Best High School in California

California is one of the major cities in the United state with the highest number of high schools. And it is the most populated city in the United States, commonly called the Golden City. California has a growing population of about 13.6 million residents. In this article, we discuss the best high school in California in the classes which are; The best private high schools in California, and the best public high school in California.

If you are currently thinking about moving to California as a new high school student or as a family, then this article is for you. Finding a decent high school with an effective learning program is a very important step on your journey to migration.

There are over 3,892 high schools in California and selecting the best for yourself or your ward can be nerve-racking. However, this search process has to be is made easy with this article.

This article focuses on the best high schools in California to make your high school selection process seamless.

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Best High School in California

The best high schools in California

  1. Oxford Academy
  2. Whitney High School
  3. California Academy of Mathematics and science
  4. Riverside stem academy
  5. Mission San Jose High
  6. Preuss School UCSD
  7. Lowell High School
  8. University High
  9. Harbor Teacher Preparatory Academy
  10. Pacific Collegiate Charter

1. Oxford Academy

This is one of the most prestigious private high schools in the Los Angeles area of California. It is particularly in Cypress. The Oxford Academy is first on our list because it has a secular learning program that promotes the steady growth of its students.

This high school has a fairly regimented and intense honors curriculum that requires students to offer at least four advance placement courses before graduation. Students in their 9th and 10th grades are required to choose one out of four career paths to offer as a core course.

Students are required to choose from Biomedical Science, Engineering, Business/Entrepreneurship, software systems, and development. This selection will help students in building a culturally diverse mindset in their career path and put them on an appropriate journey toward their chosen career in college.

However, despite the effective learning plan in Oxford Academy, Oxford Academy runs an effective Athletic program through its membership with the 605 League. This athletic program runs under CIF Southern section rule with merit-based selection criteria for all athletes.

The criteria for eligibility are;

  • The student must be under the age of 19 during the current school year
  • They must also be academically eligible for the Anaheim Union High School District
  • Be residentially Eligible per CIF
  • Must have not taken part in any tryouts or competitions for a professional or collegiate team.
  • Have not taken part in outside teams for the same sport during the same sport season.

Finally, Oxford Academy admission for the year 2022-2023 is currently closed.

For more information regarding this, visit the school website.

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2. Whitney High School

Whitney High is also one of the best public high schools in the Rocklin Unified School District of Cerritos in California. This is the second high school on our list because it offers a very effective secularly learning program.

The department of education in California ranks Whitney High School as the second-best high school in the whole of California. This is because of its record of producing high-achieving students. Its learning program does well in preparing students for successful college life.

Whitney high school offers a variety of honors and advanced placement courses which includes computer science, mathematics, calculus, computer science, and many others.

These advanced placement classes and honor programs give a student extra weight in the admission index of the University of California upon completion of the advanced courses.

The admission of students into Whitney high school is a very competitive and selective process. The selection of students is based on the following criteria;

  1. Based on state
  2. District assessment
  3. Class rank.
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Whitney high school has a well-rounded program for its athletic students. They have sports such as baseball, softball, volleyball, golf, tennis, lacrosse, and many others. These sports are for male and female students.

Finally, admission processes into the school are done through the school website and they require the following;

  1. Proof of residence
  2. Proof of student age
  3. Academic Transcript
  4. Immunization record

Click HERE to view the enrollment procedure.

For more information regarding Whitney High School, Visit the School Website.

3. California Academy of Mathematics and science

California Academy of Mathematics and science is one of the top schools in California. It is the third-best school in California, according to the Department of Education in the city. And it is in the Metro area school district of California.

The California academy of mathematics and science is a public high school that shares many facilities, such as a gymnasium, the student union, the tennis courts, the pool, and the library with the University of California. It is also one of the very few high schools in California that doesn’t offer residential spaces to its students.

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The California academy of mathematics and science gives its students advance placement courses and exams. This act prepares them for college life.

The admission of students into the academy is, however, done by merit. They only admitted students during their freshman year.

The students of the California Academy of Mathematics and Science enjoy a series of extracurricular events such as sports, dance teams, VEX Robotics Team, and more.

The school accepts applications from students who are residents of other school districts, including

  • Compton Unified School District
  • Hawthorne School District
  • Inglewood Unified School District
  • Lawndale Elementary School District
  • Lennox School District
  • Long Beach Unified School District
  • Lynwood Unified School District
  • Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District
  • Torrance Unified School District
  • Wiseburn School District

Visit the school website to read more about the school

4. Riverside stem academy

This is one of the top best public high schools in California. The Department of Education ranks it fourth in California.

They produce high-achieving students because of their learning program. Riverside Stem school also offers advanced placement courses and programs. They provide courses such as Stem, Robotics, Mathematics,

Other than their routine academic programs, they also engage in several sporting activities, such as basketball, soccer, track, and field, etc.

The application for enrollment in the Stem academy for 2022 is currently closed. For enquires regarding this kindly mail, the admission committee of Riverside stems academy by clicking HERE.

Visit the Riverside stem academy website for more.

5. Mission San Jose High

Mission San Jose High is a four-year co-educational public high school. It is one of the best high schools in California. We rank it 4th in California. Mission San Jose High is one of the comprehensive high schools in the Fremont Unified School District.

It is the third-largest high school in Fremont. it grants students the opportunity to offer advanced placement classes.

The Mission San Jose High School also engages in athletic programs. They ensure that the students have an interesting choice of events to engage in, such as swimming, baseball, basketball, etc.

They also engage in competitions such as Quiz bowl-style tournaments, Debate, Chess tournaments, etc. These tournaments and competition awards the students prizes and qualifies them for scholarship opportunities.

Visit the school website for more about the school.

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6. Preuss School UCSD

Preuss School UCSD is a coeducational high school. It is often called a college preparatory day school. It is one of the very best high schools in California.

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Preuss School UCSD high school is at the University of California San Diego (UCSD). College preparatory course requirements shape the academic curriculum of Preuss school. Therefore, preparing its students for academic life outside high school.

Preuss School UCSD does the admission of students into the school through the application portal on their website. However, the admission of students for the 2022-2023 academic session is currently in progress and will end on the 17th of December, 2022.

A major advantage of Preuss School UCSD over other high schools is that it creates an avenue for students from low-income backgrounds to gain an excellent education.

The admission of students into this high school is a highly selective process. Therefore, students who will be considered for admission must meet the following requirements;

  1. All families must meet income eligibility criteria as defined by Federal guidelines. More information can be gotten HERE.
  2. The parent or guardian of the student is NOT a graduate of a four-year college or university.
  3. And finally, the student must show the motivation and potential to attend a competitive college or university

7. Lowell High School

Lowell High School is a public high school in San Francisco, California. It is commonly known for its coeducation learning program. Lowell High School has a highly rigorous curriculum that is focused on honors level and advanced placement courses such as Chemistry, Physics, Economics, English, Fine art, Engineering, Health science, and many more.

Lowell High School also offers a variety of foreign languages which makes it stand out among other competing schools in San Francisco. It also has a very distinguishable record given that three of its alumni are Nobel laureates.

Lowell high school is one of the high-performing schools in California, which is why it is ranked seventh in the city. It also runs a unique culinary art program that teaches it students hospitality, and this program is headed by Dr. Roxane Howe.

The admission of students into the program is a highly selective process, which students, parents, guardians, and state representatives have disagreed on, because of their rigorous course work.

Read more on this by clicking HERE.

The following are the admission requirements during registration;

  1. Proof of address
  2. Age verification
  3. Legal guardianship
  4. Immunization record
  5. School record, and more.

Also, visit the school website for more.

8. University High

This is one of the six best public high schools in California. The school structure has 6 academic buildings which are;

  • Performing arts theater
  • A band room for instrumental music
  • Swimming pool
  • Eight tennis courts
  • An indoor gymnasium supplemented with other indoor athletic facilities
  • A stadium
  • And several practice fields

This is ranked as one of the best high schools. It has a track record of success. The facilities in the school ensure the proper running of all departments.

The following are departments in the school;

  1. English
  2. World Language
  3. Mathematics
  4. Sciences
  5. Social science
  6. Music
  7. Art
  8. Industrial technology
  9. Athletics
  10. Physical education
  11. Special education
  12. And the orange Country Deaf and Hard of hearing program.

9. Harbor Teacher Preparatory Academy

Harbor Teacher Preparatory Academy is a Middle College High School in California. It is within Los Angeles Harbor College in Wilmington.

Harbor Teacher Preparatory Academy’s primary mission is to build career-ready critical thinkers who are ready to occupy global positions. It is ranked the 9th best public high school in California.

This is because it offers advanced placement classes and courses to students.

Visit the school website for more

10. Pacific Collegiate Charter

Pacific Collegiate School is a place for cross-cultural, international, and technological education. It is ranked 10th among the best high schools in California. This is because it offers advanced placement courses. 

The school prepares students for college-level study, by offering honors and AP courses. All students take AP courses, and the exam pass rate is 98%. Pacific Collegiate Charter curriculum is supplemented with fine arts courses, clubs, and athletics.

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The faculty at their school takes pride in offering students with engaging and unique learning experiences that encourage critical thinking, inquiry, and a strong sense of community. The school understands the need to provide social and emotional support to all children as they learn what it is to be a good citizen.

11. Canyon Crest Academy

The Canyon Crest Academy is one of the fine schools in California. It is a public high school in San Diego that was founded in 2004. It is popularly known for its interest in building and developing young minds to be great future leaders across the globe. Through its activities, it promotes culture, talent, and equity, and cultivates gratitude in an innovative learning environment.

12. Lynbrook High

Lynbrook High is also an impressive school building young minds to become better and more efficient leaders of the future. This high school is also one of the public schools in California.

It can currently serve approximately 1,7000 students in the district who are between grades 9 and 12, in the western urban area of San Jose. Lynbrook High is currently the fifth school in the Fremont Union High School District and one of three schools with the best innovative method of teaching in the area.

Other high schools in California

There are other high schools of considerable choice which also gives students a well-rounded academic curriculum. Consider these selected few;

  • Cupertino High
  • Eunice Sato Academy of Math & Science
  • Saratoga High
  • Fountain Valley High
  • La Mirada High
  • Albany High
  • Irvington High
  • Mayfair High


The best high schools in California are ranked based on the state tests, academic facilities, and other measures of educational qualities such as Athletic programs and Alumni records. Effective school rating is one of the best ways to locate the best high schools. It helps to create a certain level of comparison between standard schools. I hope this article helps you make a defined choice in your choice of finding the besting the best high school. A tip for you will be to make your selection based on public school district ranking, which has been analyzed above.

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Frequently asked Questions

What is the best high school in California?

The best school in California is probably the Oxford Academy. The school has received high rankings in publications such as Princeton Review, the U.S. News as well as World Report. It’s also one of the few schools in the state that offers a study program of four-year and an intense honors curriculum, which makes it a top choice for many students who want to attend high school.

How many high schools are in California?

There are 3,162 public schools and 730 private schools in California. The total number of high schools in California is 3,892.

Are there any tuition-free high schools in California?

There are no tuition-free high schools in California, but few of the high schools offer scholarships and stipend-based programs to support learning.

What characterizes the best high school?

The best high school is one with a very effective study plan and a high-performance indicators. Excellent schools provide study resources and support for teachers. They also cultivate a sense of community and well-being among their students.

How do I choose a high school in California?

One of the very first steps is to decide which school district is close to your residential area. This will influence your choice in selecting a school that is stress-free and equally has an advanced learning course.

Are all high school applications done through the school website?

Yes, they are done through the school website. A few are also done through in-person visitation to the school of choice and expression of interest.

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