HEC Montreal Tuition 2022, Scholarships and Cost of Living.

Are you a business student? Do you have dreams of furthering your studies abroad? Are you looking for an institution with a high reputation and scholarship programs? If your answers are yes, then the HEC Montreal Business School is a great option for you.

HEC Montréal is a Canadian business school located in Montréal, Canada.

Founded in 1907, the HEC Montreal serves as the graduate business school of the University of Montréal. It is also the first established school of management in Canada. Also, the business school offers undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs. All in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Master of Science in Administration (MSc), Master of Management (MM), Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Ph.D. in Administration. Besides that, the HEC Montréal also has a joint Executive MBA program with McGill University as well.

HEC Montreal Tuition

In 2016, Canadian Business ranked HEC Montréal first among Canada’s business schools for its MBA program. It ranks 17th worldwide among non-US business schools by Forbes.
As a business student, the HEC is a great choice for you. Why, because apart from being a world-class school it is also situated in a friendly environment. The city of Montreal is an amazing place to live.

The HEC has over 800 staff for both Academic and Administrative duties. As well as over 12000 students undergoing undergraduate and Postgraduates programs.


The HEC Montreal offers several programs available in French language only. However, only one program is available in the English language. For this reason, proficiency in the French language is a prerequisite for admission in the HEC.
Programs and courses available at the HEC Montreal business school include;

Short undergraduate program.
The HEC offers undergraduate level programs. This program is designed to help students meet the demands and challenges in their business environment. It also helps develop specific competencies for your profession or industry as well as to gain practical skills required to facilitate students’ growth in their profession. Courses available under this program include;

Business Analytics
Human Resources
Information Technology etc.

These courses are available on both full-time and part-time format. However the are only thought in French language.
Upon completion of the Short Undergraduate program, the student is eligible to enrol in a certificate program.


Shortgraduate program is a graduate level program available in part-time format. Just as the name implies, it is a short term program. The program helps to meet the demands and challenges in your business environment. It also develops specific competencies for profession or industry gain. It also assists in development of practical skills.
Courses available under the Short graduate program include;

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A full list of courses available under the Short graduate program at HEC Montreal can be found on the institutions website.


The MBA program offers to advance the students skill set in business and business related discipline. Although French language is the official language for the MBA program, however, for the benefit of international students, the HEC has an MBA+ program. The MBA+ is a program for international students who have no experience in French language. This means that the MBA+ program is exactly the same as a regular MBA program in all ramifications. The only difference is that it offers French language based courses which increases the employability of the individual.

A complete details on the MBA program is available for more study and analysis on the website at ……

Masters degree program.

The HEC also offers a Masters degree program. More details can be found on their website



Just as in most institutions, the HEC Montreal tuition fee varies. Therefore a students tuition fee would depend on the number of credits offered per session. Also, citizenship and type of program also influences the price.
There are four basic types of programs in the HEC Montreal. These programs are furthermore broken into number of credits. This means that the number of credits undertaken determines the tuition. In addition, basic fees like Copyright fees, technology fees etc are also added to make up the tuition. A full breakdown is available at https://www.hec.ca/en/students/tuition-fees/index.html
The HEC Montreal tuition are;

Short graduate program.
Quebec Students;
3 Credits   $462.26
6 Credits   $850.85
9 Credits   $1239.44
12 Credits $1626.03
15 Credits $2011.62

Canadian students (non-resident of Quebec);
3 Credits    $1001.87
6 Credits    $1930.07
9 Credits    $2858.27
12 Credits  $3784.47
15 Credits  $4709.67

French-Belgian students;
3 Credits    $462.26
6 Credits    $850.85
9 Credits    $1239.44
12 Credits  $1626.03
15 Credits  $2011.62

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International students;
3 Credits    $1949.96
6 Credits    $3826.25
9 Credits    $5702.54
12 Credits  $7576.83
15 Credits  $9450.12

These HEC Montreal tuition is subject to change at anytime. Know that these changes are made by the institution.

MBA Program;
Quebec Students;
3 Credits    $200.81
6 Credits    $971.36
9 Credits    $1433.69
16 Credits  $2506.46
17 Credits  $2659.57
21 Credits  $3272.01
54 Credits  $8435.74

Canadian students (non-resident of Quebec);
3 Credits    $380.68
6 Credits    $2050.58
9 Credits    $3052.52
16 Credits  $5384.38
17 Credits  $5717.36
21 Credits  $7049.28
54 Credits  $18148.72

French-Belgian students;
3 Credits    $200.81
6 Credits    $971.36
9 Credits    $1433.69
16 Credits  $2506.46
17 Credits  $2659.57
21 Credits  $3272.01
54 Credits  $8435.74

International students;
3 Credits    $696.71
6 Credits    $3496.76
9 Credits    $5896.79
16 Credits  $10440.86
17 Credits  $11089.87
21 Credits  $13685.91
54 Credits  $48856.54

The HEC Montreal tuition is subject to change at anytime. Know that these changes are made by the institution.

Tuition for Masters Program at the HEC Montreal Business School can be found on the institution website. Please visit https://www.hec.ca/en/students/tuition-fees/index.html for more details.



There are several scholarship programs available at the HEC Montreal. Although these scholarships differ by program. Most of these scholarships are given by the institution. However, corporate bodies, voluntary donors as well as the government also have scholarship programs for students. Some of the scholarship available are;

Entrance scholarship.

This scholarship is worth from $2,000 to $4,000, is awarded by the MSc in Administration program office to the top candidates admitted.

There are no applications to be completed as successful candidate are notified by email. However, the selection is based on their academic record at the time of admission into HEC.

Differential tuition fee exemption Scholarships.
The Quebec government has agreements with over forty countries and a number of organizations that exempts students who come to study in the province from differential tuition fees at the HEC. The amount deferred depends on the student’s country of origin. Students must contact the persons responsible for managing this program in their home country before contacting the Quebec government.

Granting agencies Scholarships.

At the HEC, federal and Quebec government granting agencies award scholarships worth between $15,000 to $17,500 to students with an excellent average and who wish to pursue their studies at the Master’s level.

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Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).
This agency offers annual scholarships of about $17,500 for students in all specializations at the HEC business school. However students of Financial Engineering, Management Sciences and Business Intelligence are exempted.

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

Like is already known, annual scholarships of $17,500 are made available for students in the Financial Engineering, Management Sciences and Business Intelligence specialization.

Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC)
Also, an annual $17,500 scholarships, awarded for two years. It is for students in all specializations in the institution. Financial Engineering,  Management Sciences and Business Intelligence students are ineligible.

Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologie (FRQNT)
Annual scholarships are awarded for two years to students in the Financial Engineering, Management Sciences and Business Intelligence specializations. The award is valued at $17,500.

As well, a total of $15,000 scholarships are awarded for a 4-6 months research internship in a company. Students in the supervised project or thesis streams are eligible for these scholarships.

Cost of living in HEC Montreal Business School.

Living in the HEC students residence is highly advisable. However living in private apartments is also viable but a more expensive idea. Montreal, tagged as one of the most expensive destination for international students. This could be financially straining for some. However, if you can afford to, then why not?
Below is a summary of monthly expenses for amenities like food, rent, transport etc.
Rent, which is quite expensive here could take as much as $800-$1000. Although it could be cheaper around. Talking to experts would be a great idea to help find suitable and affordable housing.

Feeding expenses.

Foodstuffs could demand another $350-$400 per month. It is quite expensive to depend on diners so eating homemade is a better idea. While transportation and miscellaneous could have as much as $150.
The cost of living in private apartments should be between $1200-$1500 as it is highly advisable to get a roommate. This helps to reduce the cost each person has to make.
More details on living in HEC Montreal campuses can be found at the official website

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