7 High-Paying Career Change Options For Nurses | 2022

Nurses deal with a lot on the job, including night shifts, lengthy shifts, and a variety of other emotional ups and downs. Some nurses need to take a break from nursing to explore less demanding career change options that pay high.

Many nurses who are burned out report feeling exhausted, having more negative views about their occupations, and having lower job performance. 

If as a nurse you’re burned out, it could be time to switch careers. Seven high-paying nursing career changes are detailed in this article.

7 High-Paying Career Change Options For Nurses

Is Nursing a Difficult Career Path?

Some nurses believe that nursing is challenging, while others do not. A person can pursue many different professions of nursing, and some nursing careers are simpler than others. 

Many nurses would consider this profession to be undemanding and simple. All of this, however, is contingent on the individual’s perception of difficulty.

To summarize, nursing involves tough components, however, what you consider difficult depends on your perspective. 

We urge that you figure out what you enjoy and stick with it. Your nurse clinics will be quite beneficial in assisting you in making this selection.

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Is Now the Right Time to Change Your Nursing Career?

There is never a right time to make a life-changing decision such as a career change. It is very important to remember that many of the qualities that make you a successful nurse can also help you succeed in other fields.

In nursing, there are so many rewarding experiences accessible, and there isn’t enough time to be unhappy with your existing work-life balance. 

Here are five indicators that point out the right time for you to change careers as a nurse;

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Physical Restrictions

Working on your feet all day, lifting patients, and bending forward to administer care are all examples of repetitive actions that can lead to chronic back, knee, foot, wrist, and other types of discomfort.

At the very point where your health feels threatened is when you can decide to opt for a career change, for as a nurse, you can help your patients without sacrificing your health in exchange.

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You don’t feel challenged any longer

Starting IVs, taking labs, doing patient assessments, comprehending electronic medical charting, working with ancillary specialties, and many other never-ending to-dos can feel unending to a newbie nurse.

Many years later, you may feel as though you’re doing these duties on autopilot. If this happens, and your enthusiasm wanes, it may be the right time to seek new intellectual stimulation in a different context.

 Hence you can consider changing to a new field to rekindle your nursing livelihood by venturing outside of your comfort zone once more.

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You dread going to work

It’s time to make a career change if you dread going to work. First, think about why you’re feeling this way. 

Ask yourself some important questions like, Are you tired of being bored? Are you exhausted? Do you feel like you need a new challenge? Is there a specialty you’ve always wanted to pursue but can’t since this isn’t it?

When you answered these questions firmly, proceed to opt for a career change

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You’d like to increase your earning potential

While money isn’t the only consideration that nurses consider when choosing a job, it is an important one.

Nurses should be more upfront about how they make money in their job. They put in the effort and deserve to be paid what they believe they are worth.

 Consider alternative nursing occupations that pay better if you want to make more money. This may or may not need you to leave the hospital.

You have a better nursing degree, yet you are still employed in the same role

Many nurses continue their studies to obtain an MSN only to remain in the same position months or years after graduation.

Nurses are required in a variety of roles around the country, including education, management, and advanced practice. There has never been a better moment to update your resume and start looking for jobs that match your new skill set.

What Are The Top High-Paying Career Change Options For Nurses?

 The career change option for nurses should be the greatest occupation to pursue and the best career option that requires you to use your nursing talents differently. 

Accordingly, your organizational, conflict-resolution, and soft skills, in addition to your nursing skills, can help you qualify for your next career change option.

With that being said, here are our top seven high-paying career change options for nurses to pick from.

1. Nurse Educator

As a career change option, you can work as a lecturer or nurse educator to teach young people how to become nurses.

With a high pay of $78,503 as recorded in march 2022, Nurse educators are responsible for ensuring that nursing personnel and carers receive the necessary continuous education.

 They might collaborate with hospital officials to design staff assessments and training programs. Many nurse educators work at nursing schools as classroom/lab instructors or clinical instructors.

2. Social Worker

You can also pursue a job as a social worker as a career change option. You might work with the elderly, those with substance use issues, low-income people, persons with serious illnesses, and people who have been incarcerated as social workers. 

Your job for this change option will be to counsel them and connect them with the assistance they require to enhance their lives. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and general practitioners, for example, frequently collaborate with social workers. 

On behalf of a client, they may have to communicate with doctors, nurses, and employers. Although clinical social workers need a master’s degree, many social work occupations just require a bachelor’s degree and the high pay is about $49,456

3. Clinical Manager

A clinical manager is in charge of arranging and ensuring the efficient operation of the clinic or department. 

They work with doctors to organize care and aim to meet the requirements of patients. They also make arrangements for the acquisition of necessary supplies and equipment. 

Clinical managers often work during business hours, which could be a welcome break for nurses tired of 12-hour shifts and they also get to earn about $72,612.

4. Director of Case Management

As a career change option for nurses with increasing job growth of 32% from 2020- 2030 and high pay of $97,560, Case management directors ensure that the patients at the hospital or healthcare organization where they work receive quality treatment. 

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They supervise other case managers and provide direction and feedback on the services they deliver. Case management directors create policies and procedures for the people they supervise. They may also be in charge of budgeting.

5. Clinical Documentation Specialist

The earnings of this career option amount to $76,283, as a clinician who specializes in clinical documentation assists hospitals and other healthcare organizations in keeping accurate records. 

They make certain that primary healthcare professionals have access to the data they require to treat patients. Clinical documentation specialists work for companies with a lot of files.

6. Nursing Quality Improvement Coordinator

The majority of nursing quality improvement coordinators work in hospitals. They conduct quality assurance audits and ensure that nurses follow procedures such as keeping medical records and at the end of the year they earn about $74,375.

Also, an RN license and a BSN are typically required, as well as five or more years of nursing experience. These quality improvement coordinators might be required to work irregular hours.

7. Clinical Informatics Specialist

Clinical informatics specialists, as an option for nurses, work at hospitals with a large number of medical records to keep track of. 

They design user interfaces to make records more accessible, and they train employees on how to use databases of data.

Furthermore, they may create and propose proposals to management to improve these procedures and at the end of it all, they get high pay of about $78,183.

What Should I Do If I Want to Change Careers After Nursing?

Before taking the bold step of a career change, here are some things to put into consideration to encourage you to make a rational decision before ending your career as a nurse:

Examine your abilities

 The first step is to take a look at your strengths. Make a list of the talents and characteristics that will assist you in making a career transition. Then, honestly assess your flaws and devise a strategy to address them. 

Examine how well your skills match up with the types of jobs you could be interested in? Make a list of what you need to change to increase your chances of landing a new job.

Ask yourself these difficult but realistic questions.

Take out your journal and write down your answers to the questions below.

  • What is the best course of action for me and my family at this time?
  • Why do I like/dislike my current field of study?
  • Do I want to stay with my current company or go somewhere completely different?
  • What qualities do I seek in a nursing job that will make me content?
  • What do I care about the most?
  • Why am I dissatisfied with my current nursing position?
  • What steps do I need to take to make my ideal job a reality?
  • What is preventing me from making a change?

Determine what you want to do

Examine what jobs you could accomplish with your abilities. Make a note of the advantages and disadvantages of each employment and spend some time weighing your options. 

At this point you shouldn’t throw out a career because it demands more education; instead, take your time and consider which position you would love the best.

Consult a nursing mentor or career coach.

Consider chatting with a registered nurse career counselor to discover your true calling and develop a strategy to get there.

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  For better consulting, finding a nurse career coach rather than a generalist coach is vital since they will be more knowledgeable about the issues you face in today’s healthcare sector.

Improve your educational credentials

Professional groups can be found in a variety of fields. It is advisable to evaluate whether the career you’re preparing for has any professional associations.

 In addition to appearing good on your resume, becoming a member of professional groups may give you access to networking possibilities.

Apply for the position you desire

Subsequently, you’ve spent a lot of time planning your career transition, expect the job search to take some time as well. Keep an eye on prominent job boards and apply to any positions that sound interesting and match your abilities and expertise.

At the end of the day, you are the only one who can force you to change your nursing profession. Take things one step at a time as you search for a nursing career that interests and motivates you. Best wishes on your journey!


Finally, while nursing is a fascinating profession, it is also very time-consuming and may prevent you from spending quality time with your family. 

If you need to free up some time, consider freelancing or work-at-home opportunities for nurses, which allow you to work as a nurse but are less time-consuming than a hospital or clinical nursing.


Is Nursing a Difficult Career Path?

Some nurses believe that nursing is challenging, while others do not. However, what you consider difficult depends on your perspective. We urge that you figure out what you enjoy and stick with it. Your nurse clinics will be quite beneficial in assisting you in making this selection.

Does your nursing salary increase as you gain more experience?

Absolutely! If it doesn’t, you should look for new employment with a different organization. It depends on the firm you work for and how well they treat their nurses, as with anything. Note that your income will be increased based on your experience and degree if you work for a respectable company.

How many hours may a nurse work each week?

Unless they opt to work more than 40 hours per week or 80 hours every two weeks, most full-time nurses are only assigned to work 40 hours per week or 80 hours every two weeks. As a nurse, you’ll notice that there are plenty of opportunities for overtime. This, too, is dependent on your workplace and what your boss or firm permits. As long as you are mentally and physically well, you could probably work as much as you desire. Working overtime, on the other hand, is not always worth the extra pay as a nurse.

What is the cost of nursing school?

The cost of tuition varies greatly based on the sort of program you choose. Another consideration is the type of nurse you want to be. If you want to be an RN, for example, you can pick between a two-year ADN program and a four-year BSN degree. The easiest way to acquire the most up-to-date pricing is to contact the schools you’re interested in directly.


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