Is Swarthmore Ivy League? Ranking, Acceptance Rate, and Scholarships

Is Swarthmore Ivy League? So many of such questions have been trending if some set of schools is part of the Ivy League. Meanwhile, the best decision anyone can make for him/herself is to ensure you attend the right school. So, know you are not making a mistake by having Swarthmore as a school of option. At least just with the fact of it being recognized as an Ivy League school. But, is Swarthmore Ivy League? Bet you’d find out here.

So, it’s rumored that some groups of elite institutions with tree-lined Gothic architecture are referred to as Ivy League schools. Are they referred to as Ivy League because of the beautiful edifices they have? Or is it the fact that they have produced some of the brightest students winning Noble laureates? Or the fact that they have a conducive learning environment. Having good libraries and vaulted ceilinged reference rooms, rare dusty volumes of books. Therefore giving students better exposure to knowledge. Hence, Ivy League is well renowned

Meanwhile, in this article, we ensured to clear the doubts regarding several questions. They include: What is even Ivy League? Is Swarthmore a good School? How do I apply to Swarthmore? Is there a scholarship program for me as a student of Swarthmore? What is Swarthmore’s acceptance rate?

Additionally, every year high school seniors compete on SATs, hone their essays, and calculate their weighted and unweighted GPAs on spreadsheets. Just to realize a dream of Harvard or Yale. Because they are part of the Ivy League. Here a degree or diploma from there is a career breakthrough. So, let’s determine what Ivy League schools are. So we would determine the position of Swarthmore as an Ivy.

Is Swarthmore Ivy League

About Swarthmore Ivy League School

Swarthmore College is one of the best liberal arts colleges in the US. The school is located in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. Thus, the Religious Society of Friends also known as Quakers founded Swarthmore College in 1864. Although, the religious group dropped its affiliation with the school in 1906. Irrespective of dropping the affiliation, the school still holds its core values. Hence, representing their core tent which includes thoughtful stewardship of natural resources and academic excellence. Also, educating the common good.

Furthermore, the school campus built on 425 acres has three main libraries. Having Parrish Hall as the main building on campus. It’s also the home to the administrative offices, two floors of student housing, and student lounges. Hence, it also houses the campus radio station and the student newspaper (The Phoenix). Swarthmore has many hiking trails. Thus, Travel + Leisure called the Swarthmore campus one of the most beautiful campuses in 2011.

Moreover, in 2019, U.S. News and World Report ranked the school as the 3rd-best liberal arts college in the country. Although Swarthmore College has a small capacity, it has received many recognitions for its strict educational program and unique values. Also, Princeton Review called Swarthmore College the number one best value private school from 2009 to 2013.

Meanwhile, Swarthmore College provides varieties of courses you can choose from. Ranging in about 600 courses. Thus, the student-to-faculty ratio of the school is 8:1. Hence, this enables pupils to have a more personal experience with faculty partners in their courses.

Is Swarthmore Ivy League?

First and foremost let’s look at what Ivy League is so will determine the answer to the question,” is Swarthmore Ivy league?”. The Ivy League consists of only 8 schools located in Northeastern US. Thus, the schools have proven a special kind of exceptionally. Hence the name Ivy league. Meanwhile, the Ivy League as the name implies started up as a mere sports conference (football) among the 8member states.

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Furthermore, this set of schools called Ivy League schools has a very difficult admission process and low acceptance rate. Although, most Ivy League schools have demanding requirements during admission processing. Therefore, there is no unified way to apply to the school. Hence, students have to target high grades. Also having several skills will give you greater chances of getting admired by the school.

However, there has been recognition of other Ivies related as Public Ivies, Hidden Ivies, New Ivies, etc. These names relate to prominent schools that have equal strength or even more than schools in the Ivy League. Also, have a difficult acceptance rate and incredible teaching patterns and alumni.

Nonetheless, Swarthmore is located in Pennsylvania though in the Northeastern United States. But Swarthmore is not an Ivy League college. Simply by the virtue of not being a part of the football conference hosted in back dates. This is because the school hasn’t been alongside the Ivy League schools. But Swarthmore college is a hidden Ivy school.


Swarthmore College is a member institution of the Tri-College Consortium. So, Swarthmore students also draw on the resources of 2 additional “Little Ivies,” Bryn Mawr and Haverford.

Meanwhile, many individual departments at Swarthmore and the other Little Ivies rank higher than programs at the actual Ivies. The school often has smaller class sizes and a more intimate campus setting. Hence this allows students to access faculty and internship openings at the school.

There are many reasons to think Swarthmore is an Ivy League school considering its history, location, and its prestige. So, the main reason to think of Swarthmore is an Ivy League school. Thus, Swarthmore can be likened to an Ivy League school. In some ways, it’s even better.

Why Is Swarthmore Confused As an Ivy League School?

Why do people confuse Swarthmore to be an Ivy League school when it is not? It’s simply because the school has many comparable characteristics to schools found in the Ivy League. Thus, the school is located in the Northeast like the Ivy League schools. Also, Swarthmore has a remarkable score of Rhode Scholars and Fulbright Grantees among its graduates.

You would also realize that 75% of its undergraduates work on research projects with professors. The activities within the school also portray similar characteristics to those of undergraduates.

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Meanwhile, the great alumni of the school added more recognition to Swarthmore. Which is more or less what you’d find in Ivy league schools. Some of the notable alumni of Swarthmore college include;

  • Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis
  • Astronaut Sally Ride
  • Current U.S. Senator from Maryland Chris Van Hollen
  • Award-winning writers Jonathan Franzen and James Micheal
  • Isabel Briggs Myers, co-creator of the Myers-Briggs personality identification test
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What Is Swarthmore Acceptance Rate?

Swarthmore’s acceptance rate ranges from 9% to 13% every year. This means that the school is rather too selective during admission processing. Therefore, students are required to come out at their best during application.

Swarthmore has a position among the top 5 national liberal arts colleges and the top 5 best undergraduate teaching schools. Even in terms of value, the school still ranks high. The school has a strong recognition for its programs in Philosophy, Economics, History, and Political Science. Still, the school’s engineering program ranks among the top 20 best in undergraduate engineering degrees. Swarthmore College has a renowned innovative engineering department which most freshmen sort after.

Speaking of Swarthmore ranking, in a Forbes article from 2020 themed ranking premise. The article sorted undergraduate programs based on the number of Nobel prizes won by alumni from several schools. Only two Ivies survived it to the top 10. Thus, Swarthmore College came fourth after the respected École Normale Supérieure, the California Institute of Technology, and Harvard.

Forbes article from 2020 proposed a novel ranking premise: sorting undergraduate programs based on the number of Nobel prizes won by alumni. Two Ivies made it to the top ten; Swarthmore came in at number four, behind the prestigious École Normale Supérieure, the California Institute of Technology, and Harvard.

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How Much Does Swarthmore Cost?

Swarthmore college is a private liberal art school. Therefore it is expensive more like every Ivy school. Irrespective of that fact, Swarthmore College provides several scholarships opportunity to assist students.

Meanwhile, the Swarthmore tuition fee ranges about $73,689 for all students regardless of residency each year. Although, fees consist of $54,256 for tuition, $16,654 for room and board, $735 for books and supplies, and $200 for other fees.

Requirements To Enroll In Swarthmore

Swarthmore admissions center on their holistic method of assessing students. Optimistic applicants should clarify their objective in attending Swarthmore and justify specifically how they can improve the Swarthmore community. 

Academic curiosity, free-thinking, and a willingness to collaborate instead of compete. These traits identify the epitome of a Swarthmore student.

Looking at how selective Swarthmore has become, the grades and class rank of accepted applicants indicate a highly accomplished student body. 

Swarthmore looks for difficult high school curricula, but almost all accepted candidates also number in the top 10% of their high school graduating classes.

Similarly, the middle range of SAT scores for students accepted to Swarthmore runs about 1400-1530 while ACT scores come in at 31-34.

Admissions departments look for students who will be dedicated and finish their program. Participation in a college search organization shows focus, organization, and a determination to succeed.

Are There Scholarships Available At Swarthmore

Yes, Swarthmore provides scholarship opportunities to assist their students every year. In the 2019-2020 session, the school budgeted $45 million in scholarship funds. Meanwhile, most of the scholarship winners won by academic merits. Though, some got awarded with consideration of need-base.

Furthermore, other private organizations and government bodies also provide scholarships for students at Swarthmore College. Hence, they come in form of affiliation with the school. Some were provided by several alumni and friends of the college. Meanwhile, some of the scholarship awards will not be offered to students directly. Rather paid to the school’s academic needs of the scholar.

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Other Scholarships and Grants

To see the full details and application procedures of this scholarship program, visit the official Swarthmore college webpage. Meanwhile, see the scholarships offered in the school below. Application for the scholarship programs is done while in the school.

#1. Lang Opportunity Scholarships (LOS)

Eugene Lang Opportunity scholarship awards students that have shown personal concern for community service, action, and helping others. Winners get prices up to $10,000 each to create a social service project. The project accomplishment has to be upon graduation.

So, students may apply for the LOS after completing their third semester at Swarthmore.

#2. Federal Pell Grants

The federal US department of education helps determine who is eligible to apply for this scholarship opportunity. So, the scholarship application begins with your submission of the FAFSA.

#3. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants

Only students who are from the allocated federation can apply for the Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants. Also, you have to meet the requirements to be chosen. Therefore, limited spots are available.

#4. State Grants

State grants help some set of needy students cover their academic costs. Hence, the eligible states include; Connecticut; Delaware; the District of Columbia; Massachusetts; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; Vermont, and West Virginia.

#5. National and Regional McCabe Scholarships

These merit awards offer a minimum annual grant of full tuition. The award is increasable up to the full cost of tuition, room, fees, and board, depending on financial need. The nomination committee emphasizes character, personality, ability, leadership, and service to school and community.

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So now Xscholarship asks you, Is Swarthmore Ivy League? You should know the answer to this question right now. That is if you have carefully gone through this article. Hence, if not you have to scroll back up to read and understand Swarthmore and its relationship with Ivy League.

However, Swarthmore College is a great liberal arts institution. Therefore, if you aspire to undertake any program relating to liberal arts in the school, then know that you’ve taken the right decision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Is Swarthmore Ivy League? Acceptance Rate and Requirements

Is Swarthmore considered Ivy League?

Recap: Swarthmore Is Not an Ivy League School. However, It Is a Top-Ranked Liberal Arts College.

Why is Swarthmore’s acceptance rate so low?

Swarthmore College has a below-average acceptance rate owing to its small class sizes and prestigious program.

Is Swarthmore better than Upenn?

Swarthmore Beats Out the University of Pennsylvania in Forbes’ Top Colleges Rankings.

What makes Swarthmore special?

Swarthmore’s distinctive Honors Program embodies intellectual self-direction. Which is characterized by deep student-faculty collaboration and exams given by leaders in their fields from around the world.

How hard is Swarthmore?

Swarthmore is tough. Lots of reading/problem sets, tough grading, advanced material, all that stuff. We spend A LOT of time studying. maybe 3-5 hours a day on average, including class time. It’s usually fulfilling, though, if you can get through it.

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