Bowdoin College acceptance rate and How To Get In Very Easily

Bowdoin College ranked #6 in the Best Colleges in National Liberal Arts Colleges for 2022. The school is known for its superior educational style, with 78.3 percent of classes having fewer than 20 students, allowing for effective communication. Bowdoin College also provides nonremedial tutoring, a women’s center, a placement service, daycare, health services, and health insurance to its students. Therefore, studying at Bowdoin College is a no-brainer; however, the Bowdoin College acceptance rate and admission process are highly stringent.

Therefore, if you’re considering applying to this highly selective college, you should be aware of the Bowdoin college acceptance rate, admission requirements, and how you can improve your chances of acceptance.

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about the Bowdoin College.

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Bowdoin College acceptance rate and How To Get In Very Easily

An Overview of Bowdoin College

Bowdoin College is a private liberal arts college in Brunswick, Maine, on the coast of New England. The college was founded in 1794, it offers more than 40 majors and several joint engineering programs with Columbia, Caltech, Dartmouth College, and the University of Maine.

The college aims to instill creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking in its students by providing them with a broad education. Now, Bowdoin has grown to accommodate thousands of students enrolled in a variety of programs. Bowdoin also has more than 30 varsity teams, and its mascot, a polar bear, was chosen in 1913 to honor Robert Peary, a Bowdoin alumnus who led the first successful expedition to the North Pole.

In the NCAA Division III New England Small College Athletic Conference, the Bowdoin Polar Bears participate in 30 varsity sports. Over 100 student organizations exist at Bowdoin. Also, the Outing Club, which offers around 150 excursions is one of the largest and most active groups.

In addition, in 1997, Bowdoin College abolished fraternities in favor of a system of college-owned colonial houses. First-year students must live on campus and are assigned to a college house.

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Why Study at Bowdoin College?

Bowden college is known for its experiential learning and classic sport, among others. So, before we get into the Bowdoin college acceptance rate, let’s consider why you should attend the school first.

1. Research and Experiential Learning

Bowdoin’s experiential learning approach will enable you to implement ideas and grow as innovative problem solvers through work, research, international study, and service. Bowdoin College also conducts user-inspired, interdisciplinary research to address global health, security, and sustainability issues. As a result, attending Bowdoin College will help you develop advanced research skills.

2. Opportunity to Meet New People

Bowdoin has attracted students worldwide due to its outstanding features, which explains why the Bowdoin college acceptance rate is so high. According to research, students who interact with and learn about people from different backgrounds are more likely to comprehend, appreciate, and excel in the communities in which they live. As a result, when you come to Bowdoin College to study, you will be a part of a global community with other international students.

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3. Extracurricular Activities

Regardless of your interests, there are approximately 30 clubs and organizations to join and get involved in at Bowdoin College. You can also join its outing club, which organizes about 15 excursions annually. These clubs will allow you to pursue your passions outside the classroom and connect with people who share your passions. 

4. Scholarship and Financial Aid

At Bowdoin College, 50% of full-time undergraduates receive need-based financial aid, with the average need-based scholarship or grant award amounting to $49,642. As an undergraduate student, you will be eligible for financial assistance.

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What is the Bowdoin College Acceptance Rate?

If you’re considering applying to a school, the first thing you should consider is the acceptance rate. This demonstrates how competitive the school is and how stringent its standards are. The acceptance rate at Bowdoin is 9%. This indicates that the school is highly selective.

While the Bowdoin college acceptance rate is low, your chances of acceptance may be higher or lower depending on the strength of your profile. Thus, meeting its other requirements is critical to passing the first round of filters and demonstrating your academic preparation. Continue reading to learn more about everything.

What are Bowdoin Admission Requirements?

The Bowdoin College acceptance rate reveals that the school is highly competitive, but as previously stated, you can improve your chances of admission by meeting the school’s requirements. The following are the prerequisites for admission to Bowdoin College.

Bowdoin GPA Requirements

Bowdoin college did not disclose its GPA information, but given that more than three-quarters of admitted students graduated in the top 10% of their class, you should aim for all A’s. Furthermore, you should enroll in challenging classes, such as AP or IB courses, demonstrating that college-level academics are simple.

Bowdoin SAT/ACT Requirements

There are no standardized testing requirements at Bowdoin College. Hence, if you submit your test scores, Bowdoin will review them, but students who do not will have nothing to lose. 

However, at Bowdoin, 67 percent of first-year students submitted SAT scores, and 40% submitted ACT scores. On the SAT, the top 25% of students scored between 1330 and 1510; on the ACT, they scored above a 33.

Furthermore, the application deadline is January 5th, and the application fee at that time is $65. Bowdoin also accepts the Coalition Application, the Common Application, and the QuestBridge Application.

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How Does Bowdoin College Review Applications?

Bowdoin uses a holistic admissions process, unlike many other schools. Hence, it’s crucial to understand how your readers will evaluate your application if you want to make a solid plan for getting in.

Typically, Bowdoin does not place a premium on standardized test scores because it is a test-optional institution, though strong Bowdoin SAT scores can help strengthen any application. They’ll consider each student as a whole person, not just their grades. Bowdoin also asks for essays, extracurriculars, achievements, and personal information.

Bowdoin admissions officers highly value the following qualities:

  • ​Academic (grade) success
  • Level of course challenge
  • Counselor and teacher recommendations
  • Writing samples
  • Overall academic potential
  • School and community involvement
  • Character and personality

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How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Into Bowdoin College?

With the Bowdoin college acceptance rate being 9%, you’ll need more than just a good grade to impress the admissions committee. So, here are some strategies for increasing your chances of admission to the institution

1. Aim for all A’s While Taking the Most Challenging Classes Available

While there is no “cut-off” GPA at Bowdoin, accepted applicants have strong academic credentials. Because nearly all enrolled first-years graduated in the top quarter of their class last year, a competitive candidate for Bowdoin will need A’s in almost every class. Similarly, Bowdoin wants students to challenge themselves, so try to take advanced honors, AP, or IB classes.

2. Cultivate Extracurriculars

You want to ensure that your extracurriculars reflect your commitment to making the world a better place if you attend a socially engaged and impact-focused college like Bowdoin. Of course, your activities do not have to be limited to volunteer work. As a result, Bowdoin will want to know everything about you.

Any activity you do regularly outside of the classroom counts as an extracurricular, as long as you can show that it has contributed to your personal growth. However, not all extracurricular activities are equal. Extracurricular activities are classified into four “tiers.” You should have one to two “Tier 1” or “Tier 2” extracurriculars to improve your chances at Bowdoin.

3. Write Engaging Essays and Supplement Responses

Bowdoin will require you to respond to several questions in the Bowdoin Supplement in addition to the Common Application/Coalition Application/Questbridge Application essays. The Bowdoin Supplement Essay is optional, but consider it another opportunity to further the admissions officers’ understanding of you.

These essays and response questions can demonstrate your strengths, character, authentic voice, and what you can bring to the Bowdoin campus.

4. Get a Letter of Recommendation

Bowdoin requires three letters of recommendation: one from a counselor, one from a junior or senior year teacher of an academic core subject (English, math, lab sciences, social sciences, and foreign languages), and one from a clergy, coach, community-based organization counselor, employer, peer, or community member. Bowdoin is a small college with a high faculty-student ratio (8:1), 71 percent of classes with fewer than 20 students, and students and professors collaborate closely inside and outside the classroom.

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Your letters of recommendation will demonstrate to admissions officers what kind of student and peer you are. Letters of recommendation should come from instructors who know you best and can speak positively about your character and abilities.


Since its inception in 1794, Bowdoin college has risen to become a giant in academia; as a result, it offers over 40 majors and several joint engineering programs with Columbia, Caltech, Dartmouth College, and the University of Maine. 

Bowdoin College is ranked #6 in the 2022 edition of Best Colleges in National Liberal Arts Colleges. Bowdoin College is committed to providing its students with a broad foundation and encouraging creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking.

Regardless of your interests, there are approximately 30 clubs and organizations to join and get involved in at Bowdoin College. You can also join its outing club, which offers about 15 excursions per year. So, studying at Bowdoin will be an exciting experience; however, the Bowdoin college acceptance rate is only 9%, indicating that admission to the school is highly competitive.

Nonetheless, if you meet the admission requirements outlined in this post, you can improve your chances of admission. We hope you found this article useful.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bowdoin Acceptance Rate

Why should I go to Bowdoin?

Bowdoin College is committed to providing its students with a world-class education that fosters creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking.
Furthermore, Bowdoin students and alumni frequently mention world-class faculty and opportunities for intellectual engagement. The college is dedicated to the Common Good and the unique quality of life along Maine’s coast.

Is Bowdoin College hard to get into?

Bowdoin’s college acceptance rate is 9%, lower than the national average of 66 percent, indicating that the school is highly selective.

What GPA do you need to get into Bowdoin College?

Bowdoin does not have a “cut-off” GPA; however, accepted applicants have strong academic credentials. Make sure you get nearly A’s in every class and take challenging courses.

What is Bowdoin’s acceptance rate?

Bowdoin’s acceptance rate is 9 percent.

How do you get admitted to Bowdoin?

Bowdoin uses a holistic admissions process, but you can increase your chances of admission by submitting an outstanding essay, transcript, and letter of recommendation, having good character, talent/ability, and participating in extracurricular activities.


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