How to Get a Lenovo Student Discount Fast in 2021

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Do you need a laptop as a student and Lenovo is your preferred brand? If yes, here’s how to get a Lenovo student discount fast in 2021.

Lenovo student discount fast


As a student, getting a quality laptop for your studies doesn’t come cheap. And when it comes to Lenovo products, it can be quite expensive. Yet, Lenovo understands student’s plight in getting a good laptop, hence the reason they offer up to 25% discount on student laptops if you can prove that you’re a student.

Xscholarship has provided every information you need to know about the Lenovo student laptop discount, why you should choose a Lenovo student laptop, how to get a Lenovo student discount fast in 2021, eligibility, 

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Why Choose to get a Lenovo Laptop?

Innovation:  Lenovo is renowned for producing laptops with durable hinges,  acclaimed keyboards, less strain on internal components, lower power consumption, and more comfortable handling. All Lenovo systems run efficiently and quietly. 

Steadfast Reliability: Lenovo systems undergo stress tests for extreme conditions with dust and vibration, heat, cold, altitude, water, and humidity to meet rigorous reliability standards. 

Easily Customizable: Lenovo store is willing to personalize your laptop for you if you purchase one from a Lenovo store.

Free Shipping/Easy Returns: Lenovo offers free UPS standard shipping and easy returns on nearly all items, from workstations to accessories. Once your order leaves Lenovo’s warehouse, you get it within days for free and also return it if you don’t like it. 

Who Can Get the Lenovo Student Discount?

Below are the requirements that qualify you for a Lenovo student laptop discount are:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be currently enrolled at a college, university, community college, or technical college
  • If you’re a primary and secondary school student, you are not eligible for the Lenovo student discount. Hence it is more like a Lenovo college student laptop discount. However, college students who have not yet turned 18 are not eligible for the discount.

If you’re currently taking professional training courses but not enrolled at a qualifying university or college, you can’t still get the Lenovo student discount for laptops.

How to Get a Lenovo Student Discount Fast in 2021

What Does the Lenovo Student Discount Get You?

Lenovo offers students a 25% discount on its ThinkPad laptops and 20% off its Ideapad laptops. These discounts are subject to change, but there are always discount on the purchase of laptops for students.

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To get your Lenovo student discount, you’ll simply need to create an account, submit your info, and apply your discount. These discounts take effect in the shopping cart, after verifying that you are a student. So, you won’t see the discount reflected in prices on the Lenovo website.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to sign up to get the Lenovo student discount.

Lenovo uses to verify your enrollment. This requires you to sign up for an account and set it up to be able to enjoy the Lenovo student discount. 

1. Navigate to here and click “Create and Account” from My Account at the top right of the page.

2. Enter your email, choose a password, and click Sign Up. You can also choose to sign in to with your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account.

3.Click My Account in the top right corner of the page.

4. Click IDs and Logins in the Wallet tab.

5. Click + Add ID.

6. Click Student.

If you have any of the other qualifying IDs in this list, you can add them. For example, if you are both a student and a service member, click Troop and follow the on-screen instructions. You would then be qualified for any relevant discounts for troops as well as for students.

7. Click Confirm your school enrollment.

8. Click Begin.

9. Select your school, enter your information, and then click Continue.

10. Follow any additional instructions you see on the site, then visit to use your discount. This is if the system verifies your school automatically. If the system isn’t able to verify your enrollment, then return to step 9 and select Upload student documentation.

How to Use Your Lenovo Student Discount

The Lenovo student discount works for laptop purchases like a coupon code. You apply it when you’re ready to check out and pay for your items. But in this case, instead of entering a coupon code, you enter your information. The information verifies that you’re a college student, and Lenovo provides you with a discount for your laptop purchase.

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Below are steps on how to use your Lenovo student discount:

  1. Visit the Lenovo Student & Teacher Discounts page here and click SHOP THINKPAD LAPTOPS or SHOP IDEAPAD LAPTOPS.
  2. Browse for a laptop that you’re interested in, and click SHOP NOW.
  3. Click VIEW MODELS to choose a specific laptop.
  4. Determine the model you want then click ADD TO CART. When you get a prompt, click ADD TO CART again to finalize the process and view your cart.
  5. Click + Military/Student/Teacher/50+ Discount.
  6. Click Verify with
  7. Select Student to get the Lenovo student discount, then click Continue to sign in.
  8. If you haven’t already set up your account, you’d get a prompt to verify your enrollment. If you’ve already verified, will automatically transfer your information to Lenovo to unlock your discount.
  9. Check to make sure that your discount is reflected on your item, then complete your purchase.

What if my ID.ME Automatic Verification Fails?

If your ID.ME Automatic Verification Fails, you will have to upload supporting documentation to access your student discount. accepts the following kinds of proof for manual verification:

  • A current student ID card that has an expiration date that is visible
  • Transcript showing current enrollment
  • Enrollment verification letter from the Office of the Registrar at your college or university.

If it happens that you still can’t access the Lenovo student discount after the manual verification, contact the customer support for additional assistance. 

How Does Lenovo Verify Student Enrollment?

Lenovo uses an identity verification service called to check if you’re eligible for its Lenovo student laptop discount. Through, Lenovo is able to check whether you have current enrollment as a student at a qualifying institution.

Signing up once on grants you access to a variety of student discounts from companies other than Lenovo because other big companies use as well to verify the status for their discount at any point in time. It is also used to provide discounts for first responders and service members, so creating an account even if not for the Lenovo student discount is important.

If by any means isn’t able to automatically verify your enrollment, you will be informed to upload supporting documents for verification. To do this, you’ll need to scan your documents for the employees at and send.

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What Happens to My Lenovo Student Discount When I Graduate?

Upon graduation or in a case where you drop out of college, you won’t be eligible for the Lenovo student laptop discount.

But you can update your account if you progress to become a teacher or service member in the future. This will make you eligible for the Lenovo student and teacher discount for laptops

How to Get a Lenovo Student Discount Fast in 2021 FAQs

What is the Lenovo student discount?

The Lenovo student discount is a 20-25% discount offered by Lenovo to students who are currently enrolled in an accredited two-year community college or four-year college.

How much is the Lenovo student discount?

Lenovo offers a 20% discount on the prices of its Ideapad laptops and 25% off the prices of its Thinkpad laptops.

How do I get a student discount on Lenovo?

To get your Lenovo student discount, you’ll need to create an account, submit your info, and apply your discount. 

Are Lenovo laptops good for students?


Lenovo laptops are very good for students as they have great laptop products that can effectively serve you whether for online research, class assignments, term papers, or just to stream movies and play games. Their laptops are stylish, durable, and reliable.

What is a Lenovo Ideapad?

The Lenovo Ideapad is one of the brands of Lenovo laptops that college students can get a discount off if they purchase from the Lenovo store. The  Ideapad is a brand of Lenovo laptop that is nice and highly portable. 

Is safe?

Yes, is a safe and secure hosting platform. It is hosted within the Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is used by Lenovo and other big companies to verify the identities of people for discounts


Getting a Lenovo’s student discount fast in 2021 when purchasing a laptop can effectively help you as a student in accomplishing tasks. The discount is 20% off the sales price for the various kinds of Lenovo Ideapad and Thinkpad laptops.


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