5 Best High School in Michigan

There are over 3181 high schools in Michigan, which is a mixture of public schools and private schools. This figure can make the selection of a preferred high school difficult. This article will give you a detailed review of the 5 best high schools in Michigan. The best high school in Michigan are differentiated by the standard. But in order to make your selection process easy, read through this detailed review.

Before we get into this review, let’s answer this question: Why should you consider studying in Michigan?

5 Best High School in Michigan

Why should I study in Michigan?

Michigan has over 276 cities and over 1,240 townships with very accommodating citizens. The state of Michigan ensures that its students have access to an adequate education. The Michigan public schooling system has about 891 school districts. And these school districts are locally under the supervision of the school boards and superintendents. The state has an approximate number of 86,154 public school teachers that ensure the academic curriculum in each school is efficiently tutored to the students.

In 2010, the state of Michigan adopted the American education initiative. It is known as the Common Core State Standards Initiative in Michigan. This initiative outlined a benchmark for core subjects like English and mathematics for students of all grades from kindergarten through high school.

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Tourist Centers in Michigan

Other than the advanced course work of the educational system in Michigan, the state is composed of fascinating tourist centers, such as

  1. The Mackinac Island: The Mackinac Island is a vacation island in Michigan. This island is in the city of Mackinac, in the United States. The majority categorize it as a resort because of its structured housing system and nearness to the coastline. These details make it a completely loveable place for tourists.
  2. Detroit Arts Museum: This is an art institute in the city of Detroit. Several high achieving high schools in Michigan have a partnership with the Museum to support the education of their students. However, the institute provides a pass for the students who are interested in art and cultural development to have access to their study material on art and art collections.
  3. Detroit Zoo: Most people call this place the ROYAL OAK. It is a natural eco-reserve center in Michigan that is protected by the Detroit Zoological Society. The Zoo provides high school students the opportunity to interact with nature and build experiences outside the walls of the classrooms.

We will talk more about the attraction centers in Michigan as we move along in this article. For now, let’s talk about finding the right high school for you.

The Best High school in Michigan

According to the statistics from the National Center for Education, about 30 percent of school students attend city schools during the school year. Therefore, this review will provide insights on the best city schools, that is; public high schools and other notable private schools in Michigan.

In this review of the best high schools in Michigan, we define the word best by the following factors:

  • Cost of Tuition
  • Circular Course Work
  • Openness to Diversity
  • Efficient athletic program
  • Scholarships
  • Inclusive environment

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This being said, let’s talk about the first high school on our list. Note that this arrangement does not follow a particular order.

1. Cranbrook Schools

Cranbrook Schools has the highest number of student enrollment in Michigan and it is compensated by the size of its learning environment and commitment to education. It is a private high school in Bloomfield Hills, Oakland County. It is a nonsectarian high school, meaning it has no religious affiliations, and it creates an atmosphere for students to have a well inclusive and diverse academic development.

Cranbrook High School ensures that its student has access to developing educational memberships through its partnership with institutions that provides various educational services. It is in partnership with associations such as;

  • National Association of Independent Schools
  • State or regional independent school association
  • The Association of Boarding Schools
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The Cranbrook School is also one of the largest private high schools in the whole of Michigan and the 46th largest nationally according to the US schooling record. It is a PK–12 preparatory school that educates students on effective problem-solving techniques with effective critical thinking. The Cranbrook School has a well-functioning athletic program. It is also a member of The British Gymnastics Association and The Music Mark School.

Admissions at Cranbrook School

The admission of students at Cranbrook School is strickly by merit and a student’s date of application/inquiry. As the leading college preparatory boarding and day schools in the country, the admission of students is done routinely through a well-structured application process.

The application process to Cranbrook School requires an online application process which you can begin by clicking HERE. However, you require further details to complete the application process. Click HERE for further clarification.

Financial Aid at Cranbrook School

The Cranbrook School has a financial aid program that awards more than $10,300,000 in funding to students. Therefore, students and families with financial crises are advised to make a request for financial aid during their application process. Also, the application for the financial aid program can be done HERE.

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Tuition for the 2022 – 2023 academic year in Cranbrook School

Half-day Multiage (Pre.K/JK) A.M$14,100
Full-day Pre.K or JK$25,000
Senior Kindergarten$25,000
Lower School – Grades 1 – 5$29,600
Middle School – Grades 6-8$32,500
Upper School – Grades 9-12$38,600$52,350
Tuition for the 2022 – 2023 academic year in Cranbrook School

Contact Cranbrook School for more Enquiry

Cranbrook School can be contacted through the information below;

E-mail: admission@cranbrook.edu

Phone: (248) 645-3610

Fax: (248) 645-3025

Also, Cranbrook School can likewise be mailed through the mailing address below;

Mailing Address:
Cranbrook Schools
Attn: Admission Office
PO Box 801 
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303-0801

2. Birmingham Covington School

The Birmingham Covington School has a student enrollment record of 847 students, according to the records of the Birmingham schooling district. Birmingham Covington School is one of the best public schools in the whole of Michigan, it is also Bloomfield Hills Oakland County of Michigan, US. It is affiliated with the Birmingham Public School District as one of the best public schools in the tri-state area. It identifies as one of the most diverse public high schools in Michigan because of its inclusive learning system.

However, Birmingham Covington School is composed of individuals of different races such as Asians, Hispanics, Pacific Islanders, Africans, Americans, Indians, and many more.

The Birmingham Covington Schooling society ensures the progress schooling capacity of its students through educational partnerships with several institutions and athletic agencies.

However, the athletic program at Birmingham Covington School is done strictly by merit and prior registration. The following are sporting activities that are open for registration in spring:

  1. Girl Soccer
  2. Boy Tennis
  3. Track and Field

However, you should note that the athletic activities in Birmingham Covington High School are based on climate season. Therefore, for more details on the registration of students for the athletic program, you should click HERE.

During Winter, Boys Basketball, Boys Intramural Basketball, Girls Swimming, Girls Volleyball, and Boys Swimming are the most prominent sports on the campus this season.

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Admission into Birmingham Covington High School

The admission of students into the Birmingham Covington High School is done yearly through lottery updates on the school website. Read more on the school admission process by clicking HERE.

However, there is also a waitlist for interested students to sign up their interest pending the next admission cycle in the school.

Click here to access the Birmingham Covington High School enrollment guide.

Tuition Rate

The payment of Tuition in Birmingham Covington school is done at a daily rate, but parents are advised to pay for a minimum of three days per week through the schooling year.

HoursToddler RatePreschool Rate
6.5 hours
(9am – 3pm)
9 hours
8am – 5am
11 hours
(7am – 6pm)
Tuition Rate in Birmingham Covington High School

3. Griggs International Academy

The Griggs International Academy is one of the best high schools in Michigan. It is a K-12 high school that offers a highly effective educational curriculum. The Griggs International Academy has an enrollment record of about 1,559 students from kindergarten through the 12th grade.

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The Griggs International Academy is a Christian own academic institution in the Berrien County district. It identifies as a Christian own religious organization. it however supports the integration of individuals with diverse religious opinions to partake in its educational curriculum. It organizes a series of educational and faith-based programs to support the professional development of its students.

The Griggs International Academy has a partnership with the College Associations and School commissions on elementary and secondary school education. It also forms a unit with the seventh-day Adventist schools, colleges, and universities. These associations and affiliations with other colleges and universities give the Griggs International Academy a stand among the educational institutions in Michigan.

In addition, note that the Griggs International Academy has no athletic program, but it has an efficient mentorship program that is equipped to guild students through their desired educational path.

For more details, visit the GIA website HERE.

Admission Requirements

The admission of students into the Griggs International Academy is done through a step by step which is detailed in the YouTube video below;

Admission procedure into Griggs International Academy

Tuition in Griggs International Academy

The payment of Tuition in Griggs International Academy is done basically by the grade level of the student. For more details on the payments of tuition and other payment requirements, please click HERE.

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4. Detroit Country Day School

This is one of the best high schools in Michigan in the Beverly Hill school district. It has a total student enrollment of 1,531. The Detroit Country Day High School is a privately owned high school that doesn’t identify with any religious association.

Detroit Country Day School (DCDS) gives students an environment that promotes an ethical culture that builds and supports the diversity and inclusion of various races. It is a registered member of the National Association of Independent Schools and a member of a few athletic fellowships and programs in Michigan.

The Detroit Country Day School has a flexible academic curriculum that supports other extra-curricular activities such as sports, arts festivals/events, and several others.

The athletic program in Detroit Country Day School comprises sporting activities such as track, volleyball, baseball, and several others.

For more information on the athletic requirements of the Detroit Country Day School, click HERE.

Admission Requirement

The admission requirement of the Detroit Country Day School has a detailed emphasis on academics, arts, athletics, and character development of each of the applicants.

Therefore, due to its non-discriminatory policy, it admits students of any race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or national and ethnic origin as long as the student merits the admission. The rights, regulations, and ethical orientation of the students are preserved at all times.

The school does not base the enrollment of students on any economic or social biases, such as race, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, and several others. The regulation and rights of the students are protected legally under the Michigan federal Law.

To request an application, click HERE.

Tuition and Cost of Admission

There is variation in the amount/cost of tuition and this is done based on the grade level of the student. Below is a detailed description of the tuition plan.

Grade levelTuition
Preschool (3 & 4 yrs.), and Junior Kindergarten
Kindergarten – Grade 3$26,950
Grades 4 and 5$27,600
Grades 6 – 8$33,200
Grades 9 – 12$35,800
The cost of Tuition in Detroit Country Day School

Also, note that the tuition plan for each grade level covers the lunch plan for the academic year. But, the tuition fee does not cover other additional expenses such as uniforms, books, field trips, and parent association fees.

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For more details on the admission protocol of the Detroit Country Day School, click HERE to access all the contact information of each administrative department at varying grade levels.

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5. Wylie E. Groves High School

The Wylie E. Groves High School is a public high school in the Birmingham school district of Michigan. According to the Michigan admission record, it however has an enrollment record of 1,174 students in grades 7th through 12th.

The Wylie E. Grove High School (Grove) has an environment that supports a community of learners. And, it also values students’ individual beliefs and fosters intellectual excellence, personal development, social responsibility, and ethical standards. The Grove High School has a very flexible and extensive academic curriculum that allows students to participate in sporting activities as well as debating activities.

It offers highly regional courses in Business, Engineering Technology, English & Communication Arts, English as a Second Language (ESL), Experiential Learning, Fine Arts, Life Management, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, and many more.

The athletic program in Groves supports the development of all students in athletics depending on their interests. They have a specific partnership with other regional schools to set a competitive edge for their students to play in regional and international leagues when given the chance.

Students’ Admission and Enrollment

The application of students at Grove High School requires the submission of various documents from both parents and students. These documents include;

  1. Birth Certificate.
  2. Government-Issued Photo ID for both parents.
  3. Custody/divorce documents, if applicable.
  4. Legal Guardianship or Foster Care placement plan, if applicable.

For more queries on the admission of students, click HERE.

The submission of the application is done during open house visitation to the school and also through the submission of an online application through the Birmingham Groves High School application portal. You can begin this application process by clicking HERE.


Your decision on the best high school in Michigan should already feel easy. One of the most essential factors in narrowing down your decision is knowing the factors that stand out for you in a high school. These factors vary from person to person. A few prioritize a high school with an effective student study structure, while others may prioritize the living environment. You need to identify these personal differences on your own before making a selection from the listed high schools above. More so, this article should help you narrow down these key decisions.

Finally, the honorable mentions from the list of the high schools above are made without bias. The list, as discussed, shows the best high school in terms of environment, an efficient learning plan, the availability of an athletic program, and scholarship.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Are there only 5 best high schools in Michigan?

There are over 3000 high schools in Michigan, and among these schools are other notable schools of a high standard. Other equally efficient high schools that were not mentioned include; City High Middle School, International Academy of Macomb, International Academy, Washtenaw International High School, Troy High School, Rochester Adams High School, Novi High School, and others.

Does any of the high schools in Michigan offer student visas or immigration permits?

High schools in Michigan rarely engage in immigration matters. However, upon the admission of the student into their school, they can provide a letter of admission as well as other admission details which can help in facilitating your migration procedure into Michigan. Therefore, to know more about the immigration documents and details provided by your intended high school, you need to have a dialogue with the admission committee of the school.

Does any high school in Michigan offer scholarships to students during the application process?

Yes, the majority of the high schools in Michigan offer partial and full scholarships to students. However, there are criteria for qualifying for any scholarship and an application is required before due consideration.

Are there low tuition cost high schools in Michigan?

Yes, there are low tuition costs in high schools in Michigan. However, the majority of the high schools in Michigan are of high cost, but few offer an installment payment plan which can be either daily, weekly, or monthly throughout the academic year.

What is the most played sporting activity in Michigan?

The most played sports by high school students in Michigan include baseball, football, Ice Hockey, basketball, and soccer. However, these sporting activities are all based on the season.

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