Top Ten Free Online Courses in Food and Drink Production With Certificate in 2022

Millennials enjoy eating, dining out, and seeking new dining experiences. Food elicits such a wide range of emotions; it satisfies our basic physiological needs while also causing us to experience euphoria. Because you are what you eat, you must learn how to eat well. And this is why we’ve put together a well-researched article that will show you the best free online courses in food and drink production. Surprisingly, these courses include certificates of completion.

So, if you enjoy anything related to food and beverages, such as how they are prepared, processed, and preserved, how to control your diet and avoid food shortage challenges, and dietary moderation, you can make a career out of it.

If you want to pursue a career in food and drink or improve your skills, you can enroll in courses from higher institutions. However, if you don’t have the time to attend classes requiring your presence, you can register for free online food and drink production courses.

Yes! There are free remote certificate courses in food and drink production offered by prestigious universities worldwide. So, if you want to know more you need to read this post. In this article, we cover what a career in the food and drink industry looks like, the benefits of enrolling in food and beverage courses, and the free online courses in food and drink production.

Set, ready, and read!

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free online courses in food and drink production with certificate

What is Food and Drink Production?

Food and drink production deals with the processing, transformation, and packaging of raw food and drink materials into edible food and drink products. These converted products can be used directly for home cooking or the food and drink processing industries. 

Humans rely heavily on plants and animals to survive because the majority of the products we consume come from plants and animals. In addition, they provide us with different food and beverage products that we consume daily. Products like grain, cereals, honey, milk, fruits and vegetables, eggs, meat, and various others.

Why Should You Have a Career in Food and Drink Production?

There are numerous reasons to consider a career in food and drink production, depending on what you do. You could be on the cutting edge of food and beverage trends. Below are reasons why you should consider having a career in the food and drinks manufacturing industry:

1. Good Career prospects

To replace an aging workforce and meet rising consumer demand, the food and beverage industry needs to hire more talented people. Food and drink remain the single largest manufacturing sector in the UK, and as a result, the industry provides excellent career opportunities. According to the UK.jooble website, there are approximately 87,000 graduate engineering job openings per year.

Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment in food preparation and serving related occupations is expected to grow 20% between 2020 and 2030, much faster than the national average for all occupations. As a result, there will always be a need for food and beverage experts.

2. Opportunity to Learn New Skills

Working in the food and beverage industry will allow you to develop various skills, including logical thinking, communication, creativity, teamwork, and leadership. And having this set of skills can turn you into a highly sought-after professional in the industry.

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Why Should I Enroll in Online Courses in Food and Drink production?

Technology has made learning easy, now you can set be in the comfort of your home and enroll in food and beverage certificate courses. The following are reasons why you should enroll in online training courses in food and beverage production:

1. It is Cost-Effective

Online food and drink courses allow you to learn at your own pace at a low cost; in fact, you can even enroll in free online courses in food and drink production. As a result, you’d be able to learn from great minds and prestigious universities like the University of Michigan, the University of Colorado, and other food and beverage experts without spending a dime; all you’ll need is your time, data, and dedication to learning.

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2. Flexible Schedule

Unlike in a traditional classroom setting, where lecture times are fixed, students have no control over where or how they are held. On the other hand, online classes will allow you to attend lectures at your leisure from the comfort of your own home; you can even be in your bedroom while taking classes.

How Do You Become a Food and Drink Production Expert?

To become an expert in the food and drink production industry, you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Obtain Work Experience in Food Service

Experience is an essential requirement for food and beverage service in the industry. You can gain this experience by working as a waiter, bartender, line cook, food preparer, dishwasher, or host in the many entry-level food and beverage service positions. In addition, this experience can open doors for more advanced positions during your career.

Step 2: Consider College

There are no specific educational requirements for becoming a food and drink rice manager. On the other hand, obtaining a college certificate or degree may improve career opportunities and frequently prefer employers.

Step 3: Consider Certification

After gaining management experience, you may want to consider earning certification, demonstrating industry expertise, and a dedication to your career. The National Restaurant Association offers a certificate, a voluntary certification that requires at least three years of management experience or an associate’s degree.

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Top Ten Free Online Courses in Food and Drink With Certificates in 2022

The following is our top pick of the best free online courses in food and drink production:

1. Food & Beverage Management

Food and beverage management is first on our list of free online courses in food and drinks production. Now, managing a food and beverage industry company is an enthralling task. Because food and beverage products are so deeply ingrained in most countries’ cultures, producing and selling them entails packaging good and tasty products that nourish people’s bodies, souls, and hearts. Given this, it’s easy to see how the task quickly becomes complex.

The goal of this course is twofold: first, it will focus on current challenges that managers and entrepreneurs in the food and drink industries face; and second, it will provide models and tools to design and implement appropriate courses of action to satisfy customers gain a competitive advantage.

Furthermore, each module is accompanied by an evaluated quiz and weekly discussion forums to reflect on the diversity of the food and beverage world, its complexity, and the power of the network that we will build together during the course.

Provider: Coursera

Subject: Food & Beverage Management

Duration: 13 Hours

Start Date: Self-Paced

Apply Here

2. Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

Our second pick on the free online courses in food and drink production is Stanford Introduction to Food and Health. Around the world, we are currently facing global epidemics of obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and other primarily diet-related diseases. Also, there is compelling evidence that global increases in heavily processed foods, combined with cultural shifts away from home food preparation, have contributed to high preventable, chronic disease rates.

To address these public health crises, we urgently need to investigate novel approaches to promoting healthy eating. This course will provide learners with the knowledge and practical skills to optimize their eating habits. The emphasis of this course will shift away from reductionist discussions about nutrients and valuable talks about real food and the environment in which we consume it.

Provider: Coursera

Subject: Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

Duration: 7 Hours 

Start Date: Self-Paced

Apply Here

3. Food Sustainability, Mindful Eating, and Healthy Cooking Specialization

This Stanford University course aims to increase our understanding of the connections between our health, food, and how food is made, and inspire us to make decisions that will protect our health and the environment.

So, if you’re a learner with no prior food, nutrition, sustainable, mindful eating, or cooking skills, after this course you’d be able to: evaluate contemporary food choices and their impact on both human health and planetary sustainability after completing the specialization.

In addition, you’ll also learn how to achieve stepwise personal behavior change toward healthier, more sustainable eating, prepare healthy, delicious meals using simple techniques and readily available ingredients, and incorporate food mindfulness, dietary moderation, varied meal composition, and self-compassion regarding people’s eating behaviors and food choices into their lives. And this is why it ranks on our list of free online courses in food and drink production.

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Provider: Coursera

Subject: Food Sustainability, Mindful Eating, and Healthy Cooking Specialization

Duration: 3 Months

Start Date: Self-Paced

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4. Wine Tasting: Sensory Techniques for Wine Analysis

This is another highly rated course among free online courses in food and drinks production. Wine has long been a part of the human experience, dating back to ancient cultures as early as 6,000 BC. Today, growing global interest in wine and its complexities and varieties has resulted in a $304 billion annual international market.

This course will help you take the first steps toward understanding the physiological process of wine tasting for the student who is just getting started studying wine. Next, you will investigate different types of wine, the various faults and defects that can appear in wine, and techniques for detecting problems. Finally, you’ll delve into the intricate world of wine and food pairings and its “seven deadly sins.” 

Provider: Coursera

Subject: Wine Tasting

Duration: 15 Hours 

Start Date: Self-Paced

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5. The Meat We Eat

The Meat We Eat is a course designed to educate consumers about the quality, safety, healthfulness, and sustainability of muscle foods and address current issues in animal agriculture in both developed and developing countries.

This food and beverage certificate course offered by the University of Florida will give you a basic overview of the US meat industry and its comparison to the European system. You will also learn about humane animal slaughter, converting muscle to meat, meat inspection, slaughter inspection, food safety, meat quality, fabrication, and packaging.

Provider: Coursera

Subject: The Meat We Eat

Duration: 14 Hours 

Start Date: Self-Paced

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6. Transformation of the Global Food System

In 2050, the United Nations estimates that 9-10 billion people will be there. As a result, feeding so many people nutritious foods is a huge challenge that cannot be met simply by scaling up current food production and consumption practices.

Agriculture is responsible for 80% of deforestation worldwide. Food systems are responsible for 29% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Also, we use an area equivalent to North and South America combined to produce meat for consumption or the food required to feed the animals we eat. 

These figures are staggering, and they demonstrate the need to rethink and transform how food and beverages are produced, distributed, and consumed around the world. This free food manufacturing course will teach you how to make food systems more sustainable.

Provider: Coursera

Subject: Transformation of the Global Food System

Duration: 12 Hours 

Start Date: Self-Paced

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7. Weight Management: Beyond Balancing Calories

Weight Management is another highly rated course on our list of free online courses in food and beverage production. Obesity is affecting more people worldwide than at any other time in history. I’m the course leader who will look at the root causes of obesity as explained by science.

Furthermore, students will look at how our food environment has changed over the last 50 years and how it’s affecting our biology, causing us to overeat calories and resist long-term weight loss. You’ll also look at how stress, a sedentary lifestyle, and insufficient sleep disrupt our appetite control system, causing us to gain weight.

In addition, the course will also provide practical tools and strategies for developing a long-term, sustainable weight management plan that takes advantage of your habits and surroundings. 

Provider: Coursera

Subject: Weight Management

Duration: 18 Hours 

Start Date: Self-Paced

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8. Unraveling solutions for Future Food problems

Our society is dependent on the availability and accessibility of food. According to the United Nations, nearly 800 million people are hungry, while over 650 million are obese. While many developing countries face food scarcity, people in developed countries waste food.

These facts demonstrate how perplexing and complex the world’s food problem is. More than ten food researchers from Utrecht University will address the significant food consumption issues in this free food and drink training course. They will address two interconnected topics: food scarcity and healthy lifestyle choices. Also, you will learn to recognize the world’s food challenges’ critical components and consider solutions for enabling changes in the current food system.

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Provider: Coursera

Subject: Unravelling solutions for Future Food problems

Duration: 16 Hours 

Start Date: Self-Paced

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9. An Introduction to the US Food System: Perspectives from Public Health

A food system includes all activities, people, and resources to get food from field to plate. Also, it intersects with aspects of public health, equity, and the environment. This course will provide learners with a brief overview of the United States’ food system and how food production practices and what we eat affect the world in which we live.

Furthermore, you’ll learn about key historical and political factors that have shaped the current food system and alternative farm-to-fork approaches. A group of Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future faculty and staff will lead the class. In addition, experts in public health, policy, and agriculture will be guest lecturers and this is why the introduction to the US food system ranks on our list of free online courses in food and drink production.

Provider: Coursera

Subject: An Introduction to the US Food System

Duration: 24 Hours 

Start Date: Self-Paced

Apply Here

10. Sustainable Food Production Through Livestock Health Management

Sustainable Food Production Through Livestock Health Management is the last on our best pick of free online courses in food and drink production. In agricultural production, there is a growing global demand for a workforce capable of integrating animal health and production knowledge with an understanding of consumer preferences in economic reality, business efficiency, and ethical constraints.

However, current evidence indicates a growing shortage of people with the knowledge and problem-solving skills needed to keep up with the rapid advances in animal health, science, and food production. The consequences of this scarcity are far-reaching, and they may pose challenges to food security and agricultural economic competitiveness in some countries.

This course will investigate the impact of infectious diseases on sustainable animal-based food production and provide participants with a platform to develop the skills required to contribute to sustainable food production. 

Provider: Coursera

Subject: Sustainable Food Production Through Livestock Health Management

Duration: 19 Hours 

Start Date: Self-Paced

Apply Here


Our bodies are similar to car engines in that they must be fueled and greased. Hence, food and drinks provide us with energy so that our bodies can function optimally. As a result, eating and drinking healthy foods and beverages is crucial.

Healthy choices provide both immediate and long-term benefits to you and your family, hence, it has been said that you are what you eat. So, if you want to learn how to make healthy food and drink choices, you can enroll in any free online food and drink production courses we shared. Therefore, the article was valuable to you.

Cheers to a successful career in the food and beverage production industry.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Free Online Courses in Food and Drink

Why do we need to study food and beverage production?

Studying food and drink manufacturing is crucial because it gives us a better understanding of how food and drink should be sourced, prepared, packaged, stored, and presented.

What are the career opportunities in food and beverage services?

Career opportunities in the food and drinks industry include the following:
Wine Server
Nightclub Manager
Line Cook
Kitchen Helper
Food and Beverage Server
Food and Beverage Service Supervisor
Executive Chef
Catering Manager
Beverage Services Manager

How do I start a successful drinking business?

You can start a successful drinking business through the following steps:
Collaborate and Perfect Your Idea
Develop a Game Plan
Work out the Logistics
Protect the Quality
Share Your Dream

How can I learn skills for free?

You can learn online skills for free from the following platforms:


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