10 Best Online Traffic Schools

It’s a little after midnight, and you’re on your way home. You’re tired, but you’re almost home. Then something happens. A siren is heard, and red and blue lights are visible. You’re going to be stopped. The officer explains that you just ran a stop sign as you roll down your window. You’ll now have to pay a hefty fine and attend traffic school. Traffic school can be very expensive. Nobody wants to waste their money or time, but you don’t have a choice. You might as well choose the Best Online Traffic Schools available since you have to go. 

Tickets and other fees are expensive enough, so go with the cheapest traffic school you can find. Unfortunately, you must attend DMV traffic school if you want a point on your DMV record. If you’ve already been to court within the last 18 months for another violation, you don’t have to show up. Defensive driving courses are beneficial in part because they can help lower insurance costs. Taking a traffic school online can typically save you up to 10% on your fine.

10 Best Online Traffic Schools

What is the best traffic school available online?

When looking for a traffic school online, there are many factors to consider, but the price is usually the most important. What is the best traffic school available online? So here are our recommendations:

1. IDriveSafely

IDriveSafely is one of the most established traffic schools in the country. This traffic survival school has been assisting millions of people in improving their driving skills since 1998. They primarily concentrate on defensive driving, which assists drivers in staying safe by avoiding collisions and other potentially dangerous situations. IDriveSafely is a website that allows you to complete your traffic school online and is accepted in most states. It’s extremely affordable, costing most drivers around $20-30. In states like Ohio, Oregon, and Texas, prices are slightly higher.

The courses are short and simple. In fact, IDriveSafely’s courses are tailored to meet the state’s minimum time requirements. You won’t find a faster traffic school online. Furthermore, the courses are all available in mobile-friendly formats online. The classes are available in both video and text formats, depending on your preference. Although most people prefer video, text-based classes often go by much faster. Their customer service is also excellent. Many businesses outsource customer service to third-party call centers, but this one does not. 

With just one phone call, you’ll be connected to a helpful representative. IDriveSafely is notable for advocating for government legislation on numerous occasions. Their activism has aided the approval of online traffic schools by government agencies such as the DMV.

2. DriversEd

DriversEd is one of the oldest traffic schools, alongside IDriveSafely. It started in California in 1997 and has since expanded to Arizona, Michigan, and Texas. While DriversEd primarily focuses on basic driver education, it provides some excellent traffic school online courses. The website began as a way to teach teens about driving, but it has since grown to include resources for drivers who require additional training. Their animated 3D videos are the highlight, and they make learning fun. The teen appeal is still present, as evidenced by the fun interactive features. 

While most traffic schools are tedious, DriversEd strives to make the experience more enjoyable. You don’t have to be a teenager to enjoy DriversEd. You can expect the courses to be simple because they are clearly aimed at teenagers. The exams are particularly straightforward, and you should be able to pass them on your first attempt. However, DriversEd has two additional benefits. This, like IDriveSafely, is a contender for the quickest and most affordable traffic school. The courses are designed to be as brief as possible. 

You can complete them with minimal effort. They’re mobile-friendly, with Android and Apple apps. The prices are also unbeatable. Depending on your state, expect to pay between $20 and $40.

3. Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School takes traffic school to a whole new level, while DriversEd makes it fun. “Traffic School With a Smile” is their motto. I’m not sure if it’s the best online traffic school, but it’ll make you laugh the most. Improv Traffic School makes learning fun with comedy, animation, pictures, and jokes. They make you laugh while explaining all of the normally boring concepts. This school was founded by the same people who brought you Improv Comedy Clubs, so you can trust them. Do you doubt me? Check out their video of golf clubs being used to beat up on ninjas.

Most traffic schools are tedious and difficult to concentrate on. People frequently skip courses to get to the end. The comedic elements, on the other hand, will keep you interested and learning. This is one of the quickest traffic survival schools available. Plus, because the videos are so entertaining, they will feel even faster. Mobile-friendly courses are available. If you have your phone, you can learn anywhere. Furthermore, the tests are simple. You can take as many quizzes as you want, but you’ll most likely pass the first time. The final exam will also be open-book.

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Their courses are available in a variety of states. New Jersey, Idaho, Delaware, and Nevada are included. Just keep in mind that not all of their courses are approved by the DMV. Improv Traffic School is constantly updated, which is one of the best features. The owners stay current by adding new elements. Many older traffic schools have an outdated feel to them. Consider this if you’re still not convinced. Taking the course will earn you free comedy show tickets. How can you refuse that?

4. Aceable

Are you looking for something fresh and new? Do you want a technologically advanced traffic school? You’ve hit the jackpot. Aceable is unrivaled when it comes to innovation. Aceable, which was founded in 2012, is a strong contender for the title of best online traffic school. Why? Its innovative use of technology sets it apart from the competition. Aceable is a mobile app that works on any device. It’s clear that they value quality above all else. But what makes this app so special? First and foremost, it provides an immersive experience. 

The app allows you to see what it’s like to parallel park in 3D. You’ll have the sensation of being behind the wheel. Second, the business was started from the ground up only a few years ago. Remember how I said many other schools are out of date? It’s not possible to get an A. There will be no issues with loading times, device compatibility, or identity authentication. It also includes video and text. Videos are more immersive, but they take longer to watch than simply reading text. Aceable was awarded $55 million in funding and has put it to good use so far. It’s only a matter of time before the app improves even more.

A defensive driving course will cost between $15 and $35. It’s only available in a few states, such as Florida and Indiana, because it’s a newer company. In the coming years, it is hoped that it will expand its reach.

5. Approved Course

The first thing to understand about Approved Course is that it isn’t merely a traffic school. There are also classes on topics like healthcare and real estate. That isn’t to say that its driving courses aren’t worthwhile. Here you will only find high-quality content. You have the option of selecting the type of class you want to enroll in. The video course is exactly what you’d expect: all videos. It is slightly more expensive than the text-based course, but it is well worth it. It will take approximately six hours to finish. The text-based course is also not bad. 

It includes graphics and videos to aid in your learning. You’ll be quizzed regularly to make sure you’re paying attention. A small group of Texans designed the course. It doesn’t feel corporate or low-budget. Some of the videos are a little corny, but that isn’t a big deal for most people. You can tell the owners put a lot of effort and passion into it. Approved Course’s excellent customer service is one of its best features. You can contact the owner or his family with a single dial. That is something that no other driving school can claim. Approved Course also has a large number of satisfied customers. Countless five-star reviews can be found on any review website.

6. Go To Traffic School

In the last year, Go To Traffic School was added to this list. Prior to 2019, Go To Traffic School appeared to be an out-of-date program. Okay, it was an extremely outdated course. The content of the course was clearly outdated, and it didn’t work well on mobile devices. Fortunately, they’ve spent a significant amount of time updating the content of their courses. They have new videos that are very modern and even interactive, requiring user input, which helps students retain information and remember the most important information. 

They also improved the functionality of the course on smartphones and tablets. The best thing about Go To Traffic School was that they always guaranteed to be the cheapest, but the course itself was lacking. You have the best of both worlds now. Go To Traffic School may be the best option in 2022 if you’re on a budget but still want a legitimate online traffic school that is accepted in many states.

7. Traffic School Online

Traffic School Online stands by its product completely. They offer one of the industry’s best guarantees. If you’re not happy, they’re not happy, and they’ll refund your money (but make sure you read their refund policy first!). They don’t use any pricing gimmicks, which is a plus. Many online traffic schools try to tack on extra fees, including absurd “handling” fees, at the end of the course. This is not something that Traffic School Online does. You get exactly what they promise in terms of price and features.

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If you plan to take the course from a mobile device, this is one of the best online traffic schools. It’s amazing how many online traffic schools still don’t work well on mobile devices, but Traffic School Online has a mobile-friendly version of the course that is very well optimized. Of course, you can switch between devices whenever you want. There are several options for Traffic School Online. You can choose between their text-based course and their more interactive course, which they describe as a “game-like experience.” 

This is purely a matter of personal preference. If you plan on doing your course while sitting in front of the TV, I recommend going with the text-based option. Check out the interactive option if you really want to be engaged. There are a few other advantages to taking traffic to school online, such as free certificate delivery. Some courses charge an additional fee for this, but Traffic School Online does not and will usually deliver it to your court for free. Check them out, especially if you’re going to take traffic school on your phone or tablet.

8. Traffic School To Go

They were founded in the 1990s, when traffic school could be completed at home by watching VHS tapes or DVDs, then filling out workbooks and mailing them in. Fortunately, we’ve come a long way since then, and while the DVD option is still available, you can now complete the entire course online. This is a good online traffic school to consider for those on a budget. Traffic School To Go claims to be the cheapest online traffic school in California. If you find a less expensive course, they will match or beat it.

Another advantage of Traffic School To Go is that there are no course timers. Traffic School To Go took advantage of the fact that the state of California does not require the use of course timers. Because the course is mostly text, you can skip around from page to page as quickly as possible. You’ll breeze through it as long as you pass the easy quizzes at the end of each section (there are six). This course could be slightly more user-friendly on mobile devices, but it still works well enough. A few pages take a long time to load or are glitchy. This is a good choice for those on a tight budget who require a California online traffic school.

9. Get Defensive

Get Defensive is only approved in Texas, but it is likely the best online traffic school available there. Texas refers to it as a Defensive Driving Course rather than a traffic school, hence the name. Several reasons Get Defensive is one of the best online traffic schools are because they are not only quick but also inexpensive and simple. Isn’t this exactly what you’re looking for in a top-rated online traffic school? Get Defensive is the state-approved fastest online course. When you use Get Defensive, there is no final exam. You’re done when you pass the quizzes after each section.

Get Defensive also guarantees that its online defensive driving course is the cheapest in Texas. If you find a lower-cost online traffic school, they will match or beat it. They are also still dependable. This course has served millions of students since its inception more than 20 years ago. I wouldn’t call this the most technologically advanced online traffic school I’ve ever seen, but the fact that it’s cheap, simple, and quick should be enough to convince most people to take it.

10. NTSI

The National Traffic Safety Institute, or NTSI, offers both basic and advanced online traffic schools for those who have received more serious traffic tickets than the average. NTSI has programs for reckless drivers and those convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in several states. In these cases, a court may order you to complete a more in-depth course than a typical online traffic school course. NTSI is one of the few online traffic schools that provide such instruction. NTSI is forced to keep its course updated more than other online traffic schools because they deal with criminal cases as well as simple traffic infractions.

As a result, NTSI is modern, works well on mobile devices, and maintains current course content. They don’t have the most cutting-edge features, such as fancy videos or animations, but they do have what you need to get the job done. NTSI is a company that has been around for more than four decades. They provide various online driver training options, including fleet training, truck driver training, and more. They have a lot of experience and have been doing this for a long time in various industries.

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NTSI, in addition to being one of the best online traffic schools, also provides classroom-based traffic schools, so if you’re old school and prefer to complete your requirements in a classroom, you can contact them and inquire about their classroom locations.

Knowing What To Look For In An Online Traffic School In 2022

When you start looking into what the best online traffic schools have to offer, there are a lot of options. Above all, you must determine exactly what you require and then research which schools provide it. Do you, for example, need to reduce the number of points on your driving record simply? Perhaps you need to take a course because you were arrested for drunk driving? Most likely, you recently received a ticket and are simply looking to have it removed from your record. State certification is the most important thing to look for. 

DO NOT enroll in an online traffic school that is not state-approved. Some online traffic schools use ambiguous language to attract students in states where the course isn’t even approved. In 2022, the majority of online traffic schools will verify your eligibility, and all of the online traffic schools I recommend will do so. Just make sure you double-check everything. Also, why is it critical for you to learn well? Videos, text materials, and other materials are frequently used in structured lessons. Do you require regular contact with someone if you have questions or concerns? 

In 2022, the majority of online traffic schools will offer both video and text-based courses. Sign up for the no-frills text-based courses if you just want to get your traffic school course over with as soon as possible and you live in a state without course timers, such as California. That’s how you’ll get it done the quickest. If you live in a state that does not have course timers, such as Texas, however, feel free to use the video-based online traffic schools. 

Course timers force you to devote a certain amount of time to the program; for example, if your course is a 6-hour defensive driving course, you’ll need to devote at least 6 hours to it, whether you take the text-based or video-based version. You might as well watch some videos if that’s how you prefer to get your information. It is usually more entertaining, but it can also be more costly.

Knowing what you need from a school and then matching your needs to what it offers is the key to finding the best online traffic schools. If you keep this in mind, you should be able to find the best one for you among the online traffic schools I’ve recommended.


Even if it is done online, taking traffic to school is a pain. There’s no getting around it. These reviews of the best online traffic schools are primarily intended to make the process as simple as possible. There are a lot of low-quality online traffic schools out there, so do your homework and avoid enrolling in a course that will only make things worse. I strongly advise you to take one of my reviewed and approved courses. If you enroll in the best online traffic school, you’ll be done in no time, and this will all be forgotten.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between an online traffic school, a basic driver improvement course, and an online defensive driving course?

No, they’re all pretty much the same thing. Some states refer to it as a traffic school, while others refer to it as a defensive driving course, and still, others refer to it as driver improvement. Those courses are typically used to dismiss traffic tickets or reduce points on driving records in each case.

Should I let my car insurance company know that I took an online traffic school course?

Absolutely! If you’re taking an online traffic school because you received a traffic ticket, you might not want to tell your auto insurance provider because they’ll know you’ve received a traffic ticket. It makes no difference. They will not raise your rates because of a ticket that is not on your record. Telling them, you took an online traffic school will almost certainly result in a discount!

How long does it take to complete online traffic school?

Two factors will determine how long it takes to complete online traffic school. The first is where you live. It takes longer in some states than in others. It also depends on how quickly you can complete the online traffic school course material and pass the quizzes as an individual. You can expect your online traffic school to take anywhere from 2 to 8 hours.

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