How To Get Costco Student Discount In 2023

Shopping for varieties of items from your local retail store day in and day out can be overwhelming, but the idea of purchasing from a store that offers both wholesale and retail services is very relieving.

There are many benefits to shopping at Costco, especially at a discounted price, whether you’re menu planning for the coming week, purchasing toiletries in bulk, or just searching for a great deal.

Most commonly, the company is recognized for its sales of goods, including juice, cookies, coffee, housewares, luggage, apparel, and detergent. In addition to this, Costco has a sizable technology section that offers computers and software at lower prices than other retailers.

 Besides, “Costco Wholesale Corporation is an American multinational corporation which operates a chain of membership-only big-box retail stores.”With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Costco is renowned for carrying premium national and local products.

In this article, we will unveil the vital information you need to know about the Costco student discount. Additionally, we show the operation of this educational Costco discount.

Furthermore, we will provide you with detailed information about how to benefit from the Costco student membership discount here in this article, straight from the source.

How To Get Costco Student Discount

Who Qualifies For Costco Student Discount?

To qualify for the Costco student discount is another form of attaining membership in the Costco wholesale corporation through the college student platform where you sign up as a member of Costco.

 Individual Membership is a benefit that Costco provides to current and former members of specific professions or occupational groupings and also every Individual above the age of 18 who satisfies one of the following qualifications can be eligible for the Costco student discount( membership):

Current or Retired Employee of:

  • Banking / Finance
  • Local Government
  • Fire / Rescue Service
  • Post Office
  • Airlines
  • Education
  • Police Force
  • Civil Service / Armed Forces
  • Medical / Health Service
  • Insurance

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Does Costco Have A Student Discount?

Not precisely, But as long as you have a membership for college students, a wholesale corporation like Costco allows you to purchase stuff like a laptop, MacBook, or another computer at a discounted price.

Even though Costco doesn’t provide free or discounted memberships, they do have an exclusive deal for college students who want to become new members and get a Costco Shop Card!

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How Do I Get A Costco Student Discount Card?

The truth is you don’t exactly get a Costco student discount card.

 As we have mentioned earlier, Costco accepts students who have Costco Shop Cards by becoming new members of the Costco wholesale corporations.

These cards are made available also to current members at the nearby Costco customer service desk as organized by the corporation.

Also, you can click here, and at the bottom of the page, after you’ve scrolled down, click the “Student Membership Promotion” link.

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How Much Does A Costco Card for Student Membership Cost?

Costco membership store cards are all $60.00 per year. An annual upgrade cost of $60 is needed for an executive membership.

Only two types of personal Costco card memberships are available at Costco:

  1. Costco Gold Star Member

The Gold Star membership costs $60 a year to join.

You can choose between two membership cards and online or in-store shopping after applying for this.

  1. Executive Costco Gold Star Member
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You can purchase a Gold Star Executive membership, which costs twice as much as a Gold Star Member but offers additional benefits like 2%  back on purchases.

One Household Card is provided for free with each membership. And you can purchase this at any Costco branch across the world.

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What Does Costco’s Gold Star Membership Entail?

Costco customers who have spent $250 or more on a single person’s purchases qualify for a gold star membership.

You receive one complimentary Household Card if you have a Gold Star Membership with Costco.

You can buy goods for your house and family at Costco with the Free Household Card.

The Gold Star Membership is good for a year at any Costco physical location or online shop.

Remember that you can renew your membership each year after it expires.

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Do Costco Student Discount Members Get Discounts Online?

Naturally, both the online and physical stores are eligible for Costco’s discount.

You are thereby permitted to take advantage of several discounts, promotional offers, and savings deals at Costco as long as you have a student membership.

Invariably, Costco is promoting an online student membership discount benefit that is only available to college students and members.

Thus, when you purchase items online about 35 or more you get to save up to 20% and above the discount, you’d receive.

It would interest you to know that as a member without using any coupons you can purchase merchandise directly from any Costco website of your choice and use your membership number to get a discount. How crazy is that 

Furthermore, Costco student discount members get discounts on products purchased online to encourage college students and other members to renew their memberships and to show customers that Costco is more than simply a physical store.

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Can I Get A Costco Membership For Free?

A Costco membership cannot be obtained for free or at a significant discount for non-students.

Once you start shopping, you will quickly make up the cost of your Costco membership thanks to the enormous price reductions.

You may be able to recoup the membership fee thanks to the significant discounts on the range of Costco Services for your personal and professional life.

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Is A Costco Student Discount Membership Worth It?

Being a member of a wholesale corporation such as Costco is worthwhile because if you shop at Costco with your student-size budget in mind, it can help save all of your college money.

Likewise, after acquiring your Costco student discount membership card you can shop however you please for a year, and unlike your regular stores, here in Costco, you can purchase drinks like vodka for as low as $20 

Even though having a Costco student discount membership has advantages beyond just getting cheap alcohol, you shouldn’t sign up without carefully assessing the benefits and drawbacks.

What Does a Costco Membership Cost?

Costco memberships come in two varieties:

Standard: The Gold Star base membership grade at Costco is $60 a year.

Executive: An annual membership in the Gold Star Executive is $120. Executive members receive an annual 2% return on eligible Costco,, and Costco Travel purchases (up to $1,000).

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Is it possible to shop at Costco without being a member?

You have the following choices if you want to shop at Costco without a valid membership card:

  1. Buying with a buddy is generally permitted at Costco, where members are permitted to bring up to two guests per outing. Purchases can only be made by members, however, they can flash their card and pay for you at the register (and you can hash out how to pay them back later).
  2. Use Costco Shop Cards: Although they are essentially gift cards, Costco Shop Cards can only be purchased by members. Request a membership from a friend or acquaintance. You can use it to enter and make purchases at the cash register.

Costco Promo Code And Coupon Code.

Costco has several promo and coupon codes made available for their members and they include:

  • Join today and get a Costco Shop Card: $20 for new executive members, and $10 for new gold star members. This goes for a $1000 coupon.
  • Costco Promo Code: $1000 off Sitewide – $40 coupon
  • $40 off Orders for New Members with Auto Renew at Costco

You may now utilize 20 verified coupons from Costco. For discounts of up to 70% off your order, look through Coupon Follow’s list of genuine Costco coupons. To view more Costco coupons and promo codes, click here.

How do you use coupons from Costco online?

You won’t need to input a discount code to purchase items from that provides quick savings. They will automatically subtract the immediate savings from your total at checkout and then appear in your cart.

Who Is Costco’s Delivery Partner?

We go out of our way to offer delivery schedules and shipping options that are suitable for you: Standard Delivery.

We ship the majority of things using this option using reputable delivery firms like UPS, FedEx, or USPS. A higher Shipping and Handling price will be displayed at checkout if expedited shipping is chosen.

How Does Costco Accept Payments?

The sole credit card accepted in-store by Costco is Visa. Cash, cheques, ATM/debit cards, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), Costco Shop Cards, and mobile payment applications are all acceptable forms of payment if you don’t have a Visa card.

The aforementioned rule does not apply when purchasing from Costco, though. You can use a Mastercard or Discover card to make purchases on Notably, Costco’s online store does not take American Express.

And just like you Many people were surprised by Costco’s switch to Visa because the store had an agreement to solely take American Express cards since 1999. The warehouse club used to solely accept Discover cards; however, Discover has a far smaller member base than AmEx. 

The partnership between Costco and American Express was a major success for both businesses, helping Costco to become one of the top three global retailers and generating billions of dollars in new business for American Express. After then, Costco shifted to Visa, an even bigger credit network.

How long does Costco take to process a canceled order refund?

We will apply your refund to the original form of payment (if Costco Travel charged you) within 24 to 48 hours.

Refunds may take several weeks to post to your credit card account; the duration varies by credit card institution.

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Can a single person afford Costco?

A single person with a $60 membership fee can easily afford many of the discounted items at Costco.

According to many, bulk-purchased items can be stored. Individuals without extra storage should probably buy one before joining Costco.

Although there are many goods and services available at Costco, including gadgets, you might be surprised to learn that toilet paper is the most popular purchase there.

Yes, toilet paper is the most popular product at Costco.

Over one billion rolls are sold at Costco each year. This is true since Kirkland brand toilet paper from Costco is the product of choice for most consumers because of its superior quality and affordable price.


In conclusion, make no mistake—”Costco does not provide student discounts.”

Students who register as a member of Costco can save about 30% off of purchases made online or in-store, though, thanks to their special offer.


Where Does Costco Do Business?

Worldwide, in nations like Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, Costco’s quality and value have become well-known. Also in countries like Mexico, Australia, The United States, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom.

How much does the Costco Executive Membership have to cost to be worthwhile?

To justify your Executive Membership, you must spend about $250 per month.

Do I need to bring my Costco coupons?

For a very obvious reason, Costco Wholesale doesn’t accept general manufacturer coupons: We frequently send out offers and discounts to our members by mail and in our locations throughout the year.

What’s taking so long with my Costco order?

Some orders can face a fulfillment or delivery delay because of the dramatic rise in sales of personal care products, non-perishable food, and gadgets. Orders placed for 2-Day Grocery products may now take up to five days to arrive.

How come a coupon wouldn’t work?

A code may not function for several reasons, including expiration, exclusions, non-transferability, and, my personal favorite, just because it doesn’t.

How can I follow up on my Costco purchase?

Log in with your email address and password by selecting Orders & Returns on the home page.
To trace an order, choose its order number.
To be taken to the tracking page where you can track your package, select the Tracking # link.

How much time does it take to place a Costco order?

Delivery should arrive between two and ten business days. Appliances for doing laundry: With a few exceptions, Costco offers basic hookups and in-home delivery for select goods. 



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