Canada Study Visa and Permit Processing Time 2022

Canada records a high number of immigrants every year and a large majority are students. Institutions in Canada remain one of the most desirable for scholars all around the world. Canada has some of the best and relatively affordable schools in the world. International students who desire to study in Canada would need to know the Canada Study Visa and Permit Processing Time 2022.

Canada offers admission to students around the world. There are many scholarship opportunities for international students.


Students may also need to apply for a permit extension. This depends on the nature of the study. Application for a Canada study visa and study permit is inevitable for prospective students.

Students must meet specific requirements. Many students report cases of rejected study visa application. Negligence and misinformation are common causes of visa rejection.
This article aims to give adequate information on;

  • All the documents required for a Canada study visa.
  • How long it takes to process a study permit.
  • Duration of study permit

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Canadian Study Visa Requirements in 2022

Applications for a Canada study visa and study Permit are crucial. They are as germane as meeting the academic requirements of an institution. A visa application is made online or in person.

Below are the essential documents needed for visa application;

Valid Passport

An original copy and a photocopy of a passport are required. The student passport must be valid for the timeframe of your stay in Canada.


Students need the following;

  • A recent passport-sized photo (not more than six months).
  • The picture must show full front face. Facial gesture must also be formal!
  • The picture background must be plain. No picture frames or filters!
  • Students can only upload a maximum of 4MB sized pictures. This is applicable for online registration.
  • For offline registration, passport photograph dimension must be a minimum of 35-40mm. Students also need two passport photographs.
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Flight Itinerary

A flight itinerary shows the details of a flight. Such descriptions include the following; airline to be boarded, date and time of departure from the airport, date and time of arrival in Canada, flight number, et cetera.

Cover Letter

Students also need this letter to earn a study permit. This letter contains details of the plans and purpose of the study. Students must ensure they fill in their descriptions explicitly.

Proof of acceptance

This document is essential for a study permit. Institutions will send a letter of approval. This letter is proof of a student’s admission into an institution. While some institutions will require you to pay a part of the school fees before they will issue you an Acceptance letter, many other schools will send you a letter regardless.

Proof of Funds

The Canadian authorities also want to ascertain that students have financial competence. You will need to prove to the Canada Visa Officer that you have enough money to take care of your Tuition for One complete year, money for your living expenses and flight ticket.

For the living expenses, the authorities expect students to have at least CAD 10,000  in funds and CAD 11,000 for people who intends to study in Quebec province.

Medical Test

You will be asked by the Canada embassy to go for a comprehensive medical test to certain that you are healthy and fit for the intensive academic programme in Canada.

Hotel reservation

A hotel reservation document may be required. Students need this if the institution they put in for does not provide accommodation.

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Students have to gain admission into a learning institute. Consideration for study visa application can commence after.
Prospective students may be called for an interview. Additional documents to take along for a visa application interview include;

  • Necessary academic documents.
  • Police report
  • Health reports

Students are sometimes mandated to do health checkups during interviews. Students’ police report proves that students do not pose criminal threats to the country.

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Study Permit

A study permit is issued by the Canadian immigration authorities. Students cannot gain admission into the country without a study permit. International students cannot study in Canada without a study permit.

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Study Permit Processing Time

The time interval duration for a Canadian Study Permit varies. It usually depends on

  • What is been applied for
  • The type of residence application
  • The country of residence of the applicant 
  • The number of applications received by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • The office that processes the permit request.

Processing time can range from a fortnight to about twenty weeks.

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Study Permit Duration

A study visa and a study permit are not the same. A Canada study visa permits entry into the country. A study permit gives allowance to reside in the country for study purposes. A study permit is issued on entry into the country.

A study permit is valid for the duration of the study program.
The Canadian government gives an additional 90 days to prepare students for evacuation. The 90 days begin after the due date on the study permit expires. Those who intend to extend their stay can apply for a visa extension.

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Some schools mandate students to take prerequisite courses before admission. The immigration office offers these students temporary allowance into the country. In this case, a study permit is valid for the duration of these courses and an additional year. Students must apply for permit extension after gaining admission.

Those who complete their studies on an earlier date as opposed to the due period indicated on their permit have 90 days to evacuate the country. The 90 days begins after the day you complete your study.

Some students may require a permit extension. This is for students that cannot complete their study at the allotted time

Students have permission to leave the country. They will need to present a proof of enrollment into an institution. No evidence of registration, no access to the country! An active visitor visa This must be presented when returning to the country.

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