Best Online Master’s in Social Work (MSW) Programs of 2022

Anyone considering a future in clinical social work has probably contemplated acquiring a master’s degree in social work (MSW). However, how frequently is an Online master’s in social work (MSW) program considered?

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re thinking about pursuing the best online master’s social work program (MSW) degree but aren’t sure if it’s suitable for you. We’ll go over all that you ought to know to pick the best selection for your schooling and professional objectives in this guide.

In this article, you will find everything you need, from a full explanation of what an online master’s in social work (MSW) program is to a list of some of the best online master’s social work (MSW) program schools available.

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Best Online Master's in Social Work (MSW) Programs

What is an online master’s in social work (MSW) program?

An online master’s in social work (MSW) program will prepare you to practice clinical social work. It may appear to be a challenging slope to scale, but there are other alternatives. We’ll check the MSW programs that are the most accessible below.

When contrast to a bachelor’s degree in social work, an online master’s in social work (MSW) program is the study of social work with a concentration in a certain subject. An online master’s in social work (MSW) program emphasizes both the large and mini parts of social work activity, while a BSW concentrates on community-based social work.

An online master’s in social work (MSW) programs generally require you to have a particular undergraduate GPA. They also demand that you strike an equilibrium between classroom and experience, which might be difficult to do. In this article, we’ll go over the best online master’s in social work (MSW) programs.

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Reasons why you should consider completing an online master’s in social work (MSW)

With an online master’s in social work (MSW), you’ll be eligible to acquire (LMSW) meaning Licensed Master Social Worker. As a social worker with MSW, this might increase your annual compensation.

The annual compensation for a social worker (MSW) might increase from $49,294 to $73,390.

For an LMSW-certified social service manager, the annual earning is $84,981.

Ain’t this exciting?

Since the emergence of COVID-19, several online universities have started to offer faster programs that only take 1 to 2years to complete after you’ve obtained your BSW. This has enabled it easier to pursue a career as a social worker, with institutions now admitting candidates with lesser GPAs and giving more reasonable tuition.

Things you can do with an Online master’s in social work (MSW) program certificate.

Following are some examples of careers you might be able to get with an MSW.

  • Project manager for social work
  • Project manager for children’s services
  • Caseworker at school
  • Director of social care
  • Professional in adoption placing
  • Caseworker for seniors
  • Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
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What are the different types of Social Work?

The following are the different types of social work.

1. Macro-Level Work

Larger-level work otherwise called Macro-level social work entails a wide examination of the structural consequences of social injustice. It evaluates the local, statewide, national, and global levels to design solutions for these systemic issues.

2. Micro-level Social Work.

Small-level social work also known as micro-level social work entails deeper rehabilitative interactions with persons and organizations. Macro social work aims to informally assist huge groups of individuals using research, governmental lobbying, and broad-based projects that address common socioeconomic issues.

3. Fieldwork Social Work.

Fieldwork is the hardest and most difficult, as well as the greatest interesting and fulfilling, aspect of social work for many trainees.

Collaborating with people who are struggling is hard, but it is satisfying to watch their situations improve.

An MSW opens more job opportunities in professions that require combined social work and management expertise. If you desire to advance in your job and concentrate on the psychology underlying social work, an MSW is worth considering if you choose to study online.

An MSW is more difficult to get compared to a bachelor’s degree in social work. Once you acquire a certificate to start practicing social work, you can start working in the profession(field)

Some Degree Programs in Social Work

Difference between clinical social workers and direct social workers.

1. Clinical social workers

The most significant distinction between clinical and direct practice is that Clinical social workers are qualified to conduct psychotherapy.

2. Direct practice social workers

Direct practice social workers can provide information and direction to patients in challenging circumstances, but they cannot offer counseling services.

Tips to boot your online master’s in social work (MSW) application.

Don’t worry if your undergraduate GPA isn’t as good as what most master’s studies need, but you still want to enroll in a prestigious institution. Concentrate on alternative strategies to boost your applications, such as drafting a strong personalized statement, taking psychology lessons, or assisting at a nonprofit.

One more strategy to boost your registration is to review the job capabilities necessary for a social worker and describe how you plan to enhance those capabilities once you’ve been admitted into the study.

Best Online master’s in social work (MSW)

Note: you must have a bachelor’s degree in social work in other to apply for a master’s degree program in social work.

Apply for one of the MSW programs listed below to assist you in making great life changes.

According to timeframe, cost, and GPA criteria, here is a list of the Best Online Master of Social Work (MSW) programs. They are online, top Best, and easier Master of Social Work programs. So, don’t panic, I got all you need to get started.

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1. Case Western Reverse University.

Our cutting-edge online program connects people from various walks of life and professions who are passionate about social change.

As a student, the following are available for you:

Weekly classes are conducted in the Zoom lecture, a cutting-edge online classroom featuring HD video and collaborative tools. There are no mandatory campus visits.

With your practical education attribute, you can directly apply intellectual knowledge in real circumstances.

The comprehensive mobile app, accessible on- or offline, allows you to utilize course materials and past recorded videos.

Receive personalized assistance from our professional and educational support specialists, who are ready to help you from the time you apply to the time you graduate.

2. Columbia University

The Columbia University of Social Work has been at the forefront of changing how we educate, instruct, and promote social service for longer than a decade. We’ve never been satisfied with the existing quo, and our openness to try new things has helped us stay on the cutting edge of social work teaching and investigation.

Columbia’s Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work program has been one of the globe’s earliest and highest prestigious MSW programs. Trainees at Columbia have unrivaled exposure to intense study, creative instruction, and tried-and-true strategies for changing lives and moving society further. Our Virtual Campus alternative unites all the MSW program’s advantages with a prize online learning environment.

“Students can pick Columbia University of Social Work too since we will embrace you as a valued member of our community.” The program requires only two years of simultaneous online courses to finish. Learners can choose between two concentration ranges: management social entrepreneurship or advanced clinical practice, which involves twelve months of field training.

3. Indiana University

The MSW curriculum is divided into three pathways, with the comprehensive MSW course taking 2 years and a half. Students must have a BSW to be qualified for higher placement in the MSW program.

To be a productive trainee, you’ll require a device with an image sensor and recorder, as well as a fast internet connection.

The Indiana University Is well-known for its outstanding master’s degree courses. As you research the course and start the application procedure, we are devoted to supplying you with useful data and individual assistance. Indiana University holds several Info Events each autumn and spring so that you can explore more about the courses. For additional in-depth guidance, you can also plan a personal counseling visit.

4. Fordham University

Fordham University, according to research is one of the leading social work institutions in the United States. This online MSW course will provide you with excellent field knowledge and is validated.

The Council on Fordham University of Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited Fordham Online master’s in social work program.

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You can complete your accelerated MSW program in 8 months if you take classes full-time, or 16 months if you take classes part-time, thanks to the accelerated MSW program.

5. University of Georgia

Core coursework, and universal and specialty field practice observations are all required for the MSW program. The criteria can be fulfilled in a 2 full program, a 3- or 4 years prolonged program or a 1-year+ Enhanced Standing program.

There are other options for double degrees and certificates. The MSW degree fulfills all academic criteria for social worker licensure in Georgia.

6. Malden University

Do you feel compelled to contribute to the creation of a more diverse and egalitarian world? At Walden, you can start your career as a social change maker.

Malden University’s online Master of Social Work program, which is accredited is designed to transform your interest into the information, talents, and assurance you need to be a successful social worker.

You’ll be guided through the program with assistance at every step. Begin with the basics and build on them with a range of hands-on learning activities. Work together with Walden’s unique teachers and other students from various perspectives to gain new insights. Our comprehensive licensure course will also help you prepare for state licensing.

Furthermore, you’ll feel invigorated after completing your virtual social work study.


With one of the simple MSW programs listed above, you may help people change their lives.

Determine if you desire to pursue clinical social work after completing your BSW. You should consider earning an MSW if you enjoy social work and possess a real desire to serve people.

To some, pursuing a master’s degree may seem overkill, but an MSW will provide you with the clinical abilities you require. You’ll discover how to serve others on a higher level, how to make a good difference in societies, and how to encourage people to look after their societal wellbeing and psychological health.

We hope that our guide to simple MSW programs has assisted you in determining the best educational path for you. If you have any questions, please contact us x scholarships to assist you.


 How long does he take to get a masters degree in social work MSW

 To get a master’s degree in social work MSW takes typically two months to complete online.

 Does a master’s degree in social work MSW worth it?

Yes, a massage degree in social work is worth it. It helps students to advance the carriers and skills in the profession by helping them to obtain a high paying job.

What can I do with a master’s degree in social work MSW?

A masters degree in social work MSW can open doors by allowing you have a variety of job opportunities and options and thereby improving social work


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