Loyola University Chicago Acceptance Rate and How to Get in Easily

Loyola acceptance University Chicago rate is the first thing to consider before applying for admission into Loyola University. Loyola University Chicago’s acceptance rate will determine how competitive the Institution is and your chances of getting into the University. Loyola’s acceptance rate is 70.5 percent.

People will admire you if you are from another state or nation and say you are a student at Loyola University Chicago.
Loyola is the perfect size for a student who doesn’t want to get lost in the throng but also doesn’t want to know everyone on campus.

The administration pays attention to its students and, in general, keeps them secure and provides them with facilities.
To be at the top of your class, you must put in a lot of effort since academic competition is fierce. You can practically find your specialty everywhere.

Hope you are not nervous? This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about Loyola University Chicago, Loyola University Chicago acceptance rate, Loyola University Chicago ACT/SAT/GPA Requirements, Loyola University Chicago Admission requirements, benefits of being a Loyola University Chicago student, and all other unique information.

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Loyola University Chicago Acceptance Rate and How to Get in Easily

About Loyola University Chicago

The private Jesuit research institution Loyola University Chicago (Loyola or LUC) is located in Chicago, Illinois. Loyola University is one of the biggest Catholic universities in the United States, having been founded in 1870 by the Society of Jesus. Saint Ignatius of Loyola is its namesake. The Loyola University Medical Center is the anchor of Loyola’s professional schools, which include programs in medicine, nursing, and health sciences. It is categorized as a doctoral university with a high level of research activity.

Loyola University Chicago, which is made up of thirteen colleges and institutions, offers over 80 undergraduate and 140 graduate/professional programs to its 17,000 students. Loyola University Chicago includes six campuses, as well as a Rome campus and guest programs in Beijing and Ho Chi Minh City.
The flagship Lake Shore Campus is situated on the banks of Lake Michigan in the Chicago communities of Rogers Park and Edgewater, a little over 7 miles north of the Loop.

Loyola’s athletic teams participate in NCAA Division I as partners of the Missouri Valley Conference and are known as the Ramblers. The Ramblers will be a member of the Atlantic 10 Conference beginning in 2022. Loyola won the NCAA men’s basketball title in 1963 and is the first Illinois institution to do so. In men’s volleyball, the Ramblers are two-time NCAA champions (2014, 2015).

Executives from major Chicago-based firms such as McDonald’s and Baxter International, as well as scores of locally and nationally political figures, including the lengthy former Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, are among the more than 150,000 Loyola alumni.

LUC is made up of 14 different schools, colleges, and universities. Business, medicine, and law are among the study options provided, as are social work, teaching, communications, spiritual studies, and sustainable development. With over 170 graduate, expert, and master’s degree courses, the university is an excellent choice for anyone pursuing excellent higher education in the United States.

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Loyola University Chicago Acceptance Rate

Is it difficult to get into Loyola and will I be accepted?
Loyola’s admission rate is 70.5 percent, ranking #33 in Illinois for the lowest acceptance rate. Loyola is a somewhat difficult university to get into, with a strong possibility of acceptance if you match the prerequisites. Last year, 17,954 out of 25,453 applications were enrolled, making it a somewhat competitive university to get into.

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The institution has extremely high SAT and ACT admissions requirements, often enrolling candidates who score in the top 29%. Loyola University Chicago admits and attracts “A-” level high school graduates with a 3.76 GPA on average. The majority of new freshmen graduates are in the upper quartile of their class. Only 12% of those accepted chose to attend the school.

Loyola University Chicago SAT Requirement.

What is the SAT score required for admission to Loyola University Chicago?

Applicants at Loyola University Chicago are generally in the top 36 percent of SAT takers. The institution frequently accepts SAT composite scores as low as 1130 on a 1600 scale, indicating that admission is a stretch. We believe that some kids with SAT scores as low as 1030 will be admitted. The average SAT composite for accepted freshmen is anticipated to be 1230 out of 1600. The school has the sixth greatest average SAT composite score in Illinois. The institution receives SAT scores from 55% of candidates.

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Loyola University Chicago ACT Score Requirement

What are the ACT requirements for Loyola’s prospective students?

According to admissions data, Loyola welcomes students with ACT scores of 25 and above constantly. ACT scores in the top 22% of the country are frequently provided by eligible candidates. In some cases, we estimate that the institution will accept minimal ACT composite scores of roughly 22. Those who send an ACT composite of 28 or above must be in the top half of candidates, and students who submit a 31 or higher have a very good chance. The school has the sixth greatest average ACT composite score in Illinois. Because 65 % of candidates submit ACT results to Loyola University Chicago, high ACT scores are critical.

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Loyola University Chicago GPA Requirement

What is the minimum GPA required for admission to Loyola University Chicago?

To get into Loyola, candidates must have extraordinary marks. The admitted freshmen class at Loyola University Chicago had an aggregate secondary school GPA of 3.76 on a 4.0 scale, suggesting that mostly A- students are accepted and eventually enroll. The school has the ninth highest average GPA in Illinois. If your high school GPA satisfies these standards, you have a strong chance of being admitted, since Loyola admits 71% of applicants.

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Loyola University Chicago Admission Procedure and requirements.

1. Send your application in.

This is your opportunity to tell Loyola University Chicago everything about yourself and your extracurricular activities through the application. You can either finish the co-curricular accomplishments portion of your selected application or send a resume once you’ve finished it. You can apply to Loyola University Chicago in one of the following methods:

  • Using our free online application-

This is a Loyola University-specific application that is advised for candidates who are not applying to other institutions or who are unable to access alternative systems.

  • Using the Common App

This is a good option for individuals who are applying to many Common App colleges.
The Coalition for College Success Application is a tool that you may use to help you succeed in college- If you or a team linked with you used the Coalition to plan for your applications.
There is no benefit or favor to employing a certain application type.

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2. Official transcripts are available.

An approved transcript from your secondary school is necessary for all freshmen candidates. All major technology transcript delivery devices are capable of receiving files, and this will be the quickest way to transmit your records to Loyola University Chicago. School administrators may provide transcripts electronically via admissions forms email.

3. At least one letter of recommendation

At a minimum, one letter of recommendation from an instructor or counselor should be submitted.

You may either make an e-mail order or print a Counselor Recommendation Form from Loyola University Chicago online application.

4. Scores on tests.

Loyola University Chicago test is usually optional for the Fall and Spring 2022 application periods. Candidates can still send their SAT and/or ACT results as part of their admissions application. Candidates who do not submit their results will not get a penalty and may still be eligible for merit scholarships. The admissions staff at Loyola University Chicago reviews the greatest sub score from each portion of the examinations, which is known as super scoring.
If a student chooses to submit their scores, we encourage that they share all of their test data.

You may additionally be needed to provide the following documents if you are a foreign student

  • Duolingo, TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson Test of English Test results in English

Individuals who have shown significant academic competence but require more English language training can apply for the International Conditional Admission Program (ICAP). Applicants who meet the program’s requirements will be referred to it depending on the merit of their application.

Freshman candidates need to take the following secondary school courses to be considered for admission:

  • 4 years of English Studies classes
  • 3 years of mathematics courses
  • 3 years of science courses
  • 3 years of social science courses
  • Courses in a second language last two years.
  • Candidates interested in Engineering Science must have finished 4 units of maths, including one unit of calculus, by the time they graduate from high school.

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Benefits of being a Loyola University Chicago Student

Students at Loyola University Chicago have the advantage of receiving more than just a traditional college education; they have access to various facilities and receive discounts at various shops. The school ID is required to gain access to these privileges since it is the primary means of proving to others that you are a registered Loyola student.

Your identification card can get you into a lot of locations on campus. For example, in the Halas Center, you may scan your Identification Card and work out– play basketball on the court upstairs, utilize the many types of exercise machines, use the gym basement area, or even swim in their swimming pool.
Aside from the Halas Center, students registered in music classes are granted complete access to the Mundelein music studios, where they can rehearse their equipment. You can hire scientific equipment like computers and cameras from the IC for usage in class or for any other reason.
You may also witness numerous free concerts presented by Loyola groups, although non-Loyola undergraduates may have to pay to get in.

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Off-campus, you can obtain reductions at restaurants affiliated with Loyola University, such as Felice’s, on special days. You may also gain free entrance to the Art Institute by presenting your Student Identification Card to the staff!
Being a Loyola University Chicago student provides you with more than just an academic; it helps you to be more responsible, Independent, experience the wide city of Chicago, and make the most of your moment at Loyola University Chicago.

The excellent position of Loyola’s campus is one of its outstanding features. Loyola is an excellent choice for those who wish to live in the city while simultaneously getting a taste of college life. Contrasting other Chicago campuses, which resemble a collection of houses on a city block, Loyola University Chicago has a lovely campus that provides a real college campus atmosphere. Not only that, but it’s directly on the lake, and it’s only a half-hour drive from downtown. Another wonderful aspect of Loyola is the strong sense of belonging. Loyola University is the most appealing of all the college campuses. Everyone looked to be having a good time.

The nicest part about Loyola is that they provide you with a plethora of internship possibilities as well as counseling on what you want to accomplish and how to achieve it. This is beneficial, especially given the abundance of chances in Chicago. The classes feature a good number of chairs and just enough students for the Professor to assist anyone who requires extra assistance.


In conclusion, Loyola University Chicago is a university with Qualified professors and the school authorities care about their students by providing them with good facilities, nice buildings with large class sizes, a good learning atmosphere, and Unique cultural practices. Though Loyola University has a small campus with more female students. There is something for everyone who wishes to enroll at Loyola University Chicago.


Is Loyola University a good school?

Loyola ranked 365/739 of U.S. colleges and universities—and in the top 40% of private universities nationally—based on three primary factors: quality of education, affordability, and outcomes. Learn more.

Is Loyola Chicago good?

Loyola University Chicago is ranked #103 among National Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Is it safe around Loyola University Chicago?

In 2019, Loyola University Chicago reported 1,060 incidents related to crime and safety that involved students at or near campus or on other properties associated with the school. That works out to 61.78 incidents per 1,000 students, considering that the student body population is 17,159.

Is Loyola University worth the money?

Overall, we still believe Loyola University Chicago is a good value school that is worth the cost. But if you can get into a school with a better reputation and lower cost, you’ll likely get much more in the long run.

Is Loyola only for Catholics?

Loyola InterVarsity, Loyola’s chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, is a non-denominational group that welcomes people of all faith backgrounds.


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