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The Cass Business School (currently known as Bayes Business School) is the City’s business school, University of London. The City University of London is a public university versed in research and development of the Federal University of London. Bayes Business School is located at St. Lukes, north of the city of London. Established in 1966, they are known for world-class business research, world-class education on business, and being deeply in touch with the fundamental culture of London. The business school is currently divided into actuarial science, insurance, management, and finance.

It currently awards these degrees: Bachelors, Masters in Science, Masters in Business Administration, and Doctor of Philosophy. The Business School has the vision to be one of the leading global business schools that build and sustains communities of inquisitive people who are passionate about positive impact in their careers, ultimately benefiting society and the world in general. The spirit found in Bayes Business School is one of positive inquiry. That’s why they champion a persistent sense of curiosity that is deeply rooted in knowledge and practice.

We all know that the best leaders are always open to new information when making good decisions. This is what drives the business school – asking questions, bringing forth creative approaches to problems, and transforming the way we practice. The mission of Bayes Business School is to nurture a community of people who bring in diverse perspectives on a subject matter. Learning from others but the courage to do things differently is one of the foundations of business school. That is why teaching that is rooted in the best of theory and practice is evident at the school.

Cass Business School - University of London

About Cass Business School.

The unique culture of Cass Business School is shaped by three principles which are: Care, Learn, Act. The principle of care is based on being inclusive, empathetic, and valuing diversity. The principle of learning is to be curious and rational thinkers who make the best decisions based on the available information while being open-minded and curious. This means not to be too attached to their own opinions and assumptions. The principle of action is to be a person of integrity that shapes the world through our actions. When there is a platform to change something for the better, offer help, or make a difference, we choose to act on it.

Developing a culture of being persistently curious, responsive to new information, and constantly adapting to new information is what makes Cass Business School stand out among its peers. That is why they focus on teaching students how to think instead of thinking like traditional schooling. This approach perfectly balances theory and practice. With the information gotten from the business school, students apply this to real-life challenges to better humanity. Bayes Business School works with world-class industry leaders to equip students with the insight, skills, and confidence they need to thrive in the business world.

Located at one of the most exciting capitals globally, the confluence of tech and culture is well evident. Nearby Shoreditch and Clerkenwell are famous for their fashion and art. Our neighbors include financial giants in the City of London, prestigious institutions like the Bank of England, and exiting other firms. Strong ties to many of these firms provide up-to-date input in their curriculum. The business school is located in London, just a few steps from the bustling London West End. Connections to Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted can also be accessed via the main train stations of Liverpool Street, King’s Cross, and London Bridge, all within close distance of the City campuses and halls.

The Business School is named after Thomas Bayes. Thomas Bayes was an English statistician, philosopher, and minister of the Presbyterian church. He is famously known for his theorem: Bayes Theorem. This theorem is a solution of inverse probability which describes the likelihood of the event based on prior knowledge of circumstances related to that event. Let’s say that the risk of having health problems increases as one ages. Bayes’ theorem allows the risk of the individual of a particular age to be accessed more accurately by conditioning it on their age than simply assuming that that individual is the depiction of the population as a whole.

This suggests that we can get closer to the truth by updating our beliefs and assumptions in direct proportion to new evidence we find. This is one of the fundamental principles of Bayes Business School that one should be open to new information and act on it responsibly. This is central to most core disciplines taught in business school.

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Cass Business School Ranking.

Cass Business School has shown impressive rankings since its inception. This has significantly increased its rates of acceptance, making it one of the best business schools in the world. It offers a range of Master degree programs which include insurance and risk management, investment management, corporate finance, banking, and international finance, quantitative finance, shipping, marketing, supply chain, energy, trade and finance, property valuation, mathematical trading, real estate, construction management, international accounting and finance, finance and investment, real estate investment, and business analytics.

The MBA in the school is offered full-time through a one-year course or two years part-time Executive MBA, or two years through the modular Executive MBA. In 2017, the QS World University Rankings placed Cass Business School in the top 10 in the United Kingdom to understand accounting, finance, and business and management. In that same year, Eduniversal BestMaster placed the degree of MSc International Accounting and Finance as the 5th in the United Kingdom under Accounting and Audit. It also placed the degree of MSc Insurance Risk and Management as the 12th in the world and the 1st in the United Kingdom under the Insurance Category.

Also, in that same year, the Times Higher Education world university rankings listed the school as 8th in the United Kingdom under Business and Economics. Bayes Business School is among the foremost business school that holds the gold standard for triple accreditation in the Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business in the United States (AACSB), Association of MBAs in the United Kingdom (AMBA), and the EMFD Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) run by the European Foundation for Management Development. It has been ranked 3rd best in London, 6th in the United Kingdom, 23rd in Europe by the Financial Times European Business School ranking 2021.

It has also been ranked 6th best in the United Kingdom for business and management research by The Research Excellence Framework 2014; It also came up 2nd in the United Kingdom for Business Administration Research by the Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects in 2021. For Executive Education, it came out as 2nd best in London, 8th in the United Kingdom, 24th in Europe for custom Executive Education by the Financial Times Executive Education custom ranking 2019. For Full Time MBA, these are a couple of their latest rankings:

  • 7th best in the United Kingdom, 16th in Europe by the Financial Times Global MBA ranking 2022.
  • 4th best globally for Corporate Strategy by Financial Times Global MBA ranking 2022.
  • 5th best in the United Kingdom, 12th in Europe, 39th globally for women by Financial Times MBA ranking 2018.
  • Lowest alumni gender pay gap in the United Kingdom by the Financial Times MBA for women ranking 2018.
  • 5th best globally for entrepreneurship by Financial Times MBA in entrepreneurship ranking 2018.
  • 1st in the United Kingdom, 3rd in Europe, 9th Globally for Entrepreneurship by the Poets and Quants World’s Best MBA Programmes for Entrepreneurship 2022.
  • 22nd best globally, 5th in Europe for finance by the Financial Times MBA in finance ranking 2018.
  • 2nd best in Europe for research in finance by the Financial Times MBA in finance ranking 2018.

For the Executive MBA, these are a couple of their latest rankings: Cass Business School came out as 6th best in the United Kingdom and 38th in the world by the Financial Times Executive MBA ranking 2021. It also came out as the 5th best globally for alumni aims achieved by the Financial Times Executive MBA ranking 2021. It also came out as 2nd in the United Kingdom for alumni overall satisfaction by the Financial Times Executive MBA ranking 2021. For MSc in Finance, these are some of their latest rankings:

  • 5th best in the United Kingdom, 22nd in Europe, 25th globally by the Financial Times Masters in Finance ranking 2021.
  • Top 10 globally for options and futures by the Financial Times Masters in Finance ranking 2018.
  • 1st in London for Careers Service rank and graduate employment rate by the Financial Times Masters in Finance ranking 2021.
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For MSc in Management, these are a couple of their latest MSc in Management rankings:

  • 4th best in the United Kingdom, 31st globally by the Financial Times Masters in Management ranking 2021.
  • Best alumni career progress in London by the Financial Times Masters in Management ranking 2021.

For Undergraduate courses, these are some of their latest undergraduate course rankings:

  • 2nd best in the United Kingdom, 1st in London for Marketing by the Complete University Guide 2022)
  • 3rd best in London for Business and Management Studies by the Complete University Guide 2022.
  • 3rd best in London for Accounting and Finance by the Complete University Guide 2022.
  • 2nd best in London for Accounting and Finance by the Times Good University Guide 2022.


Cass Business School Acceptance Rate.

Bayes Business School, located at City, the University of London, formerly known as Cass Business School, is one of the most prestigious schools in the United Kingdom. The business school offers full-time, part-time, and online degree programs. Undergraduate applications start on June 30th, while postgraduate applications are rolling. Applicants are always encouraged to start applications on time as most degree programs at Bayes Business School get filled up early, especially during Fall. This is because a lot of international students prefer applying during this period.

Admissions at Bayes Business School require GMAT scores for graduate programs. Candidates who do not have GMAT scores can apply, but they will be asked to sit for GMAT. They will have to achieve the required score as a condition for entry at the discretion of the Admissions Panel. Apart from this, there are standardized tests in the United Kingdom which are also required to be submitted. A minimum mark of 7 in IELTS will be considered for admission. Applications are made through the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS) for undergraduate programs, while postgraduate applications are made through the university website.

The mode of payment is online, and the application fee is 25 GBP, while for postgraduates and is 100 GBP for MBA applications. The accepted language proficiency tests are the Test Of English as a Foreign Proficiency (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), and Pearson Test of English (PTE). The minimum requirements are 7 for IELTS, 104 for TOEFL, and 68 for PTE. Intake sessions are Autumn, Spring, and Summer. Financial aids come in the form of grants, scholarships, work-study, and loans.

There are a lot of questions about visa requirements, and this article aims to answer all those questions. All international applicants can apply for the Tier 4 general student visa if they meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be 16 years or above.
  • The applicants must have received an acceptance letter from Cass Business School.
  • There must be valid proof of proficiency in the English language
  • There must be proof of financial statements to study in the United Kingdom.
  • Their country of origin is not Switzerland or the European Union and the European Economic Area.

The application fee for a Tier 4 General Student Visa is 348 GBP. You can use the following documents as a checklist when applying for the visa. They include a valid passport, a proof of your financial statement, proof of parental consent if you are under the age of 18, a proof of relationship with your guardian and parent if under the age of 18, a copy of your tuberculosis test results from your country of origin if you have taken the test. Once you have the necessary documents, you must apply online for a Tier 4 general visa and give biometrics at a visa application center. The application will be processed once the biometrics has been submitted, and you will receive a decision about your application within 3-4 weeks of application submission.


Graduate Admissions at Cass Business School

The City University of London Business Schools offers several graduate programs to prospective applicants. International students are expected to submit their applications via the official course website and are required to meet the eligibility requirement of the program they are applying for. The application fee is 100 GBP if applying for the MBA program. Currently, there is no application fee for any of our M.Sc programs. The following are the admission requirements for the graduate business school. They are a good bachelor’s degree, Interim transcripts showing marks achieved, and a list of modules for applicants currently studying.

English language proficiency test scores are also a requirement for application. Two references from a tutor and current or previous employer. There must be a minimum GMAT score of 600 and at least 50% in each section. They must also include work experience. Cass Business School is one of the leading business schools in the UK, making it highly competitive for international applicants to secure admissions. The University reviews each application critically and examines each aspect before taking an admission decision.

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The University does not conduct any interview, and eligibility is determined solely based on the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) information. Students applying through the UCAS portal can keep track of the status of their application using the UCAS track.


Cass Business School Fees.

The full tuition for a full-time MBA tuition fee (August 31st, 2022 starts): is £47,000. For self-financing students, tuition fees can be paid in two installments. There are methods whereby the fees can. be paid, they include:

  • Application fee: £100
  • Full tuition fees: £47,000
  • Deposit: £5,000 (Paid to secure your place)
  • First installment: £18,500 (Fees excluding deposit, paid at registration in August)
  • Second installment: £23,500 (Remaining fees paid in January)

Although these are the fees for Cass Business School at the time of this writing, please note that fees are subject to change. The fees paid includes tuition for the year, access to key online materials for core modules, flights and accommodation for the International Consultancy Week, accommodation for the Achieving Your Potential Week, Accommodation for the first international elective, One free additional elective each year after graduation (not including international electives).

What your fees do not provide are the Cost of accommodation and living expenses in London, Transport costs associated with the Achieving Your Potential Week/International electives, Cost of visa for the International Consultancy Week, Flights and visa for the first international elective, Costs related to a secondary international elective, Specialist clothing required for any extracurricular activities. If you wish to pay by credit card, you can pay online. They accept the following cards: Mastercard, Maestro, Solo, Switch, Visa, Visa Delta, and Visa Electron.



All Bayes locations are in central London at the gateway to one of the world’s most dynamic financial and commercial centers. Our location is a physical expression of a fundamental belief – that business is both a practical and theoretical discipline. We are perfectly positioned to be the intellectual hub of the City of London, which means contributing to and benefiting from the academic life of The City. We’ve forged links with everyone from the financial and multinational giants to innovative start-ups. They provide direct input into our programs and sponsor and employ many of our students and alumni.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your ranking?

We are proud to be ranked 3rd best in London, 6th in the UK, and 25th in Europe in the Financial Times European Business School ranking 2020. Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) is among a global elite group of business schools that hold the gold standard of Triple Crown accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), Association of MBAs (AMBA), and the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS).

Can I complete my studies online?

You can learn online using our bespoke online portal that’s intuitive and easy to use – just log on and learn. You can access the portal from any device with internet access (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone), meaning you can study from anywhere – even while you’re on the move. The portal will provide information about accessing support and opportunities to network with other students. It will also show each module you’re enrolled in or have completed to date.

You will receive a comprehensive induction session where you can take the time to familiarise yourself with the portal before your studies. The course is delivered 100% online and designed to manage your studies alongside your professional and personal commitments.

Are there scholarships available?

For the MSc Global Finance course, there are currently no scholarships available for this program. There are several scholarships available for the Global MBA course for this program.

How are applicants selected?

If you satisfy the entry requirements for your course, your application will be considered. Your equivalent professional qualifications and practical experience will be accepted at the program director’s discretion.

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