How to Get Headspace Student Discount in 2023

You can be a part of 15 million other users who use the Headspace app and can also benefit from exclusive discount pricing of the Headspace student offer from $69.99/year to just $9.99/year as a university or college student.

We’ve covered a whole lot about Headspace and how to get a headspace student discount in this article. So keep reading to know how to get this headspace student offer.

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How to Get Headspace Student Discount

About Headspace

“Headspace”, an English-American online corporation, is an auxiliary of Headspace Health that specializes in meditation. Headspace was established by Richard Pierson and Andy Puddicombe on 10th May 2010, in London, England. Its headquarters was in Santa Monica, California, and offices in London and San Francisco.

The company majorly functions via its online website page, which makes provision for sequences of supervised meditation to its enrolled and registered users with the aim of awareness. The whole content is given through the freemium subscription service model.

Headspace started as awareness and focused related experiences in mindfulness-focused occasion firms in London and nearby places. The People who went to the mindfulness occasion petitioned for an opportunity to have uninterrupted access to their practices as time passed.

In May 2010, Andy Puddicombe and Richard Pierson and Andy Puddicombe launched a Meditation firm, Online Mindfulness, and Headspace in London. After this, in 2012, they designed an incipient style of the app.

The firm’s headquarters are located in California, Santa Monica and its offices are in San Francisco and London.

Headspace History

Andy Puddicombe was the co-founder and chairman of Headspace. In 2010, Headspace was established by Richard Pierson and Andy Puddicombe. Richard has knowledge in marketing and new branding innovations, while Andy is an ex-Buddhist.

At the age of 22 years, Andy sacrificed his university education in Sports Science and had a trip to Asia just because he wanted to be a Buddhist monk. Later, he was fully predestined at a Tibetan Monastery in the Himalayas. In 2004, he came back to the United Kingdom with the aim “to make meditation obtainable, important and helpful to as many people as it can”. It was while managing a mediation firm in London that he met and approached his future business co-partner by name, Rich Pierson.

Headspace started as a shoe company, holding an awareness discussion both in and around the cities of London. Requests from the attendees and participants for a method of sharing these techniques brought about Richard and Andy looking into creating a mobile app, with the initial form of the Headspace app launching in 2012. Headspace employed up to 100 staff, working between the London, San Francisco, and Los Angeles offices.

Headspace employed Ross Hoffman as Chief Business Officer (CBC) in June 2017.

The corporation launched Headspace Health in June 2018, to be an ancillary project at enhancing FDA-approved meditation equipment which would be given to help treat and take care of people suffering from various kinds of chronic diseases.

In August 2021, Headspace got merged with the online mental health platform Ginger in an agreement valuing the merged company at $3 billion.

Headspace Products

Headspace gets directed meditation facilities online, obtainable to users via the company’s website and through their mobile app on the Android and iPhone platforms. Users can have ten days of free content access, and after that, they also have the choice to take out an annual or monthly subscription or can continue with free trial materials.

In June 2014, Headspace launched the 2nd latest form and version of its platform. The Capacity of the 2nd version of the app paid attention to four areas immediately after users are done with their Foundation stage, that is, Headspace Pro, relationships, performance, and health level.

The app uses a game style to motivate users to finish and learn a level of meditation before getting to a futuristic part. Each part is about ten to twelve minutes long, and always in an audio format.

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Headspace has also been used in various clinical trials scrutinizing the effects of awareness training. In one of such study, clinicians from UCL, sponsored by the British Heart Foundation, inspected the effect of mindfulness or awareness on workplace stress in two major international companies, using the Headspace app as the mediation. The study established a crucial decrease in sleeping issues, a notable increase in recognized job control, a remarkable decrease in diastolic blood pressures, curtailments in anxiety and depression symptoms, as well a crucial increase in well-being.

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Netflix shows

Headspace got a three-series deal signed with the Netflix industry, with every show produced by Vox Media. The first series, “Headspace Guide to Meditation” was launched in January 2021 and the 2nd which is the “Headspace Guide to Sleep” was launched in April 2021. In June 2021, the third series, which is a conjoint experience titled “Unwind Your Mind” where users get to select their personal meditation, was launched.

Media attention

Headspace has been displayed on UK and US television, appearing on the Dr. Oz Shows, ABC News, BBC breakfast news, and the Today show. Headspace also appeared on the BBC double science documentary Horizon, which got the success of mindfulness tested, using the Headspace company app over a period of 8 weeks. In laboratory analysis, the moderator, Dr. Michael Mosley, was seen to have a remarkably minimized negative outlook. He also announced dealing with a 10-year-old battle with insomnia. The item has also been disclosed in publications such as Martha Stewart and NPR.

In November 2012, the founder of Headspace, Andy Puddicombe gave a TED Talk, titled “All It Takes is 10 conscious Minutes ‘, listing the importance of taking your time every day to exercise mindfulness.

Benefits of Using Headspace

The value of being fully and actively present gives a more enhancing encounter in whatever you do.

Not only does Headspace help you enhance your daily experience, but it also aids in making you happier, more concentrated, and more relaxed. You begin to live every moment with less anxiety and consternation. Custom evaluation can help you get ready for presentations, examinations, and even more.

Headspace is for all students and also stands as a good personal direction to happiness and health. Here are some more properties you can enjoy with the Headspace app. All are available even on Headspace student discount.

  1. Social connection
  2. Focus
  3. Mindfulness
  4. Sleep
  5. Mediation

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What is Headspace Student Plan

Headspace Student discount is a discount from Headspace to students of high school, university, or college. Moreover, students must currently be registered in a degree-granting Title IV college or university in the U.S.

However, full-time and part-time students and graduate, part-time and full-time students can get hold of this student discount.

Headspace student discount aids you in learning to tune out the disturbances and concentrate on your education for $9.99 yearly.


  1. You can save a whole lot of money by subscribing to a family plan or a year plan.
  2. The app can be used on both Android and iOS devices.
  3. A “Pals” select gives you the chance to add up people to your tour.
  4. The website page educational tools are free and available to the public.
  5. The stats or enumeration tool enables you to keep up with your success.
  6. The website software page reminds you of your daily practices.
  7. Workout classes tutored by the Olympians


  1. They provide higher monthly earnings than any other meditation application.
  2. Some users complain that the app can be sometimes wearisome.
  3. Registering a credit card and optioning to an auto-renewal group are needed for the free trial.
  4. Headspace put more attention on initial courses that may discourage professional meditators.

How to Get a Headspace Student Discount

If you do not have a Headspace account, you should endeavor to have one by creating an account with Headspace in order to receive the Headspace students discount.

Furthermore, to be an enrolled user, you have to be at least 18 years of age. Follow the guidelines below to begin the Headspace student discount plan:

  1. Visit the Headspace student discount webpage platform.
  2. Get logged in with your present Headspace details, or you can as well create an account if you do not have any.
  3. Moreover, after verifying your student identification showing that you are a qualified student if any University in the U.S, constantly check the website page for promo. continue to check out after promptly verifying your student status with a qualifying university in the United States.
  4. You will be finally asked to send and upload a document for manual validation. This upload is only available to those whose validation was not prompt.
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You don’t need to use your school-issued email address details to sign up for the Headspace student discount. You can use any email address of your choice.

What Documents Do I Need to Upload?

If your verification does not come immediately, that is when you would be required to upload a document as evidence.

Predominantly, the document should be one that indicates that you are currently registered in a Title IV degree-granting University or institution in the United States.

It could also be your last and first name, the name of the university, and an issue date from the current academic semester.

The semester might be within the past three months and must be added to all documents. You are advised to upload only one document after the other.

The documents could be:

  1. Your academic college‘s letter of registration. Note that an acceptance letter won’t be approved.
  2. The present academic semester scheme of work.
  3. Tuition or registration fee receipt.
  4. A transliteration of your present year if it’s available.
  5. Other school-related documents contain your first and last name and a current semester or three-month issuance date.

Always remember that all relevant details on documents should be edited or redacted if wrong before getting them uploaded to the SheerID system because it won’t allow you to have access to it again.

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How Do I Verify the Headspace Student Offer?

Start with visiting the Headspace website page by tapping here. After that, click ‘Get Started’ and start filling in your information.

For the validation of your points by Headspace, you’ll need to open a student account. This should get your details verified.

How to Change Headspace Subscription to Student Discount

To turn the Headspace subscription into a student discount, all u need is to turn off the auto-renewal remote in your present subscription. Immediately after the subscription expires, you’ll be able to access a fresh plan.

After this, You can now convert to a Headspace student discount plan.

Only the Family plan has an exception. Please bear with us. If you have a Headspace subscription and want to upgrade to the Family Plan, You can visit the site HERE if you want to upgrade your Headspace subscription to the Family plan. You can now round up your work instantly once the next page comes up.

What is Spotify Headspace

Headspace and Spotify teamed up to improve meditation and mindfulness.

Afterward, they declared the launch of a fresh association to deal with valued and quality directed meditation and mindfulness and meditation training. Spotify is famous music software and app that makes people meditate.

Headspace is a meditation and digital mental health platform. Altogether, they provide an all-inclusive experience for your meditation audios, normal playlist, and all characteristics of both sides.

How to Use Spotify Headspace

Unlike other apps, the Spotify Headspace app is very simple and easy to access. First, you choose a topic that suits your interest, that is, contingent upon the issue you readily want to dissolve, like, a relationship, depression, or anxiety issues.

The Spotify Headspace app’s courses are just a few minutes long, and you can also have the chance to listen to their audio wherever you are.

There is also a voice-directed meditation with calm music to help you concentrate on the content being said. These courses will teach you how to guide your mind to be in a positive form in the face of any problem at all.

When you are done with the task, you will notice that you are confident, healthier, happier, and more optimistic.

Spotify Premium Student Headspace

Your music choice has a relevant effect on your mental state.

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Using Spotify Premium, you can train your mind to feel and act positively by playing a piece of suitable music.

Moreover, Spotify Premium gets you to listen to any meditation and soundtrack of your choice.

Note, that there is a charge fee for this version of Spotify. Instead of paying up a meditation tutor for books, training, and exercises, which would cost you more than the Spotify premium, then quickly grab this opportunity to Spotify Premium.

You will have to pay a fee of £4.99 per month to gain access to meditation and music of your choice.

You have access to the all-inclusive gift wrap for your mind when you’re using the Headspace and Spotify Premium apps.

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How Much Does Headspace Cost?

The headspace app download is just free for everyone. Hence, the free version of the Headspace app has a few free directed sessions readily available.

The free trial aids you access the Headspace content library, and not less than 500 meditations. The membership choice you selected essentially dictates the cost of what you’ll pay.

Headspace membership steps are the Headspace Plus, student, family, and free memberships. Necessarily, Headspace Plus membership cost $12.99 monthly and also has a 7-day free trial.

But the early subscription costs $69.99 and also has a 14-day free trial. The every year Headspace student discount is just as low as $9.99. Therefore, grab this chance now!!! The yearly cost for the family plan is $99.99.

It’s not just the Headspace student discount that is available, every K-12 tutor, school aide, or director from the countries like Canada, the United States, Australia, and United Kingdom gains the Headspace membership for free:


The Headspace student discount is an amazing discount offered by Headspace on the Headspace app. It is an exclusive discount pricing of the Headspace student offer from $69.99/year to just $9.99/year as a university or college student. Headspace Student discount is a discount from Headspace to students of high school, university, or college.

Headspace is an English-American online corporation that specializes in meditation. It gets directed meditation facilities online, obtainable to users via the company’s website and mobile app on the Android and iPhone platforms. Simply create an account with Headspace in order to receive the Headspace students discount. Furthermore, to be an enrolled user, you have to be at least 18 years of age.

FAQs – How to Get Headspace Student Discount

Does Headspace have a discount for Students?

Yes, Headspace has a generous discount for students. Unlike the general yearly subscription for $69.99, the Headspace student discount is just $9.99.

What’s the Headspace student discount deadline?

There is no fixed date for the Headspace students’ discount expiry, so grab this opportunity now and make the most out of it now that is available.

Can students get Headspace for free?

Students can download the Headspace app from their website page. free app. But however, the courses offered on the free version of the app are very limited so you would have to subscribe in order to enjoy more.

Who can get Headspace for free?

Support workers in K-12 from primary to secondary schools, teachers, and educators are those who are legible to get Headspace for free. These schools must be situated in Australia, Canada, the U.K, and the U.S.

Is there a free version of Headspace?

Everyone is legible to use Headspace for free, but the deal is far less. You’ll have to subscribe and pay $69.99 yearly or $12.99 in order to enjoy more performance. You can still get a Headspace student discount for educators and students at $9.99 yearly.

Can I still get Headspace with Spotify?

Yes, you can. Once you have a verified student identification status, you would have free access to Headspace with a Spotify premium account.
According to Spotify, you need just one login to get access to Premium Services in order to make things better and easier.
But, if you are a Spotify member and user, you can as well get upgraded using or headspace.

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