How Long Does it Take to Get a PhD in 2022?

If you intend to further your education to Ph.D.  level, then you should be curious about how long does it take to get a PhD in 2022.

A PhD program is the highest level of study that involves many years of deep research, learning, experience, and confidence in the chosen field of study.

In this post, you’ll get to know what a Ph.D. degree is, how long does it take to get a PhD in different fields of study, and general information about PhDs degree program.

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how long does it take to get a PhD in 2021
how long does it take to get a Ph.D. in 2022

What is a Ph.D.?

A Ph.D. degree is a postgraduate degree awarded to students who complete an original thesis that offers a significant new contribution to knowledge in their subject.

Basically, Ph.D. is the highest level of academic degree that a person can achieve, and qualifications are available in all subjects and are.

A Ph.D. differs from most master’s courses (or all undergraduate programs). A Ph.D. is a pure research degree with diverse and varied qualifications and many different components. It does not mean you will only spend three years locked in a laboratory or library. 

A typical doctorate involves:

  • Conduct a literature review (a survey of the current scholarship in your field).
  • Conducting an original investigation and compiling its results.
  • Producing a thesis that presents your conclusions.
  • Writing your thesis and presenting it as a dissertation.
  • Defending your thesis in a live oral voice exam.

These stages vary between subjects. But in the three years of a typical full-time doctorate, they tend to fall in the same sequence.

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What are the Courses available in a Ph.D. program?

Full-time Ph.D. students usually take advanced classes during their first 2-3 years of study. The number of course credits needed to earn a Ph.D. can differ and depends on the university’s semester or quarter calendar and the graduate degree.

For instance, to earn a Ph.D. in Polymer Science from the University of Akron, 36 semester-hour credits are required. DePaul University requires 60 quarter-hour credits for a Ph.D. in Computer and Information Sciences.

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Doctoral students in a particular field offering Ph.D. programs are usually required by their universities to take virtually all of their classes. Still, they may have the opportunity to take elective courses, both in their department and outside it.

For example, Doctoral applicants in speech pathology will be eligible to take electives such as anatomy, and students in psychology will be required to select alternatives such as psychotherapy.

What are the Required Credit Hours for a Ph.D.?

Some universities can allow you to earn a Ph.D. with only 60 credit hours, while other Ph.D. programs require you to earn 120 credit hours before entering the exam and dissertation phases. It’s a good thing that there are Ph.D. programs without such high credit-hour demands. 

How much does it cost to get a Ph.D.?

The cost of a doctoral degree may require a significant investment or be fully funded. This depends on the type of degree being studied.

The average cost of research-based doctoral programs was $36,600, while professional doctorates average $48,900 yearly.

In private institutions, the figure was $23,266 annually and $10,979 for public institutions. However, these figures include non-doctoral graduate programs, such as master’s degrees and certificates.

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How long does it take to get a Ph.D.?

According to the Survey of Doctorates Won, a census of recent recipients of research doctorates who obtained their degree from US institutions, the average time it takes to get a Ph.D. is 5.8 years. This depends on the subject and the university.

However, programs such as doctorates in humanities and art generally take more than six years to complete. According to the survey, the average time for people to obtain their degree was 7.1 years.

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Some Ph.D. candidates begin their doctoral programs after obtaining master’s degrees, meaning that the time spent in graduate school is a combination of the time spent getting a master’s degree and the years invested in a doctorate.

To receive a Ph.D. degree, a student must successfully write and defend an original academic dissertation, which a dissertation committee must approve. Most times, creating and defending a thesis is difficult for many doctors.

That’s why some students abandon their Ph.D. programs after doing most of the work necessary for a degree without completing the dissertation component.

How long does it take to get a PhD part-time?

A Ph.D. is (generally) very suitable for more flexible modes of study; therefore, there are certainly alternatives for you to consider if full-time enrollment is not feasible.

Part-time doctorates are a good way to accommodate family commitments or other work along with your research.

Part-time doctorate degrees usually take twice the time full-time doctorates take to complete (about 5-6 years in the UK).

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PhD requirements + general timeline

Advanced coursework, a comprehensive exam (often known as a “comp”), and the completion of an original body of research, such as a dissertation, are common requirements for doctoral programs. In order to prepare for a job in academia or research, you can also be required to complete a teaching assistantship or a research assistantship.

PhD requirements

  • Advanced coursework: A graduate-level coursework focusing on various cutting-edge subtopics in your area.
  • Comprehensive exam: An test that asks you to demonstrate knowledge of your area, including its history, significant individuals, notable theories or studies, and more.
  • Dissertation: A unique body of work that advances your field.

PhD timeline

Although a PhD program’s details vary by institution and university, the following estimates provide you a general sense of what to anticipate while attending graduate school:

  • Year 1: Complete advanced coursework.
  • Year 2: Complete advanced coursework and begin preparing for your comprehensive exams.
  • Year 3: Study, take, and defend your comprehensive exams. Begin researching your dissertation proposal.
  • Year 4: Submit your dissertation proposal to your committee chair, and, once approved, begin working on your dissertation.
  • Year 5: Finish writing your dissertation and submit it for committee approval. Defend your dissertation and apply for graduation.
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How long does it take to get a PhD in 2022 FAQs

How many years does it take to get a Ph.D.?

Basically, a doctorate degree takes four years to complete. But if you already have a master’s degree, you may be able to complete a doctorate in the same subject area in three years of full-time study.

How much does it cost to get a Ph.D.?

The total average cost for research-based doctoral programs was $36,600, while Professional doctoral degrees averaged $48,900 the same year.(Amounts are subject to change)

Is a doctorate worth it?

A Ph.D. is worth the investment, especially in law, biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, and finance. A doctorate also makes you more likely to earn a higher salary than someone with just a master’s degree.

Is a Ph.D. better than a doctorate?

The main difference between a doctorate and a Ph.D. is in their meanings. A doctorate is an umbrella term for a degree or rank. It is a program that can result in either a professional or an academic degree, while a Ph.D. is a specific degree that falls under the doctorate.

Is getting a PhD worth it?

A PhD actually has a lower premium than a master’s degree in engineering, architecture, or teaching. It is just high enough to be worthwhile in medical, other sciences, and business and financial courses. A PhD only commands a 3% premium over a master’s degree across all fields.


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