13 Free Online Horticulture Courses

Online horticulture courses are offered by several accredited colleges and universities. These courses are a good option for anyone interested in horticulture.

Online Horticulture Courses

Horticulture is a branch of agriculture that deals with the study of plants, and how to take care of plants. soil management, landscaping, and plant conservation are also involved in horticulture studies. Horticulture students may get to learn both the science and business of growing plants.

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What are Free Online Horticulture Courses?

Online horticulture courses are open-access alternatives to expensive and time-consuming local horticulture classes at some colleges and universities. They are available for free online at different organizations and colleges, including those in garden planning, agriculture, landscaping, and pest control. 

Current versions of Web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are very essential to access the materials in these online courses. A PDF reader such as Adobe Reader or Preview will also be needed by each student. However, online horticulture courses are mostly offered for self-enrichment purposes, so students will not receive university credit for completing them.

What You Need to Know

The knowledge you can gain from free online horticulture courses can be combined with your hands-on experience growing plants in your home,  garden, and yard. These courses include various reading resource materials and instructional videos for gardeners at various levels of experience. They are also available at your own convenience.

Free Online Horticulture Courses: Schools & Universities

1. Course in Floristry Design

Duration: 40 – 156 weeks

Language: English

Study Type: Online

This course is one of the best free online horticulture courses and it is offered by the International Career Institute (ICI). It focuses on providing quality floristry education to broaden your knowledge and hone your skills in the horticulture field. 

The floristry design course is specially developed by experienced florists to help their careers bloom literally and figuratively. Graduates spend their workdays on their creativity in arranging flowers to brighten people’s lives with theirs. Additionally, they get to earn extremely well in this exciting job. ICI’s Course in Floristry Design can help experienced florists who are getting into an established flower shop or opening their own florist business for more financial gains and freedom.

This course will help florists develop their skills and creativity as well as find personal satisfaction in working with a variety of flower blooms for ordinary days or various occasions.

2. How to start your first garden by Garden Tutor

Duration:120 hours

Languages: English

Study Type: Online

Garden Tutor’s free online class teaches beginners the basics of gardening, including how to choose a garden site, create a garden plan, choose plants, and maintain your garden. It’s a nice course for beginners who want to create new gardens for the first time

The home study course takes two to three hours to complete, and helps students to learn the principles of horticulture design, and gain excellent knowledge and experience in using plants and garden features. It is designed in easy-to-follow units, with set class exercises and assignments to ensure you understand the course topics.

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Enrolled students will have access to an experienced personal tutor who holds a degree in Botany (BSc Hons) by email.

Course Duration & Support

Students may register online at any time and can complete their studies in a year. If you do not complete this course within the 12 month period, course extensions can be purchased. It’s a self-study course you can complete in a little time or as long as you prefer.

3. Weed Control course by Utah State University

Utah State University is offering online open courseware called Weed control through its Department of Horticulture to students on campus. It is a non-credit course made up of videos and audio that you can conveniently access for free.

Course Structure

This course comprises 27 short videos categorized under three topics – weed control overview, mechanical weed control, and chemical weed control. There are several sub-topics in each topic such as types of weeds, weed prevention, and the impact of weed control applications on plants. There are also several resources to help you identify weeds.

What will you learn?

You will learn to remove and control the growth of weeds in gardens and landscapes. This course covers topics like the impact of weeds on plants and trees, ways for preventing weed growth, and the effect of incorrectly applying weed-killing chemicals on plants.

4. Web Garden by Ohio State University

The Ohio State University’s Department of Horticulture and Crop Science offers a free online course called Web Garden designed for horticulture students and those who want to learn more about plants.

There are 200 instructional videos on topics such as plant maintenance and landscape design. There are images and plant information databases of insects, plants, plant diseases, gardening FAQs, and illustrated horticulture glossary.

This website teaches how to design a garden, choose plants, and care for them. Information about plants and trees can be gotten from specific regions of the United States and Canada as well as answers to questions by topics such as bulbs, lawns, shrubs, and houseplants.

5. Vegetable gardening by Oregon State University

Duration:4-6 hours

Languages: English

Study Type: Online

Through the end of April, Oregon State University is offering a free vegetable gardening course. The course is actually part of its Master Gardener series. 

The self-paced online class includes information on planting tips, how to choose a site for your vegetable garden, and how to identify and solve common disease and pest problems. 

6. Course in Horticulture by International Career Institute 

Languages: English

Study Type: Online

International Career Institute is offering a comprehensive course in horticulture that introduces you to and teaches you the skills necessary to be successful as a horticulturist.

A career in horticulture is perfect for individuals who have a passionate interest in gardening, and want to put their design, planning, management, science, and technical skills to good use. Course Outline includes Plant Propagation, Plant Protection, Landscaping & Garden Design, Crops, Viticulture, Cut Flower Growing, Horticultural Technology, Organic Plant Growing, Permaculture, Ornamental Horticulture, Grounds Management, Turf, Nature Park Management, and Arboriculture. 

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Career Prospects

ICI’s horticulture graduates can enjoy a wide range of opportunities in many areas of the field including:

  • Arboriculture is the care and management of urban trees
  • Garden Design is the creation of practical and attractive gardens
  • Nurseries involve the growth of plants especially those with special conditions
  • Sports turf management is the research, production, marketing, and sales of special grasses for sports facilities

7. Horticulture: Your Yard and Garden by University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Horticulture: Your Yard and Garden is a free online educational course offered by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Lancaster County. This course is designed for Nebraska residents and contains information that will help you care for your yard and garden.

There’s information on various topics such as gardens, houseplants, lawn care, and plant diseases. There are links to articles that provide information on different subjects related to plant care and a yard. Seasonal gardening tips and a master gardener diagnostic center are also provided.

This website will teach you garden care and yard techniques. You will learn how to choose seeds, select garden tools, practice organic gardening, lawn care techniques from mowing to earthworm control to nitrogen fertilization and summer irrigation.

9. Beekeeping 101 by Penn State Extension 

Penn State Extension offers a free online horticulture course called the beekeeping 101 course that teaches bee biology and behavior, beekeeping equipment, year-round hive management, diseases, pests, swarming, and bee products like honey. It is taught by extension educator Tom Butzler.

Throughout the month of April, Penn State Extension is offering its library of online courses free, at no cost. Available classes include Beef Production and Management, Plant Health Diagnosis, Best Milking Practices, and Growing Raspberries and Blackberries.

10. Gardening for wildlife with Maine native plants

If you are fond of going to your backyard to watch birds during the self-isolation period, then you might like this online horticulture course. From May 6, a four-part series of online classes on using native plants to benefit birds and other wildlife will be offered by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension and Maine Audubon. There will be weekly classes on Zoom through May 27 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Enrolled students will learn about the birds of Maine, selecting and growing native plants, and backyard ecology. Instructors include Maine Audubon director of education,  Eric Topper, and UMaine Extension horticulture professional, Pamela Hargest.

John Mason designed Hydroponics as a companion to Commercial Hydroponics. It consists of two parts: The first part of the class covers hydroponic cropping strategies, such as hanging gardens, trellis systems, and tiered beds, while the second part of the class teaches students how to prevent plant loss and grow more productive crops and. The course includes an optional research project and four tests in addition to readings.

Your Backyard magazine originally published Landscape Design includes four lessons that address the basic principles behind the garden design, landscape planning, and environmental studies.

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John Mason’s Growing and Using Vegetables and Herbs Vegetables and Herbs supplements consist of four lessons covering topics in small-space gardening and site preparation. Students also learn how to create a herb lawn, a formal herb garden, and how to grow vegetables without chemicals. Optional assignments include designing an edible ornamental garden or reporting on a student-created vegetable garden. There are four included tests.

11. Tufts University

Tufts University offers an extended online course in agriculture that includes lectures, discussions, Q&A sessions, and small group projects. The course is held weekly (or twice-weekly as needed), over two semesters, and is good for Distance learners.

Agriculture Science and Policy I focuses on topics in agroforestry, soil conservation, air pollution, greenhouse gases, and wetlands.

Agriculture Science and Policy II examine crop breeding, plant nutrients, and the relationship between pests and plants. There are also additional activities for each course, this includes a research project comparing regional and historical farming techniques.

By taking this online agriculture and horticulture course, Participants can learn how to create a hydroponic garden 

12. University of California

The University of California is offering an online horticulture course called the Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program. It is designed to teach agricultural professionals and homeowners how to address pest-related issues without damaging the environment as much as possible. Students will require a Flash player to be able to access video presentations.

Maintenance Gardener Pesticide includes six chapters covering topics in pest diagnosis, pesticide hazards and laws, and equipment handling techniques. Students also learn how to protect the environment by responding to pesticide-related emergencies and. Also included in the materials is a workbook containing sample test questions.

Guide to Healthy Lawns contains tutorials for identifying grass species, seeding lawns, amending and irrigating soils, and applying fertilizer.

13. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers free online horticulture and agriculture courses in the form of videos, articles, and compiled resources. 

In this course, you can learn about horticulture, the various species that can live in your garden, flood safety, composting, e.t.c through the horticulture home study resources. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can you learn horticulture online?

Yes. Anyone can learn horticulture online. This article shows a number of online Horticulture courses in two different formats: remote instruction and in-person

How do I get certified in horticulture?

To get certified in horticulture, you must earn your bachelor’s degree, and obtain a minimum of five years of work experience to be eligible to sit for the ASHES Certified Professional Horticulturist (CPH) exam. The ASHES Certified Professional Horticulturist (CPH) exam is the highest level of certification that is offered by the American Society for Horticultural Science.


Horticulture is a branch of agriculture that deals with the study of plants, and how to take care of plants

Online horticulture courses are open-access alternatives to expensive and time-consuming local horticulture classes at some colleges and universities. They are available for free online at different organizations and colleges. 

For any further questions on online horticulture courses, let us know in the comments below

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