How To Get a B&H Student Discount in 2023

Are you looking to save big whenever you shop at B&H? Are you a student?

If you are currently a student, this B&H student discount is yours. This article will show you why you should shop at their website for your electronic needs.

Also, this article is all you need to know about B&H and all the discounts they offer to students and even more in 2022.

Sit tight and keep reading!

How To Get a B&H Student Discount

About B&H

B&H is a 1973-founded Manhattan-based American store of photographic and video gear. B&H only has one retail presence, hence most of its business is done online through business-to-business and consumer e-commerce. 

Basically, B&H only has one retail presence, hence they do most of its business online through business-to-business and consumer e-commerce.

B&H may be found in Manhattan, just south of Hell’s Kitchen, at 420 Ninth Avenue and West 34th Street. Also, B&H added a second story above its initial sales floor in 2007, bringing the total amount of sales area to 70,000 sq ft (6,500 m2).

B&H relocated to 440 9th Avenue in Manhattan, also in 2007. Sales, customer support, purchasing, marketing, and different back office operations are all situated in the company’s 150,000 square feet of office space, which has been enlarged as the business has developed.

B&H expanded its computer area in 2015 by adding an Apple-authorized store featuring a variety of Apple items. A representative from Apple is on duty to help and offer advice. 

Vaio stated in 2016 that they had a deal with B&H Photo Video to sell their goods.

B&H has supported NYC Salt, a program that gives high school students in NYC extensive photography training, for many years. 

In addition, B&H further sponsors fellowships and activities at BRIC, Brooklyn’s leading provider of free cultural programming. B&H has collaborated with companies like Intel to offer tech supplies to classrooms in NYC public schools.

How Do Students Get a Discount From B&H?

B&H offers a 50% discount on the prices of their tiers to eligible college students and High School students 16 years or older.

Enjoy student discounts on thousands of items from 300+ top-tier brands. B&H offers amazing must-have technology, in stock and ready to ship.

They always give a generous discount to Students to enable them to save more while they make their purchases.

B&H has a program for students in terms of the Discounts they offer. This is a free educational discount program for college-level students and educators to offer a wide variety of products.

It is totally free to enroll in. The program lasts only for 2 years with an option to renew if eligible. Once you have created an account, you will have access to the EDU advantage website where you can view discounted products in the program.

Steps To Observe when Trying to Get a B&H Student Discount

To begin the online registration process, go to EDU Advantage Registration and click “SIGN UP.” In order to verify your status, you must create an account, give your address, and upload email, or fax copies of your school ID and most recent class schedule.

When they accept your application, then you can begin purchasing.

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What Qualifies A Student to a Discount in B&H?

As a student and for you to be qualified for a discount in B&H, you will need to be confirmed and verified as a student before B&H can enroll you in the EDU program for you to have access to the discounted products.

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B&H doesn’t give discounts to students who are not enrolled in the EDU program, so even as a hardworking student with a high CGPA without the program, you still can’t have access to the discounted products by B&H.

With your necessary student identifications, you are automatically qualified to be in the program and become a member. Remember, B&H made this program to be free, and the membership lasts only for two years with the option of renewing if eligible.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be a current college student or a current college educator at any Accredited University in the USA. Approved independent programs are also accepted.
  • Provide a copy of your school-issued valid ID(if requested)
  • Provide a copy of your current curriculum, class schedule, or transcript (if requested)
  • Must be a USA resident or have a USA shipping address.

About EDU Benefits

  • It is free
  • Easy online registration process for students and Teachers.
  • Discounted prices on thousands of products 
  • Renewable 2years membership 
  • Access to experienced professionals who can answer all their questions about their products 
  • Fast and free shipping on most in-stock items directly from their warehouse.
  • Online class supply list tools.

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How One Gets A Student Discount Card in B&H 2022?

B&H doesn’t really deal with discount cards. Apart from your own verification card as a student, they don’t issue discount Cards for their student membership. Every member in their discount program has equal discounts, because they all access the same discounted products.

B&H makes sure their student membership suffers any inconvenience even as they don’t issue any card that signifies that anyone has a discount or not.

Both Educators and Students that are enrolled in this program all have the same discounted products to access, it is almost 50% discount with free shipping.

B&H most times issues a different kind of card to their customers, rather called Payboo Card. It was introduced in the year 2019 for use on the B&H Website.

It Acts as a Reward Card for purchases allowing customers to choose between a Sale tax refund on qualifying orders or special financing for up to 12 months.

This year 2022, The B&H Payboo Credit Card program has been redesigned and now provides special financing of up to 12 months on purchases of $199 or more or the option of a sales tax rebate on orders in eligible states. Comenity Capital Bank is the company that issues the new Payboo Card.

When making a purchase, the B&H Payboo card has a special feature that can instantly refund sales tax. At checkout, the refund is applied, but only to the portion of the purchase that was paid for with the card.

This credit card is unique and can only be used to make purchases from B&H. Customers in areas with higher sales taxes may find the card to be especially helpful, and when used properly, it can result in significant discounts on purchases that can be combined with B&H’s current deals and even unique offers.

How Payboo Card Works

When a consumer pays with a Payboo card and taxes are calculated at the time of purchase, the taxes paid are automatically deducted from the final amount. Taxes are still paid for even when they are “refunded,” and there are no additional filing obligations.

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After taxes are deducted, the refund is given; therefore, the difference is handled by B&H and is not totally avoided. There is no cap on the amount of taxes that can be refunded, and the refund amount and taxes calculated depends on the zip code entered at checkout.

The customer’s available balance on their B&H Payboo card must be less than or equal to the cost of the item they wish to buy in order to use it to make a purchase. The credit limit is determined at the time of card application and is based on the applicant’s credit history and income.

All new cardholders are subject to a flat 29.99% APR*, which is the highest interest rate permitted by law. As a result, interest will be added to the account if there is a balance at the conclusion of the pay period.

Cardholders can make purchases abroad, but the tax refund option is not available. The customer must be shipping to a location where a U.S. tax is applicable in order to be eligible for the tax refund at the time of purchase.

There are laws that forbid the use of such reimbursement systems in several states and localities.

Purchases made through the website, app, or physical store in New York may be made with the B&H Payboo card. Even if the card is used in commercial or educational sites, the refund will still be applied.

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Do Members Of B&H Get Discounts Online?

You might be familiar with B&H from their big online selection of electronics at affordable prices. However, the truth is that for the past forty years, B&H has been the go-to location for professional-grade gadgetry, coming from a veritable technical treasure trove in the middle of New York City.

B&H offers discounts to their members online so long as you are a verified, registered member, there is always a 20% off discount for every member.

Online members of B&H can receive discounts on thousands of their products from the image and audio industries, but the amount of discounts varies for each product.

B&H tries its possible best to make sure every customer is satisfied, even the ones with tight budgets. That’s why online Membership Discounts are made available.

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B&H Coupon Codes or Promotions Codes 2022

B&H promo codes are hidden coupons that can be used to lower the price of thousands of items sold online. With a promo code.

B&H Fashion Coupon Code, Offers Discount Codes, and Deals this 2022. Up to 70% Off + Extra 10% Off Promo Codes on the latest collection of shoes and bags.

They try as much as they can to make sure they satisfy their customers, even on a tight budget. That’s why they made available their coupon codes and easily accessed too.

Razeem As a code in B&H Coupon codes

A team of professionals at Rezeem gathers discounts for all the best retailers, including B&H Fashion promo codes. 

Each offer is manually validated; all you have to do to get fantastic savings is use the coupon code at the checkout page. You can get further discounts at Rezeem for retailers like VipBrands, Gap, and others.

They occasionally have sales throughout the year to help you save more. Some include Ramadan, Eid, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and others. They do this to help you shop on a tight budget. 

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On these special days, save up to 80% on your purchases and receive additional benefits like B1G1 free shipping. To receive incredible savings, use the B&H Fashion promo code during checkout.

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Being A Student Membership in B&H Is It Worth It?

Being a Student Member in B&H really worth it considering the Discounts that are involved in it with no stress attached to getting access to the discounted products, too.

A Student tends to Save a lot more in B&H if he or she shops as a verified student member of B&H, who doesn’t like it when they save a lot more than spending.

All of the products that B&H has available will be priced as competitively as possible. B&H will match any lower price provided by an alternative, qualified retailer.

They are known to be the best in what they do that’s why they are always recognized as Student members, you’ll have nothing to regret as long as B&H is concerned, they are worth every time and the money you spend to get their products.

B&H go as far as offering Students scholarships to study abroads mostly to the hardworking students and you must be a member to be eligible for these scholarships. What are you waiting for as a student to be a member of B&H?

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Having seen all we have discussed above, I’m sure you understand all you need to know about B&H and all their involvement, including the Discounts they offer to students and their customers online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a student get a Discount From B&H?

B&H made it very simple for all students to have access to all their discounted products by setting up a 2yrs membership program called EDU very free to register. After your necessary confirmations as a student, then you are good to go.

How Can One Get A Student Discount Card from B&H?

Discount Cards are not usually issued to students from B&H, all you need to have a discount as a student is to be part of the program as student, no cards of any such are required before you can have a discount as a student.

Being A Student Membership in B&H Is It Worth It?

Being a Student Member in B&H really worth it considering the Discounts that are involved in it with no stress attached to getting access to the discounted products, too.

Do Members Of B&H Get Discounts Online?

B&H offers discounts to their members online so long as you are a verified, registered member, there is always a 20% off discount for every member.



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