How to pick a hooking topic for an argumentative essay

Is it easy to choose a brilliant topic for an argumentative essay? Absolutely not! Especially if you really want to impress your professor and write an interesting essay that will catch the readers’ attention. Of course, there are resources that offer essay writing help, and you can always send a “write my essay for me inexpensively” message. But even if you outsource your college projects, you still need to work on your writing skills. If you can’t pick a topic for an argumentative essay, how can you build a successful career? Your field doesn’t matter much-software developers, nurses, marketers, and other professionals all write different papers all the time. Your writing skills will come in handy if you want to find a scholarship, start a blog, or make new business contacts.

So, read on and learn from the real experts.

Start with the basics: what qualities should your argumentative essay topic have?

The first thing you should think about is the type of your essay. Obviously, if you’re going to pick an issue, and take a firm stance on your position, your topic should be appropriate. There several essential criteria it should meet:

  • It should be arguable and debatable. When your topic doesn’t come with some controversy, you lose. If you choose the one that sounds like “Apple is an innovative tech company”, the whole essay makes no sense. But if you change it to “iPhones are the best smartphones ever”, you start a discussion. You should write for different audiences – for people who support your idea and for people who don’t. If your statement is not debatable, you’ll not write an A-level paper.
  • It should matter. There are a lot of topics to discuss but it doesn’t mean that all of them are interesting. What is better – apples or oranges? You can find a dozen arguments to show that your favorite fruit is better but people don’t care about it. But when it comes to politics, religion, economics, healthcare, etc., things change. If you order essays help online, you can easily mention that professional authors choose controversial and important topics that trigger people. 
  • Researchable. Finally, your topic should be researchable which means that you should ensure that you can find whatever information you need. There might be different sources – books, magazines, websites, etc. Your professor might help you with access to some databases. Anyway, don’t choose a topic that you know nothing about – it will take you a lot of time without any guarantees.
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5 Amazing tips to choose a good argumentative essay topic

We bet that you know about such a creative thinking tool as brainstorming. It is when you clear your mind from any distractions and try to focus on your final goal. In this mood, you can easily come up with 50-100 interesting topics. You can also check different essay help websites with free ideas for students. But you don’t need that much, you need to pick the only one. So, how do you do that? There are 5 steps to try:

  1. Choose a topic that you’re curious about

It is a no-brainer that your topic should inspire you. If healthcare is not your area of interest, you will not write an amazing paper. Yes, it is a hot issue, and you can attract a lot of people but the truth is that it doesn’t drive you. Besides, people tend to procrastinate when they don’t really like their assignments. It means that you’ll spend a lot of time trying to come up with a single paragraph. In such a situation, it is much better to ask yourself: “Should I hire someone to write my essay for me?”

So, if you already have a long list of some nice topics, you can read it through to find some of them that motivate you to start writing a paper right now. 

  1. Look for trending topics 

How do you know what other people like? If you focus on your community only, the chances are you get a pretty narrow list of ideas. It is because your friends have the same interests and problems. But if you want your essay to be appreciated, you have to consider the wider audience. Good authors use different social platforms like Reddit, Twitter, or Quora to understand what other people think about. 

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Moreover, this tip will help you to broaden your knowledge about the world, find new arguments to protect your point of view, and understand how other people think. Many students ask for essays writing help exactly because they don’t know how to communicate with their audience. So, just learn more about it, and you’ll definitely succeed.

  1. Do research

We’ve already mentioned that your topic should be researchable. That’s why you should plan this milestone as soon as you receive the assignment. Even the short research will show you if you should dive deeper and find more information for your arguments. 

Information you look for shouldn’t be too obvious. Of course, it depends on your academic level – middle and high school students can write about uniforms or curriculum even though there is a set of arguments that are already defined. If you want to create something new and unique, try to look for sources that are not on the surface. Visit different forums to see what other people say about this issue, and analyze their words to come up with a bright topic.

  1. Remember that any argument has two sides 

When you hire an essay writer helper, you can expect him or her to take a firm stance. But it is not enough to come up with an A-level essay. Good writers know how to command their audience’s attention, how to deal with people who have different points of view. If you focus on your supporters only, you come up with half-baked arguments. But when you address both sides and truly persuade your readers, you win. 

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Simply put, you will not prove that apples are better than oranges if you don’t understand why people do love oranges. You need to wear their shoes before you talk to them.

  1. Feel free to ask for help

You should know that it is absolutely normal to feel desperate when your deadline is looming and you don’t know what to write about. Many students were there. However, if you’re not a big lover of different essays, it doesn’t mean that you can’t develop your writing skills. 

There are many ways to boost them. For example, it is a no-brainer that practice makes perfect. But it is not the solution when you really don’t have enough time. Sometimes, a “help write my essay” is your only chance to get a good grade. But you should know that this service is pretty helpful from a long-term perspective. When you work with professional authors, you learn from them, you adopt their tools and techniques. Don’t miss the chance to skyrocket your writing and pick the best argumentative topics in no time! 

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