Is Rice University Ivy League? Ranking, Acceptance Rate, and Scholarships

Are you looking for the best school in Texas to study? Then Rice University is the school you’ve been searching for. However, Is Rice University Ivy League? This boggling mind question you’d come to discover here. Hence, Ivy league schools have gained strong recognition as schools that have high educational abilities. From their teaching style to acceptance rate and also productive alumni network over America and the globe at large. Obviously, Rice University bears all these qualities and even more. Therefore, why the question arose if Rice University is Ivy League or not. Well, you’d figure it out here.

Nonetheless, as earlier mentioned, Rice University has a large alumni network. Hence, among them includes a dozen Rhodes Scholars and two dozen Marshall Scholars. Also, considering the affiliation of the school with NASA, the school has produced a good number of space scientists and astronauts. Meanwhile, in business, the school has its alumni as CEOs, 3 billionaires, and founders of Fortune 500 companies. More so, in politics, Rice University has alumni as governors, congressmen, mayors, judges, and cabinet secretaries. Also, two of their alumni have won the Noble Prize.

Therefore, considering the network of their alumni community, you can see that Rice University is one of the top-notch institutions in the US. However, determining if Rice University is Ivy League or not does not relegate its valued standard educational system. Meanwhile, this article came about to respond to several queries regarding Rice University and how much of an Ivy league school it is. Some other queries we’ve responded to herein include;

  • Are there scholarships available at Rice University?
  • What is Rice University’s ranking?
  • Is Rice as good as Harvard?

Thus, our group of professionals at XScholarship has carefully answered these questions and given you more valuable information regarding Rice University.

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Is Rice University Ivy League Ranking, Acceptance Rate, and Scholarships

About Rice University Ivy League

Rice university got its name from its Icon William Marsh Rice University. The school is a private research university located in Houston, Texas. Meanwhile, following the landmass, Rice University is on a 300-acre campus close to the Houston Museum District and near to the Texas Medical Center. However, Rice University stands for excellence as its motto is “Unconventional wisdom”. Founded in 1912, the school has more focused on undergraduate programs. Has a student-faculty ratio of about 6:1. The school has a relatively high level of research activity, with $156 million in endorsed research funding in 2019.

Furthermore, in terms of programs, Rice has gained strong recognition in several science fields. Thus, some of which include structural chemical analysis, artificial heart research, space science, signal processing, and nanotechnology. While in 2020, Times Higher Education (THE) ranks the school first in the world in materials science research. Also, since 1985, Rice University has been a member of the Association of American University. Thus, the school is classified among the R1: Doctoral Universities showing its high impact on research activities.

Nevertheless, Rice University has eight schools of academic study and eleven residential colleges. Thus, among these includes the Wiess School of Natural Sciences, the school of Architecture, and the Brown School of Engineering. Also, as the School of Social Sciences, School of Humanities, and the Shepherd School of Music.

Undergraduate programs in the school offer over 50 majors and two dozen minors. Also, the school scheme has a design to accommodate students taking multiple degree programs. Thus, showing a high level of flexibility.

However, the school offers additional programs through the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business and the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies.

Is Rice University Ivy League?

Okay, time to answer this unending question “Is Rice University Ivy League. To properly do this, it is a wise thing to know about what the Ivy schools are. So, click on the topic directly below this paragraph to gain resource full knowledge about Rice University.

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However, the term Ivy League became officially used in 1954 in the I NCAA Division. Although, its use started way back in the early 1800s. While some set of schools observed the Ivy planting tradition same time. This set of schools located in Northeast America entered a football contest. Thus, owing to the planting tradition, and also they were four schools. From the Roman numerals “IV” (4) they called it the Ivy League. Subsequently, four extra schools from the same location joined the League, making a total of eight Ivy League schools.

So, among these schools are, Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, Brown, Princeton, and Cornell. This set of schools however over the years showed great outstandings in their academic activities. These schools share similar things in common, like their very low acceptance rate, rigorous admission process, high cost of attendance, etc. Thus, any school outperforming rightly in the US becomes mistaken as an Ivy League. Meanwhile, there are other names, like Hidden Ivies, Southern Ivies, and public ivies. School not in the Ivy League but matches or exceeds their educational standard receives those names.

So, is Rice University Ivy League? Unfortunately, no Rice University is not among the Ivy League schools because it didn’t take part in the Ivy League athletic conference. Meanwhile, academic wise, Rice University matches equal strength with most schools in the Ivy League. Hence, it is known among the Southern Ivies.

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Why Is Rice University Confused As an Ivy League School?

Matching the academic strength and reputation, You can easily confuse Rice University with an Ivy League school. Rice University is among the top schools in the US and has also made a great academic reputation internationally as well. Also, in many national rankings, the school beats out some of the Ivies. Thus, consistently having its spot at the top of the University hierarchy.

However, you see that the Ivy League founding is more of an athletic conference than an educational posterity. Hence, at that time several schools in other regions were also involved in their athletic conference. Also, Rice University located in Texas, Houston couldn’t have joined the Ivy League as it is in the Southcentral of the US. Although the Magnolia Conference never officially came to be, we can still think of Rice as an informal Southern Ivy as we mentioned earlier.

 Interestingly, after the formation of the Ivy League, several well-respected and established universities in the South wanted to start their own athletic League. This idea was to counter the existing Ivy League. So, the decision to name it the Magnolia conference (Southern Ivies). Schools involved in this idea include Rice, Duke, Emory, Vanderbilt, Southern Methodist University (SMU), and Tulane. Unfortunately, the Southern Ivy League didn’t hold because some of the schools couldn’t abandon their existing conference. For instance, Duke still wanted its competition with UNC, and SMU and Rice wanted to continue commenting in their Southwestern Conference.

Although Rice was confused with the Ivy League, it couldn’t have joined the league considering the age it was founded. But Rice offers a residential college system, which develops the kind of intimate intellectual enclave characteristic of the Ivies. Also, Rice students abide by the strict Honor Code enforced by the student-run Honor Council.

What Is Rice University Acceptance Rate?

The 2021 report, shows that Rice University has an acceptance rate of about 9%. Hence, this means that for every 100 applications received, only 9 students will be selected. Therefore, explaining how selective Rice University Is. This can is comparable to the acceptance rate of Ivy League schools.

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However, from general statistics, Rice University’s acceptance rate ranges from 8% to 11%. So, you should know that admission processing at Rice University is rigorous. Hence, one over two applicants enrolled in Rice have an SAT score between 1460 and 1570. Also and ACT scores of 34 and 36. Then one-quarter of accepted applicants score above this range. The application deadline to Rice University is usually Jan 1. Also, the application fee is $75.

Due to high competition induce University, assessing students’ GPA have a crucial role to play in admission criteria. So, we recommend students have good school class grades to match up to that competition. Also, the school admission officials give high suggestions for a good letter of application.

What is Rice University Ranking?

In several ranking factors in schools in the US, Rice University rightly beats out the Ivy League schools. Like the best schools offering sports management programs, Rice finds itself in the #1 position in the nation according to Niche rankings. Meanwhile, reports from USNews say that Rice University is the #17 best national University in America. It is also the #6 in best undergraduate teachings and #5 in best value schools. USNews also reports that it is the #16 in most innovative schools and #19 in best undergraduate engineering programs.

However, Collegevine ranks Rice University #5th best college for its Pre-med programs. While ranks it as the best school in Texas. Also, says it is the most admired university in architecture.

How Much Does Rice University Cost?

There is a high necessity we consider the cost of studying at Rice University to obtain a quality education. Hence the average tuition fee for studying at Rice University is about $54,968. Correlated with the national average cost of tuition of $41,281, Rice University is more expensive.

Whereas, this figure consist of both fees and tuition, also related to as the sticker price. Thus, fees vary by institution and may fund student gym facilities, library services, technology resources, student centers, and campus health centers.

Although, while comparing the costs of different institutions, also evaluate the total cost and the net price. Hence, the total cost is the sticker price, plus the cost of room and books & supplies, board, and transportation & personal expenses. At Rice University, the total cost is around $69,857.

Room & Board$15,000
Personal Expenses$2,800
Average Freshman Aid Package$53,688
Average Responsibility for Families Receiving Aid$18,05

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Are There Scholarships Available At Rice University?

Rice University provides several financial aid support systems to assist ease payment by students. Among this support, systems include merit Scholarships, grants, loans, and some employment opportunities for students. Thus, we have featured them all here. For clarification on the application processes, we recommend you visit the official school website for more information.

1. Merit Scholarships

Rice University provides merit-based scholarships to its students who have shown strong academic records. Hence, this scholarship program is fully funded and covers students’ tuition. Yes, there is high competition at Rice still some students often stand outstanding.

Previous winners of the merit-based scholarship awards have included;

  • entrepreneurs
  • scholar-athletes
  • political and community service leaders
  • exceptional writers
  • math/science competition winners
  • creative and performance artists
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All newly admitted applicants are automatically evaluated for merit-based scholarships. So no independent application forms or interviews are necessary for the scholarship application. While the Office of Admission notifies scholarship winners during the period of admission to the university.

2. Grants

a. Institutional

To receive an institutional grant, students will have to complete the financial aid application and adhere to Rice Satisfactory Academic Progress standards. Institutional grant funding is the fundamental means used to meet students’ demonstrated needs.

Meanwhile, the funds used to support the institutional grant have their sources from different fundraising efforts, generous gifts, and support from our endowment. Moreover, Institutional grant award amounts have their determination through the information provided on the CSS Profile.

As with any other need-based financial aid, eligibility for this funding may fluctuate from year to year based on income, assets, and household information.

b. Federal

The Federal Pell grant commits to assist undergraduate students with a federal Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $5,711 or less. Hence, the grant amount is evaluated through the Students EFC.

These funds are given by the federal government and are accessible to you as long as you qualify. To continue earning the funds after your first year, you must complete the FAFSA yearly and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress as determined by Rice University.

c. State

The State scholarship program has its consideration to only students who are residents of Texas. Hence, students must complete a Texas Core Residency Questionnaire and meet Texas residency criteria.

d. Tuition Equalization Grant (TEG)

Students from Texas may qualify for a Tuition Equalization Grant (TEG). These funds have limitations and are awarded to students with the highest need seeking an undergraduate degree on a first-come, first-served basis. Graduate students may be eligible and offered TEG if funds are available.


Loan options available to Rice students include federal, state, and private sources depending on eligibility. Additional information on the loan options is certified through the Office of Financial Aid.

  • Direct Loans
  • Federal Loans
  • Grad PLUS Loans
  • Private Loans
  • Parent PLUS Loans

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Finally, Rice University as a tier-one school has all the global standard facilities and equipment to ensure you obtain the best education. Thus, irrespective of its inability to be among the Ivy League, it does not relegate its long maintaining values. Hence, if you have dreams of attending Rice University, hit that apply button and start ASAP without double thoughts about it.

Additionally, this article intends to give a viable answer to the question, “Is Rice University Ivy League?”. So, we believe you should have gotten the right answer to this question.

Furthermore, if you have any other question that relates to Rice University and how Ivy League it is or not, then feel free to ask us here at Xscholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions About Is Rice University Ivy League? Acceptance Rate and Requirements

Is it harder to get into Rice or Harvard?

Is Harvard University or Rice University Harder to get into? Which school is easier to get into? If you’re looking at the acceptance rate alone, then Harvard University is more difficult to get into.

Is Rice as good as Harvard?

Rice is better! According to the personal finance magazine and website Kiplinger’s Best Values in Private Colleges

Is Rice a Tier 1 school?

Yes, Rice University is a tier 1 school.

Is Rice in the Ivy League?

Rice is not a member of the Ivy League. However, Rice does share many qualities with the Ivies. Thus, a high-caliber academics, a strong alumni network, prolific research, and international renown.

Why is Rice University ranked so high?

The diversity is astounding. Among universities in Texas, Rice topped Niche’s lists for having the state’s best value, best academics, and best professors.

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