Review of Google IT Automation with Python Certificate on Coursera

Is it worthwhile to get the Google IT Automation with Python Certificate on Coursera? Find out if a career in Python programming is right for you by reading our in-depth review. Python is one of the most popular programming languages, and employers are looking for python certified professionals. In this review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Google IT Automation With Python Professional Certificate. We’ll go over the six courses that make up this Google certification program in-depth and how difficult and time-consuming it is to become certified if you have no prior experience with Python or programming.

The professional certificate in Google IT Automation With Python is an excellent entry-level programming certification. You’ll be able to get a job as a Python programmer and start a career as a computer programmer after completing this program. Beginners will find the courses simple to follow, and you will gain job-ready skills.

Learning Python

Python’s programming language is one of the most comprehensive on the market. Every IT professional, computer scientist, or programmer in general benefits greatly from mastering such a programming language, because it allows for the creation of projects from various segments, including:

  • Analyzing data
  • Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence
  • Web-based system development (such as web systems developed with Django, Flask, Pyramid, among others)

Professionals in the fields of information technology, computer science, and software development frequently invest in professional programming courses in Python due to its scope and popularity. Furthermore, having a certification demonstrating the ability to program in Python can decide the areas mentioned above. Because of the importance of Python and the resulting demand for training in the language, a plethora of courses have been developed to meet the demand.

Among the various options available to those seeking Python training in order to enter the market, the Google IT automation with Python professional certificate is a popular choice. And, for those of you looking for a course that will enable you to work with Python programming, here is a review of the Google IT automation with Python professional certificate that highlights the key features.

What is the Python Certificate for Google IT Automation?

The Google IT Automation with Python certification is a beginner-level professional certificate that teaches students how to program in Python. The certificate consists of six Google-developed courses that take three months to complete. This certificate is part of the Google Career Certification program and is appropriate for anyone interested in working as a computer programmer. Python is a programming language that can be used in various environments, including the web and cloud, making it simple for python programmers to find work in software firms or as freelancers.

You don’t need any prior programming experience to complete this certificate, but you will need some basic computer skills. After completing this certificate, you’ll be able to work as a junior computer programmer, IT support specialist, or junior system administrator. By the end of this certificate’s six courses, you’ll be able to use Python to automate common system administration tasks. You’ll also learn how to use Git and GitHub, troubleshoot and debug complex problems, and use configuration management and the Cloud to automate at scale.

The Google it automation with python professional certificate is a Google-created course that is available on Coursera. This course is part of the Grow with Google initiative, which aims to provide economic opportunity through access to technical knowledge, and in which Google assists in the training of the best professionals in the market. The Coursera platform is known for forming partnerships with some of the world’s most prestigious universities and major technology companies. This is especially true in the case of the Google partnership.

When Coursera forms a partnership with an educational institution, such as a university or a technology company, the Coursera platform only performs the following functions:

  • Course accommodation
  • Delivery of classes according to the syllabus
  • Registration of students and payments
  • User Experience

As a result, the following attributions are at the discretion of the partner institution:

  • The syllabus is being fleshed out.
  • The technician in charge, who is fully qualified to share his knowledge of the programmatic content, is chosen.
  • Class recordings and accountability for the content’s authenticity and timeliness, as well as the theoretical frameworks

As a result, when you take the Google it automation with python professional certificate course through the Coursera platform, you’re getting Google-created content that meets all of the company’s technical requirements.

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How Does Coursera Handle the Authentication Process for The Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate?

Because the course was created in collaboration between the Coursera platform and Google, your certificate will include this information, stating that it is a certification completed in the Coursera platform’s virtual environment but with Google-authored technical content. You can use your Google IT automation with Python certificate in a variety of ways in the professional environment, including:

  • Updating the Linkedin profile to be more competitive in job searches in the fields of technology and computer science.
  • Improvements to the professional curriculum in preparation for job interviews
  • Developing a solid career with plenty of opportunities to work independently

Time and Certification Invested

The Google IT Automation with Python professional certificate takes 112 hours to complete. This can be divided into four months (studying around 28 hours per month). You must complete all six courses in this certificate and pass all graded assignments to become a Google certified Python developer.

The Instructors

This Google IT Automation with Python Certificate was created by Grow with Google, a 2017 initiative that has built 14 courses on Coursera alone, with over 600,000 students enrolled in information technology, security, and programming languages like Python.

How much does a Google IT Automation Certificate with Python cost?

The professional certificate for Google IT automation with python costs $ 49.00 per month. Unlike some courses, Google IT Automation with Python Certificate on Coursera has a monthly fee rather than a fixed fee that can be paid in installments on your credit card. This is why, while prior knowledge and experience in the field are not required, they can significantly impact the cost-benefit ratio and use of the course content. On average, a student with basic knowledge who devotes about 5 hours per week to discipline will finish the course satisfactorily in 6 to 8 months. The total cost of the course in this case would be around $300.00 to $400.00.

Experienced students can complete the course in less time, resulting in a lower investment in training. In conclusion, The Google IT Automation With Python Certificate costs $156 in total. Coursera offers the course as part of their $39 per month Coursera plus subscription. Students take an average of 4 months to complete the course and become certified (4 x $39). Before committing to a paid plan, Coursera offers a 7-day free trial to review the course material.

Professional Certificate Requirements for Google IT Automation with Python

There are no strict requirements for the Google IT automation with python certificate. The course is regarded as a beginner-level course. Its program content is quite didactic and comprehensive, allowing even those who are not yet professionals with practical experience in the field to gain knowledge. However, unlike other courses, prior knowledge or experience in the subject area is recommended, but can also directly impact the student’s cost-benefit ratio.

Contents of the Google IT Automation Certificate

Six online courses are included in this certificate. The courses should be taken in the order listed below.

Course 1: Crash Course on Python

As the name implies, the first course is a crash course in the Python programming language. You’ll discover what Python is, what it can do, and how it’s used. Following that, you’ll learn about basic programming concepts like loops, strings, and object-oriented programming. You must submit your first program, which is related to extracting meaningful words from a piece of text, by the end of week 6. This course requires a total of 28 hours to complete.

 TopicTime To Complete
Week 1Hello Python!4 hours
Week 2Basic Python Syntax4 hours
Week 3Loops3 hours
Week 4Strings, Lists, and Dictionaries5 hours
Week 5Object-Oriented Programming (Optional)6 hours
Week 6Final Project6 hours

Course 2: Using Python to interact with the Operating System

The second course in the series teaches you how to interact with your computer’s operating system using Python. You’ll learn how to use regular expressions to read, create, and extract data from files. This is a challenging course because it covers a lot of programming concepts that are difficult for beginners to grasp. If this is your first time programming, you may need to devote additional time to learn how to use regular expressions and scripts. On the other hand, this is an extremely useful course, and everything you’ll learn can be applied to real-world scenarios to troubleshoot and solve a variety of issues. This seven-week course will take you 27 hours to complete all of the lessons.

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 TopicTime To Complete
Week 1Getting Your Python On4 hours
Week 2Managing Files with Python4 hours
Week 3Regular Expressions4 hours
Week 4Managing Data and Processes3 hours
Week 5Testing in Python6 hours
Week 6Bash Scripting4 hours
Week 7Final Project2 hours

Course 3: Introduction to Git and GitHub

Students will learn about Git and GitHub in the third course. Git and GitHub are tools for storing and managing your programs and multiple versions of your code. Both are required to share your code with others, update existing code, and perform various other tasks that programmers perform while coding. You’ll be able to use Git and Github to store and share your code by the end of this course, and it’ll be the first step toward building your own programming portfolio. To complete all of the lessons and topics in this course, you’ll need to set aside at least 17 hours.

 TopicTime To Complete
Week 1Introduction to Version Control5 hours
Week 2Using Git Locally4 hours
Week 3Working with Remotes4 hours
Week 4Collaboration4 hours

Course 4: Troubleshooting and Debugging Techniques

You’ll learn how to write efficient code in the “Troubleshooting and Debugging Techniques” course. You’ll learn how to debug your code to find errors and improve its speed and efficiency. Troubleshooting and Debugging Techniques is a course that teaches you how to troubleshoot and debug your computer. Troubleshooting and Debugging Techniques is a course that teaches you how to troubleshoot and debug your computer. All of the concepts covered in this course can be applied to any programming language, not just Python. Some of the most common tasks that programmers have to deal with on a daily basis are troubleshooting and debugging.

To successfully complete this course, you must first complete all previous courses in the Google Python Certificate; otherwise, you will find it difficult to follow along with the material and complete the course work. This relatively short course should take you no more than 16 hours to complete.

 TopicTime To Complete
Week 1Troubleshooting Concepts4 hours
Week 2Slowness4 hours
Week 3Crashing Programs4 hours
Week 4Managing Resources4 hours

Course 5: Configuration Management and the Cloud

In this course, you’ll learn how to apply automation tasks to a group of computers in the cloud, taking your knowledge to the next level. You’ll learn how to manage computer configuration tasks at scale using a configuration management tool (Puppet). This is an interesting and popular course because everything you’ll learn can be used to manage cloud-based infrastructures, which are becoming increasingly popular. This course will take you 15 hours to complete.

 TopicTime To Complete
Week 1Automating with Configuration Management4 hours
Week 2Deploying Puppet3 hours
Week 3Automation in the Cloud4 hours
Week 4Managing Cloud Instances at Scale4 hours

Course 6: Automating Real-World Tasks with Python

The “Automating Real-World Tasks with Python” course is the final step in becoming a certified Python developer. To access the course materials, you must first finish all previous courses (including the marked assignments). As part of this course, you’ll have to apply what you’ve learned so far to real-world scenarios in a lab setting. You’ll be given a problem to solve in your final capstone project, and it’ll be up to you to come up with a program to meet the customer’s needs. The final course and certification take a total of 12 hours to complete.

 TopicTime To Complete
Week 1Manipulating Images3 hours
Week 2Interacting with Web Services3 hours
Week 3Automatic Output Generation3 hours
Week 4Putting It All Together3 hours

Certification Exams for Google IT Automation Using Python

Because computer programming is a practical discipline, the majority of the exams you’ll need to pass to become Python certified will include lab work. You’ll be asked to write a number of programs and scripts to solve problems throughout the course. You can see some examples of exams below, but be prepared to get your hands dirty and write some code.

What is the difficulty level of the Google IT Automation With Python Certificate?

While programming courses for beginners are generally difficult, the Google IT Automation with Python certificate is not. It’s an entry-level certification that doesn’t require any prior programming experience, making it easier for newcomers to follow along with little difficulty. Of course, some concepts are difficult and confusing at first, but if you carefully review the videos, labs, and reading materials, there is nothing stopping you from gradually improving your skills so that you can pass the assignments and obtain certification.

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Is it Worth It to Get a Google IT Automation With Python Certificate?

The Google IT Automation with Python certificate is a good place to start if you want to work as a computer programmer. Python is a powerful programming language that can be used on various platforms and can solve a variety of problems. Python programmers are in high demand, and numerous entry-level positions are available. You can also make a good living as a Python freelancer working from home. This entry-level certification costs less than $200 and takes less than four months to complete. Once you’ve established yourself in the industry and developed your skills and portfolio, you can move on to other positions such as Senior Computer Programmer, which pay significantly more. Overall, this is one of the best Google certifications to obtain if you want to change careers and enter the exciting world of computer programming.

Google IT Automation With Python Professional Certificate Career

In terms of a professional career, the Google it automation with python professional certificate has a bold goal: it aspires to be the IT professional’s entry point into the labor market. In other words, the certification aims to enable you to work in the IT field even if you have no prior experience, either practical or theoretical. Although some may be skeptical of such a proposal, it is undeniable that the course’s syllabus covers all of the most important aspects of professional practice in the IT field. And that a certification backed by Google is unquestionably relevant to the job market.

However, it should be noted that with the increase in the number of IT professionals in the medium and long term, even a complete course like this may not be a guarantee of job acceptance. So, if you want to work in the IT field and are looking for a comprehensive course that is relevant to your professional curriculum and provides you with a high level of job market security, go to Coursera and learn about Google it automation with python professional certificate!

Additional Google Certifications

One of the five certificates offered as part of the Google Career program is the Google IT Automation With Python Certificate. If computer programming isn’t your thing, consider a career as a data analyst, UX designer, project manager, or IT support specialist. You can use our in-depth reviews to help you decide which Google career certification is best for you.

  • Google IT Support Professional Certificate Review
  • Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate Review
  • Google UX Design Professional Certificate Review
  • Google Project Management Professional Certificate Review


The course is quite good, and it can help you apply for a variety of IT jobs such as system administrator or IT support specialist, which is why it has around 165k students enrolled with a 4.7 rating score at the time of writing this article. Overall, this is an excellent course for Python developers and anyone interested in learning Python for IT automation. This is the focus of this review of the Google IT Automation with Python Certificate on Coursera. Almost everything is going digital now, such as using AI in organization services or using chatbots to answer people’s questions, and the majority of these technologies are built with Python.

So taking this course is well worth the time and effort you put in to get certified and get a job in the IT industry. If you plan to enroll in multiple Coursera certifications, you should consider purchasing a Coursera Plus subscription, which gives you unlimited access to their most popular courses, professional certificates, and guided projects. It costs about $399 per year, but it’s well worth it because you get unlimited certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Google certification is the best in Coursera?

The Google Project Management: Professional Certificate offered by Coursera is our winner for the best overall Google certification course. It takes the top spot because it allows a learner with no degree or experience to gain the skills needed for an entry-level project management job in just six months.

Is it worthwhile to take the Google Python course?

Almost everything is now becoming digital, such as using AI in organization services or using chatbots to answer people’s questions, and the majority of these technologies are built using Python, so taking this course is well worth the time and effort you put in to become certified and find work in the IT industry.

Can you get a job with Google IT automation with a Python professional certificate?

The professional certificate in Google IT Automation With Python is an excellent entry-level programming certification. You’ll be able to get a job as a Python programmer and start a career as a computer programmer after completing this program.

Is Coursera’s Google certification worth it?

According to the Learner Outcome Survey conducted by Coursera, 82 percent of Google certification holders experienced a positive career outcome within six months. Traditional graduate management education programs are attractive because they allow you to network and grow with your peers.

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