Top 15 Best Meteorology Schools In The US

When people hear meteorology what comes to mind Is the study of meteors, but that’s incorrect. There is more to meteorology than just studying falling rocks from the sky. Meteorology deals with the study of climate and weather. Climate and weather are factors that can lead to natural disasters and can also help in good harvesting, that’s where meteorologist comes in. We have made available the top 15 Best Meteorology schools in The US to ease your search for the best meteorology schools.

Imagine not knowing a tornado is coming, or a tsunami, or probably even a heavy storm, the consequences could be very chaotic, lots of lives lost could be lots of massive injuries. Meteorologists are in charge of our climatic protection so they are worthy of being called heroes.

Furthermore, in this article, we are going to give a deeper explanation of what meteorology is all about and its importance. Also, questions like “is meteorology a good career path? And careers in meteorology ” Will be answered and talked about in this article So, it’s advised to read it till the end.

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Top 15 Best Meteorology Schools In The US

What Is Meteorology?

Meteorology is a branch of the atmospheric sciences (that deals with atmospheric chemistry and atmospheric physics), with a major priority on weather forecasting. The study of meteorology dates back thousands of years ago, though significant progress in meteorology did not commence until the 18th century. Also, The 19th century saw progress in the profession after weather observance networks were formed worldwide. Previous attempts at forecasting weather depended on historical data. It was not until after the explanation of the laws of physics and more specifically, the development of the computer, enabling the computerized solution of a great many equations that model the weather, in the latter half of the 20th century that massive breakthroughs in weather forecasting were accomplished.

Importance of Meteorology

Meteorology is essential because of the impact of air conditions on life. First of all, weather forecasting has an important role in urban administration. Cities preparing extreme weather conditions such as snowstorms and tornadoes to prevent catastrophes. Second, long-term weather forecasting is important for agriculture. Drought can cause famine. Also, Meteorology is essential for farmers since yields need water to grow up. Meteorology is also important for marine and air transportation. Lighting can be hazardous for planes. 

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Is Meteorology A Good Career?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job opportunity is high for atmospheric scientists, including meteorologists. Predicted to grow 8% from 2021 to 2030 which is more rapid than the average for all occupations. A meteorologist’s salary could exceed $98,740 a year.

The work of meteorologists is vital, and therefore needs a strong set of skills. Typically, the minimum requirement needed to become an entry-level meteorologist is a bachelor’s degree. If your goal is to go into research, consulting, or teaching, continuing your education at the doctorate or master’s level will be mandatory. Many schools also provide Certificate programs in Meteorology focused on delivering the targeted training needed for meteorology jobs.

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Jobs in meteorology

Here are some careers to consider in meteorology, with a summary of their primary job duties and national average salary according to indeed;

1. GIS technician

Primary duties: A geographic information system Creates maps using geographic information systems tools to record a certain geographical location. Other jobs include conducting transferring data into their databases, data research, and troubleshooting any database problems. The demographic information GIS technicians aid meteorologists more about storms and other weather-related events.

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National average salary: $36,262 per year

2. Broadcast meteorologist

Primary duties: A broadcast meteorologist shows a weather forecast to viewers through the radio, internet, or television, using charts and maps to explain their forecasts. They may work with a weather team to collect data and use it in their meteorology reports. Also, Broadcast meteorologists respond to drastic weather events, notifying the public about what is happening in their area.

National average salary: $65,282 per year

3. Professor

Primary duties: A professor of atmospheric science and meteorology teaches college-level students meteorology courses. While working for a university or college, they may also conduct research in field programs. Meteorology professors often will supervise graduate student research projects.

National average salary: $65,943 per year

4. Environmental scientist

Primary duties: An environmental scientist carries out research to control, eliminate, or identify, risks affecting public health and the environment. Using their results, they develop plans to prevent, fix, or control, an environmental issue, such as pollution. Also, Environmental scientists may record their research results and present them to stakeholders.

National average salary: $72,167 per year

5. Hydrologist

Primary duties: A hydrologist, simply known as a water scientist, studies the movement of water through the earth’s crust. They calculate the properties of water bodies by looking at the streamflow, and volume. Hydrologists also collect soil and water samples to test for properties, such as pH, and pollution levels, and analyze the environmental effects of drought, pollution, and erosion.

National average salary: $94,006 per year

6. Geophysicist

Primary duties: A geophysicist evaluates several aspects of the earth, using magnetic, seismic, electrical, and gravitational methods. They are out lab work and field tests for private engineering and oil companies. Geophysicists apply scientific principles to give solutions to problems and provide guidance.

National average salary: $99,975 per year

7. Research scientist

Primary duties: A research meteorologist, or research scientist, find alternative methods for observing weather conditions and collecting data. They study the climate to improve their understanding of climate, weather, and other relevant aspects.

National average salary: $109,859 per year

8. Data scientist

Primary duties: A data scientist builds data modeling processes to create predictive models and algorithms and carry out some analysis. Using their data, they may make reports and presentations for their stakeholders.

National average salary: $120,702 per year

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Top 15 Best Meteorology Schools In The US

1. Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)

As an Ivy League University on the list, and an Ivy League school with an atmospheric sciences program, the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture at Cornell University tops this list.

The school provides everything you’d expect from an institution of its kind. Funded by the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration, the center works with the National Weather Service, National Climatic Data Center, and other organizations to collect and observe atmospheric changes in the northeast. 

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#2. University of California, Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)

As you’ve seen, many schools from the University of California are on this list of best meteorology schools in the US. The system has a remarkable commitment to meteorology, and the school is perhaps at the top. 

UCLA earns this position at the top with its understanding of the issues. The school understands that climate change is a serious concern, and it is in an outstanding position to train the next generation to deal with it. 

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#3. University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley, CA)

University of California at Berkeley is the 3rd on our list of best meteorology schools in the US. The school, faculty, and students base their work on the Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center. The BASC is just one of the major advantages of the school’s program. Students studying meteorology gain essential knowledge in the science of climate, atmosphere, and circulation dynamics. The course concentrates on topics such as the physics of climate variability, the effects of smog, changes in the stratospheric ozone, and more. 

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#4. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor advertises its Space and Climate Sciences Engineering department. That’s a spirited claim, but one that it backs up with its outstanding meteorology program. 

Since 1954, the school has put research first, teaching students the fundamentals of science while and to match new findings.

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#5. University of California, San Diego (San Diego, CA)

Like all of the programs on our list of best meteorology schools in the US, the oceanic and atmospheric sciences major at the University of California at San Diego provides everything one would need to become an expert in the field. Students evaluate the fundamentals of the ocean and the atmosphere, including the physics and chemistry that govern it. 

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#6. University of California, Davis (Davis, CA)

As part of the Department of Air, Water, and Land, Resources in the University of California, Davis’s College of Environmental and Agricultural Science, the Atmospheric Science program teaches small class sizes and increases student and teacher interaction.

Under the close watch of mentors and teachers, students use specialized instruments, perform observations, and advanced theories, and develop models. 

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#7. University of Wisconsin, Madison (Madison, WI)

With a faculty consisting of about 17 professors with skills in subjects such as weather systems, climate sciences, and more, the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Department has a phenomenal level of excellence. 

In addition to understanding the atmosphere and ocean to forecast the weather, faculty and students deal with some of the most critical issues of our time. Students in the program study solar and terrestrial radiation, clouds and precipitation, chemistry and air quality, and other related factors that affect our quality of life.

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#8. University of Georgia (Athens, GA)

Although the atmospheric sciences major is a new addition to the program the University of Georgia offers. Building off the success of its prior atmospheric sciences undergraduate certificate, this new program better meets the necessities of employers in the fields.

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#9. University of Miami (Coral Gables, FL)

In the Atmospheric Sciences Department of the University of Atmospheric Sciences and Miami’s Rosensteil School of Marine, students can work in the field. Taking advantage of its location, a great spot for fascinating weather, the Rosensteil School provides students an opportunity to participate in exciting research projects. 

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#10. Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)

The 10th on our list of best meteorology schools in the US is Ohio State University. At the school, the study of meteorology is academically challenging and It’s also a lot of fun. You can see proof of the student’s passion for the activities of their Meteorology Club.

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#11. Pennsylvania State University

Penn State is the 11th on our list of the best meteorology schools in the US. Founded in 1855. Today, the school is a renowned research university that conducts research, public service, and teaching. Its mission includes graduate, professional, undergraduate, and continuing education provided through resident instruction and online delivery.

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#12. Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University is the 12th on our list of best meteorology schools in the US it was founded in the year 1876. As of Fall 2021, Texas A&M’s student body is the biggest in the country. The school is the only university in Texas to hold simultaneous titles as a sea, space, and land, grant institution.

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#13. North Carolina State University

The degree of Bachelor of Science in Meteorology is provided in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Marine Sciences.

Meteorologists may study different topics, including air pollution, environmental impacts, climate, forecasting, and weather analysis. atmospheric physics, remote sensing, and the relation between the atmosphere and some other components of the earth system. Undergraduate students pursue careers in weather forecasting, air quality, broadcast meteorology, meteorological research, and positions with the armed forces. 

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#14. Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech is the 14th on our list of best meteorology schools in the US. It has educational faculties in 6 regions in the states, a research center in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana, and a study-abroad site in Switzerland. Through its Corps of the Cadets program, Virginia Tech is a senior military college.

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#15. Purdue University

Atmospheric Science students study storms, seas, environmental impacts, and climate change. Students will gain hands-on experience and have the opportunity to partake in research, from serious weather forecasting to analyzing universal changes over time.

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Meteorology is quite a very analytic profession as it requires major weather analysis but, thanks to the modern age that has computerized most thing meteorology get to do lesser analysis. Nonetheless, after reading this article, you must have learned the important work meteorologists play in our environment and the types of different careers in meteorology. Meteorologists sometimes get to see different parts of the world to analyze the climatic condition. Choosing a career path in meteorology is a great choice and do well to apply to your school of best fit.

FAQs On Best Meteorology Schools In The US

Which subject is best for meteorology?

Masters of Science in Meteorology: Meteorology Courses in India. Should have B.Sc. in Physics/Chemistry/Meteorology or any related field.

Is meteorology a good career?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook is strong for atmospheric scientists, including meteorologists. Predicted to grow 8 percent from 2020 through 2030 — faster than the average for all occupations — a meteorologist’s salary could exceed $99,740 a year.

What are 3 things that a meteorologist studies?

Research meteorologists cover several subdisciplines of meteorology including climate modeling, remote sensing, air quality, atmospheric physics, and climate change. They also research the relationship between the atmosphere and Earth’s climates, oceans, and biological life.

Is a meteorology degree hard?

Being a meteorologist is a difficult job. You have to have excellent communication skills, especially if you want to work in broadcasting. Also, You must have strong math, science, and computer skills since you will use those on a daily basis.
You will have to learn how to work in a team.

What do meteorologists major in?

Aspiring meteorologists must acquire a Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology or atmospheric sciences. Many pursue a master’s degree after achieving their bachelor’s. Meteorology specialties include weather forecasting and broadcasting, atmospheric science, and climatology.

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