Haas School of Business [Review]

The Haas School of Business is one of the elite business schools in the United States. It embraces the core principles of leadership and tutors its students on its distinctive culture as achievers. The faculties in the Haas Business School educated students on key aspects of the world of business. It offers courses such as Financial engineering, accounting, economics, technology management, and several others.

The Haas School of Business offers a series of advanced programs such as an undergraduate degree program, a Ph.D. program as well as an MBA program.

In this article, we discuss vital issues relating to Haas Business School. These include application requirements, study programs, international student acceptance rate, and several others. The Hass School of business has different departments and degree programs to serve different purposes.

  1. Undergraduate program: This program prepares young individuals for a business career. It offers a degree in business, entrepreneurship, and technology management, and a series of global management programs. We will give an analysis of these programs subsequently.
  2. MBA: The Hass School of Business also offers students a Master’s degree in Business Administration as well as an executive MBA to students who show interest.
  3. Other Graduate programs: It also has an establishment that tutors and educates students for a master’s in Financial Engineering as well as a Ph.D. degree program for interested students.
  4. Certificate Courses: It also offers a wide range of certification courses in accounting and a series of global access programs.

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About Hass School of Business

The Hass School of Business is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. It is the major business school in California at the University of California. It is established in 1898 as a public business school. Walter A. Haas School of Business is the official name of the business school but it is identified by many as Berkeley Haas.

The Hass Business school specializes in offering an efficient graduate degree program. This program accommodates students in 5 different degree groups;

  1. Undergraduate
  2. Full-Time MBA
  3. Evening and weekend MBA
  4. MBA for executives
  5. Master of financial engineering program
  6. Ph.D

The establishment of Hass Business school was first as a college of Commerce in 1855 that serves education in liberal arts. It also offers courses in legal studies, political studies, political economy, and historical studies.

Its courses continue to evolve till 1916 when it has an Accounting Hall of Fame. And its graduate school program came highly prominent in 1955, where it now offers master’s courses in Business Administration and a Doctor of Philosophy in profound business administrative courses. As the leading business around the world, it has produced more than 3 Nobel Memorial Prizes candidates in Economics.

Research and Training Institute in Haas School of Business

The following are research institutes, training centers, and faculties present in the school;

  1. Fisher Center for Business Analytics
  2. Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation
  3. Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship Program
  4. Tusher Center for Management of Intellectual Capital
  5. AMENA Center for Entrepreneurship and Development
  6. Haas Work Program
  7. Center for Social Sector Leadership (CSSL)
  8. Center for Responsible Business (CRB)
  9. Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership (EGAL)
  10. Berkeley Business Academy for Youth (B-BAY)
  11. Boost Berkeley Haas
  12. Asia Business Center
  13. Berkeley Center for Economics and Politics
  14. Center for Financial Reporting and Management
  15. Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics

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Overview of Berkeley Haas School of Business

The Berkeley Hass School of Business offers departmental concentration courses to their student, particularly at the MBA level and also the undergraduate degree level. The following are departmental concentration courses currently tutored in the Haas School of Business.

  1. Accounting
  2. E-commerce
  3. Economics
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Ethics
  6. Finance
  7. General Management
  8. Health care Administration
  9. International Business
  10. Leadership
  11. Manufacturing and technology management
  12. Marketing
  13. Management information systems
  14. Not-for-profit management
  15. Production/operations management
  16. Organizational behavior
  17. Portfolio management
  18. Public policy
  19. Real estate management
  20. Supply chain management/logistics
  21. Quantitative analysis/statistics
  22. Operations research
  23. Technology and a few more

The courses are offered by the departments in the Haas Business School. It has a general student enrollment record of over 700 students. However, due to its standard of education, it has a rather expensive tuition cost, but to cushion the effects of this cost on its students it offers scholarships to students who show financial constraints. It also forms alliances with other educational bodies to provide an optimum educational curriculum for its students. Also, read an extensive article on the scholarship opportunities at the University of California Berkeley

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The Haas School of Business has varying tuition rates because of its education calendar which offers both part-time and full-time classes. However, this division of classes does not affect the quality of lectures and workshops experienced by its students.

ProgramIn-state or Out of StateCost of Tuition
Full TimeIn-state$65,360
Full TimeOut-of-state$71,817
Part-timeIn-state$3,533 (Per credit)
Part-timeOut-of-state$3,533 (Per credit)
Executive MBAIn-state$196,000 (Total program)
Executive MBAOut-of-state$196,000 (Total Program)
Tuition fee

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Why you should Study at Haas Business School

Graduate school students at Haas School of Business have convenient access to internships and supplementary jobs in conjunction with their education. However, the schooling policy advises students to regulate their working hours in order not to affect their education. The Haas school of business is near San Francisco, which is a hotbed for major business start-ups. However, due to the prominence of jobs in the city students build their finance by engaging in profitable businesses.

Through the Haas School of business, students are assigned projects and profit-making jobs at both local and global companies. This scheme helps interested students build their work portfolio in the business. Students gain work experiences through internships and a series of partnerships with Google, Visa, Facebook, Twitter, and other big companies. The curriculum of studies ensures that students earn their MBA degree in 21 months or three years for students who choose to attend the part-time program in which their classes are offered in the evenings and on Saturdays. The MBA curriculum is made up of more than half elective courses. Therefore, students have a broad range of courses to choose from, which are equally efficient selections. Also, efficient business professionals can earn their MBA degree in 19 months through the Berkely MBA for executives program.

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Undergraduate Program in Haas Business School, Berkeley

Berkeley school of business has a very extensive undergraduate degree program that prepares its students for a career in business development and precisely entrepreneurship. Its undergraduate program grants students the knowledge and skills needed to embark on a career in today’s business world. It offers a wide range of bachelor’s degree programs such as;

  1. BS in Business Administration
  2. Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology Program
  3. Global Management Program
  4. Robinson Life Sciences, Business, and Entrepreneurship Program

These courses will be discussed in detail in the subsequent headings along with their mode of application. Though the application of students into the Hass School of Business follows the same online application procedure the application requirement for each course differs.

1. BS in Business Administration

Studying business administration at UC Berkeley is a highly competitive process that involves a highly competitive and tight application process. It accepts fresh college applicants as well as transfer students from relatively outstanding schools. Also, you can review the undergraduate degree brochure for Business Administration.

The Haas Business School Business Administration coursework has a fully integrated course work with other university’s liberal art curricula. However, despite the rigidity of their course work, the Business Administration curriculum results in graduates who can draw upon their knowledge of the arts and sciences as well as business in their daily lives.

There are two basic application channels for business administration that are considered to be highly competitive.

  1. Fresh UC-Berkeley Applicants
  2. Transfer student applicant

Fresh UC-Berkeley Applicants

Students who apply as fresh applicants to the Business Administration department are applying for a 4-year undergraduate journey. You can analyze the four years undergraduate map by clicking HERE. Also, all freshman applicants are to join the Business Administration course during their sophomore year or their junior year.

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Transfer Student Applicants

Transfer students are students who are enrolled in other schools but find it needed to continue their academic course work at UC-Berkeley. Certain criteria are to be met by students who are considering transferring to UC Berkeley. However, admission priority is given to students who are US citizens, California residents, and are transferring from a California community college. Also, students who are admitted as junior transfers to UC Berkeley’s College of Letters & Science or other majors are NOT eligible to apply for the Haas Undergraduate Program. In addition, applicants who already have a bachelor’s degree will not be considered for admission as ta transfer students Click HERE to review frequently asked questions about the admission of students into the Business Administration department.

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2. Global Management Program (GMP)

The global management undergraduate program at UC-Berkeley is a freshman admission program for students interested in learning about business from a global perspective. However, do not consider Transfer students for admission into this course. High school students who are interested in the global management program should click HERE to begin the application process. Also, click HERE to review the admission criteria.

3. Management Entrepreneurship & Technology requirements (M.E.T.)

This is a highly suitable program for students who are interested in studying both engineering and business. Students who run through this program however earn a double degree. Students earn a combined bachelor’s degree from a top rank college of engineering and a business degree from Haas Business School. However, students who are interested in the application the M.E.T program can begin their application process by clicking HERE. This is a fairly straightforward application process. Also, Click HERE to review the application criteria and requirements.

Robinson Life Science, Business, and Entrepreneurship Program

This is an undergraduate partnership course between the Haas School of Business and the department of molecular cell biology. Similar to the undergraduate Management Entrepreneurship & Technology program it offers admitted applicants two bachelor’s degrees. These two degrees are earned within four years learning period. This four-year learning period bridges the gap between scientific inquiry. As well as research in entrepreneurship and commercialization through rigorous course work and specialized professional development opportunities.

MBA in Haas Business School, Berkeley

The master of business administration at Haas Business School educates students on key strategies for redefining leadership through experimental learning and a global curriculum. The MBA program at Haas Business School admits candidates from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds who demonstrate professional achievement, academic aptitude, and leadership potential.

The admission of students into the MBA program at Berkeley Business School requires the initial creation of an account on the registration portal. Therefore, intending applicants can begin the creation of an account on the website by clicking HERE. The following are documents to support your application process.

MBA Application Requirement

  1. University Transcript: MBA applicants are to submit all their undergraduate and graduate degree transcripts during their application. However, the withholding of documents during this application will lead to the disqualification of a candidate. Click HERE to learn more about this application criteria.
  2. Resume: All applicants are also to submit their resumes during the application process. This document is to highlight major milestones in your career. Click HERE to learn more about the key points to highlight in your resume.
  3. GMAT and GRE Test Scores: It is also compulsory for all applicant to submit their GMAT or GRE test score during the application process. However, if this is not available during the time of application, the candidate must make provision for it before admission is completely confirmed.
  4. Essay: MBA applicants are to note that they are to submit a personal statement of interest during the application. Also, applicants are to note that there is truly no one “right” answer to the MBA essay questions. The question asked are to help you review your authentic self.
  5. Professional Letter of Recommendation: You to submit two professional letters of recommendation during your application process. However, one must be from a current direct supervisor.
  6. English proficiency test: Students are to show a level of English proficiency by submitting an English proficiency test score which can either be an IELTS or a TOEFL test result.
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Cost and Financing in Haas School of Business

Business Education at Berkeley Haas Business School might be rather expensive for most individuals. However, the Haas Business School has special scholarships and loan programs for its students. This is particularly for students that show difficulties in their ability to meet up with the payment of their tuition fees. MBA scholarships are given to students entering for both need and merit-based awards. Click HERE to begin the application process for the scholarship program and also review other required documents.

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Grants in Haas School of Business

The following are other scholarships, fellowships, and grant-awarding bodies in the school to consider during your application process;

  1. Berkeley MBA Grant: The Berkeley MBA Grant awards students primarily with significant financial needs. Therefore students must provide a financial record to show that they are genuinely in need of the grant for academic purposes.
  2. Jimenez Family Fellowship: This is a fellowship that provides financial assistance to students who are of low financial capacity but with a good academic record. This philanthropic act is generously by joseph and Denise Jimenez. This award supports high-achieving graduate students that are US citizens and also demonstrate financial need and are in the MBA Program at Haas Business School.
  3. Yellow Ribbon Fellowship: This fellowship is a matching fund option for U.S. military veterans who served at least 36 months and qualify for 100% of the Post 9/11 GI Bill benefit.
  4. Song Feiqing Fellowship: This is a fellowship by Ms. Roberta Sung in honor of Song Feiqing. This award supports high-achieving Full-time MBA students with a preference for students who represent the international community, preferably China, and who intend to pursue business opportunities either in China or in other parts of Southeast Asia, after graduation.
  5. Blue Duck Scholarship: This scholarship is by the generosity of alumnus John Natt (MBA ’69), this scholarship supports MBA students who have their undergraduate degrees from the University of Oregon.

However, other scholarships are sponsored by Haas Business School Faculty members as well as other supporting associations. You can review them on UC-Berkeley’s scholarship platform.


This Haas School of Business review gave you a detailed overview and guide on the major application producers in the Haas business school. It also offers key insights on scholarships and how to have access to funding during your education year in the school.

The review also identifies key factors such as the types of degrees offered as well as their departments, cost of tuition, and type of courses.

FAQs on Haas Business Schoool

Is Haas Business school a good Business school?

Haas school of business is one of the most prestigious business schools around the world. It is recently ranked as the 8th business school in the world but ranks as the 2nd best in terms of offering part-time degrees.

What is Haas Business school known for?

The Hass school of business is commonly known for its creative approach to educating students on the defining areas of business management and business strategy.

Does Haas Business school offer other programs aside from an MBA degree?

Yes, the Haas School of Business offers other specialized degree programs as highlighted above in this article.

Does Haas school of business require an English proficiency test result during application?

Admission into the Haas School of Business requires an English proficiency test result, the criteria are only applicable to students who are of international origin and have no basic English education. You might also like to read about universities that accept low IELTS test scores.

Does the Haas Business have research facilities?

Yes, the Haas school of business has a series of research institutes that preserve the knowledge standards of the school.

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