Keystone Online School Review

Is Keystone High School a better option than a GED®? Is it worthwhile to enroll in Keystone’s Online High School program? How long will it take me to finish the program? What is the price of Keystone High School? In this article, we will attempt to answer these questions. Before making any decisions, please read this review thoroughly. The Keystone School (or Keystone National High School) is a Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania-based private online distance learning and correspondence high school. 

Keystone Online High School allows students to take courses to supplement their homeschool or other high school programs, or to earn their high school diplomas. Keystone began offering courses in 1974 under the name “The Learning & Evaluation Center,” but changed its name to Keystone in 1994 to become a major player in the homeschooling market in the United States. The Keystone School’s Online High School program provides students with a cost-effective, flexible, and well-regarded option for earning a high school diploma from the convenience of their own homes.

Keystone Online School Review

About Keystone

Students in grades K–12 can benefit from Keystone’s online education programs, which are designed to help them succeed in a full-time online learning environment. If your child is looking for an alternative to traditional schooling or wants to supplement their current coursework, Keystone can help. Our adaptable approach allows students to succeed in their own space and at their own pace, regardless of where they have internet access. Each family has different educational goals for their children.

Athletes, performers, military families, homeschooling families, homebound students, international students, and students struggling academically or socially are all examples of keystone students seeking an alternative to traditional schooling. Keystone can assist your family in finding a flexible learning environment. Our K–12 programs encourage and motivate students to develop the academic skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. Learn more about how online learning can benefit your student by exploring each of our programs:

  • Elementary School Program
  • Middle School Program
  • High School Program

Credit Recovery is also available at Keystone for students in grades 6–12 who need to get back on track with their studies. Learn more about the Credit Recovery program, including how it works and which courses your student can take. Adults over the age of 18 can benefit from the convenience of online learning with Keystone while pursuing a career-focused high school diploma. Learn more about the Career High School Diploma Program at Keystone Adult Learning.

The Keystone Mission

The Keystone School empowers students to achieve their academic and personal goals by providing high-quality, flexible, individualized educational experiences in a safe, technology-enabled learning environment. Staff, students, parents, and school partners at Keystone School work together to achieve our mission through a process of continuous improvement and professional development based on the Expected School-wide Learning Results for School Culture, Engagement, Instruction, and Achievement outlined below.

Keystone School Culture

Learning is a lifelong process for all Keystone students, parents, student advocates, faculty, and staff, and they actively support the learning of others.

  • Students are fully immersed in their academic studies.
  • The Keystone School’s tools and resources are used by parents and student advocates to monitor and motivate student learning.
  • Faculty and staff collaborate to create and implement programs and services that help students succeed.
  • Individual professional development is a priority for faculty.


Individual and collective engagement is required for success.

  • Students demonstrate progress in their courses in a timely manner.
  • Students complete their courses in the time allotted to them.
  • Clubs and organizations provide opportunities for students to participate.
  • Parents, guardians, and educators are all involved in their children’s education.
  • Students have the opportunity to interact with teachers and the rest of the school community.


Faculty and staff at Keystone support all students, parents, and student advocates by providing meaningful learning experiences and opportunities for individual academic success.

  • Faculty and staff who are experts in their content areas and use a variety of instructional strategies support students.
  • Students use instructional tools that encourage academic honesty and success.
  • Faculty connects with students by providing relevant content, providing personalized feedback, and providing proactive support.
  • The Keystone School ensures student success by providing ongoing faculty supervision and support, as well as instructional strategy analysis.


Students, parents, student advocates, faculty, and staff at Keystone all see their role as critical in achieving a common goal: empowering students to achieve their academic goals.

  • To meet the needs of students, appropriate resources and services are provided to students, parents, faculty, and staff.
  • To inform school improvement, the Keystone School conducts regular programmatic evaluations of student performance.
  • To improve achievement, appropriate student information is shared with key members of the Keystone community as needed.
  • To develop a broader sense of the Keystone community, Keystone staff takes advantage of opportunities for sharing, communication, and collaboration.

Flexible Curriculum at Keystone Online School

Students in Keystone’s Online High School program range from those who struggle in traditional classrooms to those who are homeschooled, career-bound, or college-bound. Students can take individual high school-level courses or enroll full-time in the school’s online curriculum, which can easily be tailored to any specialized goal. The school offers more than 120 high school academic courses, including core subjects for graduation, electives, AP® (Advanced Placement) courses, and six international language courses.   

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Students work at their own pace and have access to the school’s instructional support, whether they are taking a single or a few courses or are enrolled full-time. In that sense, Keystone’s Online High School program may be a better option for students who need some assistance learning the material than, say, earning a GED diploma, which is now also available in an online format, though earning a GED® comes at a much lower cost! Students in grades 9 through 12 can enroll in Keystone’s online high school diploma program. 

Students can select a learning format that best suits their needs and learning style. The school’s high school diploma programs are also available in a paper-based printed version, the school’s correspondence courses, in addition to online learning through multimedia and an interactive platform. As a result, Keystone School’s educational programs provide a great deal of flexibility, which is beneficial to students pursuing academic, professional, or personal goals. 

Flexible Education at Keystone Online School

In this way, it’s comparable to other online high school programs like PennFoster High School in Scranton, Pennsylvania. And, as previously stated, the school offers courses for grades K–12, including AP courses, credit recovery courses, and world language courses, regardless of whether students want to enroll full-time or just take a single course. Adults who never had the opportunity to complete a regular high school curriculum can now earn a high school diploma through the school’s accredited programs, or simply learn the skills they need to advance in their careers. 

Enrollment can happen whenever the students want. Flexibility is the watchword at Keystone. For more than four decades, the school has provided successful education models in a highly flexible manner, all while assisting students in developing the discipline necessary to succeed in an online learning program and in college and/or the job market.

Is Keystone School a recognized institution?

In the academic world, accreditation is a way of ensuring a school’s and its programs’ quality. Academic institutions that meet or exceed specific criteria in academic programs, student services, and teacher support, to name a few, can receive it. MSA-CESS (Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools) and AdvancED/The Northwest Accreditation Commission both accredit Keystone Online High School.

Cognia, the world’s largest organization of education professionals, has also granted the school accreditation. Cognia is a non-profit organization that conducts rigorous reviews of educational institutions to ensure that all students can achieve their full potential.

Is the Keystone diploma recognized?

Keystone Online High School, as previously stated, offers over 120 high school-level courses. Core high school subjects, AP (Advanced Placement) courses, a variety of electives, and six international languages are all included. Consider what James Madison High School has to offer students interested in earning their high school diplomas through an online program. Learners in grades 9-12 can enroll in the school’s Online High School program. 

The program’s comprehensive curriculum is available online and in printed correspondence format, and students can attend from anywhere and at any time. The vast majority of universities and colleges, as well as employers across the country, recognize and accept Keystone diplomas. Keep in mind that colleges don’t accept diplomas as such; instead, they accept students based on their transcripts, resumes and cover letters, letters of recommendation, and other factors.

The school’s online courses are delivered via the “Keystone Learning Management” system, which provides students with online study materials, assignments, and communication with instructors.

Core Curriculum Available at Keystone Online School

Students can progress at their own pace through the school’s multimedia and interactive curriculum. They have constant access to teacher assistance to ensure a rewarding and engaging high school experience. Keystone’s Online High School curriculum includes online lessons that include state-of-the-art multimedia learning through animated tutorials, activities that make learning fun and reinforce concepts, virtual learning labs, and engaging, interactive graphics. Topics covered in the core curriculum are typically covered in high school grades 9-12. Between 9th and 12th grades, students must earn a total of 21 credits.

Graduation at Keystone Online School

The Keystone High School Diploma is awarded to students who complete all of Keystone’s graduation requirements. This credential is equivalent to a diploma from any private or public high school in the United States in terms of status and value. Students must take at least 5 credits with Keystone to earn their Keystone High School Diplomas, including one in English, one in Math, one in Science, one in Social Studies, and one credit of choice, core or elective. Check out this page for more free math help, including practice tests.

The minimum credit requirement for a diploma from Keystone is 21, but students are encouraged to create a four-year learning plan and enroll in courses that will provide them with the best possible foundation for college and/or career.

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Electives at Keystone Online School

This usually means that they will earn more than the bare minimum of 21 credits. Students planning to attend college should take at least two extra credits, preferably in the same international “world language” as their electives. To help students succeed academically, the school offers a variety of elective courses that allow them to pursue interests outside of the core curriculum. Elective courses in forensic science, digital media, fashion and interior design, world languages, and more are available.

Advanced Training at Keystone Online School

Students who want a more challenging education can take advantage of Keystone’s Advanced Placement® (AP) courses, which are also available through Excel Online High School’s diploma program. This option prepares them to take the College Board’s AP exams successfully. Colleges and universities across the country award credit to students who completed these AP courses. Credit varies by school and is usually determined by a student’s grade.

Keystone admission

All applicants to Keystone’s Online High School program must demonstrate written and oral English proficiency as well as proof of completion of the eighth grade. Students who do not have any documentation for 9th-grade admissions (such as homeschooled students) must follow the following guidelines:

  • To enroll in Keystone’s Online High School, you must be at least 14 years old. Students in 9th grade who are 14 or older are considered “age-appropriate.” They can also enroll in the program by providing official documentation, such as a birth certificate.
  • Students under the age of 14 who can show proof of completing the eighth grade, such as a certificate of completion, a middle school transcript or grade report, standardized test scores that show at least eighth-grade achievement, or a complete homeschool portfolio, may also qualify.
  • Students and/or their families should seek advice from one of Keystone’s study advisors if they have any other relevant circumstances.

As a result, Keystone accepts applications all year for students who have completed at least the eighth grade and want to enroll full-time or as a supplement to their current high school education program.

High School for Adults

For traditional high school students, Keystone offers an Online High School program. Adult learners aged 19 and up may benefit from Keystone’s adult learning programs, which provide them with the opportunity to earn a nationally recognized high school diploma. They can also enroll in school-sponsored courses that will prepare them for careers in a variety of high-demand fields, similar to what other online high schools, such as Acellus Academy, offer.

What is the tuition at Keystone School?

Keystone’s Online High School tuition is calculated per course. You can buy just one course to advance in that field, or you can buy multiple courses to create a full-time high school curriculum. You’ll have a full calendar year (from the date of purchase) to complete each high school-level course, regardless of which option you choose. Full-time enrolled students in Keystone’s Online High School program typically take 5 to 6 full-credit courses per year, allowing them to complete the required 21 credits in four years.

The cost of each course varies. A science course with lab work will cost a little more than the average course, whereas a correspondence (print-based) course will cost less. For a full credit course, tuition at Keystone ranges from $399.00 to $549.00. Many half-credit courses are also available at the school, both online and in print (correspondence). A few examples follow;

  • Core and elective half-credit courses cost $289 online or $229 in person (correspondence). 
  • Core and elective courses are $399 (online) or $299 (in person) (correspondence). 
  • The cost of an AP (Advanced Placement) course is $499 (online only), and the cost of an AP Science course is $549.

However, depending on the course options selected, a full year of high school courses (full-time based) can cost anywhere from $1800 to $2800.

Discounts on tuition

Students can enroll in as many high school courses as they want and progress toward their diploma at their own pace. Keystone will provide a discount to students who are enrolled in a full-time traditional high school course load. This discount is only valid when all of the courses are purchased at the same time and for the same students. The discount for a 5-course program is 5%, and the discount for a 6-course program is 10%. These discounts, however, are only available to students who enroll by phone. The discounts are not available to students who enroll online, by mail, or by fax, and they cannot be applied retroactively.

Pros and Cons of the Keystone

Pros – The program’s flexibility allows students to study whenever, wherever, and on any device they want. The program is self-paced, so students can go at their own pace and take as much time as they need. Students can challenge themselves with AP (Advanced Placement) courses, and the school also offers credit recovery.

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Cons – As with other online education programs, there are growing concerns about internet-based program security. Furthermore, many students struggle with the challenges of independent learning. They must be or learn to be self-disciplined. Another issue for many students is the cost, which ranges from $1800 to $2800 per year!

Keystone School Location

The Keystone School

920 Central Road, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 17815

Phone: 1-800-255-4937

Keystone School Student Reviews

The city itself is one of Keystone International Schools’ resources, which the administration has purposefully built into the programs. Of course, Toronto has a wealth of resources, and Keystone strives to make the most of them. Despite the fact that it is not a preparatory school, the program caters to a student population preparing for university success. International students are supported, and the school adopts an international perspective, looking beyond the school walls to educate students in international communication and engagement. A student who can thrive in a diverse, collaborative academic environment is ideal.

1. Manolya Yatman (Jan 31, 2022)

“At Keystone, all of the school leaders are completely supportive of their students.”

For the past four years, I have attended Keystone International Schools. Being a student at an international school has given me the opportunity to meet people from various cultures and backgrounds. Regardless of our differences, I have formed familial bonds with peers from all over the world. All of my Keystone experiences have shaped who I am today, and I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.

2. Parent Sarah Lee (Dec 10, 2021)

“Keystone School students are extremely friendly and helpful.”

My daughter attended Keystone School for Grades 10, 11, and 12. She required a cheerful school environment, which Keystone provided. She looked forward to going to school every day, and that is exactly what we value. Teachers can spend one-on-one time with students because everyone in the school knows each other. During her time at Keystone, my daughter greatly improved her academic skills and participated in numerous extracurricular activities.

3. Arina Bahramnejad (Dec 10, 2021)

“The desire to see their students succeed motivates teachers.”

For the past two years, I’ve been a student at Keystone International Schools. The school and the people who work here are both wonderful. When I first arrived at Keystone International Schools, I found it very easy to make new friends because both students and teachers made me feel very welcome. I love it here and look forward to going to school every day. The academic program is excellent, and my teachers are fantastic motivators. Our experience at Keystone International Schools has been incredible.

4. Adham Alazhari (Jul 31, 2018)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Keystone. Overall, I made lifelong friendships and memories. I’m glad George Brown is only a five-minute walk away; I’d like to pay him a visit from time to time. I enjoyed being downtown because of the easy access to everything, but I also enjoyed staying in the school during the winter months because the student lounge area has so many activities. The classes are small and personal. Teachers are approachable and always willing to assist.

5. Ruby Ma (Jan 24, 2018)

“interesting classmates and lovely teachers”

We have wonderful teachers and interesting classmates at Keystone International Schools. Everyone studies, make new friends and have a great time here. This school has completely captured my heart. It’s difficult to find something that makes me unhappy here. Mrs. Ivana gave me a thorough and patient introduction to the school before I arrived. Before I came here, I was concerned about the learning environment, teachers, students, and my educational plan.


The Keystone School is fully accredited and has been in operation for nearly 40 years. We have been recognized as an innovator in flexible, online learning and homeschool programs since the first program was introduced in 1974. Families from 50 states and 75 countries have chosen Keystone to help their children succeed in the future. Students are prepared for success after high school and college acceptance at top universities thanks to Keystone’s rigorous coursework and emphasis on independent study skills.

Frequently Asked Questioms

Is Keystone approved by the NCAA?

Keystone courses cannot currently be used to meet NCAA athletic eligibility requirements. Prospective student-athletes interested in participating in intercollegiate athletics in the future should consider enrolling in the K12 Private Academy.

Is Keystone School in Texas accredited?

The Keystone School is fully accredited and has been in operation for nearly 40 years.

Is K12 a tuition-free school?

Stride K12-powered online public schools, like brick-and-mortar schools,: Are full-time and tuition-free. Students in grades K–12 are served. Provide instruction and support from state-certified teachers.

How does an online school function?

Virtual classes are offered by online schools, which students can attend from their homes, libraries, coffee shops, or anywhere else with an Internet connection. Teachers work from home and follow a structured curriculum with their online students. Some students only take one or two completely online classes.

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