Is Wesleyan University Ivy League? Ranking, Acceptance Rate, and Scholarships

Is Wesleyan University Ivy League? We’ve been getting many questions similar to this regarding some school and their status as Ivy League schools. Fortunately, Wesleyan University falls among those schools questioned to be Ivy League. However, we don’t have a choice considering the school as one as it beyond doubt possesses the qualities of an Ivy League school. Meanwhile, the elite schools in the US have gained recognition like the Ivy League schools. They are more or less the Grade A schools in the US. Common qualities of such schools include their low acceptance rate, rigorous admission process, and high standard of education. While Wesleyan University possesses all of these characteristics and more. No wonder people ask, “Is Wesleyan University Ivy League?”. Never to mind, you’d figure the right answer herein.

Nonetheless, Wesleyan University has also become one of the most affordable schools to earn a quality education. Thus, in the estimate, the schools three years degree program can save students up to $50,000. While students who have a low annual family income (below $60,000) receive grants instead of loans. While Wesleyan University gave also produced notable alumni deeply impacting the nation. Few among the alumni in the theater program include The Sopranos (creator Matthew Weiner). Also, the Tony award-winning creator of Hamilton (Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Mad Men)

So, you see that they exist many good tales and historic facts to tell about Wesleyan University. However, we still need to have surety that the school falls under the Ivy League school. Although this does not relegate the fact that Wesleyan is a prestigious University.

Therefore, in this article, our group of professionals has also reacted to several other queries relating to Wesleyan and its Ivy League status. You can see the queries and reactions as you read further.

Is Wesleyan University An Ivy League School?

About Wesleyan University Ivy League

Wesleyan university also called Wesleyan is a private liberal arts university in Middletown, Connecticut established in 1831. The school had its establishment under the Methodist Episcopal Church and with the support of prominent residents of Middletown. While it is an all-boys school. It also has recognized as the first institution of higher education named after John Wesley, the founder of Methodism.

However, Wesleyan started accepting female applicants from 1872 to 1909. Although did not fully become co-educational until 1970. Meanwhile, Wesleyan alumni and other supporters of women’s education founded Connecticut College for women in 1912.

Furthermore, Wesleyan has many notable alumni in its literature, arts & sciences, politics & government, journalism, business, and academia. So, among these alumni include 156 Fulbright scholars, 14 Rhodes scholars, 13 Pulitzer Prize Winners, 3 Guggenheim fellows, 3 Truman scholars, and 7 MacArthur fellows. In addition, University faculty members have won 4 Noble laureates awards.

More still, among the prominent alumni of the school we have;

  • Politicians and political appointees
  • 34 members of the United States Congress
  • 16 presidential cabinet members
  • 11 governors
  • Six directors and heads of U.S. federal agencies
  • Two attorneys general of the United States
  • One Associate Supreme Court Justice
  • Its alumni have also been successful in business, including several CEOs and founders of Fortune 500 companies.

Is Wesleyan University Ivy League?

Is Wesleyan University Ivy League? We will answer this question but with a touch of history. Originally, the Ivy League began as an athletic tournament. The contest involved 8 private research universities located in the Northeastern US. Hence, they all contended in the NCAA Division I. Meanwhile, in successive times, these collective elite schools became an example of academic excellence and great educational achievements. Thus, these schools have gained strong recognition around the world and students therein excel in various majors. You can read more about the Ivy League schools here.

However, many other schools possess similar and greater qualities than the Ivy League schools. The other schools of higher learning beat or equate similar capacity both in academics and athletic standards to the Ivies. But, because the Ivy group can not accommodate any new members. So, we call these other schools other names like hidden Ivies, public ivies, southern Ivies, etc. Some of the members of these other Ivies include Stanford, MIT, and Caltech. Thus, these schools and many more drive the world’s innovation and rank among the top world schools.

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Unfortunately, Wesleyan University is not an Ivy League school. Simply because it didn’t participate in the conference of the Ivy League days. However, Wesleyan University is a renowned university with exciting research and academic opportunities for students.

Furthermore, Wesleyan University along with Williams and Amherst Colleges is part of the three little Ivies. They compete athletically as a member of the NESCAC. Also, perform exceedingly well in the League.

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Why Is Wesleyan University Confused As an Ivy League School?

There exists many reasons to confuse Wesleyan University as an Ivy League school. Because the school has many similarities to the Ivy League schools. Therefore mistaken as one. Also, founded over 30 years before Cornell University, an Ivy League school in Ithaca, New York. Another easy reason to consider Wesleyan University as an Ivy League is its location. It has a similar location to schools in the Ivy League which is the northeast of the US.

Moreso, structurally Wesleyan University bears similar historical structures to the Ivy schools. Having red-brick facilities alongside state-of-the-art buildings. While studying at Wesleyan is more expensive than in Ivy League schools. Also, the school’s liberal arts curriculum and open-minded approach to instruction look like those of Ivy League schools. 

The campus also is home to numerous centers that focus on different social and academic causes. Among them includes the Center for African American Studies and the Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life.

What Is Wesleyan University Acceptance Rate?

Now let’s consider the acceptance rate of Wesleyans University. Looking at its status as a little Ivy League school, you’d know it should have a relatively low acceptance rate. However, let’s determine the acceptance rate of the school from the given statistics.

The school accepted 13,145 applications for its class of 2025, the most recently admitted, however, accepted just 2,540. Thus, this amounts to an aggregate acceptance rate of about 19.3%. Meanwhile, the 2024 acceptance rate was 20.7%. While you may think the 2025 acceptance rate is low, other previous years are lower. The 2021 to 2023 acceptance rate ranged from around 16% to 17%. Therefore, Wesleyan University has an acceptance rate hovering around 16% to 21%.

After accepting 2,540 students, in the end, 919 students ended up accepting places in the class of 2025. While the majority of students admitted were female, most of them came from outside New England. While 11% of admitted students lived overseas. Countries such as Egypt, Jamaica, and Zimbabwe are represented.

Furthermore, there are currently 3,205 at Wesleyan. Among them we have, 2906 (90.7%) learn at the undergraduate level, while 299 (9.3%) partake in postgraduate courses. At the undergraduate level, 2899 attend full-time and 7 attend part-time.

Also considering location, 8% come from out of state while 92% are from in-state. There are about 8% of students from abroad. 1504 women are attending Wesleyan University, and 1402 men study at the undergrad, for a ratio of approximately 48:52.

While considering ethnicity, the undergraduate student consists of 53% Caucasian, 10% Latino or Hispanic, 8% of Asian descent, and 7% with African-American backgrounds.

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What is Wesleyan University Ranking?

Sometimes, it becomes often necessary to consider the rankings of schools to determine how well the school performs. Thus, the information we derived from US News places Wesleyan University at the #17 best liberal arts college in the nation.

However, you can see where this school finds itself in other rankings to get a bigger picture of the institution’s offerings.

  • #1 in Best Colleges for Veterans
  • #14 in Best Value Schools
  • #48 in Best Undergraduate Teaching
  • #122 in Top Performers on Social Mobility 

Requirements To apply For Wesleyan University

After considering the acceptance rate of the school, you have to meet certain SAT and ACT scores. This will enable you to have a high chance of gaining admission into the school.

So, note that the total composite average SAT Score range for accepted applicants is 1300 to 1480.

While the requirements for previous ACT admissions (25th-75th percentile) at Composite are 29 – 33.

How Much Does Wesleyan University Cost?

Previously, the Wesleyan University tuition fees for attendance falls to $46,674 for people from in-state. Interestingly, the same fee goes for those coming from other states. While it is necessary to add a further $12,940 for accommodation and food. Also, $2,665 for study books, and $570 for administrative fees. This brings the all-around costs to attend this college to $62,849 for both instate and out-of-state students.

However, every year Wesleyan provides needs-based funding for scholarships of $52,575,56. Also, they provide non-needs-based funding worth $1,073,788. Thus, making a total of $53,649,348 accessible in grant-aid to their students. Therefore, the average financial aid given to each student is $34,842. Hence, around 58% of students receive assistance with finances.

Meanwhile, the current tuition fee of Wesleyan University has increased for the 2022-2023 admission year. See below, for the drawdown of the tuition and other expenses.

Freshman  & SophomoresJuniors & Seniors
Student Activity Fee$300$300
New Students Matriculation Fee$3000
Green Fund (Optional)$30$30
Residential Comprehensive Fee$18,180$18,906
Books & Supplies/Personal Expenses$2,670$2,670
Total:$85,202 (frosh)/$84,902 (soph)$85,628

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Are There Scholarships Available At Wesleyan University?

Wesleyan University is a relatively affordable school. However, Wesleyan offers a good number of financial aid programs for her students. Therefore, making it easier for students to undertake a study in the school. Thus, Wesleyan has a great commitment to ensuring students experience the best education ever. Meanwhile, the school offers various kinds of financial aid packages. Among them includes grants, loans, and scholarships (merit and need-based).

Furthermore, the Merit scholarships at Wesleyan have an automatic application process with admission processing. Provide the student meets a certain grade, he/she automatically qualifies for the scholarship program while applying to the school.

Along with the Merit scholarship offered in the school, they also award financial aid from federal, state, and institutional funds.

Full-Tuition Scholarships

Below, we’ve provided a good list of some full-tuition scholarship programs offered at Wesleyan University.

#1. Lane Scholars Program

Only superior first-year applicants who intend to major in fine arts win the Lane Scholars program.

However, qualified candidates must possess strong academic credentials. Also, they must demonstrate their interest and ability to engage in research.

Requirements: A minimum 3.0 high school GPA

#2. Findlay Scholars Program

Awarded annually to academically bright first-year applicants for admission. The students must intend to declare a major in either the humanities or social sciences.

Requirements: Minimum 3.49 high school GPA

#3. Munroe Scholars Program

Awarded to students who intend to study in the majors in the sciences, mathematics, or dual-degree engineering. Meanwhile, students who demonstrate particular promise in Scientific inquiry or research will receive more preferences.

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Furthermore, recipients also are eligible for research stipends of up to $1,000 during their junior and senior years.

Requirements: Minimum 3.5 high school GPA

#4. Mary Knox Mcneill Scholarship

Awarded to students demonstrating a commitment to faith and community service. Must submit certification of church membership from the pastor. Also, provide one letter of support from a service agency to document community service activities.

Students from the Central Savannah River Area of Georgia and students who are active members of the United Methodist Church will receive more preference.

Requirements: Minimum 3.25 high school GPA 

#5. Margaret Pitts Scholarship Scholarship

Awarded to students who are functional members of the United Methodist Church. Must show outstanding academic achievement along with a commitment to leadership, faith, and community service. Transfer students from Andrew may also qualify.

Requirements: Minimum 3.0 high school GPA

#6. Peyton Anderson Scholarship

This scholarship offers full tuition plus room and board. Awarded to students from Middle Georgia who show commitment to teaching in the Middle Georgia area after graduation. The scholarship package entails one-fifth of a loan. The loan will be wholly remitted at 20% a year for five years as the recipient teaches within Middle Georgia.

Requirements: Minimum 3.6 high school GPA. Also, a commitment to teaching in Middle Georgia for 5 years.

#7. Lovick P. And Elizabeth T. Corn Scholarships

This scholarship covers full tuition plus room and board annually. Available for students who show leadership in service to their churches, schools, or communities. Also, exemplify the qualities of leadership, character, and personal achievement.

Must be a graduate from any high school in Columbus, GA, or the greater Chattahoochee area. Preference for students involved in the Heritage School in Newnan, GA, or Girls Inc., Brookstone School in Columbus, GA.

Requirements: Minimum high school GPA of 3.20 (3.00 for Girls Inc.) 

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When we talk about the liberal arts, we look at Wesleyan University. The school is well noted for its liberal arts programs. Although, the school offers several other courses in the sciences. However, Wesleyan University is not an Ivy League school, but it falls under the set of schools referred to as Little Ivies. Even while the Ivy par say came about by the virtue of sporting activities. Therefore, this nonetheless does not relegate the fact that Wesleyan University rendered one of the best education in the US. So, choosing to undertake a study program at Wesleyan is a good educational choice to make

Meanwhile, if you still have further questions relating to the topic, “Is Wesleyan University Ivy League?”. Then feel free to reach us through our several platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Is Wesleyan University Ivy League? Acceptance Rate and Requirements

What percentage of Ivy League students get scholarships?

For first-time, full-time beginning students, the average percentage of receiving grants and/or scholarships is 6.38% and the average grant amount is $6,785.

Is Wesleyan an Ivy League school?

No, Wesleyan University is not an Ivy League school, but it does belong to a prestigious group of schools known as the “Little Ivies.”

Is Wesleyan prestigious?

Wesleyan University, along with Amherst and Williams colleges, is one of the historic “Little Three,” a trio of prestigious liberal arts schools in New England.

Is Wesleyan hard to get into?

Wesleyan admissions are very selective with an acceptance rate of 21%. Students that get into Wesleyan have an average SAT score between 1300-1480 or an average ACT score of 29-33. The regular admissions application deadline for Wesleyan is January 1.

Does Wesleyan give merit scholarships?

Wesleyan offers a comprehensive financial aid program and is committed to making it financially feasible for any admitted student to attend. All Merit scholarships are awarded automatically when a student is accepted to the college. No additional application is required.

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