Best Fashion Schools in The World

This article will discuss the best fashion schools in the world in 2022, and the hardest fashion schools to get into. Fashion designing is one of the most creative fields, and it is a great choice for those who are interested in creating clothing and accessories. So, if you have a passion for fashion designing, then there is no better time than today to join a fashion designing course. But, before you enroll yourself in any fashion school, you should be aware of some important facts about the industry. The best fashion design schools will provide students with the right knowledge and skills required to become successful and competitive professionals in the field of fashion.

These schools will teach students how to choose the right clothes according to their personality and body type. The school will also teach them how to mix and match different outfits to create an appealing look. There are several top fashion schools in the world, each with its own unique curriculum, tuition fees, and admission requirements. If you’re considering enrolling in one of these schools, you should consider their location, the curriculum, students’ experiences, and employment opportunities.

Best Fashion Schools in The World


Fashion Design Study

Is it your dream to become a fashion designer? Or maybe you just want to gain more skills and knowledge about the fashion world that surrounds you every day. Either way, you might be interested in enrolling in a fashion course. So what exactly does studying fashion involve? What are the best schools for fashion design? What is the latest trend in the world of fashion education? Many people believe that studying fashion is not a good choice for those who are looking for a good career path. Studying anything related to art and design seems like a waste of time because there are no guarantees that you will find employment after graduation.

However, these beliefs can be easily debunked if one looks at some of the world’s leading designers who studied fashion and became very successful in their careers. Staying current with the latest trends in fashion is critical if you want to succeed in this business. If you don’t know what’s hot and what’s not, you won’t be able to come up with designs that people want to wear. You may also have difficulty persuading retailers to sell your designs or getting customers excited about your creations. Fashion designing is an art, and not many people realize this.

The reason for that is because of the stereotyping that has been going on for years. Fashion designing is more about creating something out of nothing. It’s the ability to just come up with a design out of nowhere and put it into reality. The fashion designing industry has expanded over the years, so much so that now it’s one of the most popular courses to study. There are numerous reasons why one might want to study fashion design. The first thing is that you get to express your creativity through your designs and make a living out of it! It’s a fantastic job opportunity, and if you love what you do, then you can never go wrong with it!


Before Choosing a Fashion Design School

Fashion designing is all about creativity, having a unique style, and being able to take risks. Fashion designing involves not just sketching beautiful designs but also making them a reality, and this course helps students do exactly that. Most Fashion schools in the world are great at introducing students to many different fashion design styles and helping them find their own niche in the fashion industry. The best fashion design colleges in the world help students to become more aware of themselves as artists, gain awareness about how their skills can be applied to the fashion industry, and develop a better understanding of the world around them.

One of the most important things for aspiring fashion designers is learning about their own personal style and how it can be applied to their work. Even if you have no previous experience with designing clothes, learning about your personal sense of style is essential. It will enable you to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way and help you make decisions when you must choose between two or more options. If you love clothes but don’t know where to begin your search for a career in fashion design, then studying abroad is a great way to get started.

Studying abroad will allow you to experience different cultures and ways of living that may not be available in your home. A few questions are the most important ones you need to ask yourself before choosing a fashion school. Here are some important questions;

  • What kind of fashion school do you want to attend?
  • How much money can you afford to spend on your education?
  • How good is the school’s reputation in relation to career opportunities?
  • What do you want to get out of your degree?
  • What kind of lifestyle do you want to lead after graduation?
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The first question is probably the most important one. Do you want a big or small school? If you’re looking for more personal education, it’s probably best not to choose the biggest fashion schools. If you have doubts about whether or not your application will be accepted, it’s better to choose a smaller school. Many great fashion schools in Europe offer smaller programs, and they’re often cheaper than bigger schools. It all depends on what kind of student you are. But if you’re confident that your application will be accepted at the best fashion schools in Europe, then go for it! But if not, then don’t worry too much! There are other options out there, and they might just be better suited to your needs!


Best Fashion Design Schools in Europe

There are plenty of fashion schools in the world, but some are always better than others. One of the best in Europe would be the London College of Fashion. The London College of Fashion offers an extensive range of courses covering a variety of disciplines within the fashion industry. You can study areas such as fashion design, media, and marketing, or business and management. The college is committed to offering a good learning environment for students, ensuring that you will gain practical knowledge and skills from your degree.

You may also choose to study at the Royal College of Art in London. The college offers several different courses, including a Master’s degree in fashion design and technology. This course allows you to understand fashion design principles whilst developing your own ideas and techniques. Depending on your personal circumstances, you can choose between a full-time or part-time course. If you are interested in studying abroad, you may wish to consider studying at a European university.

For example, if you want to pursue your education in Germany, you may want to look at the University of Cologne or the University of Munich. If you would prefer to study at an English-speaking university in Europe, you may wish to consider studying at King’s College London or another English-speaking university.


Best Fashion Schools in The World in 2022

Fashion designing is an art, and it is a process that requires many skills. The fashion designer’s job is to sketch designs, select fabrics, and patterns, and then give instructions on how to make the products they designed. Fashion design can be studied as a course in many reputed colleges. It is a very challenging field that requires a lot of dedication and hard work. A person who wants to pursue this as a career should have excellent drawing skills, good communication skills, knowledge of textiles and colors, the ability to take criticism positively, and an eye for detail.

Fashion designing is one of the best fields if you want to express yourself artistically. If you are interested in fashion designing, then here are some of the best schools that offer courses in this field. The top fashion schools in the world, according to a survey conducted by Business of Fashion (BoF), include:

1. Central Saint Martins (CSM) in London, England.

Central Saint Martins is a London-based public tertiary art school. It is one of the University of the Arts London’s constituent colleges. It provides foundation, undergraduate, and full-time postgraduate courses and various short and summer courses. Acting, art, design, fashion, graphics, jewelry, and textiles, and foundation courses, are among the nine programs offered at Central Saint Martins. In 2011, Central Saint Martins relocated to a repurposed warehouse facility in Granary Square in King’s Cross. The college is based there for the most part, but it also has offices in the former Byam Shaw building in Elthorne Road, Archway, and Richbell Place, Holborn.

The Central School of Art and Design, founded in 1896, and Saint Martin’s School of Art, founded in 1854, merged in 1989 to form Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Both schools have been members of the London Institute since 1986 when the Inner London Education Authority established it to bring together seven London art, design, fashion, and media schools. The London Institute became a legal entity in 1988, was granted university status in 2003, and was renamed the University of the Arts London in 2004.

It began awarding taught degrees in 1993 and was renamed the University of the Arts London in 2004. Camberwell College of Arts, Chelsea College of Arts, London College of Communication, London College of Fashion, and Wimbledon College of Arts are all part of the group.

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2. London College of Fashion (LCF) in London, England.

The University of the Arts London’s London College of Fashion is a constituent college of the University of the Arts London. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate, short courses, study abroad programs, and business training in the fashion, make-up, beauty therapy, and lifestyle industries. It is the UK’s only institution dedicated to fashion education, research, and consulting. Sophie, Countess of Wessex, is its patron. Professor Roni Brown is the current dean of the college. The Shoreditch Technical Institute Girls School, established in 1906, the Barrett Street Trade School, established in 1915, and the Clapham Trade School, established in 1927, are the forerunners of the London College of Fashion.

All were established by the London County Council’s technical education board to train skilled labor for trades like dressmaking, millinery, embroidery, women’s tailoring, and hairdressing; later, furriery and men’s tailoring were included. Graduates of the schools found work in the East End’s textile factories or London’s West End’s skilled dressmaking and fashion stores. The school, the Mayor of London’s office, Poplar HARCA (housing association), and The Trampery opened a new location in East London in 2019 to support young creative talent. As part of East London’s transformation into a creative and cultural center, the college will relocate to Stratford in 2023.

3. Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium.

The Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten van Antwerpen (Dutch: Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten van Antwerpen) is a Belgian art academy based in Antwerp. It is one of Europe’s oldest of its sort. David Teniers the Younger, painter to Archduke Leopold Wilhelm and Don Juan of Austria, founded it in 1663. Teniers was the master of the Guild of St Luke, which included arts and crafts, and he petitioned Philip IV of Spain, then the master of the Spanish Netherlands, for a royal charter to create a Fine Arts Academy in Antwerp. It is where the Antwerp Fashion Academy is located.

The National Higher Institute of Architecture was established in 1946 as a separate entity from the Architecture program. 1963 is another pivotal year in the Academy’s history. A brand-new course called ‘Fashion Design’ has begun. This course was pretty successful at first, but by the early 1980s, it had established itself as a world leader. Dirk Bikkembergs, Walter Van Beirendonck, Marina Yee, Dries Van Noten, Dirk Van Saene, and Ann Demeulemeester, together known as “The Antwerp Six,” were a major topic in the media.

These teenage pals had a tremendous impact on the present fashion industry due to their stylistically distinct styles. The fashion department began to attract students from all around the world. It is the largest program in the visual arts and design department, with over 130 students.

4. La Cambre Mode[s] – École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de Brussels in Brussels, Belgium.

The École nationale supérieure des arts visuels de La Cambre (ENSAV), sometimes known as La Cambre, is a well-known visual arts school in Brussels that was founded in 1926 by Henry van de Velde. It began as the Institut supérieur des Arts décoratifs (Hoger Instituut voor Decoratieve Kunsten) and was dubbed “La Cambre” after the Abbey of la Cambre/Ter Kameren, where it was created. The École nationale supérieure des Arts visuels (ENSAV) and the Institut supérieur d’Architecture de la Communauté française de Belgique were separated from La Cambre in 1980. (ISACF).

Both institutes are part of the Belgian French Community. The ENSAV remains at the abbey, although the ISACF ceased to exist in 2009 when all architecture schools combined to become the Université libre de Bruxelles. The ISACF joined with two other institutes form the Université libre de Bruxelles. Berthe Dubail, Harold Ancart, Olivier Strebelle, and Anthony Vaccarello are among notable alumni.

5. Paris College of Art in Paris, France.

Paris College of Art, formerly known as Parsons Paris until 2010, is an international art and design college in Paris, France, that has US degree-granting authority and is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). PCA’s objective is to deliver the finest quality art and design education possible, taught in an American educational paradigm yet influenced and informed by their French and European surroundings. PCA is a member of the International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design, and Media and is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) in the United States.

The Rectorat de Paris also recognizes it as an establishment of higher education. The Centre de Recherche du Château de Versailles, Pantheon-Sorbonne University, the Centre Georges Pompidou, Les Arts Décoratifs, and La Maison Lesage are among its collaborations. The majority of degree programs are taught in English.

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6. Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) in Ghent, Belgium.

Ghent’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten van Gent, KASK) is one of the country’s oldest art schools. It is now a component of Gent’s Hogeschool. Philippe Karel Marissal, a painter, started the Academy as a drawing school at his home in 1748. Marissal was inspired to build a similar institution in his home hometown after seeing the Académie royale de Peinture et de sculpture during his studies in Paris. Empress Maria Theresa of Austria granted the Academy a royal charter in 1771. The Academy was integrated into the Hogeschool Gent in 1995 and sixteen other educational institutes.

7. Istituto Marangoni a Milano, Italy.

Studying fashion at Istituto Marangoni Milano is an immersive experience that immerses you in the history of Istituto Marangoni’s first school while immersing you in Italian contemporary fashion and ready-to-wear. Students will be exposed to the ‘Made-in-Italy’ culture and the most recent fashion trends, which are influenced by experimental design and research and combine handmade luxury and attention to detail with dramatic effects. The city and the school have achieved a privileged place in the global fashion arena by using long-standing knowledge and a creative, forward-thinking attitude toward design and business.

Students at IM Milano can participate in specific educational projects designed in collaboration with prominent fashion brands, providing them with vital experience that will help them advance to the next stage of their careers in fashion. Fashion Design study techniques are focused on professionalism, industry expectations, and a precise mix of design utility and aesthetics. Participants are immersed in the fashion system and design approach from day one, embracing significant trends, bicultural aesthetics, and new consumer voices that influence style.

Participants work on projects such as an in-depth analysis of clothing or accessory manufacture, or the language of couture construction vs. ready-to-wear construction, depending on their selected level of study. They work their way through the design process, from fashion illustration to pattern making, pattern cutting, fabrication, and prototyping, all the way to the final garment or product. Pathways allow you to specialize in a certain area or pursue a career in fashion design.

8. Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, Japan.

Bunka Fashion College is a vocational school in Japan specializing in fashion design and related fields. It is based in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and has over 70 locations across the country. Fashion Design, Fashion Technology, Fashion Marketing and Distribution, Fashion Accessories, and Textiles are among the programs offered by Bunka. Bunka Gakuen University, the college’s neighboring institute of higher education, started a Master’s level program in Fashion Studies for international students in 2012. This subject is called Global Fashion Concentration, and it is entirely taught in English.

10. Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing In Florence, Italy.

Polimoda is a private fashion school based in Florence, Tuscany’s capital. Shirley Goodman, former Executive Vice President Emeritus at FIT in New York and Executive Director of the Educational Foundation for the Fashion Industries, Don Emilio Pucci, Marchese di Barsento and founder of the famous Florentine brand Emilio Pucci, founded the school as the Politecnico Internazionale Della Moda. Today’s executive team includes Ferruccio Ferragamo as President, Massimiliano Giornetti as Director, and Linda Loppa as Strategy and Vision Advisor.



Fashion designing is one of the most sought-after career options among youngsters today. It is a highly creative field that allows young people to experiment and come up with new and innovative designs. Fashion designers are trendsetters in the industry. The fashion industry is taking a big leap in the present times, and young designers need to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and techniques of fashion designing.


Frequently asked questions

What are some of the top fashion design schools in India?

The best fashion design schools in India are NIFT, NID, PEARL ACADEMY, SNDT Women’s University, Symbiosis Institute of Design, etc.

What is a good college to take a fashion class?

FIT, Parsons School of Design.

Which country is best for studying fashion?

France, Italy, Japan, and the USA are some of the countries where you can study fashion design from some of the best fashion institutes in the world.

What are the benefits of getting a degree from a fashion design school?

A degree from one of these schools will help you to gain an edge over your competitors as it will give you better job prospects after graduation. You will also get more opportunities to pursue your career in this field because there is high demand for creative people in the fashion industry.

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