The International Committee Of The Red Cross, Internships &Recruitments in 2022

This article contains everything you need to know about the International Committee of The Red Cross (ICRC recruitment and internships in 2022.


The International Committee of the Red Cross, ICRC is a humanitarian organization founded to ensure humanitarian services such as health and medicare, food, etc., are made available to people who live in war-torn areas or are affected by war and internal violence. We made this post to explain to you the ICRC recruitment process.

The International Committee of Red Cross is a nongovernmental organization that was founded on February 17, 1863, by Henry Dunant. He was a Swiss humanitarian, businessman, and social activist. He founded the Red Cross in Geneva, Switzerland, when he pays a visit to the then ruler of Switzerland to get a land concession document which he required to build a wheat mill at the Swiss colony of Setif, in Algeria.

However, there was an ongoing war against the Austrians in northern Italy when he visited. So, upon his return to Geneva after the war, he created an organization named the International Committee for Relief to the Wounded. This later went on to become the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Over the years, the international committee of the Red Cross has had only one goal. To provide relief and support to the injured and affected victims of war. Be it soldiers or civilians. And in recent years, the effort of the Red Cross has been obvious in many war-affected parts of the world, including Yemen, Tunisia, Libya, Israel, and Pakistan, but to mention a few. As a result of the nature of its operations, the ICRC is almost always in need of hands.

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The ICRC offers jobs to candidates from across multiple fields such as agriculture, information management, medicine, etc. They often require this much assistance because, over the years, the ICRC has grown. From being a Swiss organization, it is now a global one, the world’s biggest first aid and war help team. Subsequently, the need for more and more staff increases over time, be it for field workers or staff at the HQ. Below is a summarized list of categories of jobs available at the Red Cross for administrative staff and their job descriptions.

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Categories Of Jobs Available At The International Committee Of The Red Cross (ICRC)


ICRC employs data management and analytics specialists whose duty is to provide accurate information on the organization’s activities, enabling internal and external stakeholders to make decisions that would positively affect the organization.
This group is responsible for applying best practices, standards, and guidelines so as to ensure compliance with established internal and external needs and regulations.


ICRC economic security staff are responsible for distributing food, material items, and cash to the affected. Their activities aim to ensure that people affected by conflict and violence can meet their most urgent needs during the crisis while staying safe and having equal opportunities as they ought to.


The finance and administration team handles and oversees the entire field operations in terms of finance, accounting, and facility management, as well as serves as a desk for human resource issues. They also participate in drawing up the annual budget and monitor its implementation, including regular forecasting, as well as advising on financial and economic matters of their operations.

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Of course, the ICRC requires the services of skilled forensics analysts. The ICRC’s forensic team works to ensure the proper management and identification of dead bodies. They also help prevent and resolve the issues of unaccounted people due to armed conflict and other situations of violence. Their objective is to guarantee the proper management of the dead and help the bereaved families to know what happened to their loved ones.


What is Red Cross without its healthcare workers? Treating and caring for the wounded and sick in conflict and other situations of major violence and natural disasters has always been the ICRC’s history, identity, and core values. As more and more cases of conflicts and natural disasters rock our world, the International Committee of the Red Cross continues to work to ensure the safety and health of all those affected.

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Other Job Categories Available At The International Committee Of The Red Cross Include;

  • Communications.
  • Archive and Information Management.
  • Languages.
  • Logistics.

And several others. You can visit the link below to learn about  ICRC Recruitments going on in 2022.

Internships and ICRC Recruitment

The International Committee of the Red Cross is also open to recruiting interns. Annually, at least 20 international students undergo unpaid internships at the ICRC headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. This internship exposes them to career-defining opportunities as well as an opportunity to make a positive influence in their own little way. The internship is available for both undergraduate and graduate-level students.


The ICRC student, internship recruitment program, runs for up to 90 days. Upon admittance, students will have to join one of the departments. There, they will learn as well as develop their skills in the areas of research, evaluation analysis, and writing. Students from any field of study are accepted but with a few criteria to satisfy. Such includes students whose degree courses include completing a traineeship as a compulsory criterion.


The ICRC also offers apprenticeships in the fields of business and administration, information and documentation, as well as logistics. During the course of the internship, you will learn about what we do and shall receive coaching from trained supervisors. The ICRC has supervisors who would help develop your competencies, as well as avail you opportunities to practice them daily.

To qualify for this internship level, you must be a recent graduate and possess newly acquired academic/vocational skills. Your professional experience in your field of study is limited. This usually is no more than one year of professional experience since graduation, professional experience since graduation. Or two years if you have been in previous traineeship programs.

Click the link below to find out more about their internship program.

The International Committee of the Red Cross has been growing over the years and will continue to. This is as a result of the continued widespread of violence and war rocking several parts of our world today. This has also made jobs and internship positions at the ICRC a competitive one. So if you are interested here, I’d advise you to follow the link to visit the website.

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ICRC Recruitment Requirements

Do you possess the qualifications to work at the ICRC? To find out what you need to succeed in this recruitment, read the post very carefully.

a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a quantitative field with related coursework Or a higher national diploma in a quantitatively relevant field, computer literacy, proficiency with Microsoft Office, and knowledge of pertinent software.

FAQs The International Committee Of The Red Cross (ICRC), Internships and Recruitments in 2022

Are ICRC traineeships paid?

Yes, most traineeships are compensated. Whether or not trainees have finished their education affects the wage, which is based on a pay structure HR established.

What does the International Committee of the Red Cross do?

Humanitarian Aid for Those Affected by Armed Conflict: International Committee of the Red Cross. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has been working to protect and aid victims of armed conflict as well as spread awareness of and adherence to international humanitarian law since 1863.

Why should I work with ICRC?

You can support them in their efforts to establish coping mechanisms, create pathways to a more secure future, and advocate for long-term fixes to their predicament. You’re in for a wide variety of fresh experiences. They’ll alter your viewpoint and introduce you to a completely different universe.

How many countries are in the Red Cross?

The largest humanitarian organization in the world, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), assists individuals in almost 150 different nations.

What is the motto of Red Cross?


The coin, which was created by Henry Gray, features both our well-known red cross logo and the Red Cross Movement’s current motto, “PER HUMANITATEM AD PACEM,” which translates to “Through humanity to peace.”

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