Top Ten Free Online Courses in Literature with Certificates in 2022

Students from all walks of life may now study literature from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to the availability of online courses. Free online literature courses use the finest advances in e-learning technology to facilitate one-on-one communication. They also receive feedback from students without losing academic standards. These online Literature courses can benefit full-time students or working professionals trying to further their education. They may also meet your needs no matter how demanding your schedule may be.

The courses often focus on one part of the academic subject, i.e., television writing, poetry, non-fiction, or language and culture. Online literature courses may last from a few days to a year and can end in a certificate or diploma. When students are taking online literature classes, they can use web-based classroom forums to talk to each other as well as their teachers.

Learn more about how to enroll in an online literature course by scrolling down and clicking on the link below. You have the option to enroll in any classes that interest you.

Top Ten Free Online Courses in Literature with Certificates

What is Literature?

Literature is a type of art that comprises written work. It is a way to record, keep, and pass on knowledge and entertainment from one time to another. Literature can also play a role in social, spiritual, psychological, or political things. Literature is usually divided into different types based on what it contains: prose, poetry, or drama. These types of works are then grouped into different time periods, aesthetic features, or genres.

What are Online Literature Courses about?

Literature is a kind of art that expresses itself via words. Language and literature are expressive instruments that reveal a culture’s aspects, its spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical traits. Literature studies the connections between literature and other cultural products, including cinema, digital media, and the visual arts.

History, languages, and philosophy are related to literature. Reading fiction, poetry, current plays, classical literature, and women’s literature are common themes in literature classes.

Students will gain advanced literary understanding as well as creative and communication abilities. By studying literature, students may enhance their critical thinking skills and increase their capacity to construct effective arguments. Graduates will be critical readers and writers with the academic ability to perform unique literary studies.

Graduates may work as editors, instructors, authors, book reviewers, historians, and researchers.

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Reasons to study Online Literature Courses.

Increasingly, secondary school disciplines seem to have a connection to postsecondary education. Consequently, parents and students believe that the mandatory study of English literature in most international schools is unnecessary for students, especially those learning English as a second language. But there are strong reasons to study an online literature course.

It’s very uncommon for students who solely study English as a language to overlook the importance of learning English literature. It doesn’t matter if they want to study English or translation in college. However, by taking online literature courses, students may learn more about the English language and culture as a whole.

English literature captures many facets of English culture. Shakespeare and other authors, poets, and playwrights of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries are clear examples. Studying other works of English literature, on the other hand, reinforces this principle. Similarities and references to many parts of English culture are available to students. They can learn the context and meanings of renowned statements and phrases and their relationships.

More on reasons to take free literature courses online.

Students who take an online literature course are free from the English language and culture. However, English literature, however, also exposes students to other literary traditions, such as the study of Greek plays, and literature from other countries, such as American literature. Television culture, with its immediacy and, at times, shallowness, offers an alternative for students.

Students who appreciate online literature courses will be able to establish a lifelong interest in books and reading. And they can maintain the practice when they leave school and into adulthood. They will be more open to different books and writing styles due to exposure to a variety of literature in the courses.

Literature teaches students not merely vocabulary but the use of language for particular and aesthetic purposes. Students who understand the principles of beat, meter, and rhythm may enhance their own writing. Finally, studying any Free online literature courses may provide students with a new perspective on their subjects and life.

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Who Can Pursue Online Literature Courses?

Literature students benefit from good verbal and written communication abilities. Using these abilities may aid students with the reading, interpretation, and analysis of literary works, which can take up a significant amount of time in a student’s course schedule. Students of poetry or screenplays may find that having good verbal communication skills can help them enjoy these works more.

Students majoring in literature are flexible and open-minded since they will often have to read and evaluate new materials. This might contain works from a wide range of cultures and social groupings. Students may obtain a better understanding of other people’s lives through reading about the experiences of those from other social groups, races, abilities, and identities. Graduate students, particularly those studying a foreign language, may decide to travel outside of their country of residence. Students who are able to adapt to new and different texts and situations could benefit a lot.

Skills Required for Free Online Literature Courses

  • Curios
  • Artistic
  • Creative thinking
  • Listening skills
  • Discussion skills
  • Reasoning and analysis

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What Will You Learn in Free Online Literature Courses?

  • You’ll learn about the history, present, and future of literature while taking online literature courses and getting certificates.
  • Grammar, linguistics, environmental education, literary and cultural history, medieval literature, and language skills are all taught in literature classes.
  • Students will learn literary criticism and creative writing in the courses.
  • You’ll have a deeper understanding of the significance of language and the impact it can have. Through the books, you’ll learn about other cultures as well as your own.

Career Pathways in taking Online Literature Courses.

In contrast to most college graduates, literature students enjoy a far broader range of professional options. They may teach English as a second language in schools both locally and internationally. It is possible for them to work as writers for periodicals or in marketing campaigns. If you’re a literature major, you may also work on writing or editing teams.

It’s not uncommon for English language and literature instructors at colleges and universities to earn an average salary of $67,980. Graduate degree holders may apply for many of these occupations.

Newspaper, book, and magazine publishers pay their editors an average salary of $53,880 per year. There is a 2-percent chance of employment growth in this position before the year 2022, which is very discouraging. Writers, on the other hand, are in more demand and earn an average yearly salary of $55,940. The bulk of these individuals operates in the information, scientific, and technological fields.

In journalism, writing, translation, academia, and other fields, students might find work after finishing literary courses online or on campus. As a writer, author, novelist, publisher, linguist, translator, teacher/professor, and more, they may pursue a profession in a variety of fields.

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Top Ten Free Online Literature Courses with Certificates.

1. Masterpieces of World Literature

In this online literature course, students will learn about how great authors make sense of their world and how their works change when they enter the world’s cultural scene today.

Great works of literature have always examined the conflicts, tensions, and linkages among nearby civilizations and frequently more distant locations, and no national literature has ever developed in isolation from the cultures surrounding it.

With a special focus on works of literature that deal specifically with the experience of the broader world, this course examines how great authors have positioned themselves around the globe, allowing us to grasp the deep origins of today’s global cultures.

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2. Shakespeare’s Hamlet: The Ghost

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the dead King of Denmark appears to his son, setting in motion a series of events that lead to the play’s notably brutal conclusion. In Shakespeare’s day, how would this intriguing character be understood?

Harvard professor Stephen Greenblatt explores the Ghost’s spooky theatrical impact and the historical conditions from which the figure arose. Learn about Hamlet’s narrative origins, how Renaissance England perceived the afterlife, and how the Ghost would have pleased and challenged its original audience. The Ghost helps us understand the play’s themes of death, grieving, recollection, and the power of theatre.

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You will learn how to “unlock” the play’s many different interpretations through short video lectures, readings from the play, and expert talks.

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3. Why Religion Matters: Religious Literacy, Culture, and Diversity

This is a free online literature course that teaches you about the importance of religion throughout history. Most significantly, it provides a thorough examination of the ways in which religious beliefs influence public policy and individual behavior. In today’s world, being able to understand this is very important for understanding the problems we have with religion all over the world.

The course also teaches about religious diversity and religious literacy in society’s traditions and cultures. It’s important to know about religion in order to understand international conflicts and domestic policy decisions in your own country.

Furthermore, the course includes case studies that help students better understand Islam, Buddhist thought and practices, Christian faith and practices, and other world faiths. A current viewpoint from the curriculum also helps students better understand the world around them.

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4. Basic Course in Literary and Cultural Theory

As part of their study of culture and literature, students will take this large, open online language course in the English language. The Swayam education platform, in collaboration with the Consortium for Educational Communication, is offering this curriculum (CEC). The literature course will run for 14 weeks.

Dr. Josepheni Joseph from St. Mary’s College, Thrissur, serves as the teacher for this online training program. The course helps students get a deeper understanding of cultural ideas and concepts, which in turn will help them better appreciate literature and other forms of culture in general.

Students who successfully complete the “Basic Course in Literary and Cultural Theory” online certification program will receive a certificate and credit points. All graduates can take this course.

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5. Literary Criticism (From Plato to Leavis)

Literary works or schools of thought are the subjects of literary criticism, which involves dissecting, analyzing, and interpreting them. Using this medium, the critic may explain and defend her opinion of a work, as well as offer readers pertinent biographical and historical information. This increases the reader’s appreciation of a piece of literature by helping them better grasp it. Swayam’s Literary Criticism (From Plato to Leavis) aims to provide students with a better knowledge of the topic by analyzing certain important literature.

The AICTE-approved Faculty Development Program for Literary Criticism is an online course (FDP). The IIT Madras staff has devised the course. For decades, literary works stand out for their brilliance and importance. The course curriculum will take you on a tour through these works.

In addition, Swayam’s Literary Criticism certification includes a digital certificate from NPTEL at the conclusion of the course for those who qualify for the certification test. Candidates have the option of checking their credentials in the digital world. The course falls within the purview of English literary studies.

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6. Literature, Culture, and Media

It is offered by Swayam as part of the NPTEL Programme, which offers free learning programs to interested people. This course’s curriculum attempts to expose learners to the interdisciplinary connections of literature, culture, and the media. Literature, culture, and the media influence customers’ ideas and viewpoints, as well as their identities.

It will also showcase some of the new media formats that have recreated and changed literary genres. Marxism, Feminism, and Deconstruction are literary and theoretical critiques that help explain various literary phenomena and cultural components of popular culture.

Also, Swayam’s Literature, Culture, and Media certification course is for anybody that loves the topic.. Enrollment requires no previous knowledge. The 12-week course is also in the humanities and social sciences.

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7. Literature and Coping Skills

With the Literature and Coping Skills certification course, students may explore the power of literary experience. The session will examine strong coping resilience and techniques that matter now.

The psychology of fear and excitement will be covered in depth over the course of eight weeks. These include pleasure, grief, fear, happiness, worry, and others.

Swayam’s online program in Literature and Coping Skills will help people who want to learn how to deal with fear, trauma, sadness, anxiety, and grief.

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The seminar will teach students how to love themselves and conquer despair and anxiety. The show will deal with universal human experiences.

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8. ChinaX Book Club: Five Authors, Five Books, Five Views of China

This online literature course is precisely intended to cover all aspects of modern China via debate, critical reading, and analysis. The 5-week self-paced course covers all areas of China’s cultural and historical transitions, as well as all levels of participation, real or imagined.

Using these techniques, the certification course examines Chinese culture and topics that directly or indirectly affect Chinese people. Candidates may openly explore the potential of literature to help reimagine China. It also includes several interviews with recognized writers who, via their publications, strive to educate applicants about Chinese culture and customs. Close reading and analytical skills help applicants come up with their own unique way of looking at culture, literature, and history.

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9. Postcolonial Literature

This online literature course is open to all postgraduate English literature students. You’ll read important books by authors like Raja Rao, Joseph Conrad, and Jhumpa Lahiri from the 1980s, as well as literary critics in this course.

Postcolonial Literature also comes under English Studies and the Humanities and Social Sciences. The elective course will last four weeks and will help you understand postcolonial literature’s complicated themes and theories. 

The Postcolonial Literature certification course will provide you with a broad grasp of postcolonial studies and the rich works that shaped global literary history.

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10. Ancient Masterpieces of World Literature

This short online literature course looks at how ancient civilizations and cultures used writing to show who they were. It also shows how literature still helps us learn about them today.

Cities, countries, and empires built their identities on a foundation of histories and myths passed down through generations via oral tradition and new writing technologies. These epics, tale collections, and novels would eventually spread across the world and become the first works of world literature.

This course spans time, from ancient king legends through medieval court history and early modern adventure. We will analyze how these writings influenced their own periods of history as well as how they continue to influence ours.

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Humans are constantly evolving as a species. People and civilizations have evolved during the vast history of life on Earth. What literature does is help us learn about the past and go back in time to learn about life on Earth from those who have gone before us. Prose fiction, theater, and poetry are the most common forms of literature. It helps us understand and connect with people because it reflects our own human nature.

Literature classes in English, Hindi, and other languages may be taken by anybody who wants to learn about the world’s traditions and customs. After high school, major colleges offer a wide variety of literary courses. In addition, there are a broad variety of online literary certification courses that students may take from some of the world’s most prestigious institutions and colleges.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Free Online Literature Courses.

How can I learn literature courses online?

Learn about the world’s greatest literary masterpieces by taking online courses from some of the world’s best colleges and organizations. 

What do I learn in literature courses?

In online literature courses and certifications, you will learn about different cultures and literature, as well as how to do literary research, read poetry, write fiction, read modern drama, and more.

What is the duration of literature certification courses?

Literature certification courses may be completed in as little as a few weeks.

When can I take up literature courses?

After 12th grade, you may take literature courses. You must have a bachelor’s degree in literature or its equivalent to apply to master’s degree programs.

How much does it cost to pursue literature courses?

For free, there are a number of online literature courses and certificates that are accessible.

What can I do after literature courses?

You may pursue a career in journalism, publishing, advertising, teaching, and more after completing online literature courses and certifications.


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