Top Ten Free Online Courses in Pedagogy With Certificates in 2023

The approach we use to instruct people affect their reception toward it. Therefore, to better understand the effect of this and the best approaches to applying, we have provided free online courses in pedagogy for you here. These programs will help shape our instructional mindset. Subsequently, make us better teachers to our pupils or even to our young ones.

Meanwhile, a lot is involved in pedagogy as it is more of an act than a concept. Although the concept is also a prerequisite for this taught. But do not underrate the essence of this course as it cannot be emphasized.

However, sanity is the mother of modern economy and interrelationships between people and firms. For this to be made easily possibly education was put in place.

Hence, if you have the slightest interest to learn more about pedagogy, Or you’ve been asking questions like what is Pedagogy? Is pedagogy a profession? And many other queries related to the subject content, then this article is for you. So, you’d need to carefully read through this page to get your questions answered. Also, do well to enroll for one of the courses herein for better involvement and understanding.

Free Online Courses in Pedagogy With Certificates

What is Pedagogy?

Pedagogy is extensively understood as the method of teaching. Thus, it is the concept and procedure of learning, and how this process affects and is affected by, the political, social, and psychological growth of learners.

Furthermore, Pedagogy is the study of how knowledge and dexterities are imparted in an educational context. Hence, it considers the dealings that take place during learning. Both the concept and practice of pedagogy vary vastly, as they express different political, social, and cultural contexts.

However, Pedagogy is often defined as the act of teaching. Thus, the pedagogy adopted by teachers molds their judgment, actions, and other teaching methods. So this is made possible by taking into consideration concepts of learning, understanding of students and their necessities, and the settings and concerns of individual students.

Meanwhile, pedagogy’s aim ranges from promoting liberal education to the narrower specifics of vocational education.

Why Enrol In A Pedagogy Course?

If teaching is the act of motivating learning activities through discovery and gained knowledge, pedagogy is the method of teaching. Therefore, if you must become a good teacher, you must apply pedagogy.

Meanwhile, you don’t necessarily need to be an academic or classroom teacher to undertake a pedagogy course. For instance, you can be a team lead or supervisor who what’s to get things right and communicate rightly with your subordinates. In this case, you can enroll in a course in pedagogy.

However, even parents can apply for a program in pedagogy. This way, they will be able to handle their children well. Also learn alternative ways to handle matters. Also, if you are someone that naturally lives like a teacher or an icon you should take a program in pedagogy. Hence, we’ve provided you with several free online courses in pedagogy with certificates to select from herein.

How Do You Apply Pedagogy?

Realistically, Pedagogy requires expressive classroom interactions between instructors and learners. The objective is to help students build on previous learning and develop skills and behaviors. For instructors, the aim is to convey the curriculum in a way that applies to student needs.

Nonetheless, pedagogy can be applied in our everyday dealings. A planned way of communicating in interactions with people is a very great idea. It shows how creative and disciplined you can be.

Also, applying pedagogy in the workplace will show how accountable you can be towards your activities. It also exposes you to be more approachable.

Top 10 Free Online Courses in Pedagogy With Certificates

#1. New Learning: Principles and Patterns of Pedagogy

This is one one the tremendous free online courses in pedagogy we offer. This course will expose you to principles and patterns of Pedagogy.

Hence, knowing that education is a state of flux that transitions from conventional architectures and practices to new ecologies of teaching and learning. Thus, this is influenced by the great social and technological transitions of our times.

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Furthermore, some great questions would be answered in these courses. That includes; What changes are ongoing today in workplaces, social life, and everyday community life? Also, what is their significance for education? What are the possible effects of current social changes on teaching and learning?

Additionally, this also includes the areas of technology, improving forms of work in society knowledge, media, globalization, diversity, and, in these contexts, changing learner needs and sensibilities?

So, this course examines 3 pedagogical paradigms:

  • Authentic Learning
  • Didactic Learning
  • Transformative learning.

Therefore, it takes a historical standpoint to define the modern dimensions of what we phrase “new learning”. This program equips enrollees to make calculated choices and links specific theories/instructional methods to individual and group learning goals.

Provider: The University of Illinois through Coursera

Subject: New Learning: Principles and Patterns of Pedagogy

Duration: 15 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

Apply Now Here

#2. Foundations of Teaching for Learning: Being a Teacher

The Foundations of Teaching for Learning program is designed for anyone who is educating or would like to teach, in any specialization and any context. Therefore, this is one good course among our list of free online courses in pedagogy.

Hence, this program can be applied at school, at home, or in the workplace. With great lessons taught by popular and respected experts from across the Commonwealth. Thus, this is an eight-course program that will see you grow and enhance your skills in teaching, assessment, professionalism, and more.

Consequently, as you carry on through this program, you will find yourself improving not only your skills but your relationship with colleagues across the globe.

Meanwhile, knowing that how we teach has its inception in how we learned was taught. Therefore, this course provides an opportunity for you to evaluate what you teach and professional growth as a teacher. Through contemplation and portfolio development you will strengthen your knowledge and understanding of how to improve learning.

Provider: Commonwealth Education Trust through Coursera

Subject: Foundations of Teaching for Learning: Being a Teacher

Duration: 12 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

Apply Now Here

#3. TESOL Certificate, Part 1: Teach English Now!

While embarking on this free online TESOL course you’d learn to recognize second or foreign language learning theories, illustrate basic foundational precepts, and designs. Also, plan lessons to teach English as a second or foreign language effectively.

Furthermore, in this course, you will learn about the basic methods founded upon basic foundational precepts. It will define foreign or second language concepts and basic research in second language obtainment and their pedagogical significance.

Hence, you will apply the skills you’ve learned to design a lesson plan which includes assessments, learning outcomes, classroom management techniques, materials, and the learning activities themselves. Therefore to apply for this program, carefully check through the link below.

Provider: The Arizona State University through Coursera

Subject: TESOL Certificate

Duration: 6 months

Start Date: Self-placed

Apply Now Here

#4. Teaching Character and Creating Positive Classrooms

In these free online courses in pedagogy, positive psychology meets K-12 pedagogy. Hence this course studies key ideas of positive psychology. This also shows how large teachers apply those classes to maximize student concentration and accomplishment.

So, through lectures, interviews, discussions, and footage of great teachers in action, you’ll learn how to put together character-based motives into your teaching.

Provider: Relay Graduate School of Education through Coursera

Subject: Teaching Character and Creating Positive Classrooms

Duration: 10 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

Apply Now Here

#5. Learning to Teach Online

Are you a teacher? Have you ever aspired to know more about how to construct your class to make better use of academic technology whether online or in mixed contexts? Would you like to learn from those who have substantial practical knowledge of online technologies?

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Meanwhile, this program will help you acquire a working knowledge of prosperous online teaching techniques that you can correlate with your practice. Incorporating online technologies into your pedagogy can be a challenging prospect. Thus, it can be problematic to know how to move toward it effectively for the advantage of both students and yourself. Hence, one knows your capacity and teaching potencies better than you, and the formula doesn’t constantly suit everyone.

Consequently, irrespective of what type of tech interests you to explore or your level of experience. This course will help you bring out your teaching abilities and find the method that is right for you. Thence, your students, and your academic context. This course will direct you through your journey of knowing how online technologies can improve your course design.

Additionally, You will have the chance to develop your knowledge of effective online education practices. Also, their relationship to the use of different technologies. You will also be motivated to progressively structure and reflect upon your online learning assessment, activity, or resource for use in your class if you want to attempt the lesson assignments

Provider: The University of New South Wale through Coursera

Subject: Learning to Teach Online

Duration: 18 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

Apply Now Here

#6. Cultures and pedagogies

In this course, we explore pedagogical options that fit into several historical, cultural, and political contexts. You will find out about pedagogies and pedagogues who regulate a break from the prominent pedagogical methods of our society.

Here, you see the practical and theoretical scopes of the assistance of pedagogues of international foundations. You will also find out about various academic institutions.

This course also strives to clarify not only that particular little-known pedagogic but can represent viable choices to the presently dominant conception of education. They are also likely to be communicated with the modern school form by reacting to the needs specific to certain learners or new global difficulties such as sustainable development.

Through these pedagogies, taking into account the cultures of learners can be promoted. This can make school and extracurricular learning more applicable.

Provider: The University of Geneva through Coursera

Subject: Cultures and pedagogies

Duration: 29 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

Apply Now Here

#7. ART of the MOOC: Public Art and Pedagogy

This massive open-source online course will make students try their hands at their public art interventions. Or simply focus on learning from the concept of public exercise and its current history. The lectures link major growths of new decades to wider subjects like everyday social structures, spatial politics, and experimental education.

Hence, the course does not require any prior experience in arts or it’s related. But will require your maximum focus.

Provider: Duke University through Coursera

Subject: ART of the MOOC: Public Art and Pedagogy

Duration: 9 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

Apply Now Here

#8. Social Pedagogy across Europe

Social Pedagogy across Europe is the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) focused on social pedagogy. This is a relationship-centered method of assisting people’s learning, well-being, and social inclusion in manners that promote social justice.

Meanwhile, this course is framed in eight sessions presented over four weeks. Through this course, we aim to achieve the following;

  • Highlight the significance of valuing every person as inherently ‘rich’, recognizing their unique potential and ability to be a valuable member of society
  • Give you an insight into how social pedagogy has been developing across Europe, highlighting both the diversity and connections
  • Introduce you to ways in which you can bring this belief to life in everyday interactions and relationships that support people’s learning, nurture their well-being and enable them to feel included in society
  • Ensure you are familiar with the most basic aspects of social pedagogical practice in ways that are relevant to your own personal and professional life.
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If you are presently working with young people, children’s families, community groups, vulnerable adults, or older people, then this course will be highly important. You will gain a spectacular overview of social pedagogy, which examines the precepts and key thematic areas in ways that are practice-important and can be easily related in any educational and care environment.

Provider: The Universitat Autonoma De Barcelona through Coursera

Subject: Social Pedagogy across Europe

Duration: 22 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

Apply Now Here

#9. Learning, Knowledge, and Human Development

This is also one of the great free online courses in pedagogy that sets out to provide an understanding of concepts of learning and growth. Also, describes how these concepts relate to academic technology.

So, this course has two components. Firstly, is theoretical, where we try to create an overall structure of reference. Hence, locating methods to the psychology of learning in terms of significant paradigm changes, from ‘brain developmental’, to behaviorism’, then to ‘social cognitivism’. Thus, the second component is empirical, in which we will use these theoretical notions to ‘parse’ a technology negotiated, to learn to set for its underlying presuppositions.

Provider: The University of Illinois through Coursera

Subject: Learning, Knowledge, and Human Development

Duration: 9 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

Apply Now Here

#10. Ubiquitous Learning and Instructional Technologies

This is the last on our list of free online courses in pedagogy. Hence, this course will help you learn to analyze presently accessible technologies for learning. Thus, the areas addressed in this program include;

  • Learning management systems
  • Intelligent tutors
  • Computer adaptive testing
  • Learning in and through social media and peer interaction
  • Gamification
  • Simulations
  • Universal design for learning
  • Differentiated instruction systems
  • Big data and learning analytics
  • Attention monitoring, and affect-aware systems.

Furthermore, participants will scrutinize the processes for choosing and implementing suitable technologies and the design of electronic learning resources. Also, the design and application of digital instruments in teaching and learning.

Provider: The University of Illinois through Coursera

Subject: Ubiquitous Learning and Instructional Technologies

Duration: 14 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

Apply Now Here

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Conclusively, if you’ve gone through this article, you will have understood what pedagogy is all about and its essence. Therefore, we advise you to apply for one of the free online courses in pedagogy herein.

This program will be beneficial to virtually most responsible people who are willing to boost their alternative abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Online Courses in Pedagogy

What is an example pedagogy?

Examples of pedagogical skills include Alternating your tone of voice. Asking students questions to find out their prior knowledge. Rewards for effort. Changing up the classroom layout.

What are pedagogy skills?

Pedagogical skills are a teacher’s ability to instruct students and manage their classroom. Teachers learn the material, understand their students, communicate with parents, collaborate with colleagues, and form fair and consistent guidelines

What is the difference between pedagogy and teaching?

If teaching is the act of encouraging learning activities through discovery and acquired knowledge, pedagogy is the method of teaching, both as an academic subject or theoretical concept.

Why is pedagogy important in teaching?

Pedagogy is important because it gives teachers an insight into the best practices for a classroom setting. It allows them to understand how different students learn so they can tailor their lessons to suit these needs. As a result, this will improve the quality of their teaching as it will be well received by students.

What are the 5 pedagogical approaches?

The five major approaches are Constructivist, Collaborative, Integrative, Reflective, and Inquiry-Based Learning

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