10 Free Stanford Online Courses in 2023

Do you want to earn a degree from Stanford University? Why not check our list of the 10 free Stanford online courses. 

Stanford University is one of the most prestigious universities globally, and adding a degree certificate from the University could boost your resume. Even better, these courses are free online focuses you could take at your own pace from anywhere.

If this is what you want, we recommend you continue reading to discover all you need to know about Stanford University, why you should take advantage of these free courses, as well as the list of the ten free Stanford online courses in 2023.

Free Stanford Online Courses

Stanford university

Established in 1885, Stanford University is one of the most prominent universities in the world. It is a private institution with a total number of undergraduate admission of over 7000.

According to the 2020 Best Colleges edition, the university was ranked #6 among the national universities, and it operates on a quarter-based academic calendar.

It currently runs on a tuition fee placed at $53, 529.

Stanford University Free Online Courses

Stanford University’s free online courses 2023 offer the opportunity to take some of the top-rated courses online for free.

This great opportunity is specifically designed for students who are motivated to learn.

Usually, these courses are self-paced and can be taken from wherever you are in the world. They come with certificates of completion, and even better, they are all free and come with no cost. 

Whether you are a student looking to acquire more skills or a worker who is so occupied to enroll in a full-time program to develop specific skills, these courses will help equip you with the skills you need, for free, at your pace, and a certificate to show for it.

What are the Benefits of Learning Online?

Over the years, significant innovations have gradually made things easier – hospitalized and accessible from anywhere.

This will include buying and selling, banking communications, and even learning. Innovations have quickly developed an alternative means of learning and earning recognized certificates and degrees. This brings us to the benefits of online learning.

There are so many benefits of learning online. Here are 20 of them.

  • You get to learn whatever you want
  • You learn from the comfort of your home
  • Also, you get the chance to work and earn while you study or the chance to handle other activities while you study.
  • You experience absolute convenience and flexibility while you study.
  • You get reduced education costs, or you study at no cost at all.
  • Also, you experience a higher level of teacher/tutor-student interaction.
  • You can study at your own pace from wherever you are.
  • You gain the ability to explain your horizons.
  • Gain the opportunity to expand your professional network.
  • Lack of distraction
  • Avoid the crowded commute
  • Study with other like-minded learners and connect with them.
  • Improve your communication skills
  • You experience reduced academic pressure
  • You study according to your learning style with no rules.
  • Develop your self-discipline and accountability skills.
  • Boost your brain.

What are the Benefits of the Free Stanford Online Courses?

The following are the benefits of the free Stanford online courses:

  • You gain the knowledge and skills at no cost
  • The courses are easily accessible from anywhere around the globe
  • It is self-paced
  • It will let you create a balance between work and learning
  • You earn recognized digital certificates
  • You can add both the experience and certificate to your CVs and resumes.
  • It is accessible to students of all ages and academic backgrounds.
  • There is no limited number of courses you can apply to. 
  • There is no limited area of study you have to be within. You can take any course in any field you want to.
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What are the Free Stanford Online Courses in 2023?

  1. Algorithms Specialization 

This course is an introduction to algorithms designed for students who already have prior knowledge of programming. It is a complete and comprehensive course on Algorithms specializations.

By the end of the course, you would have attained professional knowledge and level in the field. Also, you would have been well-positioned to talk fluently about algorithms with programmers and computer scientists.

You would also have mastered your technical interview skills.

The course takes approximately four months to complete. Amidst your busy schedules, you could invest up to 8 hours per week to successfully complete the course and obtain your certificate.

Enroll here.

2. Probabilistic graphical Models Specialization

Probabilistic Graphical Models (PGMs) are defined as a rich technique for encoding probability appropriations over intricate domains: multivariate distributions over massive quantities of random variables that communicate with one another.

They are an essential tool in formulating lots of machine learning problems.

This course explores the basis for which PGMs are the cause for the state-of-arts techniques in a wide variety of applicants, such as medical diagnosis, speech recognition, image understanding, natural language processing, and more.

This course runs for four months, and you could invest seven hours per week in completing the course and obtaining your certificate of completion successfully.

Enroll here.

3. Introduction to Mathematical Thinking Mathematical Thinking

This is another one of the best free Stanford online courses you can enroll in if you are a maths enthusiast and are looking to understand how mathematicians reason as well as how to reason like the great mathematicians.

Basically, this course is designed to help you develop a crucial way of thinking, the ability to think outside the box as well as how to solve critical problems.

Enroll here

4. Writing in the Sciences

This course is designed especially for scientists looking to improve and become successful writers. It focuses on teaching good and effective writing techniques utilizing relevant examples and exercises.

In addition, this course explores the principles of great writing, tricks, and techniques for faster writing with less anxiety.

Also, it covers the format of a scientific manuscript, grant writing, scientific publications, peer surveys,s and generally writing for the general audience.

Meanwhile, students outside of this field can join in the course, too, as they can benefit from the general principles of effective writing teaching.

The course runs for eight weeks, and it is self-paced and comes with a certificate of completion.

Enroll here.

5. Stanford online courses on Machine Learning

Machine learning is basically the study of computer algorithms that can automatically improve with experience as well as with the use of data. It mainly focuses on building systems that learn and gain improved performance solely based on data.

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In our day-to-day activities on the internet, we tend to use machine learning even without knowing it.

This course primarily explores the most efficient machine learning techniques you need to know. It further helps you to put to work what you practice.

Also, by the end of this course, you would have learned about the hypothetical underpinnings of learning as well as gained the ability to apply these systems to new issues.

In addition, you will get to learn about some of the best practices in innovation at Silicon Valley in accordance with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Enroll here.

6. Introduction to Computer Networking

This is another one of the most sought-after free Stanford online courses with certificates. It explores and focuses on computer networking in accordance with the internet and as well explains how the internet works.

This explanation ranges from how bits are changed on wired and wireless to the application-level protocols such as BitTorrent and HTTP. 

Also, the course focuses on teaching the concepts in recent practice and developments like net neutrality and DNS security.

By the end of this course, you will have learned the principles of network designs and protocols. Also, you would have gained the ability to read and understand RFCs (Internet protocol specifications) regarding what a system should do. 

Enroll here.

7. International Women’s Health and Human Rights

This course is specifically designed for men, too, as much as it is designed for women. It focuses on women’s health as well as human rights issues beginning from infancy through to old age. 

This also includes the knowledge about favorable interventions relevant to those issues.

The course runs for ten weeks, and learners are expected to interact with other learners through interactive discussions as this is an essential part of the course.

Enroll here.

8. Understanding Einstein: The Special Theory of Relativity

This eight-week-long course focuses on the theory of relativity introduced by Albert Einstein in his “miracle year” of 1905 as a 26-year-old patent clerk.

It explores the deep understanding of Einstein as a person, the concepts, predictions as well as the strange paradoxes of his theory.

The following are the questions that will be answered in this course:

  • Who is Albert Einstein?
  • How did Albert Einstein come up with his ideas?
  • What was the nature of Einstein’s genius?
  • What does relativity mean?
  • Also, what is meant by saying, “time is the fourth dimension?”
  • Why did the theory seem to be dead on arrival?
  • Can time run more slowly for one person than another? And does the size of things change due to their velocity?
  • Is time travel possible? If yes, how?
  • Is it possible to travel to the center of the galaxy and return in one lifetime?
  • Is there evidence that confirms the theory, or is it primarily speculation?
  • What was the reason Albert Einstein didn’t win the Nobel Prize for the theory of relativity?
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Enroll here.

9. Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis

This self-paced eight-week-long course focuses on teaching techniques to model social and economic networks as well as their effects on human behavior.

The course answers the following questions:

  • How do networks form?
  • Why do networks display specific patterns?
  • How do network structures influence diffusion, learning as well as other behaviors?

In addition, you will get to understand the models and techniques from sociology, economics, maths, statistics, physics, and computer science.

Enroll here.

10. Stories of Infection

Another one of the best free Stanford online courses, this course explores the assortment of infectious diseases. This is done using a patient-centered, story-based methodology.

Basically, the course aims at introducing learners to future studies in infectious diseases, immunology, and microbiology.

Find more about this course and enroll here.

What are the Steps to Enroll in Free Stanford University Online Courses in 2023?

To enroll in the free Stanford online courses, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Prepare all the materials you need to take your online courses. This includes your computer or laptop, smartphone, reliable internet speed, and power supply. Also, your stationeries.
  • Decide on the field you want to get into and find a course or course that is related and relevant to the area.
  • Select your choice of course and click on the “Enrol here” button.
  • Stay true to the course and invest many hours into the course per week.
  • Participate in the general discussions which other learners.
  • Submit your assignments (if applicable) in time.
  • Successfully complete the course and earn your certificate.

Conclusion: Free Stanford University Free Online Courses

Studying abroad from the comfort of your home and at your pace is a great advantage you need to grab. In addition to that, you get to receive recognized digital certificates upon completion. 

You should consider applying for one or more of these ten free Stanford online courses in 2023.

FAQs Free Stanford Online Courses

Can I get a free online on Coursera?

Yes, you can get free online courses on Coursera.  Even more importantly, some of these free online courses come with certificates too.

Can I get a Job with Online Certification?

Is it possible to get a job with online certification? Yes, you can get a job with an online certificate. All you have to do is find accredited online programs and, hence, have recognized certifications. 

Does Stanford University offer free online courses?

Yes, Stanford University offers lots of free online courses in various fields.

Can I put Online Courses on my Resume?

Yes. Online course certificates or experiences are outstanding to put on your resume.

What are the best free Stanford online courses?

Algorithms Specialization 
Probabilistic graphical Models Specialization
Introduction to Mathematical Thinking Mathematical Thinking
Writing in the Sciences
Stanford online courses on Machine Learning
Introduction to Computer Networking
International Women’s Health and Human Rights
Understanding Einstein: The Special Theory of Relativity
Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis
Stories of Infection


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