15 GOOGLE Internships For Africans 2022

Google Internships for Africans 2022 is now open for applications for Africans interested in internship opportunities. 

In this post, you’ll get to know the top 15 Google internship programs for Africans 2022 , how much Google interns get paid, and the Google acceptance rate. 

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Google Internship for African 2021
15 GOOGLE Internships For Africans 2022

GOOGLE Internships For Africans 2022

Google Internships is an initiative that aims to increase the proportion of student engineers engaged in open-source software development. Students collaborate with an open-source team on a 3-month programming project while they are off from school.

Despite the fact that Google offers internships throughout the year and has made significant investments in the African Tech Ecosystem, the Google Africa internship is only available to Africans.

Google provides both winter and summer internships, but many organizations only offer summer internships.
Make sure you fulfill the qualifying requirements, including the programming and communication requirements, before applying for a Google internship.

Do Google Interns get Paid?

Of course. The majority of Google interns earn more than full-time employees across the country.

According to Glassdoor.com, an average Google intern earns about $5,678 monthly or $68,136 annually.

CIA Internship Program in USA, 2022

What is Google’s Acceptance rate?

Google’s acceptance rate is 0.2% and receives approximately 3 million applications annually.

15 GOOGLE Internships For Africans 2022

1. Year Up Internship

Year Up is first on our list of Google internships for Africans 2022. It is an intensive educational program that helps teens improve their technical skills so they can be prepared for employment in the information technology field.

The program comprises invaluable IT teachings, communications, professional skills, and internship opportunity provision.

Year Up also offers educational programs in cities like Boston, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Seattle, and San Francisco. 

At Year Up, students spend six months in IT training and then go for internships in companies that need IT skills. Students also receive scholarships during their internships. 

Year Up candidates will be tested for technical and written skills during their application. Roughly 84% of the students who complete the Year Up program work full-time for four months.

2. Explore Microsoft Internship Program for Women and Minorities

The Explore Microsoft Internship Program is for students who have minority heritage e.g women, ethnic minorities (African Americans, Americans, Spaniards, Spaniards), and people with disabilities.

The internship program lasts 12 weeks in the summer and involves hands-on experience in software development and computer science, computer science, or related technologies.

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To register, students must have a technology career and an interest in working in the software industry. 

3. Tv One Internship Program

This is for undergraduate students interested in a career in the media industry. Programs run in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. 

interns work in the digital media setting and help to design the network’s website. Each internship post has its own criteria for the required skills and experience.

4. Minority Access National Diversity & Inclusion Internship Program

The Access Program for Minority Trainers offers internships for students, teenagers, adults, alumni, and professionals.

All internships are available to all students enrolled in a US school with a 3.0 CGPA or more.

Interns can work in various government and corporate positions where they can gain practical experience in a professional setting.

Minority Access, Inc. is a non-profit educational institution that works with government agencies and companies to provide work experience for African students and ethnic minorities.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Internship Program 2022 (Fully-Funded)

6. Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Internships

The Black Caucus Congress Foundation is designed to give undergraduate or bachelor’s degree students practical experience in politics and management.

The intern also receives aid to compensate for his/her personal expenses and the provision of housing.

There are three internships on different dates, the CFCF Leadership Internship Program, the CBCF Internship Program, and the CBCF Ingress Internship Program.

7. Bet Networks Internships

BET Networks internships provide internships for students interested in working in the media industry.

This internship runs in spring, summer, and fall, and students can find internships based on their experience and interests.

 students should work up to 35 hours per week and each internship lasts about 10 weeks. Professional recruiters visit colleges, universities, and agencies throughout the year to gather information and interact with interested students.

Interns usually work in California, Washington, California, Illinois, Georgia, and New York. Participants may also come from a minority race, including Africans.

8. Allstate Internships

Allstate internships are a google Africa internship that provides students with summer work experience in large and small educational areas.

The internship includes housing stipends and networking opportunities and full-time work after graduation

Allstate offers two internship programs. General programs cover a wide range of scientific and technical programs for students with a career in information technology.

It takes an average of 3.3 to 3.5-grade points average, good leadership quality, and a desire to move forward.

9. Price Water House Coopers Internships

Internships at PaysworthCoopers provide students with specialized accounting experience in real technology.

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Intern students will have the opportunity to shadow an experienced staff. This program for graduates is designed for students who are serious about decision-making, competitiveness, and studying the problems of tax policy at a high level.

11. Dell Internships

Dell internships are currently offered to students in marketing and sales, finance, and IT. 

Internships are held for 10-12 weeks during the summer. Students and graduate students work together in the Dell team for projects and provide important networking and networking opportunities for leadership lectures.

Intern students can also receive payments, travel, and accommodation.

Best sites for Internship online in 2022

12. Oracle Diversity Internship

Oracle Diversity internship provides students with technical knowledge and experience for eight weeks. 

There are several programs that can meet the needs of people with all the experience. One of them is a short-term internship in computer education provided to people with disabilities in California.

Student interns help veterans in Afghanistan and Iraq with a one-year internship and technology development.

Another one-year internship provides graduate students with an alienated group of students to facilitate the transition to the working class.

13. General Motor Internships

The Internships are available in the fields of finance, information technology, marketing, engineering, manufacturing, safety, and health. 

The training provides students with the opportunity to apply knowledge in serious corporate projects. 

Students must register in the same field and can receive competitive awards and face serious corporate projects. 

14. Merck Internships

Merck Future Talent Program provides internships for undergraduate and graduate students in sales & marketing, information technology, human resources, communications, and finance.

Participators receive competitive pay; reduced housing and transportation and are held from June through August for a total of 9-11 weeks.

Merck visits campuses throughout the country to interview students for internship positions.

Participants must have a high academic record, strong career goals, and excellent communication skills.

15. Coca-Cola Internships

Coca-Cola offers internship programs to undergraduate and graduate students in various fields, which include finance, logistics, business, human resources, communications, and environmental protection.

International transportation options include summer internships from early June, year-round seasonal classes, graduate-level strategic apprenticeship programs for specific areas and academic internships that provide loans at work, and four to five months of student support during the school year.

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Employment opportunities are available throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific.

National Geographic Internships 2022

16. Nascar Diversity Internship Program

The NASCAR Diversity Trainee Internship Program is a 10-week summer semester program for qualified students in Alaska, Asia-Pacific, African American, India, Latin American, or other ethnic NASCAR minorities.

This internship is offered to students interested in the NASCAR industry or has an average CGPA of 3.0 or higher after their second year at the university.

Students will also receive competitive compensation, tickets for the NASCAR Nextel Cup series, and accommodation support.

Google Internship for African 2022

The Google internship program is an excellent internship opportunity for students who took 1st place in Forbes and are interested in building their careers as software engineers.

Google offers an open culture, a rich learning experience, and an excellent salary.

It aims domestic flights at students of computer science, mathematics, and physics, and graduates. Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California offers many opportunities.

You can find more internship programs in Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Google provides a fast environment for those who have a passion for technology and complex tasks. Most internships last three months in the summer.

Attractive student privileges include a concierge group that helps you organize your daily tasks, such as the on-site fitness center, free food in the café-equipped cafes, massages, picking, cropping, and Night and weekend activities.

GOOGLE Internships For Africans 2022| FAQs

How much do google internships pay?

Google internships pay depends on the program you are applying for.v

What do google internships cover?

Google internships cover competitive pay; reduced housing, travel, and accommodation.

How to apply for google internships?

Application for google internships is done through the application portal of a particular program. 

How long is an internship at Google?

12-14 weeks

Typically, internships last 12 to 14 weeks.
Depending on the position, start and finish timings might change; confirm your exact start and end dates with your recruiter.

How many rounds is Google internship?

There are often two rounds, the first focusing on system design and the second on using DSA to solve problems while creating and implementing data structures algorithms.


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