Here Are the Best Optometry Schools in California

Here, we will expose you to the best Optometry schools in California. It’s undoubtedly that the components of the body are integral to themselves. Still, the eyes tend to take an essential part in this composition. Even an instance of someone having foresight can’t be possible without the vision of the eyes. Because you can only envisage imaginations from what you’ve seen. Therefore, the Optometrist must ensure the health of the eyes.

Still yet, a popular saying holds that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Hence, this simply has a significant meaning, but the fact is that it tries to exemplify the eyes as an imperative part of the body. Thus, there is an exigency to properly train health practitioners that specializes in taking care of the eye. Therefore, there is a need to learn with quality materials and a good teaching scheme. Thus, this is where the Optometry schools in California come in.

So, if you have been asking numerous questions regarding optometry schools in California, then know that this article is meant for you. Questions like;

  • Are there good optometry schools in California?
  • Why must it be optometry schools in California? 
  • I want to become an optometrist but I don’t know how? 
  • How can I become an optometrist in California? 
  • Are there scholarship programs for me if I decide to get an optometrist degree in optometry schools in California?

Here at Xscholarship, we’ve answered these questions and many more. Hence, carefully go through this content as there is a lot of knowledge to be benefited herein. Our group of professionals has carefully answered all your queries onefold.

Here Are the Best Optometry Schools in California

Who Is An Optometrist?

Optometrists are groups of medical practitioners trained to take care of people having vision problems with their eyes. These problems must have been developed due to the reduction of the eye’s ability to adapt to changes in light and distance. Thus, this can often occur as we advance in age or as a result of rapid biological degradation of the eye. Therefore, as an optometrist, you will spend much of your time evaluating and examining the visionary condition of each patient. To provide personalized lenses for the usually in the form of contact lenses or glasses.

Furthermore, recent optometrists now perform laser surgery on the eyes and specialize in low vision care. Meanwhile, know that they are still several types of optometrists. So generally they are often referred to as eye care professionals (ECP). ECP is any healthcare worker involved in eye care. Thus, from one with a small knowledge of post-secondary training to practitioners with a doctoral level of education.

Furthermore, being an optometrist is a very lucrative profession as optometrists have an average salary of between $52,810 to $192,050 per year. This is as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Hence, most offices of health professionals recruit optometrists and they pay them an average salary of $114,260.

Meanwhile, as an optometrist, you’d work with groups of doctors or individuals in practice with optometrists. You’d work in health and personal care stores, University research, and government facilities. Also, you’d often work full-time if you work in stores. You may even work during weekends and in the evenings depending on appointments and schedules.

What Are Optometry Schools?

As the name sounds the meaning is ringing in your head right now. Hence, a school of optometry is an academic institution where eye care professionals (ECP) are developed. So here, you will learn in your first year about the basic anatomy and physiology of the eyes.

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So, in cases where someone develops vision impairment and is afraid of completely losing their eye vision to see, there is a need to consult an optometrist. They will be responsible for diagnosing the problem to restore one’s sight. So, considering the functions of an ECPs know that the eyeballs, eye sockets, and optic nerves are small and vital. It will be required for ECPs to get the right education. 

Therefore, know that California has not just one of the best schools of optometry, but the best. So, attending optometry schools in California will help you meet up to the required expectations of an optometrist.

Why Attend Optometry Schools in California?

There are a plethora of reasons to attend optometry schools in California. Thus, this includes the open opportunities available for you as a student of optometry in California considering that it is the base of silicon valley. Moreso, California has very favorable climatic conditions for learning.

Additionally, you’d get a better hands-on experience while attending optometry schools in California. Because they have the best teaching opticians and better teaching facilities

You are forgetting that you will connect and network with many great minds too. This includes the professor and also students from different countries in the world.

How Much Does It Cost To Enroll In Optometry Schools in California?

As much as it is expensive to enter an optometry school, Optometry schools in California make studying a lot easier. Hence, they provide several scholarship programs for students studying therein both state and international students. Meanwhile, some of the scholarships are fully funded while others are tuition fee waivers.

However, we’ve has included the tuition fee if each respective school here. But in a nutshell, the tuition fees for optometry schools in California range from about $15,000 to $40,000 per year. That’s about $60,000 to $160,000 for four years.

Furthermore, at the top of the hierarchy sits the University of California, Berkeley, which charges $20,200 every year for residents. While none residents pay $32,500 every year.

How To Enroll In Optometry Schools in California

To enroll successfully in optometry schools in California, you have to ensure to meet the basic requirements of the respective school. But conventionally you are expected to have pass-through secondary education. Thus, you must have been a science major and must have treated subjects like Biology, chemistry, physics, etc. This is a major prerequisite for this career path.

Next, you’d have to obtain a bachelor’s degree in optometry. Here, you are going to be engaged with lots of undergraduate coursework that prepares you to be able to enroll in an optometry school. Meanwhile, you are required to earn a higher GPA to make your acceptance easier during enrollment. Afterward, you’d now take the optometrist Admission test. Now you can apply to any school in California of your choice.

Additionally, after you have enrolled successfully, and passed all processes in the school. You’d now obtain the optometry degree. Hence, to be more professional, you are required to obtain a practicing license from the state. To be a certified ECP.

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The 7 Best Optometry Schools in California

We have provided you with a comprehensive list of the best optometry schools in California. Do well to check them and visit anyone that suits your demand. Although, know that all of them are excellent in their field of teaching.

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#1. UC Berkeley School of Optometry (Berkeley, CA)

The University of California, Berkeley, School of Optometry is also known as Berkeley Optometry for short. The optometry program at the University, began in 1923, making it the third university optometry program founded in the United States. Hence, the school is the second oldest active university optometry program in the US.

Therefore, Berkeley Optometry is undoubtedly the best optometry school in California. Thus, they offer a four-year professional graduate program that leads to the title of OD (Doctor of optometry).

The school also offers a one-year ACOE accredited residency program in the professions of clinical optometry. This includes primary care, low vision, contact lenses, eye disease, binocular vision, and pediatrics.

In addition, Berkeley Optometry performs as the home department of the Multidisciplinary Group of Vision Sciences at the University of California, whose graduate pupils earn Ph.D. or MS or degrees

Berkeley Optometry curriculum is developed to give clinical training in optometry well as instruction in vision science. The essence of the training is to make students the primary provider of eye and vision. Thus, this includes comprehensive eye exams and the treatment, diagnosis, and management of most eye circumstances and diseases.

Berkeley Optometry enrollees must have a bachelor’s degree and finished undergraduate general science courses. Hence, they must have included; biology general, organic, and biochemistry. Also, like mathematics, statistics, physics, anatomy, physiology, microbiology, immunology, and psychology.

The University of California, Berkeley offers two-degree programs in Optometry. It is a big public university in a medium-sized city. In 2015, seventy-eight (78) students graduated in the Optometry study area with students who obtained 17 Certificates and 61 Doctorates.

Founded: 1923

Acceptance Rate: 15%

Tuition: $37,231 (resident), $48,778 (non-resident)

School Location: 380 Minor Ln, Berkeley, CA 94720, United States

Visit School Webpage

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#2. Marshall B Ketchum University Southern California College of Optometry (Fullerton, CA)

Marshall B. Ketchum University is a private university in Fullerton, California. The focus is on graduate programs in medical care. MBKU expanded from the Southern California College of Optometry. The school was established in 1904.

Meanwhile, Southern California College of Optometry is one of the aged optometry schools in the US. The Southern California College of Optometry is a four-year graduate program that drives to the degree, of OD (Doctor of Optometry). Accredited by the Accreditation Council in Optometric Education (ACOE) of the American Optometric Association.

During the 1st year, you will spend most of your time in conferences and laboratories memorizing basic sciences and introductory clinical procedures. Slowly, you will be allowed to see patients at Ketchum Health to ready them for the 3rd and 4th-year clinic.

The last year consists of 3-month rotations as part of the Clinical Outreach Program. A clinical rotation is in technical services at Ketchum Health and the other 3 cycles are in various off-site clinics. Students can choose from more than 80 clinics in the US. and abroad.

Upon successful completion of the SCCO program and NBEO exams, graduates can apply for a license in the US. or Canada

Ketchum Health is the clinical and teaching facility of the university. The center gives patient care for optometry at the school Eye Center in Anaheim and Los Angeles. It also gives patient care and internal medicine or family medicine in Anaheim.

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Founded: 1904

Acceptance Rate: 60%

Tuition: $42,885

School Location: 2575 Yorba Linda Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92831, United States

Visit School Webpage

#3. Western University of Health Sciences College of Optometry (Pomona, CA)

Western University of Health Sciences is a private nonprofit graduate school in the United States. The school is for health professionals with the main campus located in Pomona, California. Also, an additional campus of the University of Medicine is on 50 acres in Lebanon, Oregon.

The College of Optometry will create on its firm foundation like a rock, establishing its own clear identity. Also outlining a primary focus for its academic, clinical, and research programs, and establishing a distinguished reputation.

The vision of the School of Optometry covers four main perspectives and serves four different stakeholders. The public, the profession, the pupils, and the faculty.

WesternU is one of the biggest graduate schools for health professions in California, offering 21 academic programs at nine universities.

Western University of Health Sciences offers a one-degree program in Optometry. In 2015, 73 students graduated in the area of ​​Optometry study with pupils who attained 73 doctorates.

Founded: 1977

Acceptance Rate: 30%

Tuition: $38,510

School Location: 309 E 2nd St, Pomona, CA 91766, United States

Visit School Webpage

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Finally, Optometry schools in California have all the right facilities and equipment needed to give you the best experience as a student. Tools range from anterior segment camera, corneal atlas topography, and also laser optical coherence topography plus many more. Therefore, if you aspire to become an optometrist, then we recommend optometry schools in California.

Hence, try reviewing the optometry schools in California listed here as they are the best to see which suits you. Afterward, try meeting the respective school enrollment requirement and soar higher.

Frequently Asked Questions About Optometry Schools In California

How much do eye doctors make in California?

The average Optometrist salary in California is $148,344 as of April 26, 2022. But the range typically falls between $131,343 and $164,342.

How many optometry schools are in California?

There are three optometry schools in California. Thus, the boasts excellent rates, either meeting or exceeding national averages.

How do I become an optometrist in California?

To become an optometrist in California, several requirements must be met.

Before applying for a license, you must first do the following:
Graduate from an accredited school of optometry.
Pass the California Laws and Regulations Exam (CLRE).
Pass the National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO) exam.

Is optometry a good career?

Optometry is an extremely rewarding career choice that we encourage you to consider. We believe that a career in optometry and the vision sciences will provide you with immense satisfaction as you will play a key role in helping individuals and communities to protect and care for their eye health and vision.

How long does it take to be an optometrist?

Requirements in the USA. Becoming an optometrist in the USA usually requires 7-8 years of postsecondary education in total. You will begin by completing a 3- or 4-year Bachelor’s program, and then attend a 4-year optometry program to receive your Doctor of Optometry degree (OD).

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