Is William & Mary Ivy League? Ranking, Acceptance Rate, and Scholarships

Is William & Mary Ivy League? This is one question many students have been asking as the school possesses the qualities of the Ivy League. William & Mary is well noted for offering good courses in liberal arts and sciences. They also have a pleasant student-to-class ratio of about 12:1. So, you’d have the leverage of getting easy communication with your tutor.

However, there have been serious questions regarding William & Mary. For the case study and most importantly, is William & Mary Ivy League? Probably because of the equivalent strength it has been portrayed as an Ivy League school. Meanwhile, you’d get to know if it’s ivy league schools or not. Also, you get answers to popular questions like;

  • What is even Ivy League?
  • Is William & Mary a good School?
  • How do I apply to William & Mary?
  • Is there a scholarship program for me as a student of William & Mary?
  • What is William & Mary’s acceptance rate?

So our group of professionals has carefully written this article to answer these questions and many more. We have also provided you with the admission requirements into William & Mary. More or so, we carefully answered the nagging question of ” Is William & Mary Ivy League?”.

Therefore, you have to relax your mind, don’t rush, and carefully read this page to get the most out of it. You discover that William & Mary is probably an Ivy league and how.

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Is William & Mary Ivy League

About William & Mary Ivy League School

William & Mary is the first school with a Royal Charter and also the second-oldest institution in the US. While it has a lengthy history of liberal arts education, it also has a rising research and science curriculum. In 1779, William & Mary came to be the first US college to become a university. William & Mary has a spacious 1,200-acre suburban campus and is located in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Furthermore, the school offers 34 major undergraduate courses. Also, they have a student capacity of 8,939 as of the 2021-2022 count. Meanwhile, you will see some of the majors offered in the school below;

  • Anthropology
  • English
  • Environmental Science
  • History
  • Math
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

William & Mary has one of the high-ranking schools in the US means that the Williamsburg, Virginia-based university is just as valuable and respected.

William & Mary is #38 in National Universities by US News. On the other hand, the public schools are #10 in Top Public Universities in America and #2 in Top Public Universities in Virginia, both by Niche.

Here are some other William & Mary ratings by several college ranking sites:

  • #51 in Top Colleges (Forbes)
  • #42 in Colleges With the Best Professors in America (Niche)
  • #41 in Research Universities (Forbes)
  • #18 in Public Colleges (Forbes)
  • #16 in Best Colleges for Veterans (US News)
  • #11 in the South (Forbes)
  • #9 in Best Undergraduate Teaching (US News)
  • #5 in Best Value Colleges in Virginia (Niche)
  • #3 in Best Colleges in Virginia (Niche)

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Is William & Mary Ivy League?

No, William & Mary is not among the Ivy League schools. So the Question “Is William & Mary Ivy League is invalid. Meanwhile, there are right schools in the Ivy League and they are;

  • Cornell University
  • Columbia University
  • Brown University
  • Dartmouth University
  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University
  • Yale universities
  • The University of Pennsylvania

However, William & Mary is not Ivy League, but it has an Ivy League-like status. Also, its acceptance rate is lower than most than that of most universities and colleges. So, not being an Ivy League school William & Mary is regarded as one of the Public Ivies, Hidden Ivies, and Little Ivies.

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What Are the Ivy League Schools? List of Schools, Ranking, Acceptance Rates, and Scholarships

Why Is William & Mary Confused As an Ivy League School?

While William & Mary doesn’t fit into the Ivy League, its history corresponds to those that do. So, the college was chartered in 1693, less than 60 years after Harvard University was founded. And nearly a decade before Yale University started With such a lengthy dignity in American education. Hence, it’s why some people incorrectly believe William & Mary is an Ivy League university.

Furthermore, like Ivy League schools, William & Mary has American Presidents among its Alumni. Thus, the presidents are Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, George Washington, and John Tyler. While only Yale and Harvard have trained more Presidents than William & Mary. Also, the school has the elegant building style of the Ivies, which is the colonial brick style. It is also one of the oldest buildings built between 1695 and 1700.

Interestingly, Phi Beta Kappa the highly selective academic honor society was established at William & Mary in 1776. So making it the first intercollegiate fraternity in the country.

Additionally, the school’s athletes also contend in NCAA Division I, just like the Ivy League. Hence, play other colleges and universities that have been part of the country’s academic terrain for centuries.

Why Didn’t William & Mary Get Into The Ivy League?

Here we exposed why William & Mary is not in the Ivy League. Initially, Ivy League schools were groups of schools that had athletic conferences and competed in sports games. Thus, the sport they participated in the most was football and this contest was held long before the name was formed. Also, the Ivy League schools are located in the Northeastern part of the United States. While William & Mary is in Williamsburg, VA which is nearly 300 miles southernmost of Ivy. Therefore, couldn’t be among the traditional athletic rivals. So, it could be joined into the Ivy League schools.

Furthermore, during the early 2980s, the Ivy League was trying to bring solutions to avoid being relegated to Division I-AA (FCS now). Thus, this was due to the stadium-size limited attendance. So there were some preliminary discussions with Northwestern behind the scene. Meanwhile, Northwestern was the only private school in the big 10 conferences then. Also, the Wildcats and some other teams we’re performed poorly during that period. But Northwestern was on a losing streak too.

So, William & Mary was also one of the Universities being relegated to I-AA/FCS in football, all the time. Therefore, joining them in the Ivy League would have been more problematic for the football team then. So, we guess you have been satisfied with the answer to the question “Is William & Mary Ivy League?”

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What Is William & Mary’s Acceptance Rate?

Eventually, most students that enroll at William & Mary get admitted. William & Mary has an acceptance rate of about 37.7%. Thus, this is proof that the school is one of the most selective in the US. Some other schools in the US have the same acceptance rate as William & Mary, thus, they include; Pepperdine University and Brooklyn College.

Furthermore, William & Mary is a public university. So getting admission should come. However, if you have a weak academic profile and your overall application is poor, then you are likely to get a denial. You can use the College Chance Calculator to determine whether you have a high chance of getting accepted by the school. Hence, it will also give you an idea of how admission officers at William & Mary evaluate applications.

Additionally, comparing the acceptance rate of the school with that of other public universities and colleges in the US. You’d discover that NACAC determined the average of other public schools to be 69.1%. While William & Mary is 37.7% thereby as earlier mentioned making it the most selective. Below are some none academic factors I get admitted to William & Mary with their importance rating.

  • State residency – is very important
  • Volunteer work – very important
  • Work experience – very important
  • Interview – considered
  • First-generation – considered
  • Extracurricular activities – very important
  • Personal qualities – very important
  • Talent or ability – very important
  • Alumni member relation– considered
  • Race or ethnicity – considered
  • Demonstrated interest – considered
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How Much Does William & Mary Cost?

Another interesting fact about William & Mary is it cost of schooling. As it invariably has a lower cost of attendance completed to Ivy League schools.

So, the estimated cost of attending William & Mary is $63,446 for out-of-state students and $40,220 for in-state students per year. Also, the tuition and fees for nonresidents are almost twice the tuition and fees for Virginia residents.

Therefore, this implies that in a public school, the tuition cost of each student highly depends on where you reside. Because the tuition and fees differ for in-state and out-of-state students. Meanwhile, William & Mary cost much higher than other public institutions in the US.

So, below is a breakdown of the aggregate cost to attend William & Mary;

Room and board$13,332$13,332
Books, travel, etc.$3,076$3,076

Requirements To Enroll In William & Mary

Notwithstanding that William & Mary is a selective school, it does not require so many documents for the application. Nevertheless, the most crucial requirement is completing the Common App. Also, secondary and mid-year school reports and then a recommendation letter. While in-stare students have to answer additional questions.

So, below is a checklist of what you will have to submit when applying to William & Mary;

  • Ensure to complete the school Common App before the deadline.
  • Application fee or a waiver fee: The cost of applying to the school amounts to $75. You may rather apply for a waiver fee, although there will be varied eligibility requirements to meet.
  • School reports: Your high school counselor will have to submit a completed secondary school report form together with your high school transcript.
  • Letter of recommendation: Besides school reports, it’s also the task of your high school counselor to come up with your recommendation letter. But this is optional
  • Standardized test score: Since William & Mary is a test-optional school, it isn’t surprising why another elective requirement is the SAT or ACT score.
  • Admissions essay: Many elite US colleges and universities compel applicants to submit all sorts of essays. But it is optional in William & Mary.

If you are a resident of Virginia, you will enjoy lower in-state tuition costs. But you are required to answer questions relating to in-state tuition privileges in the Common App.

What GPA Do You Need To Get Into William & Mary?

It is important to aim for a GPA to increase your chances of getting admitted into William & Mary. During the academic year of the 2020-2021 session, the school had a high GPA of acceptance of about 4.28. For first-year students. Thus, only a few were admitted with GPAs below 4.0.

Hence, like many universities and colleges in the US, William & Mary follow a decent admissions policy. This means that determinations are based on several aspects of the application, not just the test score and GPA. Still, an outstanding high school GPA can increase your admission chances.

Furthermore, note that according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the mediocre GPA of high school graduates in the US is 3.0. However, this data is from 2009 but still shows that William & Mary is highly selective.

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More or so, you need not worry if your high school GPA is not equal to or higher than 4.28. Because of the university’s holistic admissions policy, additional aspects of your application will be brought into account, too.

Below is the high school GPA ranges of first-year students at William & Mary;

4.0 and higher86.29%
3.75 to 3.999.74%
3.50 to 3.742.77%
3.25 to 3.491.05%
3.00 to 3.240.15%

Are There Scholarships Available At William & Mary

William & Mary ensures to provide financial aid for its students. Thus, these is both need-based and merit-based scholarships or tuition fee waivers. So as a public university, they work hard to moderate the cost of education and make learning easier.

Nonetheless, you have to be an admitted student of William& Mary to be eligible to apply for any financial aid in the school. Hence, you’d apply through the Financial Aid Office. Hence, they will determine which financial support system is fit for you. Through the several financial aid options they have including; loans, grants, and federal work-study. Also, they will make effort to ensure your loan debt is as low as possible to make education easier. Meanwhile, qualifying out-of-state students receive up to 25% of their full expense of study in grant aid

Additionally, all returning students have to complete the FAFSA each year. Using the school federal code (003705). Also, freshmen and transfer applicants have to complete the FAFSA to be qualified for federal financial aid. They must also complete the CSS Profile using the school code (5115) to receive any extra need-based financial support.

Lastly, note that to be considered for merit-based scholarships, it does not require the submission of either FAFSA or CSS Profile.

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Yes, William & Mary failed to be among the Ivy League schools, but it has proven equivalent strength to those of Ivy League schools. So that’s why it is regarded as a hidden Ivy school. So, you will likewise obtain a quality education and make good connections in William & Mary. Therefore, it is a decent option school to go for.

Meanwhile, we hope you’d stop asking questions like; Is William & Mary Ivy League? Because this article has clearly explained it all. Thus, this is including why William & Mary didn’t join the Ivy League. Feel free to share this information with your friends asking similar questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About William & Mary Acceptance Rate and Requirements

What is Ivy League?

The Ivy League is an American collegiate athletic conference comprising eight private research universities in the Northeastern United States.

What is Public Ivy?

“Public Ivy” is a term that refers to prestigious public colleges and universities in the United States that provide a collegiate experience similar to those in the Ivy League. The list of “public ivy” institutions has gone through several revisions over the years, much like other university rankings and conferences.

What majors is William and Mary known for

The most popular majors at William & Mary include: Social Sciences; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies; Psychology; Parks, Recreation, Leisure, Fitness, and Kinesiology; Physical Sciences; History; Mathematics and Statistics

What type of students goes to William and Mary?

William and Mary’s students are often devoted, hard-working, and truly love to learn. Studious and Southern. William and Mary’s students are ambitious, hardworking students who either did not get into their top choice school if they are out of state or are slightly less qualified in-state students.

Is the College of William and Mary Good?

William & Mary is among the top public universities in the nation that give students the greatest return on investment, according to a new ranking from CNBC Make It. The Alma Mater of the Nation is the highest-ranked Virginia public university on its list of top 50 U.S. Colleges that Pay Off the Most in 2020.

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