Top 10 Free Online Childcare Training Courses with Certificates in 2022

Enrolling in these free online childcare training courses with certificates listed in this article will teach you how to care for children to ensure a safe, intelligent, and powerful future! “Our children are the future,” as I’m sure you’ve heard before, so we should know what is best for their upbringing. This is something that these online courses can assist you with. In a child’s vulnerable early years, adequate childcare is just as important as early childhood education. 

Taking the time to show loving care to an infant reassures them that they are loved and safe. The methods used in teaching and caring for children must change as the child grows, and this free online course examines strategies and techniques for teaching and caring for children as they grow. These free online childcare courses will teach you how to look after and supervise children of all ages. A child’s developmental readiness to continue into the next stages of life is greatly influenced by high-quality childcare.

They’ll show you how to provide children with beneficial educational and social experiences while keeping them safe and healthy. Furthermore, these courses will teach you how to create a happy environment at home for your children. It will also instruct you on how to remain relaxed while assisting children.

Top 10 Free Online Childcare Training Courses with Certificates

10 Free Online Childcare Training Courses with Certificates

1. Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health

Timeframe: 4 weeks

This course will give you a better understanding of mental health conditions that affect children and young people, mental health legislation and guidance, risk factors that can affect mental health, and mental health concerns’ impact on young people and others. This free online childcare training course is designed for students who want to learn more about the mental health of children and adolescents. This qualification facilitates progression to higher-level mental health qualifications and employment in the health and social care or education sectors.

2. Challenging Behavior in Children

Timeframe: 4 weeks

This is one of the Free Online Childcare Training Courses that will give you a thorough understanding of challenging behavior in children, how such behavior can be assessed, and the avoidance techniques that can help minimize the effects of challenging behavior. You’ll examine how different coexisting conditions, such as a learning disability, a mental health condition, sensory issues, and autism, can affect challenging behavior and how to support children who exhibit these complex behaviors. Furthermore, there are sufficient assessments to verify the skills you gained from the study materials.

3. Introduction to Child Psychology

8-hour duration

This course is appropriate for anyone, whether you are a beginner looking to advance to the intermediate level or an expert looking to brush up on your skills. The course is a conceptual visual, audible, and written program. It’s also intended to teach you everything you need to know about the psychology of caregiving. As a result, you’ll be able to learn more about how the child’s mental strength interacts with their development. In addition to all of this, it will show you how to approach a child to study. It’ll help you improve your pedagogy skills if you’re a teacher.

4. Attachment in the Early Years

6 hours in length

The teacher and caregivers are almost certainly familiar with Bowlby’s attachment theory. In every way, this theory explains how you should care for your child. The ultimate goal is to ensure their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through adequate social exposure. Teachers or caregivers, parents, and children must work together to achieve this goal. As a result, you may be able to discuss the adaptive and adapted concepts in depth within the 6 hours of the study program. Rest assured that the course’s final accomplishments will enable you to continue your teaching career confidently. You have until the end of the lessons to put your skills to the test.

5. Early Years of Teamwork and Leadership

8-hour duration

This intermediate-level course explains how teamwork benefits your child’s development. It also includes advice on how to develop good leaders for future challenges. Do not pass up the opportunity to learn how to care for your children until they reach adulthood and achieve their goals.

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6. Lessons on Abusive Head Trauma (Shaken Baby Syndrome)

2 hours in length

Here are the study materials for the most common cause of child death worldwide. Its goal is to educate caregivers and parents to reduce the number of children who die as a result of abuse. As a result, this is a must-learn course for anyone who enjoys seeing children’s happy smiles.

7. Parental Separation – Implications for the School

1.5–3 hours in length

This Free Online Childcare Training Course will teach you about the effects of parental separation on a child’s school staff and identify and clarify the role and responsibilities of the child’s school after parental separation. This course will cover topics such as parental separation, parental rights, custody disputes, and the courts, children in care, school communication, and school collection requirements based on parental status, among others. It starts with a definition of guardianship and then moves on to the responsibilities of a guardian, which include properly caring for the child’s education, health, religious upbringing, and general welfare.

Furthermore, conceptual learning is not always appropriate for children. As a result, creating an activity-based learning environment in schools, daycare centers, and homes is critical. As a result, this brief course has been created to disseminate information about this concept.

8. Activity-Based Support in Inclusive Preschool and School-Age Child Care

2 hours in length

Throughout the course, you will learn how to use the children’s various abilities for effective direction. This is appropriate for parents, caregivers, and teachers. This coursework is so important that being an expert in this field allows you to lead a team to a common goal and instill in the children self-confidence and an understanding of the importance of supporting one another.

9. Anti-Bullying Training

1–5 hours in length

This course will provide parents and teachers with useful information and basic tools to address bullying. You’ll see why this is such a pressing issue, and you’ll realize that all children involved, both those who are bullied and those who bully, require assistance. You’ll also learn about cyberbullying and the laws that protect you from it. In this course, you will learn how to protect children from self-doubt and suffering in bullying incidents. Bullying children exhibit certain behavioral characteristics that will be discussed to help you understand how to recognize the problem and, more importantly, how to solve it.

10. Diploma in Special Needs

6–10 hours in length.

This free online course will give you more information about how to approach children with developmental disorders such as Autism, ADHD, and anxiety disorder. You’ll learn about the characteristics and problems that children with such conditions face. There’s also a guide that walks you through tried-and-true methods for dealing with such children in various situations, such as Applied Behaviour Analysis, which is widely regarded as the gold standard for treating Autism. You’ll also learn about developmental disorders in children and how they affect them. You’ll learn about various virtual aids for managing special-needs children, such as social stories and virtual schedules.


Platforms that Offer Free Online Childcare Training Courses with Certificates

1. Alison

Alison is a free online course platform with thousands of courses available and more being added all the time. You can complete this program for free and receive certificates. They offer three different types of certificates: an online certificate that can be downloaded in pdf format, a physical certificate that is security marked and shipped to your location for free, and a framed certificate that is also a physical certificate that is shipped for free but is framed in a stylish frame. This platform also offers Free Online Childcare Training Courses with Certificates and free early childhood certification online courses.

2. Child Care Education Institute (CCEI)

People who work in early childhood education can get online child care training and certificates from the Child Care Education Institute (CCEI). CCEI provides a free online trial course to help you decide if CCEI is the right fit for you. After taking the free online trial course, you can enroll in a 120-hour course that counts toward CDA certification. CCEI offers three CDA certification classes with instructor support: family child care, infant-toddler child care, and preschool. 

The cost of each of these certification courses is $1,300. In addition, there is a $100 application fee and a $75 book fee. Self-study CDA certification classes are also available at CCEI, including family child care, infant/toddler child care, and preschool. Each of these certification courses will set you back $775. A $75 application fee and a $50 book fee are also required. Check the map on CCEI’s website before enrolling in a course to ensure your state accepts its courses. CCEI (ChildCare Educational Institute) offers over 150 online child care training courses in English and Spanish to help professionals meet licensing, recognition programs, and Head Start requirements.

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This platform’s coursework meets the educational needs of professionals working in various settings, including family child care, preschool, prekindergarten, childcare centers, and more. CCEI’s online child care training courses cover topics relevant to the child care industry and provide certificates upon completion.

3. Continued

Continued offers courses on core competencies and other important professional development topics like child development, lesson planning, and family engagement/parent involvement. These courses are led by expert trainers who are eager to assist you in staying current on best practices for your classroom, school, or child care center. This platform offers Free Online Childcare Training Courses with Certificates and free early childhood education training with certificates.

4. H&H Childcare Training Center

H&H Childcare Training Center provides free online training courses that include a certificate. This platform is IACET-accredited, and several states recognize their certificate. The H&H Childcare Training Center offers online continuing education courses for early child care professionals. They’re offering the 120-hour CDA Preschool Credential course for free with a certificate for a limited time. At checkout, the coupon will be automatically applied to your cart. Before enrolling in this course, make sure your state accepts H&H Childcare Training Center’s courses by visiting their “What’s Approved in Your State” page.

5. Agrilife Childcare

Whether you work with young children in a preschool, Head Start, or other early care and education setting, AgriLife Extension’s Child Care Online Training website offers a wide variety of online child care training courses to support your continuing education and early childhood professional development needs.

6. OpenLearn

The Open University of the United Kingdom‘s contribution to the Open educational resources project is OpenLearn, an online educational website. This university is also the home of free, open learning. This platform offers Free Online Childcare Training Courses with Certificates and free early childhood education training with certificates.

7. Course Courier

This is a free online platform with over 10,000 free online courses from world-class universities and institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale, Google, IMB, Apple, etc.


Child Care Lounge offers child care professionals online classes, training, networking opportunities, and resources. Gather ‘Round for Circle Time, an introductory, free online child care training class, explains how to plan an appropriate circle time for the students in your class. You have three options for completing your CDA coursework through Child Care Lounge: infant/toddler child care, preschool, or family child care. The online CDA certification courses offered by Child Care Lounge cost $399.85 each.

Check the Child Care Lounge’s Online Child Care Classes State Approval page to see if your state accepts their courses before enrolling. When you spend $6 or more at, you’ll get $5 off.

9. First Thing’s First

First Things First is an Arizona-based organization that funds early childhood education and health programs. For up to 15,000 subscribers, First Thing’s First will offer free access to the entire CCEI training catalog beginning October 25, 2021. You can earn your CDA certification by taking CCEI’s online courses. To participate in this program, you must first register for free with the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry. After that, you can log into your account and proceed to the CCEI training. This free three-year pilot program is open to most of Arizona’s early childhood educators.

10. provides early childhood professionals with a variety of online courses. The Joyful Life of Caregiving is an introductory, free child care training course that explains how to create a joyful environment for children and adults, why working with children is important, and how to take care of yourself. If you decide to complete your CDA certification coursework through, you have four options: family child care, infant/toddler, preschool, and home visitor.

Each CDA certification course costs $398 and includes a free online tutorial to help you learn more about the process. Check’s Child Care Training Information by Location page before enrolling in a course to make sure your state accepts their courses.

Where To Online Training for a Certified Childcare Professional (CCP) Certificate & National Administrator Credential (NAC) Certificate?

National Early Childhood Program Accreditation

The NECPA Commission awards CCP certificates. The CCP online course, which costs $350, is available through NECPA’s website. Because the CCP is self-paced, you can complete your training on your own time. Most people take six months to a year to finish the online course. The NECPA Commission recommends contacting your local child care licensing organization before enrolling in its certification program because licensing requirements vary by state.

The NECPA Commission also awards NAC certificates. The NAC online course, which costs $620, is available through NECPA’s website. This 45-hour self-paced online course must be completed within six months of enrollment. Contact your local child care resource and referral agency to see if you qualify for a scholarship. You may be eligible for a Louisiana Pathways scholarship if you live in Louisiana. NAC has a partnership with the State College of Florida for Florida residents.

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The National Administrator Credential in Florida costs $1,050. Along with the 45-hour course, you’ll receive 4.5 continuing education units (CEUs) from the State College of Florida and your first NAC renewal for free.



In conclusion, all of these free online childcare training courses with certificates will greatly assist you, but they should not deter you from looking for more, as new ones appear every day on various platforms. That is why we have included a few platforms that you can regularly visit to learn more about different aspects of childcare. As we stated in the introduction, adequate childcare, like early childhood education, is critical. You can learn more about early childhood education colleges and apply for them.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine my state’s requirements for becoming a certified childcare provider?

Each state has its own licensing requirements. Visit to learn about the requirements for becoming a certified child care provider in your state.

As a child care provider in my state, do I need a background check?

According to, federal law mandates that all states conduct state and federal background checks on employees working in licensed child care facilities. To learn more about how your state has implemented the federal background check requirements, go to’s state resources section. Many states also require private, in-home daycare centers to be licensed, and you’ll almost certainly have to pass a background check to qualify for licensure.

What resources are available in my state for child care providers?

Most states have a child services agency that can help you with licensing requirements, start your own childcare program, etc. The US Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Child Care has a database of agencies in each state with contact information. For more information about resources in your state, go to’s state resources section.

Is there a referral agency for child care providers in my state?

Many states have referral agencies that can assist childcare providers in meeting licensing requirements, locating low-cost or free professional development training, and more. has a database where you can look for referral agencies in your area. You can also look for referral agencies in your area by going to’s state resources section.

The American Red Cross offers what kind of childcare training?

The American Red Cross offers both online and in-person First Aid and CPR training. You’ll receive certification credentials for two years after completing the course and free access to refresher materials during your certification period so you can practice as needed. To help you build or refresh your child care skills, the American Red Cross offers an Advanced Child Care Training certification. Basic infant and child care, child behavior and discipline, safety, professionalism, and leadership are all covered in this course.

What are the advantages of obtaining a certification as a childcare provider?

Becoming a certified child care provider can help you advance your career by improving your childcare skills. You might be able to manage a daycare center or become a headteacher at a preschool if you have the right certification and experience. Becoming a certified child care provider can also help parents trust you, making you more likely to be hired as a private child care provider.

As a certified childcare provider, how much can I expect to make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average salary for a child care provider in the United States is $25,460 per year or $12.24 per hour. According to the BLS, the top ten percent of earners in the child care industry made more than $18 an hour. Certification as a child care provider may qualify you for jobs at the higher end of the pay scale. According to ZipRecruiter, child care professionals with a CDA Credential earn $19 per hour.

Is it necessary for me to be a licensed child care provider in my state?

According to the BLS, many states require child care centers to be licensed, including daycare centers in private homes. You may need to pass a background check, meet minimum training requirements, and be certified in first aid and CPR to qualify for a license. Employees with nationally recognized credentials, such as the CDA, are also required by some states and employers. You’ll need to complete some coursework and child care field experience to earn this credential. To learn more about the licensing requirements for child care providers in your state, go to

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