Houston University Acceptance Rate and How to Get in Very Easily

Houston University’s acceptance rate is the first factor to consider before applying to the school. Houston’s acceptance rate will help you to determine if you are fit for admission and your chances of being accepted.

Houston University provides a diverse range of outstanding educational options. Students can earn nationally recognized degrees both on-campus and online while maintaining the same high expectations as traditional programs and having the freedom to work outside of typical hours.

H0uston University-trained instructors offer students with the knowledge and skills they need to move on in their lives. The institution also provides cutting-edge training through certificate programs, seminars, conventions, online courses, and specialized corporate training. Whether you’re thinking about going to graduate school, changing careers, or moving up the corporate ladder, Houston University has a program that’s right for you.

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Houston University Acceptance Rate and How to Get in Very Easily

About Houston University.

The University of Houston is a significant 4-year public institution in Houston, Texas, that offers both undergraduate and graduate studies. In the latest data year, 28,645 potential students sought admission, with 17,986 being accepted. The institution enrolled 5,225 of those who were accepted. There are 34,354 full-time undergraduates and 12,736 part-time students admitted. 

Houston university’s academic colleges and institutions on school grounds offer over 358 undergraduate degrees, comprising advanced degrees in design, law, optometry, medicine, and pharmacy.

The university spends $201 million on research each year and has over 35 research labs and institutes on school grounds.

Quantum confinement, space industrialization and exploration, biological sciences and engineering, preservation of natural resources, and machine learning are all examples of interdisciplinary study. UH has a population of over 300,000 alumni and awards about 11,000 degrees each year.

Houston university’s economic effect in Texas is around $6.4 billion per year, with over 62,000 jobs generated.

Houston University Acceptance rate

Is it difficult to get into UH and will I get accepted?

Houston University has a 62.8 percent acceptance rate, which ranks #25 in Texas for the smallest acceptance rate. UH is a fairly tough university to get into, with a good probability of acceptance if you match the prerequisites. Last year, 17,986 out of 28,645 applications were enrolled, making it a somewhat challenging school to get into.

The institution has stringent SAT and ACT admissions criteria, often accepting candidates who score in the upper 37% (SAT 1120/1310, ACT 22/28). The University of Houston admits and recruits “A-” level secondary school students with a 3.75 average GPA. The majority of new freshmen graduates are in the upper quartile of their class. Only 29% of those accepted decided to attend the institution.

Try checking SAT Score Calculator – Raw and Scaled

Houston University SAT Requirement

What is the SAT score required for admission to the University of Houston?

Applicants who score in the upper 37 % of SAT standardized tests are often preferred by the University of Houston. The institution frequently accepts SAT composite scores as low as 1120 on a 1600 scale, indicating that admission is a stretch. We believe that some candidates with SAT scores as little as 1020 will be admitted. The average SAT score for accepted freshmen is anticipated to be 1220 out of 1600. The school has the ninth maximum average SAT aggregate score in Texas. Because 88 percent of candidates submit SAT results to the institution, a competitive SAT score is essential.

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Houston University ACT Requirement.

What are the ACT requirements for incoming freshmen at the University of Houston?

According to admissions data, UH typically admits candidates with ACT scores of 22 or above. ACT scores in the upper 37% of the country are frequently provided by successful applicants. In some cases, we estimate that the institution will accept minimal ACT aggregate scores of roughly 19. Those who submit an ACT aggregate of 25 or higher must be in the top half of candidates, and individuals who submit a 28 or greater have a very good chance. The school has the #11 greatest average ACT aggregate score in Texas. ACT scores are submitted by 35% of candidates to the University of Houston.

Glance at What Is a Good ACT Score? 

Houston University Freshmen admission

If you want to construct the physical underpinnings of the coming years as an engineer or architect, mold young mindsets as an educator, or explore how far mankind has already gone as an anthropological, you’ll discover undergraduate degree programs at the University of Houston that will clear the road to the future you imagine. These are only a handful of the topics of study offered, all of which are taught by world-renowned professors.

  • If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you are a freshman.
  • If you’re a student who doesn’t have any college credits or received college credit before graduating from high school 

After receiving a GED or secondary school diploma, you obtained less than 15 applicable hours of college credit. Are a citizen of the United States, have sought resident status, or qualified for Texas resident status under Senate Bill 1528

Houston University Freshmen Admission Requirement.

  • High school Transcript
  • GPA
  • 3. SAT/ACT
  • Recommendation letters from high school instructor/counselor
  • Personal essay 

Application fee.

International Students Admission Requirements.

Houston University looks for students with a solid academic record as well as a high degree of passion and curiosity.

Transcripts, GPA, and Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores, as well as letters of recommendation, provide evidence of your academic success and competence. Your essay and recommendation letters communicate your extent of enthusiasm and commitment. Houston University considers your transcripts, test scores (GRE for all, TOEFL/IELTS for international students), personal statement, and letters of recommendation when evaluating your application.

Houston University Requirements for Admission

  • GPA of 2.5 in college
  • Students who have completed lesser than 15 units (fewer than 30 units for advanced degrees) must present an approved final high school transcript as well as an official ACT/SAT score.
  • Letter of English Proficiency. 
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Steps to apply.

1. Online applications are accepted.

Use either the Apply Texas Application or the Common Application to submit your application. Only one application should be submitted.

2. Payment of the Application Fee

Use a payment method to pay the mandatory and non-refundable $90 application fee. Payments can be done through your myUH identity portal or before you send your enrollment application.

3. Official test results must be submitted.

The assessment organization should send the results straight to you. Our ACT score is 4236, SAT score is 6870, and TOEFL score is 6870. Verified IELTS score results should be sent to the University of Houston’s Department of Freshman Admissions by the assessment organization. Only exceptional programs necessitate SAT/ACT scores. Please keep in mind that TOEFL/IELTS exam results are valid for two years from the test date.

4. Transcripts from college should be sent.

Official college transcripts from all colleges and institutions attended must be submitted. Request that your university or college registrar provide your transcript records using an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology, such as Speed. Papers can also be mailed to Houston University Drive.

Authorized transcripts must include the word “official,” the logo of your university, a signature from a person in authority, or an official stamp. The legitimacy of the transcript is determined by the judgment of the Department of Admissions, which maintains the right to request more or alternative copies if necessary.

5. Please submit your immigration papers.

A duplicate of the individual’s passport ID page is required for all applications (s).

F-1 visa holders in the United States must send a copy of pages 1 and 2 of the SEVIS I-20, as well as proof of their I-94 record. To enter the United States, J-1s must provide a print of page 1 of the DS-2019 as well as proof of their I-94 record.

6. Financial Documents to Submit

Verified bank statements that are no more than six months old. A genuine signature from the bank agent and/or an official stamp/seal from the issuing bank is required on bank statements.

At the very least, $41,410 should be spent. Numerous funding sources are permissible as long as the total amount of money provided matches the academic year’s budget. It is acceptable to have numerous sponsors. Also, every sponsor, therefore, must sign an Affidavit of Sponsorship. Self-supporting students must also complete an Affidavit of Sponsorship.

The following are examples of acceptable financial documents:

  • Bank statement verified by the representative or bank stamp/seal
  • The sum is specified as united State dollars in the document from the bank.
  • Statements from a checking account, a savings account, or certificates of deposit
  • Letters of scholarship
  • Letters demonstrating government support
7. Fill up and submit the SEVIS Transfer Form.

International transfer students should contact their existing International Advisor to fill out the SEVIS Appropriate Paperwork and request that their present school sends their SEVIS information to the University of Houston-System.


In conclusion, Houston University campus life has the feel of a tiny village amid Houston’s metropolis amenities. Eateries, art shows, recreational centers, live concerts, and athletic events are just a few of the on-campus amenities that make Houston University more than just a place to study — it’s a place to flourish.

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There are numerous food alternatives available at the University of Houston. Student diet plans are nutritious, convenient, and reasonable, and they can be utilized at any time in our dining halls. There is also a range of retail and food truck alternatives to suit everyone’s tastes.

Choosing Houston University is the right choice to make. You can visit the school website for more information and how to apply. Good luck


Why do you want to attend the University of Houston Why is UH a good fit for you?

Outstanding education, unbeatable location, unlimited research opportunities, and a promising future are a few of the many reasons students choose to attend the University of Houston. Read the University of Houston Highlights and Houston highlights to find your own great reasons to attend the Honors College.

What area of study is the University of Houston known for?

The university is classified as an “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity”. The university offers more than 358-degree programs through its 16 academic colleges and schools on campus—including programs leading to professional degrees in architecture, law, optometry, medicine, and pharmacy.

What is interesting about the University of Houston?

The University of Houston’s proud heritage of academic excellence dates back to its founding in 1927. In 1947, the institution launched one of its many rich traditions by adopting the cougar, later named Shasta, as its official mascot. Over the years, we grew and prospered, becoming the University of Houston in 1934.

What are the vision and mission statements for the University of Houston?

The University of Houston draws strength from its diversity to transform lives and communities through education, research, service, and innovation in a real-world setting. UH is an engine for discovery, conversation, and change that informs and leads local, state, national and global partnerships.

What is the University of Houston Clear Lake known for?

A valuable education that is recognized by leading national accrediting agencies in education, social work, sciences, and more. Beautiful, safe campus on 524 acres of natural green space. Entertainment, sports, and arts within a half-hour drive.

Who should not attend the University of Houston?

People with disabilities should not attend The University of Houston. The campus is very large and it would be hard for them to get from one place to another. Also, persons who have a problem with diversity because there are many different ethnicities, religions, and cultures that attend the school.

Did anyone famous go to the University of Houston?

Country legend Kenny Rogers attended college at the University of Houston. Famed Olympian Carl Lewis attended the University of Houston. Former Houston Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips was a three-year starter at linebacker for the University of Houston football team.


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