Is Drexel University Ivy League? Ranking, Acceptance Rate, and Scholarships

If we talk about excellence, we talk about Drexel University. But is Drexel University Ivy League? Okay, what If Drexel University is a non-Ivy League school? What difference does that make? Enough of the mind-boggling questions, but we want you to have the assurance of getting all your doubts cleared if you read this article. However, Drexel University has shown massive excellence since its inception. Thus, producing alumni that have deeply contributed to the growth of America. Among them includes astronauts, presidents of different countries, also good sportsmen, etc.

Nonetheless, deciding to study at Drexel University will sure give you the best study experience. As the school offers different majors and is more notable for its science, engineering, and technology courses. Meanwhile, the school also offers programs in music and also social sciences. So, given the fact of how proficient, the school is, this is among what prompted the question, “Is Drexel University Ivy League?”.

However, several other questions that relate to Drexel University have gotten to our attention from several queries received. Some of the questions include and are not limited to;

  • Why does Drexel have a high acceptance rate?
  • Is Penn State better than Drexel?
  • What is Drexel University best known for?
  • What GPA do you need for Drexel University?
  • Are there scholarships available at Drexel?

Therefore, we have carefully answered these questions and many more. Within we also provided rankings of various programs offered in Drexel and the improved financial aid system of the school used to support students.

So, to get all the vital information in this article, you’d have to take a glass of water and carefully go through this page.

Is Drexel University Ivy League Ranking, Acceptance Rate, and Scholarships

About Drexel University Ivy League

Drexel University is among the best private research school located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Established in 1891, then known as the Drexel Institute of Art, Science, and Industry. Thus, the school had its name after its pioneer Anthony J. Drexel, a financier, and philanthropist. While it bore the name Drexel Institute of Technology in 1936, before assuming its current name in 1970.

Consequently, Drexel University had over 24,000 students enrolled as of 2020. While having 70 undergraduate programs and over 100 master’s, doctoral, and professional programs at the university. Drexel’s cooperative education program Is however a prominent aspect of the school’s degree programs. The program offers students the opportunity to gain up to 18 months of paid, full-time work experience. Hence, this is in a field relevant to their undergraduate major or graduate degree program before graduation.

Furthermore, Drexel is well-known for its practical and strategic educational approach. No wonder it has produced we’ll notable alumni strongly impacting the globe. Thus, students at Drexel have a common attribute of self-motivation and self-starting abilities. Therefore the school maintains a culture of having highly intellectual students that has the expansive imaginative capacity, and exceptional aspirations. 

However, some of the notable alumni of Drexel University include Alassane Ouattara the president of the Ivory Coast, and Christopher Ferguson a retired NASA astronaut. Also, Malik Rose is a former NBA Player. Apart from the school’s main campus in Philadelphia, it has other campuses. They include the historic Academy of Natural Sciences and the Business College, on the Malvern campus. Thus, this campus caters to sped-up and part-time graduate studies students.

Additionally, students at Drexel take courses to learn how to market themselves and participate in a successful interview process. In other words, you are able to present yourself professionally if you attend Drexel University

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Is Drexel Ivy League?

To answer the question “Is Drexel Ivy League?”, we have to consider what Ivy leagues mean. Thus check the link directly below this article to get a better perspective of what Ivy leagues are.

However, a group of eight famous institutions has gained recognition as the Ivy League schools. This set of schools has outshined many schools in academics thus, ranking tops in most of their majors. Meanwhile, the Ivy league started as an athletic competition but not relatively so true. Initially, some schools in the Northeastern US had a tradition of evoking the Ivy planting. So, this is the same set of schools engaged in an athletic competition plus there were four schools that started the contest. So the name was also coined from the Roman numeral IV. Meanwhile, there we have currently 8 members in the Ivy League.

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Nonetheless, the name Ivy League has long existed even before it became officialized in 1954 as the name for the NCAA Division I atheistic conference.

Furthermore, due to the ever-trailing progress and success rates of the Ivy League schools in academics and educational standards. Many schools are seen to have similar growth processes confused to be Ivy League schools. So, to address this fact, you will hear things like Public Ivies, Little Ivies, Southern Ivies, Hidden Ivies, etc.

Unfortunately, Drexel University didn’t participate in the Ivy League days. Thus, Drexel University is not an Ivy League school. Hence, this satisfies the question “Is Drexel Ivy League?”.

Meanwhile, Drexel University has gained strong recognition among the most prestigious Hidden Ivies. More like Standford University and MIT. You can read an entire work devoted to the Hidden Ivies in Greene’s Guides.

Why Is Drexel Confused As an Ivy League School?

If you see Drexel as an Ivy League school, then you have not made a mistake. Drexel University has a very high success rate. So that’s why people seem to misinterpret it as an Ivy League school. Moreover, Drexel is also located in Northeastern US, so you’d still wonder why it didn’t join the Ivy League.

Furthermore, Drexel University operates beyond the conventional educational system. Their academic principles approach more practice more like every other Ivy League school. Thus, the school adopts an experiential and paid work interval system to properly teach their undergraduates. Hence, the school possesses many traits found in Ivy league schools from their history to professional programs academic rigors, and research bodies. However, the school also has a location close to the great University which is among the eight Ivy League schools.

Meanwhile, the school has a very proactive alumni profile compared to the Ivy League schools. State from its professional programs, to other schools in the University like medical, law, and business schools

Interestingly, the oldest natural history museum in the United States (Academy of Natural Sciences) became part of Drexel University in 2011. Thus, this brought its history and research reputation under the Drexel umbrella. Hence, improving its profile as an esteemed campus.

Additionally, Drexel has a high International profile as the accommodate students from all parts of the globe. Offers an innovative curriculum and close mentorship, and also even more academic rigor through its Pennoni Honors College. This college credit program provides special coursework, guest speakers, and travel opportunity for accepted students. 

What Is Drexel Acceptance Rate?

in the Fall 2020 academic session, Drexel admitted 23,755 students out of the total application of 31,800 students received. Thus, even Drexel as a hidden Ivy League school still has a high acceptance rate. Thus, from that report, the acceptance rate of the school is reported to be 74.7% that year

Meanwhile, the acceptance rate of Drexel University varies from 70% to 78% each year. This figure included both in-state and out-of-state applicants.

What is Drexel Ranking?

Drexel University has gained strong recognition among the top schools in the US. Even some of their majors have found their way to the top programs handled in the school. All reports according to USNews, Drexel ranks #103 in national university ranking, #57 in most innovative school, and #52 in best undergraduate engineering programs.

How Much Does Drexel Cost?

Although Drexel University offers several scholarships for students, we still have to consider the cost of studying at the school. Tuition at Drexel is done by the school’s financial calculator about the income-earning of households. So, below we’ve shown the average cost after aid available for students applying to Drexel.

Household incomeAverage cost after aid
Less than $30,000$25,234
More than $110,001$42,021

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Are There Scholarships Available At Drexel?

Yes, there are so many scholarship opportunities available for you to study at Drexel University. Thus, the school strongly has the interest of the students at heart and therefore provides several categories of scholarships for its students. Some scholarships are based on merit while some are need-based scholarships. Besides some of the scholarships available in the school. However, most of the scholarships are made available for students to undertake a full-time program in the school. Although the scholarships are only renewable provided you maintain the required CGPA usually above 2.00.

Meanwhile, know that the scholarships provided At Drexel usually don’t exceed the University cost of attendance. Also, Drexel gave a careful financial aid package for all students which includes loans, work-study, grants, scholarships, and those from private organizations.

Additionally, note that Drexel reserves the right to alter the financial aid packages and awards at any time. To ensure compliance with all state, institutional, and federal regulations.

So, below we have categorized the several scholarship opportunities provided by the school although they include;

  • Merit Scholarships
  • Participation and Association Scholarships
  • Special Interest Scholarships
  • Private Scholarships

Merit Scholarships

#1. Drexel Merit Scholarship

Drexel Merit scholarship offers various institutional scholarships to merited incoming first-year and transfer students. The admission committee determines the awardees upon the superior academic performance.

Furthermore, the scholarship prize amount is determined based on a review of the student’s credentials by the Admissions Committee.

#2. Westphal Portfolio Scholarship

Another scholarship program offered by Drexel University is the Westphal Portfolio scholarship program. Thus, the scholarship is available for incoming first-year students and transfer students. The selection of winners is based on the outstanding creative work in the art portfolio they submitted for review with their admissions application.

Participation and Association Scholarships

#1. Army ROTC

The Army ROTC scholarship program hosted at Drexel offers tuition and fees scholarship opportunities to Cadets enrolled in Drexel. This is a fully-funded scholarship program, hence it will cover all the student’s fees. Although, this will be only during classes, not during terms of the co-op.

#2. Drexel Athletic Scholarships

Drexel University also provides scholarships for students taking part in official University athletic programs. These awards can range from $1,000.00 to full tuition depending on what the scholarship board determines.

#3. Drexel Global Scholar Program

The Drexel Global scholar program recognizes selected international students who have shown great academic worth. Also, to students that have shown great commitment to global leadership and the international community building.

Meanwhile, this is a fully-funded scholarship program but doesn’t cover housing bills.

#4. Drexel Legacy Scholarship

The Drexel Legacy Scholarship is offered to children and grandchildren of Drexel University alumni worth $1,000 per academic quarter. Students use the scholarship awards for a maximum of 12 academic quarters.

#5. Drexel Liberty Scholars

The Liberty Scholars program offers 65 recent high school graduates from across the country a renewable scholarship award that covers 100% of tuition and fees.

#6. Materials Summer Institute Scholarship

The Materials Summer Institute Scholarship is offered to full-time fall start materials science and engineering students to assist cover their tuition. Hence, these are students who participated in the Materials Science & Engineering Summer Institute.

#7. Drexel Performing Arts Scholarships

Students taking part in performing art at Drexel may be eligible for a tuition-only award of up to $2,000. To obtain this award, students must audition for a Drexel getup. This award is typically awarded after students confirm their enrollment at Drexel.

Other Scholarships

Below we have listed other scholarship programs provided under the category of Participation and Association Scholarships in Drexel.

  • Navy ROTC
  • Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Scholarship
  • Tuition Exchange Program

Special Interest Scholarships

#1. A Better Chance Scholarship

Drexel’s A Better Chance Scholarship is available to incoming first-year students who have taken part in the A Better Chance program. The scholarship awards students a renewable sum of  $3,333 per academic quarter.

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#2. Delaware Valley Science Fair Winners Scholarships

Drexel University offers incoming students both partial- and full-tuition scholarships for winning the Drexel-sponsored Delaware Valley Science Fair.

#3. Drexel Distinguished Service Scholarship

The Drexel Distinguished Service Scholarship is available to incoming first-year students with a substantial record of service-learning, community service, or civic engagement. The scholarship awards students a renewable sum of  $1,666 per academic quarter.

#4. Eagles Fly for Leukemia Scholarship

The Drexel University Eagles Fly for Leukemia Scholarship recognizes an incoming first-year student who has been a survivor of childhood cancer. 

#5. Intel Science and Engineering Fair

Drexel University offers incoming students full-tuition scholarships to nominated winners of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. 

#6. Maguire Scholars College Program

Drexel University and the Maguire Foundation provide scholarships to incoming first-year students who have actively participated in high schools partnering with the Maguire Foundation.

Private Scholarships

Asides from the several scholarships provided by Drexel University, the school also allows room for students to obtain scholarships from private organizations. Hence, you can check here for other scholarship opportunities you can apply for.

However, you would have to give an account of any external scholarship you receive as a student at Drexel University. To update the scholarship package aid and ensure you have not exceeded your cost of attendance from the numerous scholarships. Thus, you’d have to submit copies of the scholarship notification letters to Drexel Central.

Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students in 2022


In conclusion, the founder of Drexel University ‘Mr. Drexel’ envisioned a school of higher learning that will uniquely suit the need of a rapidly growing industrial society. So, the school will ensure to meet the core needs of students about the university guide of the modern era. Therefore, you see the fact that Drexel has an interest in its students as a priority. Thus, even if not an Ivy League school par say, it possess the qualities of the Ivy League and more. Hence, if you have dreams of attending Drexel University, why not take the bold step instead of asking “Is Drexel Ivy League?”

However, if you have further questions regarding Drexel University and if it is Ivy League or not, do not hesitate to ask us. Here at XScholarship, we have a dedication to serving you. Reach us through various platforms we’ve provided.

Frequently Asked Questions About Is Drexel Ivy League? Acceptance Rate and Requirements

Why does Drexel have a high acceptance rate?

Some may wonder why Drexel is putting the chance to better its reputation aside and accepting more students. The answer is money. The acceptance rate is increasing every year due to the lack of money in the University budget. With more students comes more tuition that can be used to aid the University’s budget.4 May 2012

Is Drexel considered Ivy League?

Drexel University is not an Ivy League school. Judging by the success of its graduates and the renown of its program, it’s not hard to see how many people might wonder if Drexel can be counted as a member of the Ivy League.

Is Penn State better than Drexel?

Overall, Drexel scored 69.8 out of 100. The University scored 25.2 out of 40 in outcomes; 21.1 out of 30 for resources; 16.7 out of 20 for engagement; and 6.8 out of 10 for the environment. As a result, Drexel placed higher than local universities such as Penn State (96) and Villanova (117).

What is Drexel University best known for?

The most popular majors at Drexel University include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Engineering; Health Professions and Related Programs; Visual and Performing Arts; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Psychology; Social Sciences;

What GPA do you need for Drexel University?

Drexel University requires you to have a 3.73 GPA to be above average in your high school class. You’ll need a combination of A’s and B’s, with an emphasis on A’s. If you attended any AP or IB courses, your weighted GPA will improve, and you will be able to demonstrate your willingness to take college classes.

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