkins.

Meanwhile, the MFA in Fiction and Poetry is in this top school for creative writing in the world known as The Writing Seminars. Actually, this is a two-year residency program.

#9. University of Nebraska

The MFA in Writing from the University of Nebraska at Omaha consists of several writing seminars and resourceful classes. The program covers a total of 60 credits taken over two years. Also, students have to select either adult or YA fiction, poetry, writing for stage and screen, or creative nonfiction as their focus genre.

Students will undergo made-up lectures, classes, workshops, and individual conferences with faculty. Hence the courses have the dedication to the advanced stylistic craft of the student’s chosen genre.

Applicants must submit a statement of purpose as well as a writing sample, which has varying criteria based on the student’s intended genre.

#10. Oregon State University

The MFA in Creative Writing from Oregon State University is a low-residency program, with intense coursework.

The curriculum focuses on both craft and the history of literature, with an understanding that literary imagination is vital to humanity.

#11. Eastern Kentucky University

Anyone who has earned an undergraduate degree can enroll for MFA in Creative Writing from Eastern Kentucky University. Hence, the program will help you improve your creative writing abilities in poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction. Graduates are ready for careers in teaching English, composition, and creative writing programs at the college level. Even pursue professional writing careers.

If you want to apply, you must submit a statement of purpose and a 15-20 page creative writing sample. Also, you have to have a bachelor’s degree in English.

#12. University of Iowa

This school is a public research university in Iowa City, Iowa founded in 1847. Thus, the University of Iowa is the most aged and the second-largest university in the state.

The school’s Creative writing program has one of the best majors which is a two-year residency program.

#13. Queens University of Charlotte

Queens University of Charlotte’s MFA in Creative Writing is a low-residency program. Here, students study the writing of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, or writing for stage and screen.

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We recommend you visit the official school link of the Queen’s University of Charlotte to know more about the school.

#14. University of California–Irvine

This university is a public research university in Irvine, California. Thus, this school provides 87 undergraduate degrees and 129 graduate and professional degrees.

Meanwhile, you can get the MFA in Writing at the English Department at the University of California Irvine. The course is a three years program in the school. Thus, you’d be learning different concepts and theories relating to several writing styles.

#15. University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas at Monticello designed their MFA in Creative Writing to prepare students with advanced creative thinking skills. Also, with the ability to communicate ideas in a technologically literate way.

There is also a priority on the significance of writing in today’s global society, with culturally-informed and sensitive values at the core of the program’s goals.

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A creative writing MFA program in the US is sure a great way to improve your skills and recognition as a creative writer. Thus, we hope you carefully checked through our list of creative writing MFA programs in the US. If you didn’t, then revisit the lost above and check for one of the best schools that will help you grow your writing skills.

Meanwhile, if you have any further questions relating to creative writing MFA programs in the US, feel free to ask us via our several platforms. We are at your beck and call to provide you with the right answer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Creative Writing MFA Programs in the US

Is it worth getting an MFA in creative writing?

A master’s in creative writing provides a foundation of theory and form along with workshops to develop your skills and hone your craft. Whether you are looking to get published or to advance your career, an MFA in Creative Writing will help you develop your voice and become a more proficient writer.

How many MFA writing programs are there in the US?

With well over two hundred MFA programs in the United States, choosing which ones to research, much less apply to, can be a daunting prospect.

What should I do after my MFA?

After the MFA course, any student can get placed in the MFA course placements(if it exists in their institution).

Some of the best jobs for MFA graduates are:
Art Teacher.
Art Director.
Graphic Artist/Designer.
Art Director.
Graphic Artist/Designer.
Creative Director.

Does Harvard have a creative writing program?

Yeah, Students enrolled in the Master of Liberal Arts program in Creative Writing & Literature in harvard will develop skills in creative writing and literary analysis through literature courses and writing workshops in fiction, screenwriting, poetry, and nonfiction.

What University is known for writing?

Also known as “The Writing University, the University of Iowa is the premier college for aspiring authors. Founded in 1847, the university is famous for its Iowa Writers Workshop and Nonfiction Writing program.

What is the full form of MFA?

MFA in this context means the master of fine arts

Can I become a professor with an MFA?

To become a professor at a university level, graduates of MFA programs usually need to have published at least one book and have plenty of teaching experience.

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