Fundation Business Loans In USA For Small And Medium Size Enterprises

With the sprouting of new and innovative ideas which aim at solving a series of problems and providing solutions to these problems, there exists a rising need for the availability of certain facilities that would aid the success of these ideas. Most of the time, we see that these ideas transform from simple peer-to-peer involvement to a more inclusive community which then experiences metamorphosis and becomes a small and medium-sized enterprise.

These small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play vital roles in almost all existing world economies, and this is even more particular in developing countries. On an overall scale, SMEs record a vast majority of businesses worldwide and are vital contributors to job creation and international economic development.

Statistics show that SMEs represent over 85 to 90% of total businesses and over 50% of regional employment worldwide. With over 40% contribution to national income, that is, GDP by formal SMEs in emerging countries, we begin to see the indispensable importance of these SMEs.

What is Fundation Business Loan?

Online lender Fundation provides traditional, fixed-rate business installment loans and commercial lines of credit through its affiliated banks. While lines of credit may be used for working capital and short-term cash flow management, installment loans can be utilized for capital renovations, equipment purchases, and business development.

According to – “Fundation was founded on the premise of re-engineering the credit delivery process to small businesses through technology and advanced analytics. Over time we did just that by combining the talents of professionals with deep financial services and lending expertise with building a platform on modern digital technology. Today, companies ranging from super-regional banks to community banks to a variety of B2B companies trust us to be their exclusive partner to serve their small business clients. A simple foundation always determines our innovation agenda – what can we do to enhance our partners’ ability to serve their small business clients better.”

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The World Bank record estimates that over 600 million jobs would be needed by the year 2030 in order to absorb the humongous growing global workforce population.

This very postulation reignites the importance of developing the SMEs around the world. However, these SMEs always face the struggle of accessibility to finance.

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The world Bank refers to this as a deterring factor or constraint to the growth of SMEs. It ranks it to be the second most referenced obstacle faced by SMEs in order for them to grow their businesses in sprouting markets and developing countries.

Millions of SMEs around the world are less likely to be able to meet up to the requirements for access to credit facilities or loans, unlike large firms that are more likely to outmatch the requirements for a credit facility.  With this reality, SME’s rely on or fall back to internally generated funds, or credit facilities from family and friends, just to launch and run their business at the initial stage or birth stage when the business is most vulnerable.

With an estimated 65 million firms or over 40% of formal micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) scattered across the developing countries of the world currently facing a devastating lag in the financing, to the tune of over $5.2 trillion every year.

Many SMEs can now tell a different story with the emergence of Fundation Business Loans in the USA. With the mission of Empowering the economy of small and medium-sized enterprises or businesses by supporting or enabling banks, B2B vendors and suppliers, and other critical institutions that SMBs or SMEs rely on. A sigh of relief can be likened to the effect experienced when thirst is quenched by cool water.

The Chief Executive Officer, Sam Graziano clearly states the importance or relevance of Fundation.  Fundation was founded on passionately re-engineering or re-structuring the process of credit facilities or acquiring loans for SMEs or SMBs. This is clearly and innovatively made possible through adopting advanced analytics and technology. Fundation has been able to achieve this fit SMEs by basically leveraging the expertise of lending and financial service professionals in building a platform that works through digital technology.

To be more in-depth, unlike the native brick-and-mortar financial institutions, Fundation is a direct digital or online moneylender which provides business loans or credit facilities to qualified SMEs or SMBs as it pleases your understanding.

This availability of loans or credit facilities puts Fundation in the limelight because if it’s targeted capital financing role, that is capital meant to cover day to day or running cost of operations in these businesses, rather than the cost of humongous projects. These loans come in the form of term loans and are available up to the amount of $500,000, with a limit of $100,000 of credit loans.

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If you’ve ever wondered about how you would be able to cover the costs of supplies or staff during periodic fluctuations or a temporary recline in cash flow, then Fundation could be your best shot.

There are also some preferences allocated for regular or consistent SMEs with regards to discounted or lower interest rates; however not likely for newer SMEs to obtain credit facilities.

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Devoid of an exhausting and stressful process experienced in other financial institutions when filing for a credit facility or a loan, qualified SMEs receive their Fundation loans with the same speed experienced when promptly buying tickets online. Once approved, SMEs get their funds in a time interval of as little as one business day for something of such pedigree.

Leading in the ranks of the very few sincere credit lenders that deliver on the promise of transparency. We see tons of SMEs anchoring on this trusted provider.

All activities regarding your dealings with Fundation are all concisely documented and readily available for your perusal online. Information ranging from the entirety of the loan, it’s terms, approved and consented fees rates, collateral, and more.


  • One can only expect to see the high-flying lender, Fundation to be a three-time award winner of Business News Daily’s Best Alternative Lender for Working Capital Loans.
  • Fundation is a highly transparent and prudent site. You can easily navigate your way through the site and find whatever you need to know.
  • Fast access to financial or credit facilities. SMEs can now leverage the awesomeness of digitalization, as they can swiftly have access to funds for running their businesses


In order to access this awesome credit facility, you must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the Fundation loan.

  • To get access to this facility, your business must have been running for a period of one year.
  • Your company or business must have a minimum of three employees.
  • Your business should have annual revenue of at least $100,000.
  • You must have a personal credit score of at least 600.
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Without mincing words, the establishing of Fundation has become, for SMEs, a salvific rebirth from the old brick and mortar.

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Am I Eligible for Fundation Business Loan?

Check to see if you meet the requirements before applying for a Fundation loan. Below are the minimum qualifications:

  • 660+ personal credit score.
  • 2+ years in business.
  • $100,000+ in annual revenue.
  • 3+ employees.
  • Personal guarantee required.
  • Lien on business assets required.

FAQs Fundation Business Loans In USA For Small And Medium Size Enterprises

What is a Fundation loan?

Online lender Fundation provides traditional, fixed-rate business installment loans and commercial lines of credit through its affiliated banks. While lines of credit may be used for working capital and short-term cash flow management, installment loans can be utilized for capital renovations, equipment purchases, and business development.

Can a foreigner get a business loan in the US?

Can you still be approved for an SBA loan for your small business if you aren’t a citizen of the United States? The short answer is yes, but not always.
Legal permanent residents (LPRs), usually green card holders, are typically eligible for SBA funding.

How do foreigners get business loans?

The financial alternatives available to immigrants, particularly those who have just arrived in the United States, may be constrained. Borrowers frequently need to provide strong credit history and stable personal finances to be authorized for a small business loan through a bank or a Small Business Agency-approved lending program.

Can I get a loan without SSN?

You may now create a bank account and apply for a personal loan as an immigrant without an SSN. Only an ITIN is required (Individual Tax Identification Number).
You can apply for an ITIN if you pay federal taxes.

Is it easier for immigrants to get business loans?

Short-term loans (12–18 months) or a business line of credit may be simpler and more accommodating for immigrant company owners to obtain.

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