Top Ten Free Online Courses in Travel and Tourism with Certificate

The travel and tourism business is one of the largest, and its marketplaces are highly saturated, with constantly decreasing profit margins on one hand and rapidly changing needs and client demands on the other. To bridge these gaps, there are free online courses in travel and tourism created for professionals in the tourism industry.

It appears that the industry’s expansion has hit its environmental, social, and economic limits and that no further expansion is possible. Tourism products and services are becoming more similar and interchangeable. The tourism sector is primarily structured traditionally. The growth of ICTS (Information and Communication Technologies), particularly the Internet and its revolutionary impact on corporate value creation, has led to a massive surge in the literature on how to manage the economy and business in light of a worldwide paradigm change. Academics have paid close attention to the fundamental aspects of incorporating customers into company processes. It is well acknowledged in the scientific literature that service innovations have been handled with care. The majority of the literature on tourist co-creation focuses on the creation of tailored client experiences in service.

Top Ten Free Online Courses in Travel and Tourism with Certificate

What is Tourism Management?

The tourist business is a rapidly expanding industry with numerous branches. The discipline of creating outstanding experiences for tourists and fostering a steady flow of consumers is known as hospitality and tourism management. Tourism and its sister industry, hotel management, are both huge businesses.

Working in the hospitality industry, particularly in international tourism, necessitates a solid understanding of several fields such as food service, event management, and business administration. Companies and organizations require experts to manage and sustain tourism and ensure that great experiences are provided. If you enjoy working with moving parts, you might fancy the profession of hospitality and tourism management.

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Free Online Courses in Travel and Tourism

The free Tourism Management course gives you a broad overview of the travel and tourism industry. This Tourism Management Course might be a great way to start in this field. The first portion of the course provides an overview of the tourist industry, including its sectors and job opportunities. The course’s subsequent units describe the requirements of both business and leisure travelers. Moving on, the course delves into the workings of the travel and tourism sector, as well as marketing in the industry. This could be the course for you if you are a social person who enjoys working with people.

Because tourism is a worldwide sector, a career in this field can take you far in every sense. Tourism Management is an introductory course that will teach you about the organization and operation of the travel and tourism sectors. The training also assists you in developing highly sought-after employability skills including communication, personal effectiveness, and teamwork.

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Top 10 Free Online Courses in Travel and Tourism with Certifications

Our team of specialists developed this list of the Top Ten Tourism Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training, and Certification programs accessible online for 2022 after conducting significant research. Beginners, intermediates, and experts can all benefit from this training. This collection includes both paid and free materials to assist you in preparing for a promising profession in the rapidly expanding area of tourism.

1. Tourism and Hospitality Courses

Provider: Alison

One of the most interesting sectors in which to establish a successful career is the rapidly growing tourism business. Alison’s free online tourism and hospitality courses will assist you in launching a career in this lucrative field. The sessions will give you the skills you need to advance in hospitality management, tourist studies, and hotel operations. With the right training, you’ll be able to explore work prospects all around the world and start a profession that offers endless opportunities for both you and other travelers.

Enroll in the course here.

2. Online Tourism Courses

Provider: Coursera

In recent years, the tourism and hospitality business has experienced remarkable growth, attracting millions of young hopefuls who want to make their mark in the same field. Students will learn job-relevant skills in no time by taking online tourism courses from the world’s leading instructors and seasoned tutors with years of professional experience in the same area. Students will be guided through their career options in the same industry, work on real-world projects, and acquire a Specialization Certificate to share with their professional network and potential employers.

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Enroll in the courses here.

3. Tourism and Travel Management

Provider: EdX

Insider thoughts on this dynamic and rising business are provided by leading tourism practitioners and experts. The travel and tourism industry is known for being one of the most dynamic, entertaining, developing, and difficult of all industries. Students will learn about difficulties and solutions in the ever-changing global tourism and travel sector through this course. Furthermore, the lessons will provide valuable insight into how to manage the issues that destinations and operators face. It will demonstrate how to make well-informed decisions. The training will be a self-discovery of numerous areas of tourism planning and management for both beginners and professionals.

Enroll in the courses here.

 4. Travel and Tourism Courses

Provider: IATA

It’s astounding to hear that the travel and tourism business employs nearly 200 million people worldwide. This course will assist students in developing the necessary skills and knowledge to optimize their career options in this rapidly growing field. Each course leads to an IATA qualification, which is recognized internationally by the travel industry, ranging from travel agents to senior management for agencies or tour companies. Training with industry veterans will open doors for new aspirants and provide little room for error during interviews.

Enroll in the courses here.

5. Travel and Tourism Diploma

Provider: International Career Institute

The ICI travel and tourism course were developed in collaboration with industry experts to help you learn the efficiency you’ll need to succeed in the business quickly and easily. So, you’ll be able to create a learning schedule that works for you and study at your own pace, even from the comfort of your own home. The Institute provides you with a variety of FREE career assistance after you complete your vocational training. Certainly, the services will assist you in finding work or even starting a business.

6. Travel and Tourism Specialist Program

Provider: Penn Foster College

It’s easier than ever to start your career with an Online Diploma in Travel & Tourism from Penn Foster College and turn your passion for travel into a career. As you prepare to sit for the nationally recognized Travel Agent Proficiency (TAP) certification, learn the skills you’ll need to work in a variety of settings. These settings include airlines and cruise lines, travel agencies and tour companies, in-house corporate travel departments, wholesale suppliers, and convention bureaus.

Enroll in the course here.

7. Tourism Programmes

Provider: Training Aid

Young students and other young aspirants can acquire sustainable tourism practices and business skills from industry professionals. Certainly, they can get these skills through this free online course in travel and tourism. Students can easily pursue their jobs from the comfort of their own homes thanks to self-paced learning. There are Live Sessions that provide an easy way for you to stay current while also learning from tourism industry experts. All prior Live Sessions recordings are available for free. Global trends in sustainable tourism and best practices for businesses and destinations are covered in the training program.

Enroll in the courses here.

8. Introduction to Tourism Industry Management

This free online travel and tourism course last between 8 and 10 hours. And it’s broken down into five sections, each of which covers key management topics such as strategy, finance, digital marketing, operations management, and digital transformation and innovation.

This free online course in travel and tourism is a fantastic and enormous opportunity for everyone who wants to improve their skills and knowledge in the tourist business.

This course is entirely online and only available in English. You can join up for free and practice the material before receiving a degree from IE University after completing the tasks.

Enroll in the course here.

9. Sustainable Tourism: Society & Environmental Aspects

This free online course in travel and tourism is part of the professional certificate program in tourism. Meanwhile, it has been recognized as one of the top ten best online courses by Class Central. This course will take approximately 6 weeks to complete after enrollment. More so, it is a self-paced tourism course, which means you can complete it at your own pace. And 15,138 students have already registered for this course on EDX.

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This is an introduction tourism course in which you will learn about tourism from a broad viewpoint, as well as the devastating impact of the Corona outbreak on the tourism industry and how to recover through sustainable practices.

If you operate a business, work in tourism, or are a frequent traveler, participate in this course to gain a scientific understanding of how tourism affects our living environment, behavior, and cultural heritage.

Enroll in the course here.

10. Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

This free online course in travel and tourism is for students who are passionate about tourism and hospitality. Certainly, It helps those seeking professional prospects. This course will teach you everything you need to know about tourism as well as hospitality management.

This course highlights the historical element of the tourism sector. Following that, you will learn how to research career prospects in airlines, cruise ships, and travel companies.

This course also teaches about various travel places, the appeal of warm weather, and lovely beaches to travelers. Additionally, you’ll learn about the numerous sorts of tourist cities, such as old, modern, and hybrid. Then we study the technical abilities needed in the tourism business. Also, you’ll learn hospitality management and the many hotel activities. You’ll gain knowledge of restaurant planning, kitchen organization, menu planning, and design. Finally, you will learn about personal hygiene, food safety, and food handling. You’ll learn how to handle culinary mishaps, as well as how to keep personnel safe while using various types of equipment.

Enroll in the course here.

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Benefits of taking Free Online Courses in Travel and Tourism

1. Training is online

These days, online courses are leading the way. You can schedule your training around your work schedule. Also, even if you work shifts (as most people in the T&T business do), the course is always available. You might as well schedule your classes around your schedule. Unfortunately, as a result of the dual cost of labor and training, fewer and fewer firms are willing to pay for employees to take time off to study. Online training courses mostly have support from employers. Another advantage is that you can go back and double-check anything you don’t recall or understand. Meanwhile, face-to-face instruction is a one-time “shot.”

2. Make yourself stand out when applying for jobs.

You may lack qualifications for a variety of reasons, and you may be returning to work after a professional gap. Both of these are compelling reasons to enroll in an online course. Hence, impress your company with your dedication, and match your abilities with your certifications. Certainly, qualifications are frequently the key that opens the door to advancement.

3. Job Security

Hundreds of applications for high-paying jobs sometimes come to companies. They frequently have minimum qualification requirements. It’s harsh, but if you don’t have a qualification that is a key selection factor, your CV or application form will be insignificant. More so, taking an online travel and tourism course will allow you to obtain the certification in a timely manner.

4. Working abroad

This can help you stand out from the crowd of job-seekers abroad. Also, it can make your application stand out from all the others who want to work in warmer environments.

5. As a stepping stone

Universities and colleges frequently require evidence of recent study commitment from mature students. So, if you desire to study travel and tourism at university, taking an online course could be the first step in realizing your goals.

6. Study for pleasure

If you have an interest in learning more about travel and tourism, you can consider taking an online course in the field. Certainly, it can be a gateway to other learning opportunities. More so, you could take it in conjunction with other online courses. For example, if you decide to establish your own firm in the industry, an online course on starting a business, languages, or heritage could open up a world of opportunities for you.

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What skills do you need to develop to work in the Tourism industry?

Working in the tourism and hospitality industry is not for everyone. However, there are some the crucial skills that will set you apart from the competition if you want to establish a successful career in this field:

a. Communication

People believe that just because they can talk or write does not mean they can communicate effectively. Wrong. Certainly, it’s difficult to express yourself properly while avoiding ambiguity and needless detail. So, if you want to persuade your clients to choose you over your competitors in the hospitality and tourism industry, you must carefully choose your words.

b. Diplomacy

Diplomacy is connected to communication, as well as being mindful of your own and your client’s emotions. So, since things change frequently in tourism and hospitality, becoming a skilled diplomat will benefit you. Also, flights may be delayed, hotels may be fully booked, or inclement weather may ruin your guests’ vacation.

c. Handling Pressure

Knowing when to ask for help is crucial to working well under pressure. Please, Don’t take on more than you can handle. Also, let your coworkers or boss know if you need assistance. And if you’re in charge, learn to assign work and motivate your team. Honestly, it won’t always be easy, but if you collaborate and communicate properly, you and your team can confront challenging situations easier.

d. Problem Solving

Instead of whining, problem-solving entails considering alternatives and potential solutions. This ability is related to analytical talents and attention to detail. So, these skills will enable you to analyze possibilities and select the best one based on the demands of your clients.


The travel and tourism sector is one of the largest. It has saturated marketplaces with constantly decreasing profit margins on one hand and rapidly changing needs and client demands on the other.

Whether you’re thinking about changing careers or chasing promotion at work, our free online courses are for you. You will have the option to claim your credentials for free. Also, you can have it for a small price once you have completed your free online course in travel and tourism. However, it is dependent on the course provider.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions on Free Online Courses in Travel and Tourism with Certificates

Why study travel or tourism?

Learn about travel and tourism for a career that can take you anywhere on the globe.
Tourism, like hospitality, is a worldwide service sector, so the skills you develop will be useful and transferable wherever you go in life.
A TAFE NSW travel and tourism program could be for you if you enjoy adventure, travel, and sharing your experiences with others.

What travel and tourism courses are on offer

There are a variety of short and long travel and tourism courses available to help you get started, bridge a skills gap, or advance your knowledge.
Learn to use specialized industry reservation and operating systems in one of our short courses, or obtain a Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism to gain a comprehensive set of practical skills.

What types of jobs can I do in travel and tourism?

Graduates of Certificate III and IV travel and tourism programs can work in positions such as a travel consultant for both international and domestic travel, Culture, history & heritage guide, and Tour director.
Graduates of the Travel and Tourism Management Diploma and Advanced Diploma go on to work in positions such as Manager of reservations and sales, Managing a travel agency, and Manager of tour operations.

What qualifications do you need for travel and tourism?

Good customer service abilities and a positive attitude toward customers are the most important criteria. You could require GCSEs in English and math. It’s crucial to be a dedicated worker who can solve problems and work well with others.


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