Top Ten Free Online Courses in Hairdressing With Certificates in 2022

Why should I enroll in free online courses in hairdressing? Our society is obsessed with style and appearance, contributing to increased demand for hairdressing services. Everyone wants to look their best when they go out, especially those getting ready for special occasions such as weddings and birthday parties.

Hairdressing has proven to be a one-of-a-kind career that cuts across almost all cultural boundaries. As a result, having hairdressing skills is a well-known career path. Hence, if you do not have the time to attend hairdressing classes at a local institution or college, you can instead enroll in online hairdressing classes. Many of these programs provide education comparable to what you would receive in person, but with the added flexibility of online learning.

If you want to know more about the hairdressing career and the free online courses in hairdressing, you peruse this piece. This article covers everything you need to know about hairdressing, ranging from the career outlook, to how you can become one, as well as, the free online courses in hairdressing with a certificate.

Let’s delve in!

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Top Ten Free Online Courses in Hairdressing With Certificates

What Do Hairdressers Do?

Hairdressers provide hair services, including shampooing, cutting, coloring, and styling. Furthermore, most hairdressers actively recommend professional or salon hair care products to their clients, and some also clean and style wigs and hairpieces. As a glamorous career option, hairdressers are frequently hired as hairstylists and salon consultants for product companies, and some can even open their salon businesses.

Many barbers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists work full-time, although part-time jobs are common. As a result, those who own a barbershop or a salon may work long hours. In addition, work schedules frequently include evenings and weekends, which are the busiest times for barbershops and beauty salons.

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Why Should You Have a Career in Hairdressing?

A career in hairdressing will afford you various opportunities, from traveling and learning to the skills you’ll acquire; the benefits of a hairdressing role are many. Below is the primary reason why you should consider a career in hairdressing:

1. Demand and Financial Rewards

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall demand for hairstylists is projected to grow 19 percent from 2020 to 2030, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.

Also, it stated that about 85,300 openings for hairstylists are projected each year, on average, over the decade. According to, a hairdresser earns an average salary of $32,439 per year, which is competitive. As a result, a career in hairdressing is lucrative, and there will always be a need for hairstylists.

2. Networking Opportunity

Hairstylists, like makeup artists, are constantly meeting and interacting with new people, so the majority of your work will be with people. Hence, if you consider yourself to be particularly outgoing or enjoy the company of others, working as a hairstylist is likely to bring you a lot of joy. In addition, you’ll be there for people on some of their most important days, such as weddings, graduations, and baby showers, to name a few.

3. Opportunity to Explore Your Creativity

The hairstyling industry is a creative one. Consider yourself an artist, with your client’s hair as your canvas. Many customers will come to you with specific requests for what they want. As an example, some people will bring pictures for inspiration. Others will entrust it entirely to you. As a hairstylist, it is your job to use your creative skills to create and enhance your client’s beauty.

4. Flexible Career

Freelance hairdressers have complete flexibility and the ability to choose their own work schedules and patterns. Setting up as a mobile beautician is also a viable option, as it reduces setup costs, complexity, and overhead.

The majority of office jobs follow a 9-5 schedule. On the other hand, Hairstylists often have more flexibility in working hours. For example, some salons allow you to choose your own working hours as long as you meet a minimum number of hours. This means you can work when it is convenient for you and still take care of your other responsibilities.

5. Opportunity to Follow Your Dreams

Many people do not consider hairdressing to be a legitimate profession. However, if you enjoy hairdressing, a career as a hairstylist will allow you to pursue your passion while also earning a good living. Whether people realize it or not, the beauty industry has been and will continue to grow.

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Why Should You Enroll in Online Hairdressing Courses?

Hairdressing is an industry of strength and stability that usually demonstrates exceptional resilience even in times of economic downturn. Because hairdressing is a trade, you can learn it by enrolling in any free online courses in hairdressing that we will be listing. Here are some reasons why you should take hairdressing classes:

1. Self Paced Learning

Online hairdressing certificate courses will allow you to learn and practice at your own pace without worrying about meeting deadlines. As a result, you can take hairdressing classes and learn it as a trade while going about your daily business until you gain mastery, start a job in it, or build a personal brand and begin receiving patronage.

2. It is Inexpensive

There are numerous free online courses in hairdressing that offer certificates at the end of the class. In addition, online hairdressing courses are cost-effective and time-saving because you don’t have to pay for unnecessary subway rides or drive long distances to the learning center.

3. Engaging Instructure

As you know, hairdressing classes are hands-on courses; as a result, you will observe how various styles are performed and applied. Before enrolling in the course, research the instructors to get a sense of their teaching style.

How Do You Become a Professional Hairdresser?

The following are steps you can take to become a hairdressing expert:

Step 1: Complete a Training Program

While some high schools offer hairdressing programs to their students, others do not. If yours does not, or if you already have a high school or equivalency diploma, you can enroll in any free online courses in hairdressing or attend a program at a vocational school.

Hairstylists’ training programs are available at community colleges, beauty schools, and cosmetology schools. To find a program that suits your test, you can head on to the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS) website and look for one that offers a specialty in hair. Also, courses are available in hair coloring, cutting, shampooing, styling, and applying permanent waves. In addition, some programs include skincare, manicuring, cosmetology, and salon management classes.

Step 2: Obtain a License

Professional hairdressers must obtain a license in all states; however, requirements vary by state. But, most require completion of an approved cosmetology program and a licensing exam. To apply for a license, contact your local state licensing board.

Step 3: Find a Job

Salons employ the majority of hairdressers. Spas, resorts, and nursing homes are among the other places where you can work. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than half of all hairstylists are self-employed. As a result, it’s more akin to an internship, and training will help you improve your job prospects and resume when applying for hairdressing jobs.

Step 4: Seek Professional Certifications

Professional certification in specialty areas, such as hair color and hair extensions, can be obtained by hairstylists to demonstrate their knowledge and ability in the field.

Step 5: Advance Your Career in Professional Hair Styling

Professional hair stylists begin in entry-level positions and advance by building a clientele and taking on more responsibilities within a salon. Some progress to salon management, while others teach cosmetology or work as sales representatives for beauty-related products.

Top Ten Free Online Courses In Hairdressing With Certificate in 2022

Below are the best free online certificate courses in hairdressing:

1. How to Start a Hair Salon Business

Do you consider your hair a canvas, and are you constantly looking for new and exciting hairstyles? Have you ever fantasized about working for yourself and setting your hours rather than for someone else? If any of these describe you, you should think about starting your own hair salon. 

This free online hairdressing course will provide you with all the tools and information you need to realize your dream of owning and operating your hair salon. In addition, the course will teach you the ins and outs of the business and take some of the stress out of launching your hair salon and establishing your reputation as a styling hotspot among fashion insiders.

You’ll learn how to: design and build a well-thought-out business plan, establish a reputation and marketing campaign to build a solid client base, find the perfect location for your salon, build a solid budget plan and fund the startup capital to get your world-famous hair salon off the ground and design the interior of your hair salon to attract as many of your specific market demographic as possible.

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Provider: Udemy

Duration: 5 Hours 

Subject: How to Start a Hair Salon Business

Start Date: Self-Paced

Apply Now

2. Bridal Hair Styling

This free online hairdressing course will teach you how to create stunning bridal hairstyles. In this course, you’ll learn about the necessary tools and products and general hair preparation procedures. The course then progresses to actual hair styling, with demonstrations of various techniques for creating bridal hairstyles, which can combine in multiple ways for an endless supply of options. 

Provider: Alison

Duration: 5 Hours 

Subject: Bridal Hair Styling

Start Date: Self-Paced

Apply Now

3. Hairdressing

We chose this course among the free online courses in hairdressing because it gives you the perfect opportunity to advance your career and improve your hairdressing skills. This course comprises several easy-to-digest, in-depth modules designed to provide you with a detailed, expert level of knowledge. Furthermore, the course will be taught to you using a combination of instructional video lessons and online study materials.

Provider: Reed Courses

Duration: 606 Hours 

Subject: Hairdressing

Start Date: Self-Paced

Apply Now

4. The Secrets to Curling Hair- Curling Iron, Wand & Flat Iron

This course also ranks among our best pick of free online courses in hairdressing. Since prospects are asking for curls at the end of your service, and if you don’t know how to braid, you will be stuck doing 90’s style curls that are outdated and aren’t appealing. The first section of the course goes over “general curling techniques,” tips, and tricks that will come in handy with any tool.

The second section focuses on the traditional curling iron, properly wrapping hair, creating a curling iron set for long-lasting curls, and making fast, beautiful curled looks.

The third section discusses curling with a wand technique and tricks on; How to wrap differently to achieve different looks, make a wand set, do “Hollywood Glam waves,” and even Loose Tousled Waves with Straight Ends, which are very trendy.

In the final two sections, they’ll teach you everything you need to know about curling with a flat iron to curl quickly and create incredible curls that last a long time and take less time to achieve.

Provider: Udemy

Duration: 5 Hours 

Subject: The Secrets to Curling Hair- Curling Iron, Wand & Flat Iron

Start Date: Self-Paced

Apply Now

5. Blow Drying for LONG & SHORT HAIR

In this free online blow-dry course, you’ll learn how to blow-dry your hair step by step while working with long and short hair. You’ll also practice various blow-drying techniques such as curly blow-drying, straight blow-drying, and volume blow-drying. Furthermore, you will learn about multiple blow-drying tools and methods and which blow-drying tools and hair styling products work.

Provider: Udemy

Duration: 3.5 Hours 

Subject: Blow drying for LONG & SHORT HAIR

Start Date: Self-Paced

Apply Now

6. Systematic Haircutting: CURLS CUT Workshop

Haircutting has become an art form with the English haircut. The hairdresser is no longer a hairdressing artist but a creative haircutter and forward-thinking stylist. We’ve all experienced the difficulties of cutting and styling curly hair. Many women have curls but are unsure how to manage them. Many hairdressers haven’t been adequately trained in cutting curls, so they rely on instinct. This free online hairdressing course will teach you how to manage curls correctly.

Provider: Udemy

Duration: 1 Hour

Subject: Systematic Haircutting

Start Date: Self-Paced

Apply Now

7. The Ultimate Creative Hair Design Course

The Ultimate Creative Hair Design Course course makes it to our list of free online courses in hairdressing because it is designed to teach you how to become familiar with creating many different hair designs and use your imagination and newly learned skills in creating some of the most jaw-dropping hair designs.

The course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their skills and become a more confident and creative hairstylist hence, it is structured with specific criteria and teaches you the fundamentals before progressing to more advanced techniques throughout the course. In addition, the course includes high-quality, easy-to-follow videos and worksheets to facilitate your learning.

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Provider: Udemy

Duration: 3.5 Hour

Subject: The Ultimate Creative Hair Design Course

Start Date: Self-Paced

Apply Now

8. Hair & Makeup + Bridal course

This free online hairdressing course is designed to make you an expert in understanding the fundamentals of Makeup and hairstyling and provide you with a significant amount of knowledge to specialize in Bridal Hair and Makeup. An experienced and professional tutor teaches the course and offers actionable steps to help students understand hair and bridal Makeup.

Provider: Udemy

Duration: 12 Hours

Subject: Hair & Makeup + Bridal course

Start Date: Self-Paced

Apply Now

9. Professional Hair and Makeup Artistry

If you’re already a professional hair and makeup artist, this course will help you keep your skills up to date and introduce you to new products. Similarly, if you want to retrain as one, this course will help you unlock your potential and build a full-time career doing something you enjoy.

This course uses live studio demos on a model to show you full looks from primer to lashes, converting Makeup from vintage to glamorous, and curling and plaiting hair techniques such as french dutch, halo, and fishtail braids.

After completing this course, you will be able to: create a flawless base, learn vintage, smokey, and dramatic looks, and fit multiple makeup options into a limited time frame (e.g., photoshoot or wedding morning!). Furthermore, you’ll learn braiding and curling techniques for beautiful hairstyles, the differences between brush types and application techniques, and how to create stunning looks that last for hours.

Provider: Udemy

Duration: 2 Hours

Subject: Professional Hair and Makeup Artistry

Start Date: Self-Paced

Apply Now

10. How to do crochet hairstyles on yourself & others

This is the last on our list of the best free online courses in hairdressing. Hairstyling is a unique profession that crosses virtually all cultural boundaries. This course was designed to teach those who want to learn how to do hairstyles, furthermore Faux Locs, crochet braids, cornrows, Senegalese Twists, and black hairstyles.

Provider: Udemy

Duration: 4 Weeks

Subject: How to do crochet hairstyles on yourself & others

Start Date: Self-Paced

Apply Now


It has been said that looking good is a good man’s business; your look has a lot to say about you at first sight. That is why everyone, both male and female, is focused on style and appearance, which has increased the demand for hairdressing services. In addition, everyone wants to look their best when they go out on the town, especially those preparing for special occasions such as weddings. As a result, hairdressing has proven to be a one-of-a-kind career that cuts across cultural boundaries. 

Aside from the financial benefits of the career path, you’ll be able to enjoy a flexible schedule while exploring your passion and earning money. As a result, having hairdressing skills is a good career path. We hope that this article has helped highlight some of the reasons why a career in hairdressing can be both enjoyable and lucrative and the free online courses in hairdressing.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Free Online Courses in Hairdressing

Who is the highest-paid hairstylist?

Here are a few of Hollywood’s wealthiest hairstylists who make a living doing the hair of various celebrities.

Ted Gibson
Kim Kimble
Lacy Redway
Chris McMillan
Adir Abergel

What are the career opportunities in hairdressing?

As a hairdresser, you can work as a Hairstylist, Colorist, Nail Professional, Esthetician, Massage Therapist, Barber, or even a Makeup Artist.

Can you do a hairdressing course online?

Yes! There are a lot of free online courses in hairdressing where you can learn the various skills of hairdressing in the comfort of your home.

How can I learn hairdressing fast?

Well, the easiest way to learn hairdressing fast is by practicing; as you practice what you learn, you become better at your craft

What do I need to become a hairdresser?

To become a hairdresser, you’ll need the to possess the right skills and knowledge; below are the skills you’ll need:

Attention to details
Communication skills
Listening skills
customer service skills

Reference – Career Outlook For Hairstylist

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