How to Get DoorDash Student Discount in 2023

If you are looking for information about the DoorDash student discount and how you can access it, then you need to peruse this piece. In this article, we cover what DoorDash is all about, ranging from its features, how to sign up on Doordash, and how you can get the DoorDash student discount.

DoorDash is an online food ordering and delivery platform dedicated to connecting people with the best food and groceries in their neighborhoods across the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Germany. They enable local businesses to meet consumers’ needs of ease and convenience and, in turn, generate new ways for people to earn, work, and live. 

With a 56% market share, it is the largest food delivery company in the United States. It also has a 60% market share in the convenience delivery category. As of December 31, 2020, the platform was used by 450,000 merchants, 20,000,000 consumers, and one million deliverers.

Read on to learn all you need to know about DoorDash.

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How to Get DoorDash Student Discount

About DoorDash

DoorDash is an online food ordering and delivery platform founded in 2013 by Tony Xu, Stanley Tang, Andy Fang, and Evan Moore. The company is based in San Francisco, California; DoorDash web and mobile platform allow users to search and order ready-made food and drinks from over 300,000 local restaurants, outlets, or grocers. 

Furthermore, DoorDash is delivered by its fleet of freelance delivery workers called Dashers. So, restaurants don’t need delivery drivers to fulfill orders. Additionally, DoorDash launched its ad platform in Sep 2021, enabling restaurants to place ads on top of search results on its app. This advertising business enticed investors and rallied DoorDash stock by almost 10% in five trading days.

The company generated $2.886 billion in 2020 and raised its 2021 forecast for gross order value to between $35 billion and $38 billion. Today, DoorDash has around 7,550 employees and controls 56% of the food delivery market in the US. 

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How Does DoorDash Work?

DoorDash operates in hundreds of cities, offering hyperlocal food delivery across the US. The company works with restaurants, letting them set menu prices, but controls delivery and service fees themselves. Due to its fleet of Dashers, DoorDash makes it easier for restaurants to start a delivery business since they don’t have to hire delivery workers. However, restaurants must pay DoorDash to use their drivers and receive orders through the app. 

Depending on the relationship a restaurant establishes with DoorDash, the restaurant may pay DoorDash a monthly fee, a flat fee per order, or a commission based on how much money they make. These fees are used to pay Dashers, perform background checks on these Dashers, process credit card transactions, pay for advertising and marketing, and more. 

DoorDash gives restaurants a choice about how they offer their delivery services. Storefront, for example, is a service that DoorDash offers that lets customers order from the restaurant’s website, not just the app.

DoorDash Drive is built for big orders, like catering platters, and lets restaurants handpick Dashers to help them make those large deliveries. And DoorDash also allows restaurants to rely on the app exclusively for all deliveries.

For restaurant owners who want it, DoorDash also offers data analytics to help restaurants better understand their business and work more efficiently, as well as standalone tools like a net profit calculator for delivery sales. The DoorDash Merchant Portal lets restaurants track sales, adjust the menu, and track metrics like total sales, average order size, and most popular menu items. As a student, you get to enjoy the DoorDash student discount and save costs.

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Why Should I Use DoorDash?

With DoorDash, you enjoy the ease and flexibility of placing an order on groceries and ready-made foods and drinks from your favorite restaurant online. They will be delivered to your location. So, before we talk about the DoorDash student discount, let’s have an in-depth look at why you should use DoorDash.

1. Fast Ordering

DoorDash enables fast ordering and delivery for restaurants across the local area. Using the DoorDash website or mobile app, you can search for local restaurants, browse the menu freely, and track the order as the driver picks it up and brings it to you.

2. Ease of Delivery

If you’re in the mood for a particular dish offered at a local restaurant, but you’re busy picking it up, then DoorDash is a solution that can help you. They deliver menu items directly to your door, so you can order your favorite dish and choose the time that you want it to be delivered.

All you have to do is make sure that the restaurant you choose is one of the businesses participating with Door Dash, and you are good to go.

3. Their Partnership with Walmart

DoorDash formed a partnership with Walmart based in Atlanta, Georgia. This signaled a change in the type of courier service that the company offered to its customers.

While they still provide food delivery services, the deal with Walmart offers at-home grocery delivery. Now, if you want to have a special courier pick up your grocery items and bring them to your doorstep, you can pay for this service if you live in the Atlanta area and shop at Walmart.

4. DoorDash Mobile App

DoorDash is committed to keeping up with the latest technology to provide its services following customer demands. They’re a progressive company with a very bright future ahead of them. As a result, they’ve made it possible for mobile users to enjoy easy access to their services. They offer a free app that allows mobile users to gain full access to their website and place their orders. It’s compatible with iOS and Android. 

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Does DoorDash Offer Student Discount?

DoorDash offers student discounts for busy students who may not have the luxury of time to go shopping. The Doordash student discount is available for students over the age of 16 and in full-time education, including uni, college, sixth form, and high school.

If you’re studying for an apprenticeship, you’re also eligible. All you need to do is register via StudentBeans or Unidays and verify your student status to get access to its student discounts. Customers who sign up for Student DashPass Plan will receive DashPass at a discounted charge of $4.99 a month or $48 annually instead of $9.99 a month or $96 a year.

How do I Use the DoorDash Student Discount Code?

Firstly, you must sign up via Unidays oR StudentBean to access the DoorDash student discount. After signing up and updating your student status, choose the product you want, head to the online checkout, and enter your discount code.

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Although it varies between different retailers, usually, there will be a box titled Promo Code, Discount Code, Student Discount, or Voucher Code on the checkout page just before you put in and confirm your payment details. Once you’ve put in your code, the offer amount will be taken off the total price so you can see how much money you’re saving.

How much is the DoorDash Student Plan?

For just $4.99 a month, DashPass for Students is the most convenient and wallet-friendly option for students to get whatever they desire delivered on-demand from thousands of eligible restaurants, convenience and grocery stores, and other retailers on DoorDash.

How do I cancel my DashPass subscription?

You can cancel your DashPass subscription anytime using the DoorDash app or website. To avoid being charged for the next subscription period, you must cancel at least a day before the next-scheduled subscription renewal date.

After canceling, your DashPass benefits will be valid through the end of the current billing period. But, if you cancel during a trial period, they will immediately terminate your benefits. 

  • Open your DoorDash app or log in to your account on the DoorDash website.
  • Tap the account icon at the top left of the screen
  • Go to “Manage DashPass”
  • Tap “End Subscription”
  • Confirm on the next page by taping “End Subscription.”

After ending your subscription, you will receive a notification in the app and a confirmation via email that your DashPass subscription has been canceled.

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What are the Alternatives to Doordash?

1. UberEATS

UberEATS is a food delivery service offered by Uber, the ride-hailing giant. As of March 2021, UberEATS accounted for 22% of the US food delivery market, with $4.8 billion in annual revenue. Both UberEATS and DoorDash provide 24/7 food delivery. 

The platform’s seamless integration with Uber provides easy access to millions of riders globally. Customers can order specific meals and ingredients instantly or pre-order a week earlier. Furthermore, at UberEATS, users pay only $2 for orders less than $10 and $3 for a $15 order. 

2. Seamless

Seamless simplifies food ordering for delivery or takeout. The company has been part of GrubHub’s portfolio of brands since its merger in 2013. With over 2 million members in the US, Seamless is a force to reckon with food delivery.

Seamless partners with over 12,000 restaurants and serves more than 4,000 companies. In Apr 2021, Seamless launched a program to support its restaurant partners and redefined the customer takeout experience. The company redesigned several trucks into mini restaurants. Instead of delivering food, these restaurants on wheels brought the dining experience to customers’ doors. 

3. GrubHub

GrubHub is an online and mobile food ordering and delivery platform. The company fulfills more than 745,000 orders daily by leveraging tech-driven processes. In 2021, GrubHub had 2,773 employees and made over $500 million in revenue per quarter.

The main advantage of using GrubHub is its customer-centric pre-order service. The company combines its expertise in Internet software and food service to guarantee the ultimate convenience for consumers. Its customers can live-track their orders from AAPI-owned restaurants to the doorstep.

4. Waitr Holdings

Waitr Holdings is another leading food-tech company that offers food ordering and delivery platforms. In 2020, Waitr Holdings turned profitable for the first time. But the company struggled in 2021, making $100 million in revenue in the first six months with a $9 million loss. 

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Waitr is an excellent DoorDash alternative for customers seeking restaurant cuisine and carry-out meals. Companies can also use the Bitesquad app, a sophisticated food delivery platform for complex scheduled orders. This app offers features to help users place large pre-orders for several people with different tastes and dietary needs.

5. Instacart

Instacart is an online platform that provides on-demand food and grocery delivery and pick-up services. The company has more than 500,000 active shoppers and strategic partnerships with the leading retailers, including Walmart, Aldi, Whole Food Market, Kroger, Publix, and Costco. In Mar 2021, Instacart was valued at $39 billion.  

Instacart delivers to more than 5,500 cities in North America and plans to build automated fulfillment centers to fulfill customers’ orders more efficiently. Each facility will have 150 robots and handle over 700 orders daily. 

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DoorDash is one of the largest food delivery companies in the United States, with a 60% market share in the convenience delivery category. As of December 31, 2020, the platform was used by 450,000 merchants and 20,000,000 consumers, 

Whether you are stuck at home or stuck at the office and need delicious, nourishing meals or groceries that should be conveniently delivered, you can be anywhere and place your order. The products will be delivered to your location. 

Additionally, a DoorDash student discount is available for students enrolled in any accredited University or college. They also offer 30 days of membership trials so that you can join their membership, and if you’re not okay with their services, you can cancel your membership at any time.

FAQs – About DoorDash Student Discount

What is a student dash pass?

DashPass for Students is the ultimate tool and most convenient and wallet-friendly option for students to get whatever they need on DoorDash delivered on-demand from thousands of eligible restaurants, convenience, grocery stores, and local and national retailers. The student dash pass goes for $4.99 a month.

Can I get DoorDash for free?

You can certainly get free delivery from Doordash with specific promos. Some restaurants on DoorDash may offer free delivery deals. However, you can’t get free food or other goods from Doordash, but you can use restaurant gift cards on the platform or send a free order as a gift to a friend.

Can I share my DashPass with someone else?

Unfortunately, DashPass benefits are eligible for one member. 

Can you have two DoorDash orders at the same time?

You cannot order from multiple restaurants in a single order. However, you can place multiple orders from one or more restaurants active at the same time. Applicable fees and taxes will be charged for each order you place.

Does Dashpass have a free trial?

Yes! Dash pass offers a free 30 days trial from the day it is initiated. After the dash pass trial period ends, you will automatically be charged $9.99/month plus any applicable fee.

Why do people choose to DoorDash?

People need access to delicious, nourishing, conveniently delivered meals at home or at the office. A third-party food delivery app like DoorDash allows restaurant managers and staff to focus on what they do best: make great food.


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