Top Ten Free Online Courses in Telecommunications With Certificates in 2022

This article will expose you to free online courses in telecommunications. Grrrrhhnn! Your phone rings and the next thing go pick it up and speak to someone at a lengthy distance. It’s funny, right? Lol! However, it’s meant to show a good instance of the telecommunication process to practice. To learn more about this by checking out free online courses in telecommunication featured herein.

So, if you’ve been looking for a good understanding of telecommunications, it’s advised you check through this page. Also, if you’ve been asking lots of questions regarding telecommunications, questions like;

  • What qualification needs telecommunication?
  • How many years does it take to study telecommunication engineering?
  • How to become a telecommunications engineer?
  • What is telecommunications?

We have all these answers here due to the many queries received here regarding the subject content. Meanwhile, our group of professional have also cooked up good links from where you can apply for free online courses in telecommunications. Feel free to check them out.

Free Online Courses in Telecommunications With Certificates

What is Telecommunications?

Telecommunication is simply the science and practice of transmitting information by electromagnetic means. Thus, recent telecommunication concentrates on the problems concerning transmitting large volumes of information over long distances without damage or loss due to noise and interference.

Furthermore, the essential components of a modern digital telecommunications system are capable of transmitting radio, data, voice, and television signals. Thus, digital transmission is used to attain high dependability because the expense of digital switching systems is much lower than the expense of analog systems. To use digital transmission, however, the analog signals that consist mostly of voice, radio, and television communication have to be faced with a process of analog to digital conversion.

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Why enroll In Free Online Courses In Telecommunications?

Sometimes reasons to enroll in any course may be due to personal reasons however there are numerous benefits to enrolling in a program in telecommunications either inline or offline. But engaging in one of the free online courses in telecommunications listed here is a life-changing opportunity.

Thence, this is because you are offered on a platter to learn from world experts afterward you’d be issued a certificate that you can use in any part of the world during the job hunt. Also, you are free to learn from the comfort of your home. This will also help you relate with students from across the globe thereby expanding your horizon of connection.

Hence, enrolling in free online courses in telecommunication would help you learn ahead of others and you gain more knowledge than your foes. Therefore, grow faster in your career path.

How Do You Become A Telecommunication Engineer?

To become a telecommunications engineer, you must ensure to have completed your secondary school education. Hence, it is expectedly in the science field where you will study subjects like physics and maths. Thus, this is the foundational ground for every type of engineering.

Afterward, aspirants are to obtain a bachelor’s degree or diploma in telecommunications engineering or its related field. Normally it is a beach of electrical electronics engineering so you can apply for that and specialize later on. After your bachelor’s degree, it is advisable to get sufficient experience and skillset to become a telecommunications engineer.

Next, you complete a master’s degree. Then get a professional certificate and practicing license. Meanwhile, you should attend a government-accredited institution during both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees. This can either be online or on-campus regardless. So this is why we have provided you with some free online courses in telecommunications.

Top 10 Free Online Courses in Telecommunications With Certificates

See below for a detailed list of free online courses in telecommunications. You can choose to enroll for anyone that draws your attention so you can grow your knowledge in the telecommunications field.

#1. Networks and Communications Security

Welcome to the Networks and Communications Security Course, our first feature on the free online courses in telecommunications.

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So, in this Networks and Communications Security course, you will wrap your head around the data transmission processes, transport formats, and network structure. Also, security measures are used to maintain the availability, integrity, authentication, and confidentiality of the information that is being transmitted. Hence, theories for both private and public communication networks will be discussed. This course covers;

  • Explain network-related security problems
  • Specify protective measures for telecommunication technologies
  • Clarify processes for controlling network access
  • Identify processes for managing LAN-based security
  • Describe procedures for operating and configuring networked-based security devices
  • Define procedures to execute and operate wireless technologies

Provider: Offered by (ISC)² education and training through Coursera

Subject: Networks and Communications Security

Duration: 20 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

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#2. Digital Signal Processing 1: Basic Concepts and Algorithms

Digital Signal Processing is a branch of engineering that, has facilitated remarkable levels of interpersonal communication and on-demand entertainment. So this is a great course on our free online courses in telecommunications. Hence, by updating the principles of telecommunications, electronics, and computer science into a uniform paradigm, DSP is the center of the digital uprising that brought us players (DVDs, CDs, MP3), mobile phones, and countless other devices.

Meanwhile, in this series of courses, you will learn the essentials of Digital Signal Processing from start to up. Thus, beginning from the primary definition of a discrete-time signal, we will also deal with interpolation, filter design, Fourier analysis, sampling, and quantization to design a DSP toolset detailed enough to evaluate a logical communication system in detail.

Furthermore, practical examples and demonstrations will be used to close the void between theory and exercise. So, to obtain the best of this class, we recommend that you are competent in basic calculus and linear algebra. This is because you’d learn several programming languages including Python notebooks but you can also use your acquainted programming language to test the algorithms taught in the course.

Provider: Offered by EPFL through Coursera

Subject: Digital Signal Processing 1: Basic Concepts and Algorithms

Duration: 29 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

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#3. Digital Business Models

Digital business models are disrupting companies in telecommunications, e-commerce, automotive, transportation, advertising, insurance, and also many other industries. Hence, this course will examine the business models of software shakers in the west such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon, and in the east such as WeChat and Xiaomi. Meanwhile, the class uses a structured receptacle for evaluating business models with several examples so that students can relate them to their case studies or businesses.

We will examine how software developers are not just the inventors but also the decision-makers in modern competitive combats from consumer goods to enterprise software and from mobile to cloud. And we will also explain how developers are the mechanism of digital business models, using examples from distinct industries and from healthcare to aviation.

Provider: Offered by Lund University through Coursera

Subject: Digital Business Models

Duration: 11 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

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#4. Machine Learning for Telecom Customers Churn Prediction

Machine learning is very important in telecommunications so we’ve provided it in our free online courses in telecommunications. So in this practical course, we will treat many classifications of algorithms such as Support Vector Machine, K-Nearest Neighbors, Logistic Regression, and Random Forest Classifier to anticipate the churn rate of Telecommunication Customers.

Additionally, machine learning enables companies to analyze customer churn rates based on numerous factors such as tenure rate, services subscribed by customers, and payment techniques. Forecasting a churn rate is important for these companies because the cost of maintaining an existing customer is far less than procuring a new one.

Provider: Offered by Coursera

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Subject: Machine Learning for Telecom Customers Churn Prediction

Duration: 2


Start Date: Self-placed

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#5. Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics is a profound analytical program in our free online courses in telecommunications. Thus, this course entails the art and science of applying data analytics to evaluate and enhance supply chain behavior.

However, a supply chain is a complex system with clashing goals of cost efficiency and customer gratification. Thus, supply chain management is becoming increasingly data-driven. Through the realistic story and data of a leading US telecommunication company, you will also learn the analytics tools/skills to analyze and optimize a supply chain. After completing this course, you will be able to

  • Use data analytics to evaluate the consequence of various techniques on all aspects of a supply chain, from inventory, and shipping, to warehouse order fulfillment, store operations, and customer satisfaction.
  • Customize the supply chain strategy by-product to enhance the overall cost efficiency without surrendering customer service.
  • Obtain practical experience in the application and financial impact of analytics in integrated supply chain and logistics planning.

Provider: Offered by the State University of New Jersey through Coursera

Subject: Supply Chain Analytics

Duration: 9 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

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#6. Real-Time Embedded Systems Specialization

The series emphasizes hands-on exercise and assessment of your learning growth, not only established on knowledge obtainment but by teaching you to put concepts into practice and how to analyze design choices and make optimal selections. The special final project enables you to see on-time difficulties with your eyes, debug interactively, and create a simple home tracking, detection, and synchronization system.

Project work comprises a series of real-time processing and concurrence exercises along with calculation and structure in the first two courses. The third course gives knowledge of mission-critical components like error correction code memory, flash file systems, and redundant hardware. Thus, in the final course, you put all of the methods together in your development to build a real-time system that you can assess at home.

Provider: Offered by the University of Colorado Boulder through Coursera

Subject: Real-Time Embedded Systems Specialization

Duration: 5 months

Start Date: Self-placed

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#7. Microscopic Characterization Techniques

The journey through the stimulating world of microscopy enables us to see an order far removed from the macroscopic world with which we are familiar. The different microscopic methods help us to appreciate the atomic kingdom and the configuration of living organisms, as well as the several materials. It is a crucial tool for expanding new functionalities

s in the field of nanotechnology and nanoscience with biomedical applications, computing and telecommunications, and renewable energies, among many others.

When you complete the course, you will have a detailed overview of the basic elements that compose the microscopes that we use in the various procedures, their operation, sample preparation, as well as the objectives and outcomes of the study.

So, the course is designed for high school teachers who want to have a strategy for microscopy procedures well as for high school and first-year university students. But it is adequate for anyone enthusiastic about the nanoworld and its applications.

Provider: Offered by the Universitat De Barcelona through Coursera

Subject: Microscopic Characterization Techniques

Duration: 8 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

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#8. Quantum mechanics

This course is the major introduction to quantum mechanics. Using a historical method and depending on a confrontation between practice and theory, will enable you to discern the basic precepts of quantum mechanics and glance at some of its applications. The course consists of the eight sessions below.

  • Wave-particle duality
  • The wave function
  • Fourier transform
  • From impulse to Hamiltonian
  • The confined quantum particle
  • Individual quantum measurements
  • Then one-dimensional potential
  • Tunnel Effect

Provider: Offered by the Institut Polytechnique De Paris through Coursera

Subject: Quantum mechanics

Duration: 19 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

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#9. Sales Operations/Management Specialization

Sales jobs cut across virtually every industry, from telecommunications and estate management to agribusiness and pharmaceuticals. And crucial to sales is the management of the sales force. So this is a great program among our free online courses in telecommunications. Thus, this course gives the proficiency and know-how needed for jobs in sales management. Learners are exposed to all facets of sales management, including training, selecting, organizing, motivating, supervising, and reimbursing the sales force, territory management,t and administration, and sales and expense forecasting. Also, typical sales management problems and potential solutions are taught here. As part of the course, you will meet several practicing sales managers who share their experience and knowledge. When you complete this course, you will be able to;

  • Develop a plan for organizing, staffing, and training a sales force.
  • Identify the main factors in establishing and maintaining high morale in the sales force.
  • Evaluate the performance of a salesperson.
  • Organize sales territories to maximize selling effectiveness.
  • Evaluate sales and sales management techniques regarding current legal and ethical principles of practice
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Provider: Offered by the West Virginia University through Coursera

Subject: Sales Operations/Management Specialization

Duration: 6 months

Start Date: Self-placed

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#10. Financing and Investing in Infrastructure

So in this program of free online courses in telecommunications, you will learn how debt and equity can be used to fund infrastructure enterprises and how investors address infrastructure investments.

The course concentrates on how private investors address infrastructure projects from the perspective of equity, debt, and hybrid instruments. Hence, the course focuses on the practical viewpoints of project finance. The most frequently used financial methods for infrastructure investments.

Furthermore, the reiterated use of real-life instances and case studies will enable students to link their academic experience to actual business exercises. During completion of the course, learners will be able to analyze a complex transaction, recognize the key elements of a deal, and suggest adequate results for deal structuring from a financial advisor’s standpoint.

Provider: Offered by Bocconi through Coursera

Subject: Financing and Investing in Infrastructure

Duration: 11 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

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If you aspire to any career path in the telecommunications field, then you’re on the right part to success if you don’t procrastinate and act fast. So, try to enroll in any of the free online courses in telecommunications herein that interest you.

Meanwhile, if you have any unanswered queries, do well to reach us on any of our platforms to get a quick response. Or if you encounter any problems while enrolling for any free online courses in telecommunications. We are at your back and call.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Online Courses in Telecommunications

What qualification needs telecommunication?

To be eligible to pursue studies in telecommunication the student has to have to pass a 10+2 level examination in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry from any recognized state or national board. Aspirants can also pursue Post Graduation courses in this field. These courses can be both technical as well as non-technical.

What career requires a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications?

A telecommunications bachelor’s degree can prepare you for a variety of careers, including those in telecommunications analysis, telecommunications engineering, and customer service. Telecommunications analysts maintain existing telecommunication systems.

What is Tele in telecommunication?

The word telecommunications comes from the Greek prefix tele-, which means “distant,” combined with the Latin word communicate, which means “to share.”

How many years does it take to study telecommunication engineering?

A bachelor’s degree is a four-year undergraduate degree and is the standard for higher education throughout most of the world.

Is there a degree in telecommunications?

Bachelor in Telecommunication programs is available worldwide at top-notch academic institutions. Bachelor in Telecommunication graduates can have excellent opportunities in a variety of fields.

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